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Some vacation, huh? Part 3

By Stanley L. Alston, Jr.

Inside DoeMare Production’s main building, several light clip clops could be heard echoing through the building’s main corridor, presently headed for the former warehouse’s front entrance. The aforementioned clopping feet belonged to the studio’s co-owner, and one of its main porn actresses, Eva McEqqus. The buxom redheaded, brunette-furred Rhenish/Hanoverian mare, as she continued to walk along the corridor, was still clad in the pink robe that she had earlier placed over the black lingerie outfit that she had worn as she participated in the making of her latest Gertrude 0069 porn film, before she had gone off to eat lunch with her husband, and one of her co-stars in the just mentioned film, James. As she continued to walk towards the entrance, soon hearing some very loud sex noises leave the female locker room, which caused her to chuckle lightly as she figured that whoever were presently inside the room were making out, the middle-aged porn goddess started to think over the reason why she was presently headed towards the studio’s reception area, which was placed before the studio’s entryway: the studio’s main receptionist, Barbara Scent, had called her on her cell phone, as she was eating the remainder of her lunch, and had informed her that an old friend, Wildwind Dandinson, had wanted to speak with her. “Hmmm, ich vonder vat he wants?” Eva asked herself, as she started to recall the much smaller white mouse, whom the buxom German-born mare had on occasion wrestle with back in Vegas before she had decided to create her own wrestling federation. She then started to chuckle as she also recalled the number of times that he had made a pass at her handsome hubby, especially after James had told him that he was not into guys, since the smaller mouse was bi-sexual, although he was more into guys than girls, as she recalled the times that he had humped her both in and out of the ring. Thinking about that made her recall that the last thing that she had heard about him was that he was working at another porn studio, one that specialized in gay films, and that he was having the time of his life getting screwed by that studios’ other male actors. “Ja, dat must be it. He must be lookink to see iff ve need actors for some off our gay films,” Eva told herself, as she started to walk past the door that led into the studio’s souvenir shop, as she noticed the few customers who were presently inside it, looking at what the studio presently had for sale, if they weren’t looking at Alice, the young Doberman pinscher femme who was the studio’s receptionist when Barbara Smelt, their regular receptionist, took the day off, but who was, for this day at least, helping out at the souvenir shop, her sexy form presently clothed in a strapless dark blue corset with a matching color g-string panties, while her legs sported a pair of black fishnet stockings, which were held up by the corset’s garterbelts, and her feet rested inside black low-heel shoes. Eva chuckled, as she saw the female canine winking at a male red fox in a dark grey business suit who was looking her over. As she continued on, she said to herself, “Ich’m not sure iff ve haff room for another actor im der all-male film dat ve’re presently filmink. Guess ich vill need to contact Cathy to find out for sure. Anyway, it’ll at least be nice to see him again after so many years.”

A few minutes later, Eva finally reached the door that led into the reception area. The sexy porn mare placed her nearest hoof hand onto the presently closed door and slowly pushed it forward, before she started to walk into the room. Once she was inside the room, Eva could see the several furs, male and female of several species, who were seated near the door that led out of the building, and were all now looking at her. The buxom Rhenish mare looked back at them, and smiled, before she turned her head to look to her left, whereupon she saw around a brown wooden desk a couple of figures. One, who was seated, was a blonde, black and white-striped skunk, who wore upon her eyeglass-wearing sexy form a blue dress, whom she immediately recognized as being the studio’s receptionist, Barbara Smelt. She noticed that the pretty skunkette was at the moment talking on the phone, telling the person who was on the other end that she was presently unavailable. The porn goddess then looked at the fur who presently stood in front of Barbara’s desk: a small white-furred male mouse, who was presently dressed in a dark blue two-piece suit, which included a white shirt with a blue tie, and a pair of brown shoes, whom she immediately recognized as being: “Wildwind, how are du?”

Wildwind stood before Barbara’s desk, as he watched the blonde skunkette talk on the phone, while waiting for Eva to appear. The white male mouse, who was presently humming the words to the ‘Village People’s’ song, “Macho Man,” was getting ready to stop his humming and say something to Babs, when he heard a familiar voice coming from his right, calling to him. He quickly looked in the direction of the door that led into the studio, soon seeing standing in front of it a sight that he hadn’t seen in a long time, the big, buxom form of Eva McEqqus. Wildwind, at this point, started to happily run towards Eva, while yelling to her, “Eva!” which soon caught the attention of those who were still seated near the studio’s front entrance, as they all saw the white mouse excitedly running towards the buxom mare in the sexy pink robe.

