What's New In Kandor
January 2005


So it is time again...
We start with 2 new drawings from Alex Spastic. Now there was needed
to make a new index in his section, so you will find a few drawings that are
for all ages, but that is not the new ones. The 2 new one's you will find
in the b/w adult section. I think you should go and take a look at it here:
... And if you have a copy of the book she is reading,
send it to me! :-)
Well, we continue with Xian Jaguar. Her section is for all ages. It is nice
to see that she have make a coloured version of the unicorn drawing, isn't it?
You can go right here and take a look yourself: .
So, there was needed to add a drawing made by Furronika. As you know,
his section is for adults only. And what you should look at? Well, take a look
at the poster on the wall. Is that not a poster we all should want to have in our rooms?
Yes I could guess that! As usually with adult artwork you will only come to the
correct page, and you can click right here: .
So, now we have moved one drawing from the misc section to Darkwolfe's section.
I recommend that you check it and move this drawing, if you also have it in your
misc section on your hard disk, to Darkwolfes section. The moved drawing is
marked with the new icon. Go here and take a look: .
Also one coloured drawing was removed, I have send
a notice to the artist, so I hope we can upload it again. So... well, now the last additions
buttons is end... So we continue with the new artist button, we have a new artist here:
Apis have a cool drawing style, and when I saw it I thought it was bad that he didn't
draw any equines. Lucky for us, he got a request for a equine drawing. He mentioned
for me that he though it was a little weird. But we all know that what is weird on other
places, is complete normal here... eh... :-)
So now it is needed to see it, isn't it? But we have some nudity here, so you will only come
to section A page 3 when you click on this button here: .
So end of the update? No. I now that roleplaying on internet is very popular.
I also got some requests to play, but as right now, I haven't the time, as I think you
understand. Maybe later, when things is working a little better around here.
Woodlands 2 is a sex furry rp group. The example that is added here, and I have put it
togheter as a story, is easy to read. But this is very adult contents. Of course, you don't
need to play as a horse. You can play any character as you want, as long it is a furry.
But also humans are allowed. Now you can go to the section here if you want to take
a look here. So, now we have come to an end here. The sound
file: "Wake up everyone, we have guests," is removed. It was from the beginning
just added as a temporary joke. Of course, if there shall be a voice here, it shall be
a female voice, because here is it the mare's that rules. And the male's must do as they
are told, otherway, they will be kicked out. /Aradd


Notice that the Paintpants.jpg drawing in Molly Margay's
section is removed as it is a stallion and not a mare. /Aradd


So there is time for a new update here. I posted a link on a news
server as I hope to find some of the missing artists. That also takes some
time, so it have being little more easier if they have found the site themself.
The reply I got, was from someone that call himself for GreyWolf:

While I suppose a decent concept, I imediately shut the webpage down
because of the infinitely repeating and ANNOYING wav file that plays, VERY
LOUDLY, and in VERY LOW QUALITY. If you're going to make one of those
websites that *has* to have one of those types of irritating intro wavs,
atleast make it so it plays once, and then shuts the hell up.

So, of course the sound file should either play only once,
and if you use another web browser than M$ Explorer you should hear it
correctly or not at all. I don't use M$ Explorer so often my self and
in my other computer the sound
doesn't work... otherway I nearly never have the loudspeakers on,
as if I will listen to music, I prefer a real stereo without noises from processor fans and so on.
Otherway maybe GreyWolf have a good point there to put the site down.
It was 400 hours of work to do this, but it will be only 10 minutes to delete it.
Easy come, easy go, as in the future I don't think it will be nearly any free sites on internet,
as someone need to pay for the bandwith, transfer rate and also the server space.
But now I think we continue with the updates here:
We start with Todd Dharken. In his section there is 17 drawings that are new or changed.
Yes, some of the drawings are rescanned and uploaded again.
They are also marked with the icon.
The easy way to see Todd Dharken's new artwork is to click on this button here:
. Notice that all new drawings is for adults only.
We continue to Shinigami Girl. She have done 3 new coloured drawings.
And you guess right: Her artwork is for adults only. So when you click on this
button here: you will come to the correct page.
I noticed that 2 of Sasuga's sketches was missing, so they are now added.
Sasuga's artwork is for adults only. You can go to page 2 in the 'S' section if
you click here: . We can hope that she will do some new artwork to us...
Then we have a new drawing from Max Black Rabbit.
Nice to see a new furry horse from him, isn't it?
Max Black Rabbit's section, is for adults only. You can go to page 1 in the 'M'
section by clicking on this button here: .
And now, as usually we continue with some new artists... Nice, isn't it?
Well, we start with Sheep. She have only done one drawing... But she have promised to make some more, when she got the time for it... Well, Sheep's section, have some nudity,
so there for you will only come to page 3 in the 'S' section when you click on
this button here: .
Well we continue with another artist here: Icendax. He have done a zebra mare
drawing and this one, is for all ages. So you can go and take a look here: .
We can hope that Icendax will do some more drawings also.
And with this we end this update for today.
Notice also that Furronika have done a furry female equine drawing,
but this drawing you will not find here. If you want to see it,
you need to go to my more adult section and there
you will find it in Furronika's section. /Aradd


