What's New in Kandor
January 2006

So here we are again... Nice, isn't it? Kandor have being large and there is many horses here, but of course more is welcome, isn't they? They are cute and it is nice to see that it is still many artists that are doing this artwork so we have something to add here. Now we continue with a new drawing made by Ultra Violet. Well, her section is for adults only, yes I change it as it was needed... But there is also another update in the U section: Unicornshewolf send me 9 more drawings, that means that you will now find 10 drawings in her section... That was a nice suprise, wasn't it? Now you have 2 artists updated in the U section so I suggest that you go there and take a look: .
So... Remember Gabriel Logan? Well, he have done a new drawing. It is in 2 versions and the diffrent between the drawings are the background... But I think there is not so many of us that are looking on the background anyway... Gabriel's section is for adults only, but you can come a little bit on your way, when you click on this button here: .
It is nice to see that Nuclearninja have done a new drawing. This time it is again Dreamaria that is on the picture, but it is nice to see, isn't it? Well, Nuclearninja's section is for adults only, so you will only come to page 2 in the N section, when you click on this button here:
Lord Stacker have being working with a animal girl serie and from my point of view it took to long time to he come to animalgirl21, I mean it was 20 drawings before it... hehehe, well now we can hope Lord Stacker will do some more artwork as this zebra is cool, and also the other new drawing, and you can see it here: . Well, there is some nudity there so you will go the last step on your own...
Jeddibub have some sketches that was for sale... I am not sure if they are still aviable to buy, but when you go to her section you can also notice that it have being changed to adults only.
Now if you click on this button here: you will be on your way...
So, we continue with Ladyjeboah. She have done 2 new drawings, so it was needed to have them here, wasn't it? Of course. But it was also needed to change her section from all ages to nudity.
So now you will only come to page 1 in the L section when you click here:
So... Any new artists? Yes, we have one, but don't worry: Kadath have doing many drawings with his character Diamond. It seems that he also enjoy the watches on Fur Affinity. So if he wants to do a new drawing for every 50, 100 or 200 watches he is very welcome as we have around 200 visitors/day here... hehehe. Well, know there is so that Kadath's artwork is for adults only, so you will only come to page 1 in the K section when you click on this button here:
Also the character sheet info in the tavern have now being changed to this new layout.
So there is time to end this update, just notice that the last part of the welcome to your nightmare story that is added on the main index site, will be delayed around 2 weeks. /Aradd


So we have come to the part 2 of the update. Now there is time to present the new artists here:
We start with Unicornshewolf. She is a very good artist and have now give permission to have one of her drawings here. We have some nudity here, so you will only come to the U section when you click on this link here: .
We continue with Haunted Beanie. I am not sure that he have a website of his own, but now we have him here, and that is what is important, isn't it? Well, we have also here some nudity. Maybe we shall soon think that horseys with clothes are more strange than them without? Anyway, you can go to page 1 in the H section if you just click here: .
I contacted a artist with the name Isane. Well, the drawing was good, but he have done 2 more that he have forgotten: I have a very good memory, so now you will find them all here. We have some nudity, and if you want to take a look you will only come to the I section page 1 when you click on this button here: .
Also notice that the chapter 4 in the short story, 'Welcome to your nightmare's' is added. In this chapter the nightmare's arrives... You will find the link to the story from the main section for this website. There is still more artists to update, but I think it will take to the last week in january before the next update. But, we can never know... /Aradd


So, this update maybe isn't so large as it should be... The reason is that I got some personal problems, and there is not so much more to say about that more than I haven't feel to work so much with the website here the last week. Sometimes there is needed to make a choice, but then, if the wrong path is choosen, well, there is no way back... So it is important for me to make a correct choice and that is sometimes not easy...
But of course we have something new here for everyone, also for you there that is not so old...
We start with:
Chris Sawyer that have made a new sketch, very nice but we have some nudity here, so I suggest that you are old enough to go here and see it: .
So we continue with something other for you little older here...
Mei have make a new drawing and this is for adults only... Want to see it? Well, could have guess that and if you want to come to the M section, page 2: .
We continue with The Burning Donut. His section is for all ages so you can take a tour direct to see his new drawings and the easy way to do it, is just to click here:
So now a comment about this: I got some mails from artist with herm equine's. As it looks for today, there is now herm equine's here in Kandor, and one of the reasons is that this is already complicated to handle and also that it is to many artist that is missing here. I got a comment that one of the reason was that one drawing in Ice Man's section was a herm drawing and that is or, should I say, was correct. The drawing is now removed and replace with another one.
Now it was also needed to change Ice Man's section from nudity to adults only.
You can take a look at the I section here:
So this was not all, of course. ShinigamiGirl have done some new drawings. Yes, I think you remember her... Now I think you have hurry to see the new drawings so just click here:
to see them.
Well, now I know some nightmare's could be really good, well, I guess if they look like Windhund's nightmare's.... He is doing a serie with this kind of equine's and I am sure that you want to see them... Well there is some nudity here so you will only come to page 2 in the W section when you click on this button here:
So this was only a part of the update, so I shall as soon as possible put myself toghether and start to work with part 2 of this update. In that update it will be new artists here and I am sure that you will like to see them, as usually here, the artists are very good. Also chapter 4 in the ongoing story will be added. The team that is in the story will in this chapter learn that it is only in the fairy tales there is a happy end.../Aradd