Eva blinked her eyes in surprise as she watched Wildwind run towards her, before she felt him start to wrap his arms around her sexy waist upon reaching her. Once he had gotten a firm grip around it, she heard him say to her, “How are you, Eva? You have no idea how much I’d missed seeing you, doll,” while at the same time feeling his head rubbing itself against the exposed part of her firms 38C boobs, as they peaked out of her robe. This caused her to lightly giggle, before she quipped, “As long as ich live, ich am never goink to understand vhy people like mein boobs so much.” The buxom redhead then slowly placed her own arms around Wildwind’s form, before she said to him, “Ich’m fine, Wildy. Und ich dink dat ich’m gettink un very gut idea how much, du naughty…eeekkk!” At this point, she had noticed that something, which she soon realized was the mouse’s tail, had snuck itself beneath her robe, before she started to feel it slowly rubbing against the underside of her black panties-covered pussy. Eva, as she suppressed a light gasp, looked ahead, quickly noticing that the seated people were all looking at the two of them, watching the mouse’s present antics. The brunette-furred mare then looked down at Wildy, before she said to him, “Now cut dat out, Wildy, people are vatchink.” She then whispered to him, “Du certainly haven’t changed un bit, ich see.” The mare then chuckled lightly, while trying to keep herself from releasing a low moan in reaction to the mouse’s tail still sliding itself between her crotch.

Wildwind kept moving his head between the sexy mare’s firm breasts, while also feeling his tail moving against the silky fabric of her panties as they covered her warm pussy, enjoying himself as he did so. This continued for a while, until he felt a finger lightly tap his right shoulder. The white mouse, after a while, stopped moving his head between Eva’s boobs, then lifted up his head so that he was now looking at her. He looked at the redheaded porn goddess pretty face for a while, before finally smiling at her as he stopped moving his tail. “Uhm, sorry about that, beautiful. Guess I got a bit carried away there,” Wildwind said to the tall, buxom porn queen, as he sheepishly removed his tail from underneath her robe, his face turning a bit red, as he continued to stay close to her sexy form.

Eva, as she looked down at the mouse, after having earlier released a low sigh of relief as she no longer felt his tail rubbing against her panties, quipped, “Ich just bet du did.” She then looked towards the group of furs still seated next to the studio’s front door, quickly noticing that they were still looking at the two of them. Eva then whispered into Wildwind’s big ears, “Ich dink dat it vould be un gut idea iff ve continued dis elsewhere, ja?”

The white mouse, as he finally remembered the other furs, turned his head, and noticed them all looking at both him and Eva. Wildwind looked at them for a while longer, before a naughty smile crossed his face. He then looked back at Eva, before saying to her, as he began to let go of her waist, “Why, beautiful? It’s not like these folks haven’t seen two people fooling around before. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time that you’d enjoyed performing in front of an audience. Let show these people what to expect inside, hmmm?”

Eva blushed a deep red in response to the teasing rodent’s comment, which was in reference to the various times that she had fooled around with the other members of the wrestling group that she and Wildwind were once members of, both in and out of the ring, before she looked over at the seated folk, noting that most of them were presently having very shocked looks on their faces. The buxom redhead smiled, then said, “Hee hee hee, Wildy can be such un kidder, ja?” before she looked over at Babs. She quickly noticed that the eyeglass-wearing blonde skunkette was no longer talking on the phone, as she had her chin placed atop her paws, her elbows placed atop her desk, and presently smiling like the cat who had just swallowed the canary. “Vat?”

“Now be honest, boss mare. You just don’t do that sort of thing out here, yes?” the pretty skunkette quipped, before she started to snicker at her quip, to be shortly followed by a now giggling Wildwind.

The redheaded Hanoverian mare proceeded to roll her eyes, before saying, in a very calm voice, “Har de har har, Babs. Shouldn’t du be tellink Cathy about der people vho are vaitink out here, ja?” She waited to see Barbara start calling the naughty blonde chippette, as she was sure that most, if not all, of the seated furs, were there for a porn audition, to see if any of them could perform to the studio’s high standards.

“Right, boss mare,” Barbara said with a snicker, before she took her chin off of her paws. She then turned around, pulled forward the chair, and started to press a button on the desk’s intercom, the one that was connected to Cathy Chippy’s cell phone.

Eva watched Babs for a few seconds, seeing her speak into the intercom, trying to contact the mare’s co-owner’s, Jessica Thumper, assistant, as well as DoeMare’s human resources manager. She then looked back at the presently naughtily smiling mouse. The buxom redheaded draft mare shook her head, before she turned around and then began to head for the door. “Come along, du naughty little mousie. Du vanted to speak mit me about somethink, ja?” Eva announced, before she reached the door. Upon reaching it, the sexy porn goddess placed a hand upon it, slowly pushed it forward, then started to sexily sashay herself buxom form back into the building.

