What's New
November 2005


So, there should be a update of the artists that already is here in Kandor. But, this time it will be added only new artists.
We start with Todd Marcel Little. He have done 2 drawings and both is for all ages. So this time it will be easy for you, just click here: . As usually if you want to see the artists other artwork, just visit their own website... but you know we got the best they have done here... hehehe... So, then we shall continue with Ponytrap. She have done 2 drawings and we have some nudity here, so you will only come to page 2 in the P section. Ponytrap is contactable in furnet IRC in #ponyplay. But I have no link to it so I hope someone here can send a link to it. It is very popular with roleplaying today, and I understand that. Give us a reason to escape our own world, and enter another. Cool, isn't it? Now go to page 2 here: .
So in the S section we find another new artist, well he isn't new for many of you here. Shawntae Howard like this land, so he gave permission and also send me a extra drawing. Shawntae Howard's section is for all ages, so you can be right on your way if you just click here:
. So we continue with Chip'n'Death. He made a drawing to Sailor Anna and I of course have her permission to have it here, but now we also have Chip'n'Death's permission. This is for all ages, so you can go right ahead if you just click here: (artist removed). No, this wasn't all. We have another very good artist with us here in Kandor: Anjel. Well, this drawing is for all ages, but Anjel have promised me that she should do something more yiffy for us here. Let us hope she will remember this. Now you can take a look at this zebra, nice isn't she? But we have some nudity here, so you will only come to page 3 when you click here:
So, next week, it will start to be updated with new drawings, and you don't need to be worried, there is some new drawings to add. BUT remember to give the artists feedback. If you are on a commersial site, your money talks. Well, here there is no money. And if there is money here, it's mine!! So, now, enjoy the show, it will continue next week. Also notice that the castle is open, there is the list of the artists I am searching for. Other things will be added there later. /Aradd


Yes, it is really time for a update here, but it takes some time with all mail sendings...
Now the reconstruction work for Kandor is done, and I hope you like the new layout.
Lucky for us all, we have some new artists that want to be here.
We start with: Lyenuv. She have done a very nice drawing and the only thing that is bad, is that she only have done one drawing... Hm... Well, we can hope that she will do some more of this kind of artwork, and you find Lyenuv in the L section. We have some nudity here, so you will only come to page 3 when you click on this button here: .
Then we continue with Laura Westrate. She have done a new drawing and it was ShinigamiGirl that make her to do it. Very good work ShinigamiGirl and I hope there will be others that will do the same with other artists... :-) Well, we have some nudity here, and I am sure that you will take a look at Laura Westrate's furry equine drawing, so you can do it in the L section here:
, but you will only come to page 1...
Maybe we shall take a look at the S section. Well, this is the largest section here and it seems that many artist really like the letter S. On page 2 we find 2 new artists: We have SatyQ and I think many knows him. SatyQ's section, is for adults only. Maybe not all of you know Scarlett Algee, but now, after this update, you will remember her. Her section have some nudity so now when you go and take a look on SatyQ and Scarlett Algee you have to travel alone from page 2. The easy way to travel, is just to click on this button here: .
So we continue in section S. Maybe you already have seeing Steve Alford's drawing with the zebra? Well, it doesn't matter as you are needed to go and take a look anyway. The reason is that Steve have send the drawing in colour, in higher resolution than you find on other sites. I am sure that you want it. And you need to take a travel to page 9 in the S section. Now click here: and of you go!
So when you are back, there is time for a look at the D section. There we have Dadward. He have done 5 drawings and you will find him on page 1 in the D section. Well, we have some nudity here, so this button will only take you to page 1: Well, I see you there, you are not old enough... Don't try to fool unicorn's, you know... Well, the rest of you can now go to the J section. There we find J B LittleJohn. Well, in the mail I got from him, he told me that he should recolour the drawings, so now you must be fast. Maybe he want us to replace this drawings with the new ones? Well, I can think that the new coloured will look better, but this old one's is still good. J B LittleJohn's section, is for adults only. The easy way to see it, is to click on this button here: . It will take you to page 4 in the J section. Hm, so you think this was all? Sorry, it isn't.
We need to take a look at Beyonderan. He have done 6 drawings. I think you really will like his character Storm. Want's to meet her? Well, of course I can fix that for you, but as there is some nudity here, you will only come to page 2 in the B section. Just click here: .
So, now I have some work for you all here... The reconstruction work for Kandor, is now finished. There is a problem to get in contact with several artists and there was a need to make a list of them. Now you can go and take a look here: .
Maybe it will be a kind of chock for the old visitors here when they now notice that the artist and drawings here have now is updated. It have being 238 artists and 2292 drawings added for the artist section for a very long time. Now when the reconstruction is finished, there is need to change the numbers to the corrected ones. Today, with this update, the site have 281 artists and there is 2586 drawings and 4 comics with 41 pages. Then we still have the comic section and the story section and the misc section... So, now it is time for you here to check if you have any information for the artists I am searching for, just remember to contact me. Of course we can not count that all artist we got in contact with, will be here. Today around 40 artists have denied to be here, but we must always remember that it is up to the artists if they want to be here in Kandor. Otherway, I think this website have more visitors/day, what other have in a month. Then I hope this can give the artist some help as I think many of you here, also visit the artists own pages. Next time, it is a time for a update. Well, the only thing I can promise about that, is that it will be more than one drawings added..../Aradd


