What's New in Kandor
Mars 2006

The only thing that runs faster than the time, is the mare's here... So that means it is showtime!
I got a mail from Ultraviolet, no it was no new drawings from here, don't blame me, unicorns are only cut and inocent, you know... But she have take a look at the misc section here, so this is what you now shall check: In misc colour nudity the drawing: PlayfullNudeUnicorn is made by Lady Jeboah the drawing is moved to her section, se also below here. The drawing: lyenuvSTRIDERGIFTY is made by a artist with the name lyenuv, the drawing is removed. In the Colour Adults section the drawing: 1075577580 is made by a friend to Ultraviolet. The drawing is removed. In the B/W Nudity section the drawing: Bonk_FemStrider is made by Bonk, the drawing is removed. So now the misc section only have 88 drawings left and now for the update: Lady Jeboah have 1 new drawing and 1 that is moved from the misc section. You can go and take a look if you just click here, but you will only come to page 1 in the the L section. .
So, now for some more good news: Shimmerhawk have done a new drawing and she have already told be that it will be a coloured version also. Well, now you can take a look at the b/w version first, but as we have some nudity here, you will only come to page 4 in the S section. Just click here: .
So, where shall we go now? Well, Blackduckling, have done a new drawing, and this time it is for all ages. Want to see it? Yeah, I could guess that. Here is the direct button: .
So I think it was really time for Gabe to do a new Amilona drawing and I am sure that you here agree with me. This is for adults only and you will come to Gabriel Logan's index if you just click on this button here: . Well, I know that your nightmare's will continue, and one of the reasons is that Windhund have done a new drawing in his nightmare serie. Now there is so, yes, that is correct; his section is for adults only, so you will only come to page 1 in the W section when you click on this button here: .
So then is Kadath back. Well it seems that Diamond have captured a dragon... Well, I am not sure how that happens but it seems that it have a happy ending. Now this is for adults only, so you will only come to Kadaths index when you click on this button  here: . Notice also that a new drawing is added in Kadath all ages section. Now this was the end of this update. As you can see some sections have being changed: The S section, for example, is 'only' 8 pages instead of 10 as it was before, the reason is the same: Artists that is not found, is removed. Now it is time for a cup of tea..../Aradd


Time for a update... We start with Kadath that have done several new drawings, so it was needed to do a index for him... or maybe for Diamond... hehehe... Now you can go direct to Kadath's index but from there, well, you will be on your own:
There is often 'stand alone' drawings that I should have seeing a following up of. Jessica M Sanders have doing a drawing, the hidden, I think you here also want to know what will happend in the next minutes, but maybe we never will know. Anyone, start to look at the drawing, and you can go easy to Jessica M Sanders section, if you just click on this button here: .
So, then I got a comment from Yena, notice that he was one of the artist I was searching for so know his name is removed in the Missing Artist index, remember to take a look there to see if you have any information about the artists. But don't enter the dungeon! Now Yena's drawing is older than the one I added here in the last update. But I also add the b/w version of it. Yena's section is for adults only, so you will only come to page 1 in the Y section when you click on this button here: .
Darkwolfe is a well known artist, and he have some artwork hidden, as it seems... But now his section is updated and I think many here remember that his section is for adults only. So when you click on this button here: you will only come to Darkwolfe's index.
It have being needed to update the misc section. In the b/w adult section 8 drawings have being added and it is a unicorn and a dragon. There is no information about these drawings so I hope that some of  you visitors here can give some information about this ones. And here is the button:
So, then we should add something for you to read: Avanti Halfhorse have done some stories and notice that even as they are labeled part 3 and 4 and so on, they are stand alone stories. Now this is for adults only, and you can go to Avanti Halfhorse's index if you just click on this button here:
So, still want to read something? Well, it is you lucky day as we have a new writer here: Dracos Blackwing. Well, this story have bondage and sex but also a ending that is a little surprising for mostly of the readers. Now, you can go to the index and then you will be on your own:

We continue this update with that the artist Molly Margay 'gave it up' last year and she wanted her section here being removed. That was bad as that also, of course, cancelled the update that should have being done in her section. We can only hope that she change her mind and will start to do some artwork later, and if so, that she wants to be here again.
Also notice that the story: Welcome to your nightmare, will not be updated until later in april. /Aradd


Just a notice that H-yena wanted his name changed to Yena. That is now done and that of course means that you will find him in the Y section, links are changed. Next update will be here the 17th of mars. /Aradd