Wildwind watched Eva walk sexily back into the building, especially watching the way she moved her hips and ass in unison. He did this for several moments, as he could feel his friend starting to grow inside his pants. The white mouse then smiled and then started to follow the sexy middle-aged draft mare into the main studio, as Barbara continued to try reaching Cathy on the intercom, so far only getting a busy signal on her cell phone.

“Come on Cathy, pick up your cell. What are you doing anyway, you naughty little chippette? Getting fucked?”

As Barbara continued to wait for Cathy to answer her cell phone, the said rodent’s cell phone was at that moment vibrating silently inside the lower right hand pocket of the jacket part of her light brown three-piece business dress, as it lay on the floor underneath the dress’ vest, skirt and white blouse, as the blonde, brunette-furred chippette was lying on the floor, presently feeling ShowBiz’s naughty tongue moving itself in and out of her hot snatch, while, just across from the pair, Lisa was sliding a twelve-inch black plastic strap-on dildo, which the buxom white-haired doe had earlier retrieved from Bell’s locker, in and out of the loudly mooing redheaded heifer’s tight back door, much to the later’s enjoyment. “Hhhhmmm, yeah, lick my pussy, ooohhhh, you naughty bitch,” said Cathy, who was still clothed in her half-cup black bra, tan gaterbelt and stockings set and black shoes, to the grey-furred female dog, who had earlier taken off the blonde rodent’s black panties, after the former had first laid her small, sexy form onto the dressing room’s floor, as the other three femmes ended their threesome. After she had heard Bell release another lusty moo, Cathy released a loud moan of her own as she felt ShowBiz’s tongue begin to play with her clit. “Hhhmmm, yeah, lick it, you horny bitch!”

The brunette-haired canid joyously moved her naughty tongue around the small blonde chippette’s clitty, as she listened to the lusty moans that were being released by both Cathy and Bell. As she did, ShowBiz thought about what she was going to do once she had arrived at Aspen, Colorado, that weekend. .oO(So, what should I do while I’m in Aspen? Ski, or fuck the first guy I see?) the buxom bitch asked herself, as she proceeded to lower her tongue so that she was soon once again licking around the edges of the brunette-furred chippette’s hot sex, causing the busty rodent femme to start releasing some loud, lusty sounding chitters. .oO(Hhhhmmmm, I can now see why everybody keep on claiming that she’s such a loud moaner,) ShowBiz thought, when she felt something place itself atop her brown hair. Looking up slightly, she could see that it was Cathy’s paws, which the horny chippette had just placed atop her head, before she began to feel the lusty rodent’s fingers move themselves through her hair. After she had released a low howl into the chippette’s snatch, she proceeded to move her tongue at a much faster pace around the edge of Cathy’s cunt, while musing, .oO(Oooooohhhhh, yeah, Cathy, play in my hair, your naughty chippy. Hhhhhmmmmm, I guess I’ll just wait until I get to Aspen to decide, although I can’t wait to show off the sexy ski outfit that I’d recently bought myself.) She then began to move her tongue once more back and forth across the sexy rodent’s hot snatch, which caused Cathy to release yet another lusty moan.

“Yeah, slut, hhhmmm, lick my pussy good,” Cathy said between licks by ShowBiz, as she slowly moved her paws between the naughty female doggie’s hair, before she heard another moo exit Bell’s mouth. She then looked in the direction of both the mooing brown-furred female bovine, and the sexy reddish-brown-furred white-tailed doe who continued to fuck Bell with the thick black strap-on dildo. “Give it to the slut, good, aaaahhhh, Lisa,” she said to the white-haired cervine, before she released a louder moan in response to what ShowBiz’s nasty tongue was presently doing to her sex.

As Cathy was moaning in response to her feeling ShowBiz’s nasty tongue continue to lick back and forth along her pussy, Bell released another lusty moo as she continued to feel her plastic dildo being thrusted in and out of her tight asshole by Lisa, much to her horny delight. “Yes, mmmoooooo, fuck me with my hard twelve-inch plastic cock, you naughty doe. Oooooohhhh, yes, fuck me hard!! Hhhhmmmm, yes, fuck me, Lisa!!!” Bell yelled lustily, as she felt the white-tailed deer doe’s hips continuously pound against her bouncing ass cheeks, causing her to release a loud moo in response to each hard slap. The redheaded female bovine, as she continued to sit on all fours, felt Lisa’s firm hands wrap themselves around her big, well-formed utters and proceeded to give the pair a strong squeeze. This caused Bell to release a loud, lusty moo in response to it. “Mmmmmooooo, yes, play with my, aaaahhhh, boobs, that make Bell so, oooohhhh, horny. Yes, fuck Bell gooooooodddddd!!” she said, as she felt some of her pussy juice exiting her cunt, that was shortly followed by some juice exiting her back door, which soon made things easier for Lisa to pound her ass. “Yes, hhhhmmm, fuck my ass, ooohhhh, good, LISA!!!”

