What's New In Kandor
August 2005


So the reconstruction works on here... Now it is time for a changing in the H and D sections.
In the D section we find a update for Dark Hammer. Well, we have some nudity here,
so there is a need to be careful, well not for me, but for you...
If you click here:
you will be right away.
Well as you can see the D section is now 6 pages instead of 4.
The reason is that it is many artists that it is no information about, also
several have no mail aviable on internet. I understand that as spam and things like that
have make it not so fun to be on internet today... But that also means that it is
not easy to get in contact with the artists, so if you have any information about
artists here that it is a request on, remember to send me a mail about it...
This site takes already many hours month to work with and to keep it, I
will now close the other section: Erotic Drawing, as it is not possible to
offer more time than I do, and I can promise you that it is many hours...
Now we continue with 2 new artists here: DJ Ponyhard have give some help
in the misc section and now I have take down the drawing: sjeq.gif as it is made by Ian Williams.
I have not Ian's mail address but if you have it, remember to send me a mail about it.
DJ Ponyhard thought that horseflesh1 in the b/w section was made by Nduli. I shall check that with the artist and if so, the drawing will be moved to Nduli's section...
Now I suggest that you take a look at DJ Ponyhard's drawing, and this is for all visitors so you can go easy to see it, by clicking here:
Nice, isn't it?
Well, we have a new artist for the H section also...
H C Brook have made one drawing and we can only hope that she and DJ Ponyhard will
do some more. You can go directly to see H C Brooks drawing if you click here:

So now we have the new section open, and I want you all to go there and take a look.
I know several of you, have a favorite character, well that is me, isn't it? No? Oh, well, a test
version of the character info sheet is now online and Stanley and Scott Alston's character Eva McEqqus is added to it. Also ShinigamiGirl's character Shin, is added. We now start with this 2 characters so you all here can go and take a look. Suggestions about it, shall be sended to me. Now you can check it if you just click here:

So the reconstruction work will continue here, but I am not sure when the next update will be...
But don't worry, it will be much more soon than you thought... /Aradd


So, time again. Well, this update is a little different as it will only have new
artists in it. The reason is the changings here and more about that in the end
of this update. I have a work for all artists here, and it will give the same payment
as I have, nothing... Well, there is a site that collect information about artists and
it is a very good idéa to contact the webmaster for Furry Artist InFURmation website.
He will not bite you, well, if you don't tell him that you come from this site... :-)
here, and take a look. With the informaton from the InFURmation website,
the following 3 artist have being added:
We start with Foxxfire. A artist that I think mostly artwork fan already know.
He have done many drawings with horses, and here you can take a look at some of them.
Just click on this button here:
. I know you will be disapointed that there is
only 4 all ages artwork in Foxxfire's section, all others is for those that have the correct age...
Yes, I see you, you are not old enough... Foxxfire's index and section also have the new look,
as the other artists that now is added... We continue with David Hopkins. His mail address is not
working, so StarChaser Tyger is trying to track him. You can go and take a look at
David Hopkins artwork here:
. Well, last year when I started this website,
I was very disapointed when Purple Griffin's mail address didn't worked. StarChase Tyger
is also trying to track Purple Griffin and I hope he it will be a success as I think Purple
Griffin will like this website. Now notice that Purple Griffin's artwork is for adults only,
and one of the drawings is added twice. The reason is that the larger version is scanned in
b/w and that is not a good choice as it will remove the gray in the drawing. It is also
added in a lower resolution, but it is scanned in gray scale. Now you can take a look here:
So, this wasn't all. We have SuziDragonlady. She have done Jessica M Sander's
character and I know you want to see this.
And the easy way, is just to click on this button here:
So, we now continue with a drawing that you have already seeing... The reason is that it is
the thumbnail for the misc section. The artists name is Zaxtor Znort and he have done several
photomorphs. Unlucky only one equine but they are all good as you must remember that
nearly all artists here also make other very good drawings, but if you want to see them, you
need to go to their own homepages. Well of course, the best artwork is here... hehehe.
Now to Zaxtor Znort, and yes we are out of new artist buttons,
so we need to use this one again:
So we have a visitors that is more awaken that many others here: DJ Ponyhard have
the idéa that the pitstop drawing in the misc section is done by Brian O'Connell. I have
added that to the misc section, but if anyone here have Brian's mail address, just send it to me.
Thanx. The drawing unic.jpg is also removed from the colour section as DJ Ponyhard thought it was made by Caribou,
that is correct but the drawing will not be added in her section in this update.
Now we contineu with a short information: From now on, this site is under reconstruction!!
That means that I don't know exacly when the next update here will be, but it can be anytime.
The site will also changed the name: This is Kandor and you are very welcome to this land,
the land of the furry equines! Aradd