What's New in Kandor
August 2006
Good evening and welcome back!
I think you visitors here in Kandor, is the most happy ones as here there is no nightmare's...
Or is it?
Before we take a closer look at it, it is needed for some information.
There is now two other lands here and the name of them is Ellgar and Kondor.
You should avoid these two countries if you are not 21 years or more as the is for adults only.
The new features here in Kandor is the Teleporter button. If you use either of them, you will come directly to the artist other artwork and as I already tell you, that is only adult artwork there.
The misc section is renamed to The Maze. But I am not sure who is lost: You, the horses, or the artists?
The update here is not so big as someone's wanted the site back so soon. That means that it will be another update here, but we need to wait some time as the server will not have it easy to handle all the visitors.
Now we should continue with the update, and we start with:
Alex Spastic that have done one new drawing. also a drawing that is not coloured by Alex Spastic himself is added. You can go and take a look here: .
So then we continue with Chris Sawyer. If you dig very deep sometimes, you find treasures. I found two drawings so I added them in Chris section. 
Want to see them? Okey, just click here:
After a long time, Uni Gal is back with a new sketch. She told me that it will be some more later. That is very good news, isn't it? But this have adult contents so I think you there, can not see it. You others can just click on this button here:
Then we have Gabriel Logan. It seems that Amilona have some kind of meeting. Wants to join? Well, that depends how old you are. Remember your age? If you are old enough, just click here:
I noticed that Canis Major's section was not updated correct. Yes, I know that you want to see the drawings, so I have added 9 drawings in his section. Remember now that this is for adults only. Go and take a look here:
So then we shall take a look at Blackduckling. She have done one drawing and I think it was for sale, but as Kandor have being closed for a long time, it maybe is sold already. Another is in her all ages section... Yes, lucky you! You can go and take a look here:
So then we have a update in Kadath's section. He have done 11 new drawings. His character Diamond is very popular. Yes, she is sweet... All drawings here is for adults only,
execpt for one (!). Now just click on this button here, and here you go:
So, now we not have anymore latest additions buttons, but there is more. What shall we do? Well, we use latest additions buttons again. Because we have a new wallpaper from Nexus. I am sure that you want to have it. And that is not all: Windhund have also doing a wallpaper drawing. You can use this button:  to go to Nexus, and this button, to go to Windhund's wallpaper...
We start to say welcome to Micu that have doing a very good drawing. So don't miss it.... But we have some nudity here. So this button will only take you to artist index M side 2:
So, now we have to say also welcome to another artist: Koridon Bright. Yes, we have some nudity here. I read a fun comment for a long time ago, it was someone that thought it was strange to draw naked horses. But is it not more strange to draw them with closes? So here now you go just click on this button here:
Now this was all for this time. It will be a minor link changes here, but not today.
I will tell you more in the next update, but it will take around 2 weeks. Have a nice summer. /Aradd