What's New in Kandor!
December 2006

So, Kyian is already back with a new drawing. This drawings is both in b/w and colour. He sent it in a low and hi resolution versions. And of course I have uploaded the high resolution version of it. as there is now file size limitations here. Now just go and take a look right here:
So now it is time to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Maybe we will meet next year... /Aradd


So we have a new update. Chris Sawyer have made a new drawing. Seems that this mare have got a new idéa how to use a carrot... Hm... As you can guess this drawing is for adults only, so you will only come to Chris Sawyer's index when you click on this button here:
Yes, then we have a nice suprise for Xmas: A new artist. I got a mail from Kyian. He have done several drawings with a character created by him, a war mare. Well, nice that he also included a Xmas drawing, isn't it? I have also put her armour and weapons in a own section. Well, now you can go and take a look yourself, just use this button here:
Also the artist and drawing information have being updated. Maybe there is other sites that think they are big, but the Empire is not small at all: Here in Kandor there is 308 artists with 2920 drawings, and don't forgott the comics... Server space required for Kandor is over 300 mb...
And it costs you nothing...
With this update I will also wish you all a Nice Xmas and a Happy New Year. /Aradd


The preparations for 2007 is still on going. The beta version is now removed for the Lesser work for a unicorn story. For those that wants to know the rules for 2007, should use this button here: /Aradd


So time for another update. This time we start with 2 new stories from Stanley Alston. Both of them, is for adults only... I guess mostly here want to read them so just click on the button here: and click on the latest addition button for the Halloween Party story. Chapter seven is new. Then you need to go to Index 3 to read the new story See What Happens When You’re Bored and Horny... Well, now I guess that you are not bored anyway...
Then we need to take a tour to Kerocat. He sent me 2 new drawings and I think you all here want to see them. Kerocat's section is for adults only so you will only come to page 1 in the K section when you click on this button here: ...
Hm... The strange things right now is that I can not see the webcounter in Internet Explorer...
My other web browser show it correctly and it is nice to see that we have passed 135800 visitors..../Aradd