The reddish-brown-furred cervine continued to thrust the dildo of the strap-on against the moaning brunette-furred bovine’s tight ass, as her hands began to play with Bell’s big hooters, as she enjoyed hearing the moans that were coming out of the horny cow’s naughty mouth. She then looked over at Cathy and ShowBiz, soon watching the naughty bitch’s nasty tongue once more move around the edge of the now loudly moaning chippy’s wet snatch. She smiled, then bleated to her, “Oh, I’ll give it to her, you naughty chippette, before I do the same thing to your naughty little rump.” After releasing a light snicker, the buxom deer doe turned her head and looked back at Bell, before she gave her boobs another firm squeeze, as she began to slam her groin even harder against Bell’s back door. “Yeah, hhhhmmm, take it all, you naughty slut!!!”

As Lisa was pumping the dildo in and out of the moaning bovine’s back door, Cathy was moaning loudly as she was feeling ShowBiz, who only moments ago had been licking her sex with her wet tongue, sliding her wet pussy against hers, as the naughty bitch had only moments ago decided to place her sexy legs against those of the equally naughty chippette, as the two femmes now lied atop the floor. The blonde rodent released a light moan as she proceeded to rub her pussy in time to the brown-furred female canid’s own cunt rubbing. After releasing a light chitter, Cathy said to ShowBiz, “Yeah, you naughty bow wow, hhhhmmmm, rub your pussy against mines. By the goddess, aaaahhh, I forgot how good this feels, rubbing my pussy against that of another femme. Ooooohhhhhh, yeah, slut, rub my pussy good.” After saying that, Cathy proceeded to move her sex ever harder against the grey-furred canid’s responding pussy, which soon caused the canid to loudly moan in reply. “Yeah, trib with me, hhhmmm, you slutty mutt.”

The brunette-furred dog released another moan as she kept on tribing with Cathy, as she had her sexy legs scissored between those of the brunette-furred chippette. As she heard Bell release another moan in response to the grey-haired cervine femme continuous humping of her back door, ShowBiz said back to Cathy, “Hhhhhmmmm, Bell and I do this all the, ooohhhhhh, time, honey,” before she started to do a joyful pant as she tried to keep up with the equally horny rodent. “Aaaahhhh, and it feels like you haven’t forgotten haw to do it, ooohhhh, you naughty little chippy. Hhhmmm, I’m going to make you cum, slut!!” ShowBiz then proceeded to move her sex even faster, in order to match Cathy’s pace.

The brunette-furred chippette moaned, before she started to respond, “Not if I, ooohhhhh, make you cum…” when everyone in the room heard a familiar voice say,…

“So, dis ist vere du’d been hidink, Lisa, Bell, und as for du Cathy, du are beink un real naughty chippy. As usual,” that was quickly followed by a naughty snicker that was coming from the direction of the entrance to the ladies’ locker room.

As the four femmes turned their heads, while they continued their sexual activities, they were soon looking at the door that led into the ladies’ dressing room, the foursome saw standing in the doorway a couple of figure, a white male mouse who was standing to the left of the more familiar figure, Eva. As the mouse was giving the four sexy femmes the once over, the buxom German-born female equine added, “Lisa, Bell, at dis rate du zwei are goink to miss lunch, und dat ist goink to delay today’s fimink, ja?”

Lisa and Bell both blushed, before the grey-haired cervine answered Eva in an apologetic tone, as she said to the mare, “Sorry, boss mare, but, it was the only way I could think of to calm her down.” Lisa then looked down at the brunette-furred cow, whom she was still humping in the rear with the plastic cock, “Isn’t that right, you horny cow?”

“Hhhhhhmmmmm, yes, hump Bell with my, ooohhhhhh, dildo, you naughty doe,” Bell simply answered, before she released yet -another lusty moo.

“See, boss mare,” the reddish-brown-furred deer doe answered, as she looked back at the mare in the pink robe. “But, we’ll eat once we’re done, I promise,” she added, before she got a firmer grip upon the redheaded bovine’s sexy hips, and proceeded to hump her anus even harder with the strap-on.

The buxom heifer, as she felt Lisa’s groin slam itself even harder against her butt, creating loud pumping sounds, announced, “Yes, hhhhmmm, fuck me good, LISA!!!”