Now we have waited so many days, so there is a need for a
update here. We start with Alex Spastic's new unicorn drawing.
It seems that this can be a serie, and if so, the unicorn here will
be in more serius trouble. Alex Spastic's drawings is for adults only,
and you can come to the correct page if you click on this button:
. I noticed that Civasco had a drawing that was not here.
Well that we can not allow, can we? No, so I send him a mail and he
told me that it was okey to have it here. Well, Civasco's section is for
adults only, so you will only come to page 2 in the C section when you
click on this link here: .
Well, we continue with Black Unigryphon. I checked her archive on my hard disk, and
noticed that it was 2 drawings that is not online. They are now added and
Black Unigryphon's section is for all ages. So you will come right to the spot,
when you click on this button here:  .
Molly Margay is back already with 3 new drawings. Notice that is some corrupted colour on the kneeling mare drawing.
Molly told me that this was the best her scanner could do... Seems that you need to buy some of her artwork so
she can buy a new scanner. Molly's new artwork have some nudity, so you will only come to her index, when you
click on this button here: (Artist removed by personal reasons).
So then we have... wait... oh... we are out of latest additons buttons again... :-(
Well, but we don't give up so easy, don't we? We continue with some new artists here and they are very
welcome. Scorpio have made a drawing, and it is already sold on furbid, she have not a own website... yet.
This drawing is for all ages, so you will be right in Scorpio's section,
when you click on this button here: .
Well, we continue with Blackduckling and her artwork is for adults only.
This artwork was not possible to post on her own website,
as it not allow adult contents. Some of the drawings have being, and is, for sale on furbid.
We can hope that Blackduckling will send me the drawings that is missing.
Now you can go to to page 1 in the B section here to see Blackduckling's artwork,
but remember your age... .
So this was not all, but it is all for this time...
I have already started to work with the next update,
but it will wait a few days, so you have a chance to survive...
and remember that it is not often I am so kindly as this time.../Aradd


Hm... well there is no reason to have a website with the largest
collection with furry female equines if it not can be any larger...
but it can, so here we are with a update:
Noticed that Ladyjeboah have done a new drawing and you can easy go and
take a look at it, as her section is for all ages: . Nice isn't it?
We continue with Strider Orion. It was needed to create a new index, so he have a
small collection for all ages also... oh I can see that you smile and are happy now,
you are welcome... :-)... but: the all ages section is not updated, only the adults only
sections... hehehe, so you can only go and take a look at the new drawings if you
are older than you are... the easy way is to click on this button here: .
So now we have also noticed that Taurin Fox have a drawing that was missing here.
And when I added the drawing, yeah you guess right, it was needed to change his
section from nudity, to adults only. You can come to the right page here
if you want to see what a 2 legged furry horse and a 4 legged stallion can do togheter...
We continue with Molly Margay. Her section is also changed, as she have done many
drawings, she also have a section for all ages... the new drawings is all in the b/w sections.
You can go to Molly's index if you click here: (Artist removed by personal reasons).
So... now we have a problem, the latest additions buttons is not many enough...
Well, we continue anyway: Darkwolfe have not done so many drawings for a long time, but
a new sketch is always welcomed, isn't it? Yeah, I could guess that. Well, Darkwolfes artwork
is for adults only, so you can click here: Darkwolfe, and you will come to the correct page.
Notice also that all new drawings in the sections, have the icon added.
So was this all? No it wasn't, but we stop here as I think you humans can not handle any more
drawings right now... hehehe.../Aradd


So... Time for the first update here for 2005.
It should have being online for a few days ago, but Techwolf have
changed the server settings, it was needed to change some of my softwares to access
it again... We start with Scott Alstons new drawings, and he have done 3.
Yes, I know you remember that his artwork is for adults only, so you are old
enough, just click here: .
We now continue with a new artist, and I think many here know him already.
Or should I say you have seeing his drawings... Sudonym is a very good artist and
his drawings is for adults only, so when you now will go and take a look, first look
at your age, old enough? Okey here you go: .
This was a good start for 2005, wasn't it?
Now we can hope that the artist I have mail requests, got some information
about this website. So we maybe can have their permission for the artwork they
have done... /Aradd