What's New In Kandor
November 2004


4 days and already a new update...isn't it nice...?
We start with some information here first:
Next month there will be a update with the artist that
there is no information about. That means the artist that
there is no aviable website AND mail address.
So remember to point it out to your friends about this site, as
it is a large and complicated work to get in contact with the
artists, and there is more easy if they find this site than we can find them.
Now we start with a new artist here: Ryouma Sakamoto is a artist from Japan and
I find him on a paint bbs board. He doesn't have any own website but give the
permission to be here and that was nice... Now there is so that some of his drawings have
a adult contents so when you click here: .
Then it is time to continue with a update for some other artist here.
That is another point with the site as it is easier to make some updates with many
artists than only a few... ahh so that is the reason why you are here... okey, you have
understand the idéa and I suggest that we take a closer look at Melissa O'Breins new artwork and
now it is needed to change her artwork from all ages to nudity so you will only come to the correct
page. Notice that the quagga is a equine. It doesn't exist today, and the reason is simply:
 The humans...shoot them all! Now you can go and take a look on Melissas furry
version of them, very cool: .
So, we continue with a update for Auron. She send a new zebra drawing... Very nice to see, and
I think you remember that her section is for adults only, so you can got to the
correct page by clicking here: .
Sometimes there is very cool to see a artist do something you have already thinking on? Yes it is.
Canis Major have done a drawing, yes the new one, that was something I wanted to see, and
this is for very adults only so you there, yes you, don't bother to look! You other can click here
to come to the correct page. And with this, we stop this update... /Aradd


...Hallo... Oh! There you are! Hm... We have a update here!
So it is time that you keep yourself awaken... Lucky for us,
Honeytail hade some more drawings, and yes, you can go and
see them as I recommend you to do that. Her artwork is for
(adults only - link changeing)all ages,
so it is okey for you too. And you just need to click on this button here
to be right there... Honeytail told me that she have some
more drawings but they are not finished yet... so we have to wait...
Now this was not the end of the update here, only the beginning...
 I got a mail from (artist removed) that he got a mail from someone that told
him that I was looking after him... I send a link to this site and he agree to be
here and that is very nice and now you can notice that it is needed that everyone
that have any contact with a artist that is requested here, remember to contact the
artist as soon as possible... Now there is some bad news for some of you as Ashedons
artwork have some nudity, so you will only come to the correctly page when you
click on this link here: (artist removed). So that was a very nice start, but we need to have
some more here. Anklebones was the artist that by misstake was in The Wormwoods
section. She have give me permission to have her equines here, and that is very nice as
I know they will enjoy the stay here... :-) Click here and you will come to the
correct page. So now it is time to proceed to the letter D. There we find a new artist also.
DC have made a cool zebra. Or is she so hot so it is needed to cool here down? Well,
here we have some nudity again, so when you click here: you will only
come to the correct page. Well, DC told me that he should do some more drawings with
this contents and I and I think also you, hope that he will do it soon... More artists? Okey,
but the next artist is well known by many: Sky Rigdon contacted me and told me that he have
some problems with Windows and his PC. Well, I guess that he is not alone in this
world with it and we can only hope that his computer now can keep him online...
Sky Rigdons artwork, have some nudity you know, so you will only come to the
correct page when you click on this button here: .
So now you have something to do for a while and again: If you have any information
about any artist or any drawing in the misc section, remember to contact me at once!


Tired? Well, you can not sleep now! There is a update ongoing
here! But we start with a correction: The Wormwood sended me a mail
and told that his section was not correct. The misstake was that 3 drawings
was not made by him. Well, it was a friend of him, but that is not the same, so
his section is now corrected, and you can see it here: . Hm...
notice that The Wormwood's archive is for adults only, so as usual: You will only
come to the correct page. So there is also need to add some more artist that
I know there is not many enough here, isn't it?
We start with Strider Orion. He have done some female equines and you find
them if you click on the button here: ... Well Strider Orions
drawings have some nudity and also bondage so I guess you need to be little older than
you there... Yes I saw you! Get the hell out of there or I will come and get you... :-)
Now we continue with another artist that seems to play with his computer and windows:
Civasco send me a mail and told me that he should have contacted me earlier but his computer
and windows haven't the same idéa... Well, better late than ever. Civasco also sended some
drawings, that was new for me, and I know that you also want to see them. But unlucky for some
of you, his artwork is for adults only, so when you now click on this button here: ...
Yeah, you will only come to the correct page...
So there could be a end here but there is some more suprises: Honeytail was a artist
I contacted and she told me that it was okey to have her artwork here.
Her artwork is for all ages (changed to adults only) so you can easily go
and take a look at it here: .
Well, only 2 drawings, but Honeytail told me that she could send some more to me
if I wanted... Well, I now that we all want to see some more from all artists here,
so that comment was not needed for her to tell us, wasn't it...? /Aradd


