What's New In Kandor
Februari 2005


Really time for a update? Okey, here we go,
and of course we have something cool for you:
We start with Honeytail. She have done 3 new drawings.
And her artwork is for all ages. I have also added her new
website that she is doing. Now you can go and take a look here: .
So, then we shall go to the letter E. There we, again, find a new drawing
made by Ebony Tigress. Now we have some nudity here, so you will only come
to page 1 if you click here: .
We shall continue with 5 new drawings made by Dan Tovar. Now you shall notice
that one drawing is not here. The drawing have the name dom_fresh.jpg. This drawing was
added for 11 month ago with the name domfreshload.jpg. The drawings are exacly the same.
I have send a mail about it to Dan Tovar, but I haven't got any reply yet. So far we use the old
name. The other 5 drawings, is for adults only... oh, well, the mostly of Dan Tovar's artwork is
for adults only, so you will only come to page 1 in the D section when you click on this button
here: . So, now we shall continue with something else. Yes, a new artist.
The Burning Donut is a good artist and he have done some furry equine artwork and it is
nice to have him here. His section is for all ages, so you can be right away when you click on
this button here: .
Now remember to send some feedback to the artists as they give so much drawings
here for free. Because as you can guess, now drawings... no website.
That is the rules, you know. /Aradd


So now there is time for another update here:
And of course I have something new for you, or should
I say: The artists here, have something new for you...
We start with Ebony Tigress, and as you remember she
told that she should do some more equines. She have now
doing one more, and this is really good, it is also even better,
when Ebony Tigress have added her cow character to it.
The mare's name is Tamiya and the cow's name is Acacia. Very nice and
I am sure that you want to take a look... but now there is nudity so
when you click on this button you will only come to
page 1 in the letter E section... Now we shall take a look at the
letter L and there we find 2 artists with new drawings: Lord Stacker
have done a new one and this one is very good. So now I think you shall
see the waterfall drawing... but, yeah you can guess that... this is a nudity
drawing... so you will only come to page 2 when you click on this button
here: . On page 1 we find Ladyjeboah. She have done a
new nice unicorn drawing and her section is still for all ages... how long it
will be for all ages? Well, I don't know, but hurry and take a look here:
. So now to something different: I got a mail from Stanley Alston.
He told me that this time the mare Eva was in it... Maybe the reason that
the time before he send a story, I told him that this couldn't we have here, as
there was no female equine in it... Well this time, you can read part 6 in the
Halloween story. This story is for all ages, so you can go directly to it, just
click on this button here: ...
So... new artists? Yes, we have one. She have changed her name as her old
alias was Lady Hawke. As many already know, there is a artist with the name
Ladyhawk also that is drawing equines. So to avoid complications, she changed her
name. So we now say very welcome to Dana 'goddess' King and her unicorn
drawing, is for adults only. So when you know click on this button here:
you will only come to page 1 in the D section... Now this was all for this time, but
we can hope that the artists here will continue to make this fantastic drawings.
If you are a artist, and want to be here, remember to contact me. /Aradd


Well, lucky for you, unicorns always keep their promises... Even the black
evil one's... :-)... So, now we have passed 26 000 visitors and as I promised:
Here is the update:
We start with the letter A; There we find Anklebones. She have made a
very cool drawing that was for sale on furbid. Unlucky her and The Wormwood's
server have a failure, so their gallery there doesn't work as it should yet. So this is
the furbid example that is added here. Anklebone's section is for adults only, so you
will only come to page 2 in the A section when you click on this button here: .
Then we proceed to the letter B, there we find 2 drawings of Blackduckling.
They have being for sale on Furbid. I also send a mail to Blackduckling about her other furry horse artwork as she can not have them on her own website. Adult drawings are not permitted there, but here they are welcome, but you there, yes, you are not 18 yet, so don't click on this button here: .
Well on the section D there we have 2 updates on the same page. Very nice. Dan Tovar have a new coloured drawing, and as you know his section is for adults only. Also a visitor here mentioned that one of the drawings in the misc colour section was made by DarkSilver. Of course the drawing have being moved to DarkSilver section. And it is added a 'new' icon to it, but notice that the drawing is not new.
DarkSilver still have problem with her right wrist, but she is trying to make something new,
and we can only hope that it will work for her. You can now go and take a look at Dan Tovar
and DarkSilver's  artwork if you just click on this button here: .
So, there is around 2000 drawings on this section, but that is not enough, isn't it?
So lucky for us, we have some new artists here:
First we go back to the letter A. There we find Artonis. He us usually drawing dragons, and he
do it very well, but lucky for us, it seems that he was drawing a furry equine. Very nice, and this
drawings that you can see in both colour and b/w have nudity so you know that about your age... right?
Those that are old enough, can go here and take a look: .
Well, lucky for me, I got contact with the artist Blaits by Icq. Very nice as his mail address is not
aviable on Velar. I got his permission to add his drawings to this site.
Blaits drawings is for all ages, so if you just click on this button here: , you will come directly to his page.
Well, a well known artist, is Ebony Tigress. I have being a little surprised that she haven't done
any furry horses earlier, but now we have some luck: She have made a sketch of one, and I think
many know Ebony Tigress and her artwork, so even this sketch is very well done. Now we have some nudity here, so you will only come to page 1 on the E section when you click on the button here: .
Remember now that if you see any artist, or are a artist that see your name here, just contact me as there is very many artists that I have not got any contact with. /Aradd