Eva snickered while shaking her head, as she continued to look at the scene before her pretty brown eyes. “Du haff better, Lisa,” she calmly said to Lisa, as she felt a light tap against her left waist. She turned her head, as she looked back at Wildwind, whom she saw had a bit of a stiffy inside his pants. “Ja?” she calmly said to the white mouse.

“Uhm, if you don’t mind me asking, Eva, who’s the four girls who are screwing each other in front of us. Some of the studio’s other actresses?”

The buxom porn goddess smiled, then answered, “Ja und ne.” As she saw the now confused look on the smaller male rodent’s face, she chuckled, then said to him, “Ja, de haff all vorked im front off der camera, but dey don’t all vork here as actresses.” Seeing that Wild was still a little bit confused, she looked towards Lisa and Bell. She then said to Wild, “Erste ist Lisa Deere, she used to work as eine off our actresses, but she now works primarily as eine off our directors, doink mostly our lesbian films, although she’s der eine vho ist directink mein present Gertrude 0069 pic. Isn’t dat right, Lias?”

“Hhhhmmm, yes, it is, boss mare,” replied the grey-haired doe, before she released a light bleat in reaction to her feeling Bell’s ass bounce hard against her groin. “Oh, you want me to fuck you faster, eh, slut?” she said to Bell, before she proceeded to move her hips at a much faster pace, soon thrusting the fake black cock inside the loudly moaning bovine even harder, much to Bell’s lusty enjoyment.

“Yes, fuck me, LISA!!! MMMMMMMOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

The redheaded mare shook her head, before she continued. “Und der eine vhom she ist presently makink happy ist Bell Bovine. She’s ist eine off our actresses. Fair warnink, Wild, she ist un very horny cow. She’ll try to hump everythink dat moves, male ou female.” She then chuckled. “Dings certainly aren’t borink around here vhen she’s about.”

“Uhm, hi,” Wild said to the two, as he watched the doe continue to plow the cow’s tight back door with the dildo.

“Hi,” said Lisa,” as she began to pull the dildo out of Bell’s asshole.

“Oooohhhh, hi. Hhhhmmm, I’m not that horny, boss mare,” she said to the two, before she released another moo as she felt Lisa’s groin slam once more against her cheeks as Lisa pushed the dildo ever more deeply within her back door.

“Sure du aren’t, Bell,” Eva said with a chuckle, before she heard a lusty moan come from behind Lisa and Bell. She turned her head to look in the moan’s direction, soon seeing behind the first pair that Cathy and ShowBiz was still tribing against each other’s sex. The buxom redhead shook her head once again, before saying to the two, with a light snicker, “Can’t du zwei sexy ladies control ihrselves for even eine second?”

The two femmes, who continued to rub their pussies against each other, looked in Eva and Wildwind’s direction. The pair smiled, before the blonde chippette said to Eva, as ShowBiz released another moan, “Do you really need to, hhhhhmmmmm, ask us that, boss mare?” The brunette-furred chippette then released a light chuckle, before she released yet another light moan in reaction to her tribbing with ShowBiz.

The brunette-furred Rhenish mare chuckled once again, before she looked once more at Wild. “As for dese zwei, der naughty chippette on der floor ist Cathy Chippy, der head off der studio’s personnel department, as vell as beink mein co-partner’s personal assistant. Oh, und iff du recognize her, she haff appeared im un few films, usually humpink guys mit very big dicks.” She then looked back at Cathy, and in a teasing voice, said, “Isn’t dat right du naughty little size queen?”

Cathy, as she was still looking at Eva and Wild, smiled naughtily, before answering, “And proud of it. I just love, ooooooohhhhh, riding big cocks.” She then looked over at the white mouse, quickly noticing the stiffy inside his pants. “I hope that’s a big one you have inside you’re, ooohhhhhh, pants, mousie.” At this point, Cathy released a light moan as she felt her pussy release some of its juices, which was soon dripping onto Show’s own snatch.

As Wildwind blushed a little while pondering how to answer the naughty rodent, Eva said with a snicker, “Down, du naughty little chippy. Besides, Babs haff been tryink to get im touch mit du. Dere seems to be un few people out front vho ich dink are here for un audition.”

Cathy replied, “Really? Let me finish here and I’ll get to her.” With that, she began to rub her sex even faster against that of the brunette-furred bitch, trying to bring the two of them off together, soon causing ShowBiz to release a horny howl, as she felt her pussy start to release some of its own juice.

The buxom porn goddess continued chuckling, as she heard Bell release another loud moo in response to Lisa continuing to hump her with the dildo. She then told Wild, “Und der lusty mutt mit Cathy ist der other half off our resident ‘Horny Pair,’ ShowBiz. Say hi to Wildy, Show.”