Time for another update and this time, we
have 3 new artists. We start with Sara Patterson, she should
have being online for a long time ago, but this time it seems that
I forgott to add and upload her section. Now is this fixed and
Sara's section is for all visitors so now when you click on this
button you will come directly to her section.
We also have Shidonii here now in the section S and I can
recommend those visitors that are over 18 to take a look at
her artwork, you will come to page 4 when you click on this
button here .
The last artist in this update, have done several artwork with equines.
Maybe you have seeing The Wormwoods artwork and if not, you have
sure missed something. His artwork is also for adults only, and if you
click on this button you will come to the correct page.
Now remember to tell your friends about this website and also your
enemies... :-). The reason is that there is several artist that we have
no information about, so we can only hope that they will find us.
Now I recommend that you take a look at the new artist and they are,
as usually on this website, very welcome... /Aradd


Already time for a update here...
We start with a update in Gabriel Logans
section, and for those that already know him,
knows that he mostly do very adult artwork, so
when you click on this button
you will only come to the correct section... Gabriel Logan have done
one new drawing and you can also see that his section now is in 4
parts... We continue with Tony Handlir that have 3 new drawings,
and one old that I added because it was a valentine drawing...
better late than ever... and with the new drawings there was needed
to change Tony's section from nudity to adult so you will only come to
the correct section, when you click on this button .
Well we could have stoped this update here, but as you already know, this site
is not so small... or is it? Lucky for you... and me... I got a mail from Heather Bruton and
she have made 2 new drawings that you can see here in high resolution, notice that the files
are very large. I also noticed that I haven't uploaded all her furry equine drawing so they are
also added. All is marked with the new icon, but notice that the 2 newest is
quagga and fell. Heather Bruton's section is for adults only, so you will only come to the
H section, page 1, when you click on this button here: .
So shall we continue? Okey... Well I have started to resend the mails, yes, unicorns never give up...
The result is that I got permission from Biohazard and he have,
so far, only made one furry equine drawing, and that is a drawing for adults only.
Therefore it was needed to crop the drawing a little so
the thumbnail didn't show to much... But for those that are 18 or older,
can take a look here: .
So... there is also a artist that have changed her name, and now she call her self  Teeka.
She have also only made one drawing, and you can recognize the character in it, yeah,
it is Firebringer, and many of you here already knows her.
Well, we have a little nudity in Teekas drawing,  so there fore you will only come
to section T page 1 when you click on this button here: ...
Okey we continue with a new artist more... I think many know who Dark Natasha is.
She have made some furry equine drawings, but also the comix Interspecies Relationship.
Now you need to be 18 or more, to visit her section. The drawing section, have nudity,
and the comix, eh well, that is for adults only.
Her comix serie is added in both her section and in the comix section. Easiest way to
take a look at Dark Natashas artwork, is to just click here .
So and with this, it is time to stop this update. It is 2:30 in the night now and I need to sleep a few
hours... /Aradd


There is time to add a new artist. If you don't know who Max Black Rabbit is,
you have not being on the internet for a very long time. He have done several
drawings and in his section on velar you can find 190 drawings and here,
you can find 7 drawings with furry equines and also his very cool comix serie
Coming Darkness. Notice that the comix serie is also added in the Comix section.
Logical isn't it? Max Black Rabbit's drawings is for adults only,
so when you click on this button here you will come to his index... /Aradd


I got a new drawing from Scott Alston, the drawing is
in both b/w and colour version. His section is for adults only,
so when you click here you only come to
the correct section. Notice also that Scott Alston takes
commissions. You can get more information if you check
his section. If you are a artist and takes commissions,
send me a note so can we add some information to your section.
And so a request from me to all artists: There is not so long time
to x-mas, so if anyone have something with x-mas theme, it would
be nice if you can send it to me. Maybe we can do a special x-mas
update. That would be nice, wouldn't it?.../Aradd


Time for a update here...isn't it?
Today it will be a larger update. Lucky for us, Todd Dharken
decided to send me some new drawings... 29 if we should be exactly...
With so many drawings it was needed to make a new index, so that also means
that you can see the few non-adult drawings he have done. You can go directly
to Todd's index by clicking here: .
Gabriel Logan decided to do a other female furry character, but this drawing and
his section, is for adults only, so when you now click on this button, you will only
come to the correct section: .
I found 2 new artist on internet, and lucky for us, they have given permisson
to have their artwork here on this site. First we have Aramet. His drawing is for
adults only, so when you now click on this button you will only
come to section A page 2. Yes, I see you there... You are not 18 so don't click
further here or I will tell your mother what you are doing!! But you other here can
take a look. Then we have James Donaldson. His drawing is also for adults only.
I like zebras and if you also do that, I recommend that you go here and take a look:
, but as usually you only come to the correct page.
So with this 32 new drawings we stop this update... but don't worry, sooner or
later the unicorn will be back... /Aradd