So, having a bad day? Well now it's gonna be much better as your
favorite unicorn is here with a new update... We take the bad news first:
For the visitors that are not 18 years older or more, this update have not so much
for you this time... sorry... well, the last comment was a lie... anyway: As usually
there is much here, so why don't start with the letter A?
There we find Aeryn. She send me a new zebra girl drawing, and I think many here
knows that Aeryn's 3D drawings have a very high quality. And you also know that
her section is for adults only. So now when you click here: , you
will only come to page one in the A section. Shall we continue to page 3?
Okey, there we find (artist removed). In his section you will find 9 new drawings.
(artist removed) have some nudity, so you will only come to page 3 when you
click on this button here: . I think we trot over to the
D section and there on page one, we can find Dan Tovar. He have 10 new drawings,
and his section have now being changed from nudity to adults only. So you can
click here: to come to page 1 in the D section.
Well full speed ahead to the J section and we stop at page 2. There is Jeremy Mullins.
He have done a colour version of Helen and the dragon, also a b/w drawing is added.
Yes, yes, I know that you don't want to miss them either so here we, or should I say, you?
go: . So now the latest additions buttons usually have come to a end, but
today, I am proud to present, (drum roll here, thanx) Latest Additions button number 4, and
here it is: . Well, before you click on it, you will notice that this is for
adults only, so you will only come to the R section. There we find Ryouma Sakamoto.
Send a mail and told me that he hade done 3 new drawings for us. I could stand the joke to
answer him with 'Only three?!!??' So now there is 4 drawings, and notice that drawing number
19 is a transformation drawing. As you can see on the human skin on the mare's left arm...
Nice, maybe Ryouma Sakamoto could do a short serie of it? So now the latest addition buttons
are end, but we continue with this update, yeah, you guess right again: New artists.
A 'old' artist, and I mean on internet, is Chris Goodwin. I think many here already know him.
He give the permission to have his furry horses here, and that also including some sweet donkeys.
As usually with the artist here, it is always a good idéa to take a look at their own websites, and
you can start to go to Chris Goodwins section by clicking on this button here: .
Yes, you will only come to page 2 and then you must be 18 or more...
So I have a good suprise more:
Winterwinstar is a new artist. He promised me, or shall I say; us? to do some more furry mare's.
His section is for all ages, and we can give him a few
days more to see if you done something more for us. So when you click here: ,
you will come directly to Winterwinstar's section.
Yes, I promised you that I should have something for the young one's also. And you see, Unicorn's always hold their promises... Now I can promise you all here that it
will take some time before the next update here. Well it will be no update's here until we have passed 26000 visitors. So now you know the rules.../Aradd


So, there was a short problem with the server upload here. So
this update is a little smaller than it should be...
I got a new drawing from Heather Bruton, and as usually it
is very good. And you can get a copy of it, if you just offer a few
dollars. If you got this mare on your wall... well, you don't need to have
so much more there, as no one will look at the other stuff you have there...
Heather Bruton's artwork, yes, you remember that, very nice: It is for
adults only. If you are over 18 you can click here to come to the correctly
page: .
One visitor pointed out that one of the drawings in the misc section, was
made by Paul Kidd. The visitors also post the link to Paul's homepage, so
I could contact him. Lucky for us, he was given permission to have this
comix on this homepage here. So Paul Kidd's comix is added in his section here,
, but you will only come to the correct page, as his comix is
for adults only. Very nice, and also remember that the comix is also
added in the comix section... Well, this was not all, but it will be all
for today... I hope the next update shall be very late at monday night... Oh,
so now you don't hate monday's? :-) /Aradd