What's New in Kandor
October - December 2007


This will be the last update for this year, and from the beginning it should also have being the last update for ever. But I noticed that after the last update here, nearly 5000 travellers have being here in Kandor. So now we have passed 200 000 travellers here in Kandor and if it is so, maybe the mare's will continue to be here. But before that, it is time for a 'old' artist friend of mine: Gabriel Logan. His section is for adults only, so you will only come to Gabriel Logan's index when you click on this button here:
So, to continue with Kandor, it is needed for a update. You can following the link to the forum, if you want to add any suggestions. Just click here!
I wish you all a Happy New Year! /Aradd

So, time for a little update: I got a mail from Morgan, yes he pointed out that he have not done furry horse's for a long time, but we already know that, don't we? So, now he have done a drawing that is for all ages. That means that this button will take you directly to Morgan's All Ages section:
Then it is so that the Welcome to your nightmare part 2 update is a movie update. That is the reason for the second name of it: Fear the frames. As I think you already know, there is only two movies made that have anthro horses in it. One of them is now added here, if you like zebra's this is something for you. Now this movie is over 42 mb in size and you need quicktime player to see it. It is 1 minute & 45 seconds long. We have a very little nudity here, but I think mostly of you can handle that. Here is the button:
Then we shall add some short information: I noticed that Kandor have soon reached 200 000 visitors and that is not bad. So maybe we shall see if we can make a special update here in the begining of the next year. Meantime I now wish you all a very nice chrismas. /Aradd


Yes, now we are back already. Got a mail from Zebu Rider. He have tried to do a saddle for a anthro horse, and I think he have made it good. That is a point to have a special saddle as you can not use a standard saddle for anthro horses... Well, there is also another new artwork, but I think mostly of you remember that Zebu Rider's section have some nudity, so you will only come to page 1 in the Z section when you use this button here:
Then we have a new artist. I contacted Arrow Howler on FurAffinity. She gave permission to add her anthro horses here in Kandor. You can see the rest of her artwork on FurAffinity, but notice that you must register to see adult artwork, so in the Forgotten Empire you can see it without any registration, but to see the same artwork on FurAffinity you need to register. Fun isn't it? Right now FurAffinity is down, as usually, but I think it soon will be back online again. Now on to Arrow Howler's artwork, and we have some nudity here, so you will just come to page 3 in the A section, when you click on this button here: /Aradd


So, already time for another update. I got a mail from Melandra, and for those that have visited Ellgar, already know him He have done several photo manipulations and this time one of them was a horse. Lucky for us, it is a mare and of course she is welcome here in Kandor. We have some nudity here, so the button will only take you to page 2 in the M section.


Yeah. A new update. I got a mail from Kyian, and he have done a new drawing. He have done the character Nono. We have some nude tits here, oh my god time to register and login, isn't it? No, I don't think we are in need for that, but the button here will only take you to Kyian's index and then you will be on your own:
So then to much more adult artwork: Zebu Rider is back, not only here but also in Ellgar. Zebu Rider's section is for adults only and that is the reason that the button here: only will take you to page one in the Z index. /Aradd


Hm... It seems that some travellers was disapointed with the down date so here you now have a new drawing made by Kyian. This is for all ages, so you can just go and take a look here: .
Remember to take a look in The Maze and if you have any information, contact me. Thanx. Aradd


Got a mail from Kadath and he asked to remove 4 drawings, that is now done. /Aradd


I got a mail from Windhund and he have done a new drawing. This drawing, is for all ages, but as Windhund also have adult artwork in his section, the button will just take you to page 1 in the W section. Here is the button: . /Aradd


This is just a notice that all update also have stoped here in Kandor, as well in Kondor and Ellgar. I am not sure when the updates will start again, but information will be added in the forum. But it will not be any update now in october. /Aradd