After she had released yet another moan as she felt some more juice from Cathy’s sex enters hers as the blonde rodent continued to rub her sex at a faster pace against hers, forcing ShowBiz to keep pace, the sexy female canid looked over at the white mouse, soon noticing what was pressing hard against his pants, like Cathy had done only moments ago. “Hi, hhhhmmmm, stud. I hope that you’re not just happy to, aaahhhh, see the four of us.” She then released a much louder howl, as she could feel herself getting closer to orgasm.

Wildwind looked at the two-tribing femmes, before he looked back at Eva. “‘Horny Pair,’ Eva?”

The buxom redhead smiled. She then answered, “Ja, Show and Bell. Dose zwei sluts always seems to be horny.”

The white mouse smirked. “That would make those two hornier than you, yes?” he said to the German-born femme.

“Ja, it vould,” quickly answered the mare, before she heard an especially loud moo exit Bell’s mouth, which was soon followed by the buxom bovine announcing…

“Yes, mmmooooooooooo, make me cum, you naughty doe!!!” as both the mare and the mouse looked in the direction of Bell and Lisa, as they saw the reddish-brown-furred white-tailed deer doe, who was thrusting the dildo, which she now had inside Bell’s pussy, at a faster pace, as she was pushing the redheaded heifer through her present orgasm.

“Don’t worry, hhhhmmmm, I will, slut cow!!” Lisa said to Bell with a naughty snicker, as she was enjoying the lusty moos that the bovine was creating during her present orgasm.

Eva chuckled, before she looked back at Wild. “Du haff known me long enough to know dat ich’m ne always lookink for sexual fun, ja?”

“Sometimes I wonder about that,” Wildwind said in a slightly teasing tone, while he allowed his tail to go under Eva’s robe once again, headed for her pussy, as Eva shook her head.

The brunette-furred equine femme started to respond, “Vell, dat’s mein story, und ich’m…eeeeekkkk…” when she felt the white rodent’s tail once again rubbing itself against her black panties-covered pussy. She then looked over at Wildy, who was now smiling like the cat that had just swallowed the canary. “Now cut dat out du little tease,” she said to the smiling mouse, as she felt his tail continue to tease her sex. “Du are really incorrigible, du know dat, ja?” she added in a friendly voice, when the pair heard a loud howl inside the room, followed quickly by an equally loud chitter. They turned their head, and saw that…

Cathy and ShowBiz, who were still rubbing their pussies together, have both just cum at about the same time, their juices freely flowing from their sexes. The two femmes, the rodent and the canid, continued to rub their juicing pussies together, as they pushed each other through their individual orgasms. The pair continued doing this, as Eva and Wildy watched them, while, at the same time, Lisa, after a few more hard thrusts, started to pull the strap-on out of Bell’s pussy, causing the buxom redheaded heifer to release an even lustier moo. The pair then stopped, as ShowBiz collapses onto the floor, the two lusty femmes now sexually spent. Cathy then looked towards the mare and the mouse, seeing how stiff Wildy’s cock now was, his prehensile tail still under Eva’s robe, although it was presently still. She lustily chuckled, before saying, “Let me guess, *Giggle* you also like to relax your face in her boobs?”

As Eva rolled her eyes, as her face blushed, Wildwind quipped, as he moved his tail away from the brunette-furred mare’s panties, “How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” Cathy said as she continued to chuckle, while she felt ShowBiz’s sexy legs starting to slowly move her away from hers, as she felt more of her pussy juices drip out of her sex.

The redheaded German-born porn mare simply shook her head once more, as she allowed the blush to slowly fade from her sexy face. She then looked at Cathy. “Just be sure to contact Babs before du go to der front desk, du naughty chippy.”

“Sure thing, boss mare,” quickly answered a presently sexually satisfied Cathy, as she sat upon her elbows, just as ShowBiz started to move away from her sexy, little form.

Eva then looked towards Lisa and Bell, who were presently kissing each other on the lips. “As for du zwei, go to der cafeteria und eat lunch, den get back to Studio Eine, so dat ve can get some more off der film done.” She then looked the pair over, noticing the sweat that had been created by their sexual exertions, as it slowly drip down the length of their furs, as well as the juices that were dripping out of Bell’s holes. “Once du haff gotten clean up erste, ja?”

Bell and Lisa seemed to ignore Eva, as they continue to kiss. They then ended their kiss, before turning their heads to look at the mare. As Bell blushed a little, Lisa said, “Sure thing, boss mare. Care to join us?” She then looked at the white mouse, as she also noticed the big bulge that was still inside his pants. “Or, will you be busy with the mousie?” the reddish brown-furred deer doe quipped, as she released a light snicker. Lisa then looked at the strap-on, which she was soon starting to unstrap.