So... Time again. Well, we start with 2 updates: First I must introduce my new commission animation. The reason is that there is important to information you visitors of those artists here that takes commissions. I also think that it could be much more fun to order a commission, instead of buying a artwork that is already done. Now you can click on this button here: .
There you can see the animation at Wolfie's section. If you click on it, you can read information about the commissions that Wolfie can do for you. Now I want artists here to do something like this, if you not already have done it. Then just send it to me, and I will make it as a html page and add it to the animated button on each section...
There is also another update: The wallpaper section have now Gabriel Logan's Amilona wallpaper. Well, I think that is a must have in your computer, isn't it? But I haven't the time to fix the bmp version of it right now, so users of Windows 95, 98 & Me only takes bmp file format as standard will have to convert the jpg files to bmp themself. Here is the link: .
So now we are back into the usually update and 'old' visitors here know what that is. For the new visitors this is the info: The site is under reconstruction with the new graphic layout, the new layout is just what you look at right now. I have hope that it should be 'only' 50 hours of work, but it will be around 80 hours when this is finished. Meantime, no updates for the 'old' artists here is done. Only new artists is added. Also the information that it is 238 artists and 2292 drawings in the artist section is not correct. That will be fixed when the reconstruction work will be finished. Hopefully is the next update, in the middle of november, the last part of the reconstruction work, but that is not to be sure about... So we start with:
Something very much adult: Esperanza is an artist that maybe some of you remember from my other site, that is now closed. He have done mostly 4 legged animals but he also did some furry horses. This is nudity but changed to adult contents as we have drugs here. Mostly animals is much smarter than humans as they don't use drugs. Esperanza did this drawing as a experiment, and this time we shall be lucky that it is only a drawing...or? You can go to the E section and take a look, if you are more than 18, and I know that you there, isn't! .
So, we continue with another popular artist, yes. Josef is here. Well, the bad news, is that he got the idéa that he couldn't continue with the comics he have started. Silly idéa isn't it. Well, I recommend that you mail that and tell him, but maybe you shall take a look at the comic first... Josef's section is for adults only, so you will come to Josef's index if you click here:
So we continue with another good artist: Heather Gladden. She did a very good drawing with a dragon and a unicorn. This have some nudity, so you need to be a little older than you there. Other's can click here:
So, do you remember the funny drawing: Das Boob? Well, we now got permission to add the artist: Donotsue here. Well, I think it is not only myself that should want to see the rest of this comic... hehehe... Well, hurry up before we all sinking... Well, I should like to have this unciorn as a captain, you to? Okey, go here and take a look: But, there is nudity, so you will only come to page 4 in the section D...
Now there is time to see some artist from Japan. Mr. Tokimitsu, is a very well known artist for furry equines. It was bad when he took his site down for a few year ago. When he then restarted the site, only a few drawings was added, all old. Well, you can see Mr. Tokimitsus drawings here, and we have something for all ages... Go to Mr. Tokimitsu's section here:
Hm... I think we shall stay in Japan. We have also permission from Beastmania. Well, his section, is for adults only. We can hope that Beastmania will continue to do some more furry horse drawings. Now you can go to page 2 in the B section, just click here:
Well, that was all folks... for this time... /Aradd