What's New in Kandor
April - June 2007


So now it is time for another update... Kandor have now passed 171 900 travellers and that is very nice to see. Good that it is more than I that like this kind of artwork. Now it is time to start the update, and we start with the two new stories from Stanley L Alston Jr. But before you go I just want to point out that we now have added some thumbnails to several stories. Maybe we can add some others if Stanley's brother Scott feel to do some matching drawings... Well, here is the link to the first part of this update: . So, then we shall continue with something different: The Tavern is updated you can go there and take a look as Jeff Phoster's two character: Appy and Aster Price is added there. Then we have Dreamaria that made a character sheet and of course it is needed to have her there also. Now it is also so that Jeff Phoster have started a new group on yahoo and if you like rp you can join it and maybe you can meet both Appy and Aster Price yourself.  Now go and take a look at Jeff Phoster's new artwork and this is for adults only so you will only come to page 1 in the J section when you use this button here: . Then it is of course needed to take a tour to Dreamaria. She have done 15 new drawings so I think you can hurry to her section... Yes, Dreamaria have also made some new adult artwork also... That will make you hurry, I think... Here is the button: .
I got a mail from Kyian and he have done 6 new drawings. This time the artwork from Kyian is for all ages. Yes, you can see it too. Here is the button . Kyian also send some new drawings from Nono as her computer doesn't work as it should. Nono's new artwork is nice to see and I am sure you want to see it. But Nono's section have some nudity, so you will only come to page 2 in the N section. And here is the button: . Then it is time for a new artist. I got in contact with Pouncer. Maybe you don't know that he have done also this kind of artwork. That means also that the teleporter buttons is added so if you want you can take a tour to Pouncer's artwork in Ellgar and Kondor. Notice now that Pouncer's section is for adults only... Here is the button to page 2 in the P section: . So I hope you all will have a nice summer. I shall see if we can add another update later here or do you think all horsies have gone to the beach? /Aradd


So... Do you know what is better than 316 artists? Yeah, 319 artists... So, now it is time to add three new artists, and I think no of them is unknown for you... But for you that is not old enough, this is not a funny update as all three artists have nudity in their artwork... So you there, yes, you... I think you better stay under your bed and the rest of you can now take a closer look at this:
We start with Kamicheetah, she have done a ponygirl drawing and you can easy go and see it here, and of course you will only come to page 1 in the K section when you click on this button here: ... So, then we continue with:
Lone Fox have done three drawings and I am sure that you want to see them... Well, at least you that are old enough... Here is the button: So after you have visit page 1 in the L section it is time for the last letter...:
Zebala have done two drawings and both is nudity... otherway, how many horses have clothes...? Well, you can take a trip to the page in the Z section if you just click on the button here: ... So, it nice to welcome new artists here and I hope they will enjoy to be here in Kandor. I got a mail from a fan of ´Kandor with some links and info to artist so that is the reason for the new artists update here. I hope we can get permission for some more, but sometimes the requests is denied, and that we have to live with... /Aradd


Back and black! We got some problems with a java script here so it was needed to stop The Forgotten Empire for short time. Java scripts is not a good suggestion as I prefer to use my non-java web brower, as it is much safer. Now we shall start with to add two new artists: We start with FurNut that have a drawing added here, but also a drawing in Kondor. Now we have some nudity here so this button will only take you to page 2 in the F section: .
Then we have also another new artist: Kandlin. Well, his section is for adults only... Well not so fast, you should be happy that it is not needed to register and log in here, that is the amateur way to do things, but I can see you there, yes you, you are not old enough but the rest of you can go to page 1 in the K section, just click here: /Aradd