Well... Recycling is popular today. And that is a good idéa to re-use things again. The mare's here told me that we needed to do the same so okey:
Magallanic Fox send me a new drawing, and I have also added 2 drawings more: I think you know the characters, ShinigamiGirl and Aura Moser. Well, we re-use the button 1 here:
Notice that the drawing that was added 2006-03-03 is still marked as new.
Then we have to go to ShinigamiGirl's section. So now you can see the drawing that was added in the other update here, in colour. So we re-use this button also: .
Now there is time for new artists here...
We start with: Goldenwolf. I should have send a mail for a long time ago, but I forgott it, but lucky for us all, I remember to do it, and Goldenwolf was very fast to send a reply. So, now you can go direct to his section as Goldenwolf's artwork is for all ages. Just click on this button here: . So we continue with H-yena. He have some more drawings he told me, but I haven't got them yet. We can hope that he have time to send them to me until the next update here. Now H-yena's section is for adults only... Well, it seems that the unicorn there have some problems, do you want to help her...? You can just go to page 2 in the H section, just click here: .
So now there is a need to continue in the T section. There we can find the new artist T-Mike-T. His section is for all ages, so you can go and see the cute horses if you just click on this button here: . So, then it is time to travel to the R section. There we find Ranmei Hatsuko. He have done a sketch of a mare and I think I am not the only one here that hope he will continue to do some more. Ranmei Hatsuko's section is for all ages, so if you just click on this button here: .
So then it is time for you all the be Sherlock Holmes. As I already think, many know that one reason for Kandor, is to track artists and also writers that seems to be unknown and/or not aviable to find. Well, for a long time ago, a story with a furry mare and also male wolf, bear and so on, was posted in a forum, with a request of anyone that know who have done it. It seems that no answers was given, but I hope you here can do some research. As this is the biggest country aviable for this kind of horses, I hope we can get in contact with the writer. Now this story have a contents of sex and bondage, so this is for adults only. Now if you click on this button here: you will come to the Library index.
So a short back ground: 2002 I started to send some mails to artists about their furry equine's. As some of them already know me, it was no problem to get their permission. Others gave me permission as they have noticed my name here and there. So with permission for around 600 drawings I started in may 2004 to send requests and constructed the furry female equine website. The release date was the 27th of september 2004. The 20th of september 2005 my other section was closed, maybe some of you miss them, but it was needed as the reconstruction work here was started. The site was renamed to the real name: Kandor. The goal for the site was 300 artists and of course new artists will always be welcome. But it is time to clean out the index as the artists I am looking for, is collected in a own section in the castle. Now notice that the ongoing story Welcome to your nightmare's will not be updated until Kandor is closing as some of the reconstruction work is not possible to do when it is online. That will not happen until the end of april. /Aradd


So already time for a update... Well, I got a mail from Windhund and he told me that he didn't got so many mails about the missing number in his night mare series... But it seems that you have scary him a little as in his new sketch he not have any number at all. Windhund's section is for adults only, so you will only come to page 2 in the W section when you click on this button here: .
So we continue with Magallanic Fox. He have done a new drawing.... And now there is time to change his section from nudity to adults only... So if you want to see it, yes I know that, but remember your age, and if you are old enough, just click on the button and you will come to page 1 in the M section...
So then we have ShinigamiGirl and she is, as usual, working hard with new drawings... Very nice isn't it? You can go direct to her index, if you click here: . Notice that it is the adult section that is updated... Then I think we shall continue with Caribou. She mentioned that it was a long time since she did a furry equine drawing, and that is true. I also added a drawing that she sold on furbid for a long time ago... But now you shall notice something important: The new drawing have the name Filly.jpg. But Caribou have already done a drawing with that name. I am sure that you remember it when you see it. So I suggest that we rename the new drawing to: Filly.jpeg instead. Now I know that you have hurry to see the new one's so just click on this button here: , but you will only come to page 1 in the C section as Caribou's section contains nudity...
Well, NachT was a long time since we made a update. He have done some new drawings and NachT's section is for adults only. So now you will only come to page 1 in the N section. That section is one of the section's that is changed: All artists that I am searching for, is removed. Now you can easy go and take a look, just click here: .
Agro Antirrhopus section is updated with one new drawing, and that is something that you that is old enough want to see. The easy way is to see this, is just to click on the button here: and you will come to page 1 in the A section.
So, I think we end this update with some new sketches from Dreamaria. She have done 4 new sketches, and you can go to her index if you just use this button here:
So, this wasn't all, but it is all for this time. Now notice that the artist Shimmerfox, have changed her name to Shimmerhawk. The reason was that another artist already used the name Shimmerfox.
Also notice that it will be another update in the nearest days, as there is time to add new artists here. Also then, the info about how many artists and drawing will be fixed. /Arrad