The brunette-furred female equine smirked, before replying to Lisa, while she saw Bell starting to get off the locker room floor, as Cathy, who was now standing up, started to retrieve her clothes. “Sorry, Lisa, but as temptink as ihr offer ist, ich goink to be busy mit Wildy.”

“Well, have fun. If you know what I mean, boss mare,” quipped the still snickering female cervine, as she continued to take off the strap-on, while Bell headed for her locker, to retrieve her cleaning stuff, as she planned to do what Eva had said, and take a shower in the nearby shower room.

Wildwind quipped, “Well, I certainly do plan to have some fun here, even if it isn’t with the big girl here. Although, I hope the fun will involve some meat stuffing, and I don’t mean by me.” He then started to release a light moan, something Eva was all too familiar with hearing, as pictures of big guys screwing him hard with their big cocks started to cross his mind.

Cathy, after she had finished picking up her bra, turned her head, and looking over at Eva, said to her in a naughty voice, “Oh, he’s one of those, eh, boss mare?”

Eva quickly answered, “Ja, he likes to get humped by guys, iff dat’s vat du mean. In fact, ich know for un fact dat he prefers beink stuffed by dem, isn’t dat right, Wildy?”

A still day dreaming Wildwind came out of his daydream as he heard Eva’s query. He looked at the mare, then at Cathy, as a blush began to cross his face. “Well, yes, I do,” the white rodent said in a low voice, before he felt his right ass cheek getting pinched, which caused him to release a low squeak. He then looked over at a smirking Eva.

“Don’t be shy. After all, dat ist vhy du’re here, ja?”

Wildy, as his paw started to rub his recently pinched ass cheek, began to recall the number of times he used to pinch Eva’s rather firm ass. He then chuckled, before he said to the buxom redheaded mare, “Well played, Eva, well played.” The white mouse then turned his head, just in time to see Bell walking into the shower, shortly followed by Lisa, who had only a few moments ago placed the juice covered strap-on back into Bell’s locker, and then ShowBiz. He then noted Cathy, who was now picking up the last of her clothes, showing as she did so her well-formed ass cheeks. Wildwind started to released another low hum, as he couldn’t help liking what he was presently looking at, before he released another light squeak, as he felt his other ass cheek being pinched, followed by a light snicker. He turned his head, and was soon looking as the still smirking mare. “Getting even for the number of times I did that to you back in Vegas, eh, Eva?” he asked, as he now started to rub both of his cheeks.

The mare simply smiled, before saying, “Ich plead der funfter!” The buxom female equine then started to chuckle even louder. She then looked over at Cathy, whom she saw had finally pulled out her cell, and was starting to open it. Eva then told the buxom blonde chippette, “Ich suggest du clean ihrself off as vell, before du go out front to meet Babs, du naughty chippy.”

Cathy looked at Eva, before she released a light chuckle, as she began to dial the number for the front desk. “Oh, I plan to, boss mare.” As soon as she had said that, Cathy heard Barbara’s voice coming out of her cell phone, before she started to talk to her fellow eyeglass wearing femme.

Eva looked over at Wildwind, who was still rubbing his butt, as he continued to look at the blonde rodent. She smirked, as she heard the shower head in one of the stalls come on, soon followed by two more, before she turned to face the door leading out of the locker room. “Come on, Wildy. Du still vant to talk mit me, ja?” the redheaded draft/sports mare queried the male rodent, as she started to sexily walk towards the exit.

The white mouse, who had been watching the brunette-furred chippette continue to converse with the blonde skunkette, turned his head upon hearing Eva’s voice, before he saw the sexy porn queen sashaying towards the locker room’s entrance, as he heard her question. “Oh, yeah,” he said, with a smile on his face, before he started to run after the sexy looking redhead, just as she walked through the door.

Meanwhile, Cathy finished talking with Barbara. As she closed her cell, she looked at the door, seeing Wildy walking through it. The blonde chippette chuckled, before she said, as she remembered the size of the bulge that she saw inside his pants, “I wonder how long it’ll be before someone have to release the sausage that he’s hiding inside his pants?” After releasing another short chuckle, with her clothes in her paws, Cathy headed for the shower room, so that she could get rid of the pussy juice that was still between her sex.

