What's New
September 2005


It was a long time since last update, wasn't it?
Well I have waited for Yosshi to check his section and he now
told me that everything is okey. Yosshi is a well known artist and he have
done many furry horse drawings. Here we have 59 of them. His index is in 2 sections: All ages and nudity. Now go and take a look here:
Also notice that the information about how many artist and drawings it is here, is still not updated. It will not be updated until all sections have being reconstructed.
Have any artwork that could be here? Or a story? Remember to contact me...
And now the site have being online for exacly one year.../Aradd


"Wait here;" said Evan to the visitors and then he turned around and start to walk over the large hall. Evan hade always being a butler, and the latest 25 years he have being the head butler in this large castle. A butler must have a stone face, but that have not being easy the latest 2 years. It was starting the day when the black unicorn attacked the castle and killed the king. The queen have died a few years earlier. The princess was captured by the unicorn, and no one have seeing her since then... After have seeing Death, that often was with the unicorn, Evan decided that he should never being suprised of anything. But it haven't being so easy to not rise a eyebrow when the devil was here for some months ago, and he was not happy with one of the unicorn's joke. As Evan have understand, it was not so often it was snowing in hell... As he lifted his hand to knock on the door, the unicorns voice was in his head:
Evan opened the door. The large unicorn was standing near the fireplace.
He turned around and Evan said:
"The Invisible Woman is here, sir."
"Well, tell her I can't see her."
"Very well, sir. But there is also some new artists here, and some kind of roleplayers..."
"That was interesting... Show them in."
"As you wish, sir." Evan turned around and walked back to the waiting visitors.
"Sorry Miss Storm, but Aradd have not the time right now. But you others can following
He walked in front of them, but stopped outside the door and the visitors walked in...
And their names?
Well, we start with Tawnya. She is a well know artist and her own character is a herm zebra. The drawing here is a warrior horse and we have a little nudity here so you will only come to artist section T page 1 when you click on this button here:
Well, then we have 2 new artists in the T section. On page 1 we find Kendra and Keren. Very nice to see them both here and yes there is some nudity here, so you will only come to page 3 when you now click on this button here:
Well, that wasn't all... We should take a tour to the O section. There we find Orena. She is making a own website, but as right now, you can contact here with mail if you want her something. Orena's drawings is for all ages, so you can go directly to it if you just click here:
So, I know that roleplaying is very popular on internet, and I thank all that have send me a invitation to join and also asked if I want to play with them... But as it is right now, I have to much to do to play and maybe that can be a luck for others... Well, it is also strange that people want to meet the evil black unicorn, but maybe I should not be suprised as many don't know their own good...
So now we shall present some, well we can call them professional players.
Unlucky for them, they decided to have a female equine in the playing and then it was needed to contact them to have their permission to have the story here. But before you go and take a look at the House of  fear 3, you shoul know 2 things: This have very adult contents... Hey! Why I am alone here? ... and the story, as it is now in html format, should be over 240 pages, if you should read it in for example word document format. It is over 4 hours of work to fix the story so you know easy can read it and if you now want to meet:
Gideon Kalve Jarvis, ferryt, SnowWraith, Draylen & and some others, just click here:
So, tomorrow this site have being online for a year. With over 64 000 visitors I am glad that I am not the only one that like this furry equine's. I think they also like us, but we have no chance if they have to choose between us and a carrot... :-) /Aradd


So i got a mail from Stanley Alston. He have this information about the
drawings in the misc section:
In Misc. B/W Nudity,
110, 118108601166, 118 and 189 were all done by Polecat.
In Misc. Colour Nudity,
1095903646 was done by Marc Leonhardt
This was good information. But it was also good that we now can remove the drawings
made by Polecat, as this is one of the artists that don't want to be here in Kandor.
Also notice that now the Erotic Drawing section is closed. /Aradd


When I checked Ruberus archive, I noticed that he had also done the
equinebeauty drawing in the misc nudity section.
This drawing is also now removed, but when I send a mail to Ruberus it come
back with a error message that the mail address didn't worked. Suprised? No, I am not
me either. Also the link to Ruberus new website is not working, as it is nothing online.
A request will be added to Ruberus in the next update of the R sections.../Aradd


Well, got a mail from
cyberhorn. The drawing: shetlandsm is made by Kyrin, and you
find it in her section. It is now removed from the misc b/w section. That was good that he pointed
that out as I have some time problems to search and sort out my drawings right now.../Aradd


So, thanx to Dj_Ponyhard, we now can remove some drawings from the
misc section. This is his mail:
"horse_girl_1" "horse_girl_2" "war_horse" =>Shawn Vargo
"Mlp2" =>Melissa O'Brien
"redshetlandsm" =>Kyrin
"WAGEOSIN" =>Cavanaugh (or) Bucky boy

B/W Adult
"Dragon&Unicorn" =>Brian Harp
"FURRYY_005A" =>Heather Savia

B/W Nudity
"1076044006" =>Aura Moser
"111ZLOVEH" "PearlPonyWIP" =>Melissa O'Brien
"horsesketch" "horsesketch2" "Mirado" =>Shown Vargo
"RedShetlandRsm" =>Kyrin
"uni-drag2" =>Flinthoof
"zebrarose" =>Caliban