Kahluax is back with two drawings. The pinto drawing is for sale on Furbid, if you like it, just use the Furbid button added to Kahluax's section. I think you all remember that Kahluax's section have some nudity so you will only come to page 1 in the K section when you click on the button here:
Then a remainder, or what we shall call it: If you ask a artist for a commission here, I really hope that you remember to give permission to post the commission here in Kandor. Some artist have that statement in their commissions, but others have that the payer, that it you, must get permission to post the drawing elsewhere. As it is over 164000 travellers that have being here since Kandor opened the gates in 2004, I think this kind of artwork is always welcomed. Also remember that 164000 travellers is not so bad as Kandor was closed for reconstruction for several months... Now, next update will be in The Maze.... /Aradd


So, it is time for some update, but we start with... Shall we call it a downdate? In The Maze the Unicorn series was added. The name is not unifuck, it is just uni. The 9 drawings is made by Fernando Faria and it was unlucky that he didn't post his working mail address as the mails that I have found, is not working. The unicorn drawings are now removed from The Maze and if you have any contact with Fernando Faria, or a working mail address, remember to contact me.
Well, now to something much more fun: A new artist. I decided to contact Kahluax as this artist have no own website. The drawings have only being aviable on Furbid. Kahluax have also a drawing for sale, and if you want to make a bid, just use the Furbid auction button that is added to Kahluax section. Now we have some nudity here, yes we have... So as usually, you will only come to the main page for the section, this time page 1 in the K section. Here is the button:
Then we shall continue with some information: I have added information about the different between hits and visitors, as many use hits today you maybe want to know what is the different between them. You can read it here as it is added in The Castle:
So now I think I shall add some information about something other: For a long time I decided that it was something I wanted to do, and the result you can see here. But there is still 2 things that I have not done yet, one of them is the Furry Equine Calendar. What is that? Well, it is easy as I think that mostly of us, have a year calendar on our wall in our home. So what could be better than a Furry Equine Calendar? This is a commersial project and it should be done by artists here in Kandor. Aslo the kalendrar should be in full colour. Well, some nudity can be okey, but nothing more, as everyone must have a chance to buy it. How will it work? Well, the idéa is that the artist got the payment from me, then I print the calendar. One artist/month and one for the cover. This is not possible if it will be to expensive so I shall start to take a look at it soon. If you have any suggestions, remember to contact me as soon as possible.
Next update will be in The Maze. /Aradd


I got in contact with Bonk. In the summer 2005 I found a drawing of Strider Orion's character, his female horse, made by Bonk, so now when I found his mail address I sent a mail and he have now give permission to add his 2 drawings here. Yes, we could wish that it was more than 2 but this is a start, isn't it? Well, Bonk's gallery have some nudity, so you will only come to page 2 in the B section, when you click on this button here: All bugs shall now be fixed here in Kandor... Oh there wasn't many, but bugs are not allowed in Kandor anyway... /Aradd


Okey it is time for a update here. I can think that it is some here that wants to see the some horses from Heather Bruton... So you want that? Okey, but Heather's section is for adults only, so you will just come to page 1 in the H secion, when you click on this button here: . Soon all bugs are fixed, well there was only 2 here, but that was 2 to many... /Aradd


So, it is time again... Yosshi have done a new drawing, this is in his all ages section, so you can go directly to see it. I think it is soon time to make a new index to Yosshi as now done 68 drawings. Now you can see his new drawing if you just use this button here:
Lunarwolf have found a old drawing, and this is now added to his section. Maybe some of you remember that his section is for adults only. Now you will come to page 2 in the L section, when you click on this button here: .
I got a mail from Furronika and he pointed out that he know I like this furry equine's. Yeah, he is right and I am sure that you also will like this drawing, if you are old enough as this is for adults only, if you use the button you will come to page 2 in the F section:
So, then we have a new artist: Anime Cat. She have done a very good drawing. Prints of this drawing is aviable, but I don't know the price. I think it is better that you make a offer for the original as this is something you want to have in your stable. You can come to page 2 in the A section as Anime Cat's section have some nudity.... Here is the button:
So, now there is 312 artists here in Kandor with 2953 drawings. Next time The Maze will be updated. Remember to contact me if you have any information about the drawings that is there. /Aradd