What's New In Kandor
September 2004


Well, we take a extra update here today... otherway
I have an idéa to give you a chance to get to the end
of this large archive, but there is a need to stop
again on Molly Margay's section. She is selling some
artwork on furbid, and you can go there to take a
look as she have over 100 drawings for sale, of
course I hope that you bid for the horses in the first case... :-)
Easiest to go to Molly's section is to use this button
(Artist removed by personal reasons)

It is not often I got mail from artist that I don't know who they are, but
this time I have a suprise for you... It is now needed for you that are
18 years old or more, to go back to the letter D. There you will find
Dennis Cours. Don't miss his 2 drawings and we can hope that
he will do some more. Easiest to get to Dennis is to click on this
button here .
If you know one artist that have a request here,
you can give some help and contact the artist, as it seems
that many didn't get the mails I send them. Mostly uses
hotmail and aol. Thanx for your help. /Aradd


Hm... It seems that people have somthing to do to 'walk through'
this large website... so there is only one thing to do: Make it larger!
We start with 2 updates here: Molly Margay have you earlier found
in the S section, and as she now want to use her other name instead
of Starvixen she is now moved... of course you can find some new drawings
there... there was also needed to change her section from nudity to adult...
if you click on this button (Artist removed by personal reasons)
you will be right there.

So another update: JonwI have make another cool drawing also, and his
mail address is changed and he shall check the old ones out as it seems not
be working... his section is also for adults only... (hey you! Yes you!
I can see you don't push the button! I know you not 18!) But you other
here will come the J page if you click on this button here:

So it is time to say hello and welcome to 2 new artists: Amlin Wolf send me a
mail and told me that it was okey to have his drawings here. And he is very
welcome, as his section have nudity, you only come to the page A. And here
is the button:

I think many, including myself, have missed Horse Maestros page on Furnation.
Lucky for us, he send me a mail and give permission to have his drawings here.
I don't want to have his mail address online as he have got a lot of spam, and
this spam really sucks... well, those that know Horse Maestro since earlier, know
that his artwork is for adults only... This button will
will take you to the right section, but then you need to go further yourself.
It is very nice that it have being over 800 visitors here already and I hope you
will continue to visit this site as it have taking me around 300 hours to do this
project, and as you see here... I am still working with on it...
Also hope that you like the logo, it is made by Isprecolen, and
it is very cool, isn't it? /Aradd


Good evening and very welcome!
I hope you will enjoy this new website!
When it come to furry artwork, I like the equines mostly, but
as you can see on this site, I think you already have guess that.
To those that are familiar with my other websites can go on to the show, the
only thing you need to know, is that some of the artwork have being sended to this
website and are not aviable anywhere else.
If you are a new visitor or artist, on my homepage, I can give you some information:
To do websites like this one, is not anything new for me, the idéa is simple: Try to collect
some many artist that are doing the same kind of artwork on the same place. Why?
Well, today there is around 500 (five hundred) artists that are doing furry equines.
Around 450 of them are doing both male and females, 50 are doing only males and
a few, 2 or so, are doing only herm equines...
Easy, isn't it?! Just 500 websites to visit... No?
Well, that is the point with this website: You only need to go to this one. And as there is so many
artists here, it will be updated often. Of course there are some artist that don't want to be here, but
that is of course up to them.
When I build website there is only 4 things that are important:
The contents. Well I have guess that you have visit websites and after some time,
you found out there is not so much to see there.
Fast to see. Well, cool graphics and so is okey, but when you visit the site for the 100 times,
you just want to see if there is something new, and then leave...
This site have over 400 html pages so if you are a slow modem user, it will take
you over 4 hours just to watch the index of each artist, and then you have not see
any of the drawings... more heavy flash animation... no?
Notice that the site is not finished yet. There will be more html pages added later.
Easy to navigate. Well, there is often not so easy to navigate on several websites.
On this one, you don't need to be frighten... There will be quick buttons to the latest additions, also
quick buttons to new artists, just so you can easy go what you want. If a artist section have being
updated with new drawings, they are marked with this icon: so it easy to see.
The last point here is for the artist: Of course there is so that only artists that will be
on my homepages shall be there. It is always up to the artist.
So, dear visitor... also notice that many of the artists here are doing commissions and
selling artwork on furbid, or fureaction.
If you like this kind of artwork, I suggest that you support the artists here...
Because as you can see they give away very much for free!
Now! On with the show! /Aradd