What's New In Kandor
October 2004


I got a mail from Ek Goya... As you know there is
Halloween now and he send me some new 3D drawings.
Well, it seems that also the dead one's have some fun these
days... :-) This is for adults only, so when you click on this
button here you will only come to the correct section.
The next update will be larger, so don't miss it... /Aradd


Time for a little update: Notice that Night Krawler have
being changed to NachT and he have done a new drawing
with his character NightMarier.
NachT's artwork is for adults only, so when you click here
you will only come to the correct page.
We continue with Gabriel Logan that have made a new
drawing with his character Amilona. Also his section, is
for adults only, so when you click here
you will only come to the correct page. No... I don't know
where Amilona drawing 7 is, but I shall send a request to Gabriel,
and we will see what answer he will give us back. /Aradd


Time for a update: We start with Molly Margay that have
made several new drawings, and that is time to change her
section. She have now to sections one for B/W and another
for colour, lucky for you, the mostly new drawings is in colour.
Molly have adult artwork so when you click on this
(artist removed of personal reasons)
you will only come to the correct section.
We continue with a update for Tony Handlir. Now you can go there
and see his drawings of Scott & Stanley Alstons character Eva McEqqus.
Easiest is to click here and as Tony have nudity, you will
only come to the correct section. /Aradd


Seems that it is already time for a update here... So
we say welcome to Ayelet Ripley. You will find him on
page 3 in the A section. Now there is so that he have nudity
in his drawings, so you can click here but as
usually you will only come to the correct page. So we have another
cool update: Aeryn have send a new zebra drawing and her section
is for adults only. You can go to the A section page 1, but
then you need to proceed yourself... well, if you are 18 or older...
The easy way, is to click on this button here
and you will be there.../Aradd

Well, it is time for a new artist here. We welcome Forge Wolf.
I really hope that I could meet Patricia some day... so you also
want to meet here. Well, the easiast way is to click on this button, but
notice that there is some nudity there so as usually, you will only come
to the correct section....
Hope you will enjoy the stay, and as alwasy: If you have something that could
be here, just remember to contact me. Thanx. /Aradd


I got a mail from Tony Handlir and he give me permission to
add him and his artwork here. We start with 5 drawings from
him and he have done a few more and I think we canwill add them
later. If you click on this button . But notice that
you will only come to the correct page, as Tony Handlir's artwork
contains nudity.
Then we have several updates here: Jeremy Mullins have one
new drawing in his section, and those that know Jeremy, knows
he have adult artwork, so if you click on this button
you will only come to the correct page.
Ladyjeboah have two new drawing, and her drawings, and her
artwork is for all ages. You will go there directly if you click on this
button here .
Dennis Cours have made one new drawing and if you are more than
18, I recommend you to go there and take a look, and here is the
button . /Aradd


So it is time for another update, and we say welcome to
Broke Tail Red. He have so far, only doing one drawing, but we
can hope that it will be some more. As usual, you come easiest to
his section by clicking on this button . As his drawings
contains nudity, you only get to the correct section. Hope you like it.
Notice now that it is needed to point out that we hope you have drawing
made by Chris Sawyer on your harddisk. The name of it is csfur02_col
and as you see in his section, the drawings is corrupt. If you have a correct version,
 just send it to me or to Chris, so we can exchange it. Thanx for your help. /Aradd


Decided that it was time for a little update.
Kyrin send me some more drawings, so her section is updated,
easiest is to use this button here , and if you
have forgott it, her section have nudity so as usual, you will only
come to the correct page. Another update is Chris Sawyer. He
have done a new character, Shelly, a sister to Shelton and to go there
the easy way, is just to click on this button: .
Chris have made one all ages drawing and one adults only drawing.
Now go and enjoy the show! /Aradd


Hm... a new artist? Now again? Oh no... this time
we take 2 new artists: We start with Terrie Kitten that send
me a mail with a permission to have his artwork here, he also was
sorry that the reply have taking so long time... but better late than never... :-)
If you click on this button you will be right there as his artwork is
for all ages... at least this drawings... If we continue we got Kyrins correct mail address,
and she told me that it was okey to have her drawings here... but when you click on
this button you will only come to the correct section as her artwork have
nudity. I got a mail from EchoFactor42 and he told me that he have being inspired by
me to do one more furry equine drawing. That is very nice to hear, isn't it?
Well let us hope that some more here will be inspired by me... :-)
If you click on this button here you will come to
the correct section, but as EchoFactor42 have nudity you will proceed
further yourself... And so it is time to open the story section. There you will
find Stanley Alston. He and Scott Alston is the creators of Eva McEqqus.
Stanley have write both adult and non adult stories...
Another writer is Allester Darkflame. His story is for adults only.
Don't miss this and if you are a writer and have some story with
a furry female equine in, you are very welcome here!
Easiest way to go to the story section is to click here: .
Hope you find something you like here... /Aradd


So, how about a update?
New artist? Okey, lucky for you, I have one new artist,
Agro Antirrhopus maybe is a new artist for you, but not for me.
But we are lucky as he send us a extra drawing and as his
drawings have nudity, you will only come to the section A when
you click on this . As you can see Agro have a
very good quality on his drawings.
Now there is people that sometimes ask how large my kingdom is,
I have not time to tell you exacly. But as you can read it is 1660 mb in
size, and have 19 351 files in 2 253 maps... so there is some files to keep
looking on.
Now your help is needed: If you see a artist name that you know,
and it doesn't matter if it is a @mail sent or Not online thumbnail, just
contact the artist directly. Tell him that I want contact with him or her.
The reason is that some artist haven't got any of my mail, and there is
needed to get in contact with them. The mail sendings have taking around
40 hours of work to do, so it is not any good news for me to hear that
some artists have found the mails in their junkmail section.
When this site was released 2004-09-27, it was in the Amused to Death
update, and if you don't have read the story, you can do it here. /Aradd