What's New In Kandor
December 2004


So, now it is time for the last update here for this year.
I hope you have enjoy this website for now the 13 weeks it have being online.
It have being over 450 hours of work to do this site, and I hope we can
get in contact with the artists here that I have got no answer from.
We add 2 new artists here: Zorro Re and Nalina. Both have done drawings
to Jawara Pittman, so the characters is his. Jawara Pittman have send mails
to the artist that he wanted to have the drawings here, and that is very nice of
him and I also hope that the artist will agree when he got answers from them.
Now it is time to take a look and this drawings is for all ages, so if you
take a look here: you will come to Zorro Re's drawings.
If you check his own website, you can find some more cool other drawings...
If you click on this button here: you will come to Nalinas section.
I have no information about the artist, but I hope Jawara Pittman can add some information,
or if Nalina herself contact me when she got time. Now I wish you a Happy New Year and
I hope you and others will still visit this site under the next year. /Aradd


Good evening. Well, I have being offline for a while. But when I now took a tour around
the net, it was as usually: nothing new... well, velar have always something new,
so if you are new on internet I suggest that you take a look there...
So now we have come to one of the last updates here this year.
We start with a delayed xmas drawing from Ryouma_Sakamoto.
Sorry that I not was online when he send it, but I hope you will take it as
a little late xmas greetings,
and the easy way to see it is to click on this button here: .
Well, Ryouma_Sakamoto's artwork is for adults only, so you will only come to
the correct section. More adult artists: Well, we have Alex Spastic. He have done some
very nice new drawings, and you can see them here: .
And remember: Adults only!... So more adult artwork. Gabriel Logan have
made a preview of a new mare drawing, and you can go to his section here:
. And also Gabriel's artwork is for adults only.
Well, this wasn't all, but it is all for today... /Aradd


So there is a little time to get something online here. Soon it is Xmas
and I think mostly of you have someting more to do than visit this kingdom...
But we are lucky today as I got a answer from Slygoat. She told me that it was
okey to have her artwork here. Also nice that the drawing zebbar, in the misc section,
was made by her. Now the drawing is removed from the misc section and replaced in her own
section. Now there is a little nudity here, so you willl only come to the correctly section when
you click on this button here: .
Gabriel Logan is also working with a new drawing and you can check a preview of it.
To the visitors here that know Gabriel Logan, already know that his section is for adults only.
So you will only come to the correct section here:
And with this update it is time for a longer break. Maybe it will be a update here for
Xmas, but as it looks for today, I am not sure about that. We also must remember that
many artist have other thing to do right now when the xmas is soon here. I have much to do
myself, so it can be a nice idéa to take a little vacation. /Aradd


Hm... back again... yes there is time again...
We start with Heather Bruton that send me 3 new drawings,
as usually they is very good. Now you need to remember that
Heathers section is for adults only, so when you click here:
You will only come to the correct section. Notice now that in the schooling serie, yes,
I know that you wanted to go in that school, the schooling2 drawing have the name reins,
I have not change the name as it is the orginal name.
We continue with ZooShaman that have made a inked version of his unicorn drawing.
Later it shall also be in colour and that is something we want to see, isn't it?
ZooShaman have some nudity, so you can go to the correct page here:
and enjoy the drawing. Ryouma Sakamoto is back with another drawing and as you
can see, this is his best... so far. Ryouma's artwork is for adults only, so you will only
come to the correct page, when you click here: .
Strider Orion have also made a new drawing, in colour, nice to see. So don't miss it,
and Strider's artwork have some nudity, so when you click here,
and you will only come to his index.
Well, now we have come to a end of my latest additions buttons, but we have one more
update... Hm. Well, we use the latest addition button again.
So, Pshaw have made a new drawing. This is 2 female unicorns. Well, I can join if they
want company, but maybe I should only scary them away...
I have my reputation, you see... :-) So we use the one button again here: .
Pshaw's section is for adults only, so you will only come to the correct page when you click on that button. So now to the short information: The Black Invitation update, is cancelled as I have not the
time to do it right now. Also I have hope that we should have got in contact with some more of the
artist I am waiting and searching for, so remember to tell your friends of this site. So we can get
it more official and then maybe we can get in contact with the missing artists. We have now
already passed 14 000 visitors, and that is not bad as the site have only being online for 10 weeks.
There is soon xmas and I have hope that we can find some more xmas drawings. If you click
here, you can see one made by Doug Winger, but we can hope that some of the other artist
feel to do something for xmas also. /Aradd


There is time for a update here...
When I checked my hard disk, I noticed that there was
one artist that wasn't here. Bad isn't it? But now it is time to
change that: The Magician have done one drawing that fits in
this section. It contains nudity so now when you want to go and take a look,
you will only come to the correct page, and The Magician you will find in the
section M, I suggest that you click here: .
There is something also to notice that on the same page, we have Mario.
And he have done a zebra mare drawing. His section, is for adults only.
So when you click on this button... Eh, well you will also come to page 1
in the M section...
So we continue with 2 artist that have make a drawing togheter. Nice!
So you can find the new drawing in both Anklebones section and notice that
her section have now, with this drawing, being changed from nudity to adults only,
you can check it here... , and yes you will only come to page 2 in the
A section. Or you can go to The Wormwoods section, that is also only for adults of course.
Just click here: . We can hope that they will do something more togheter.
I think it is a nice idéa that artist sometimes work togheter, isn't it?
So also notice that if you click on the Black Unicorn icon, you can start to read
some information about... me... /Aradd