What's New in Kandor
July - August 2007


Got a mail from a traveller and he told me that the filly serie in The Maze is done by Jim Price AKA Stormy Mage. As this artist seems to not possible to get in contact with, the series is removed. Thanx anonymus for this information. /Aradd


Now it is the end of this month so I decided to make a update here in Kondor. Now we have a new artist, White Colt. He is mostly known by his male and m/m artwork, but as you soon shall see, he sometime done female artwork also. This is for all ages so the button here will take you direct to his section: .
As I can see there is more and more artist that is doing furry horses, that is nice to see. But I don't think Kandor is the reason for that as mostly artist don't know this land...
One drawing is removed in The Maze and the artist have being contacted. 
Character info have being to The Castle. It is the same info that you already find in The Castle in Ellgar and Kondor. /Aradd


There is in need for a new update and the reasons is several...
I got a mail from Zebu Rider with a new drawing... This is good, but I think he should not use line paper, or...? Well, Zebu Rider's section is not for you that is too young, yes, and it is not any help to hide under your bed either, I can still see you there.... But the rest can now use this button to take a tour to Zebu Rider:
So then I also got a mail from Furronika with a very new drawing, it was also needed to check a drawing as it was posted on a forum and as usually the forums software changed the original name. But here you have it with correct name that is: unfinished 183. Notice also that 183 is so far Furronika have come in this serie. He haven't so much time to make any new drawings the latest time. Anyway, yes, you there, you can still be there under your bed as Furronika's section is for adults only and here is the button to page 2 in the F section: . Furronikas and Zebu Rider's sections in Ellgar will be updated tomorrow. So then I have a nice suprice: A new artist: Malmad. Her section is already so big so I have made a index. That means that also you can stop be under your bed as Malmad have a all ages section, but also others... Well, you know what I mean... Don't you?
Now we all wish Malmad welcome to Kandor and here is the button: .
So as it seems that some people, you know how humans is, can not remember the name of this, I have added it at the top here. It started with a den for nine years ago, today we use over 4000 mb to run the empiror, lucky you that Techwolf sponsor this as it is not cheap to have this for you all. /Aradd


It is time to update Lunarwolf's section and now it is two new drawings added... But there is a problem... Lunarwolf's section is for adults only. So you will only come to page 2 in the L section when you use this button here: .
Then Zebu Rider have being working all night long... Nice isn't it? Well, I think he also can work all day long, but until then, you can see this new drawing, and as Zebu Rider's section have some nudity, you will only come to page 1 in the Z section. Just use this button here: .
Have a nice week. /Aradd


Got a mail from a new artist: Zebu Rider. When I looked at it, I noticed that a part of it could fit here, and some of the artwork is added in Ellgar. Also one drawing is in Kondor. Zebu Rider's section have some nudity so when you click on the button, you will only come to page 1 in the Z section. And here is the button: . If you want to see the rest of Zebu Rider's artwork, you can just use the teleporter button added to his section. Just remember that Kondor and Ellgar is for adults only. /Aradd


So, still on the beach? Well, now there is time to add two new artists here. I sent a request to Fel and Immortal pain about the drawings with Sailor Anna. I think it is a good suggestion that ask for commissions so the artist do more equine's as you can see we not have enough of them here in Kandor. So if we start with Fel, his drawings have some nudity, a lot of nudity, so you will only come to page 1 in the F section when you click on the button here: .
Then we shall of course continue with Immortal pain's drawing of Sailor Anna. As Immortal pain's drawing is for all ages, you can be right there if you just use this little button here: . So with this we now have 321 artists and 3019 drawings here... Nice, isn't it? /Aradd


I got a mail from Nono with a new female horse she have done. As I am sure that you here want to see her, I have put it in Nono's section. And the section have some nudity, so you will only come to page 2 in the N section, when you click on this button here: /Aradd


Time for a xtra update. There is two artist that is doing work online only. One of them is Yosshi. He have started to do a comic and I hope the pages will come a little more often. The comic have some violence but I decided that it is for all ages. You can go to his comic if you just click here:
Then we have a artist with the name Mei. He also done some artwork online. But this section is for adults only, so you need to go alone from this point:
So now I think I shall go back to the beach and take a look at the lovely mare's... /Aradd