"Mlp2color" "RedShirtFrisket" =>Melissa O'Brien
"moonicorn" =>Ponygirl (Marcy M. Osedo) from studiocute
"PonyGirl" =>Zyra

Colour Nudity
"1119287087968" =>Jim Groat
"feathersnotsample" =>Rubeus
"ridethepony1" =>Echofactor42
"TempCC" =>Caribou (Sara Palmer)
"TheReluctantEohippus" =>BrokeTailRed
"zebra2" => Loupgarou (Lim Guo Liang)

 Also DJ_Ponyhard send this comment:
062" in the Misc Colour Nudity is probably from Heather Savia... but it looks like a rabbit ?!
Well, maybe he is right...
Notice that
Heather Savia & LoupGarou is 2 of the few artist that have denied to be here,
so it is good that we now can remove their artwork. As the rules here is still the same:
Artist that don't want to be here should not be here...
But in the next update... it will be more new artists.../Aradd


I got a mail from Stanley Alston. He recognize several of the drawings in the
misc section: The b/w section: The drawing
Fixed4 is made by Ein, that is one
of the artist I have no information about. A request will be added in the E section,
when it will be reconstructed. In the colour section: the was
330-1, Happy Halloween 2001 and
Covergirls in the color section were all done by Brian Burke. The drawing: 10 in colour nudity was
done by Jim Groat. I have not yet got any reply from Jim Groat. He told me that he should contact
me after have taking a look at Kandor here... But as we know, this land is not small, and maybe
Jim got lost, if so and if you see him wandering around here, remember to tell him that I am waiting
for a answer. Now lets the show continue.../Aradd


So another night, another update. I have hope that I should got a reply
from Nduli and Brian O'Connell about some drawings in the misc section.
But sometimes it takes long time before I got any reply, and sometimes I never
got any answers... That is not so easy to be a webmaster... Well, another problem
is that FurNation is down, and the reason is a hardware failure. It seems that they have
being using Maxtor hard disks, and those that have follow my website, knows that I also have
some hardware failure with my new hard disk for some months ago. Yes that was Maxtor and
today I and my friends have 10 Maxtor hard disk that have crashed. The usually problem is that
the hard disk loose the partition and that means that everything you have on it, is gone. No hard disk
was older than 2 year. I have send a mail to the webmaster for FurNation and
give him the advice to avoid Maxtor. Now we continue with this update and this update is not small.
But we start to say hallo to a artist that send me a mail and I think mostly here already know him.
It was very good that he contacted me and gave permission for one of his drawings. This is for
adults only and I am sure you want to see Wardy's drawing. You can see it if you go to
page 1 in the W section. You can easy go there by clicking on this button here: .
Well there is time for you all to take a look at the new misc section.
In the old misc section there was 34 drawings. In this update it is now
122 drawings. That also means that the section have being reconstructed.
You can go and see the new misc section, if you just click here:
Now this was all for this time, and remember that this section is still
under reconstruction. If you see a drawing in the misc section, and know
the artist, you can either contact me or contact the artist yourself and tell him
that there is one of his drawings added here. Then we can see if it will be given
permission to have it here or not. Notice that the artist info and drawing info
for the artist is not correct yet. It will be fixed later, when the reconstruction work
is done. Today I passed 40 hours of work for this section, and I have hoped that it
should have going a little faster as I also have much other things to do...
Also fixed the links to the adult colour section, but I don't think you
can look at it anyway, as you are not old enough.../Aradd


Good evening! Time for a new update. Now the sections T-Z is changed to this new
layout... Yes. I also hate when updates is only changes of the website layout. So of course,
there is something more. Like the last update, I will only add new artists:
We start with Traci Vermeesch. I got permission from her and from the person that
have asked her to do this commission. That was good new's, wasn't it?
Well, Traci's artwork is for all ages, so you can go and take a look here:

Nice isn't it? Well, we need to move to the H section... Well, there we have
a artist with the name Hybrid Rainbow. His artwork, is for adults only.
So when you know click on this button here:

Nice to see also... We have a good start here, haven't we?
Well, we have some more to show:
I got a mail from Dani Russo. And that was very nice as he is one,
of very many, artist I am searching for. He gave permission to have his
equine artwork here. Dani's drawings is for all ages, so you can teleport yourself
directly to them if you just click here:

So, this could have being all, but it isn't... We need to move on here.
And we do it with another new artist in the M section: Morgan.
He have done both all ages and adult only drawings so you can
take a look at his index here:
Now we continue with that I am opening a new section:
A beta version of the wallpaper store is now online.
To start is a drawing by
Morgan added there.
Suggestions about more artwork that could be good wallpapers?
Well, send a mail to me, meantime you can just check the wallpaper
section, just click here:

So this was not all, but it is all for this time. And notice that the artists here is more than
the 239 that is added in the main gate. I shall fix that when all sections here are fixed. It will
take some time, as this reconstruction here have already passed 40 hours of work, and there
is still some more to do... But I hope Kandor have make some artist and visitors,
more friendly to these nice horses... /Aradd