While Eva was leading Wildwind to her office at the studio, somewhere in Kansas, a couple of furs, a male and a female were performing in front of an audience inside a small building. The male member of the duo, who was in the nude and was lying atop a large bed, which was in the middle of a large stage, was a brown-furred bull, with short blonde hair who, at the moment, was releasing a loud grunt as he felt his female partner’s sex continue to suck on his thick member, as he continued to thrust it into her tight pussy. The large bull, Bull O’Bannon, released a light snort as he heard some more aaawwwws exit the mouths of the viewing audience, before he looked up at his partner, the small feline with the flexible pussy, Kitten Kelly. The brown-furred cat with curly black hair, released yet another loud moan as she continued to slide her pussy up and down the big bull’s thick hard-on, before she started to move her smaller form downwards until it was soon covering his thick cock, her insides feeling no ill effects from having so much thick meat inside it, while she heard another loud moan exit Bull’s mouth, before she heard some more aaawwws exit the still surprised audience’s mouth, as they all pondered how she could be so flexible. Kelly, after waiting a few seconds, proceeded to slide her hips around Bull’s cock, before saying to him, “Hhhhmmm, think we should give these people the, ooohhhhh, big finish, Bull?”

“Aaaaaahhhhhh, if you want to, Kelly. I feel like I’m going to erupt at any moment anyways,” the brunette-furred male bovine said to her, as he yet again moaned loudly in response to the way she was presently moving her tight pussy around his thick bullhood.

Kelly smiled, before she proceeded to move her sex back up the length of bull’s cock, before she started to pump it as if her cunt was one of those pumps that would be used to increase the size of the male penis. The naughty feline did this for a while, as she listened to the loud moans being produced by Bull, as she waited for the right time to make her move. She didn’t have to wait long, as she felt the bull’s dick twitch underneath her pussy, telling her that he was about to explode. The smaller feline smiled, before she proceeded to slowly pull her sex up the length of the big bovine’s erection until she felt her pussy release it with a loud pop. Then, acting as if she was a gymnast, Kelly performed a backflip which shortly left her standing atop Bull’s prone form, who then released a loud moan as his hard-on finally released its load of warm cum. Kelly smiled, as she started to feel the bull’s released spunk start to hit her small frame, as well as his chest, to the loud applause of the audience.

“Give it up for Kitten Kelly and her partner, Bull O’Bannon, ladies and gentlefurs. Nowhere, other than here at the Animal Circus, will you see such a performance,” said the announcer, as the smiling female cat started to bow towards the appreciative audience, while Bull continued to lie underneath her, releasing another grunt as he felt more of his spunk exit his still stiff erection.

Kitten continued to bow towards the audience, still smiling, just as more cum shot out of Bull’s cock, hitting her presently lowered face, which caused the audience to laugh. As she felt the bull’s cum drip down her pretty face, she blinked a couple of time before looking down at Bull, or rather at the male bovine’s big dick, which was covered by his spunk, as the last of his released cum proceeded to drip down it. The smaller feline lightly chuckled, as she began to stretch her body towards Bull’s still erect cock, while saying to him, “Naughty, naughty, bull, hitting my face with cum like that while I wasn’t ready for a facial. *Hee hee* I’m going to punish you for that.” As soon as she had finished saying that, her mouth had finished reaching the top of Bull’s cock.

“Uhm, would I say that I’m sorry make you reconsider, Kell?” Bull asked her with a impish smile on his face, as he was looking up at Kelly’s wet snatch, before he started to release a low moan as he started to feel her tongue licking along the top of his cock.

“Nope,” Kitten said with a naughty snicker, before she started to move her tongue around the length of the bulbous head of the bull’s hard-on, before she proceeded to move it up and down the stalk of his shaft, licking up his just spent spunk as she did so. She then released a low gasp as she felt something starting to lick her pussy. The small feline stopped her cock licking and turned her head slightly, soon seeing with her eyes that Bull was at the moment giving her snatch a tongue bath, thus putting the duo in a rather modified 69. She released a slight chuckle, before she turned her head back, and returned to licking the big bull’s cock. .oO(Ok, big boy, hhhhhmmm, let’s see who’ll give up, aaahhhhh, first, shall we?) she thought to herself, as she moved her tongue a little bit faster on Bull’s cock.

As Kitten’s tongue was now moving faster around the head of his big cock, the big bull, Bull, was moving his own tongue up and down between the folds of the naughty kitty’s wet pussy, as he was slowly licking up her earlier released golden juices, as he was trying to bring her off, knowing that she should be close to release after her long ride upon his thick pole. Bull, who released a low moan as he felt Kitten’s tongue start to tease the piss slit of his cock, mused, .oO(Hhhhmmmm, let’s see how long it’ll take to, ooooohhhhh, that feel’s so good, make you cream this time, Kelly?) The blonde bovine then released a light moan, as he felt Kelly’s mouth starting to swallow his erection. .oO(Aaaahhhhhhh, naughty kitty,) he told himself, as he now started to feel the smaller feline’s mouth begin to move itself up and down the length of his cock, while he began to move his tongue even faster across her sex, very determined to make her cum first.

The curly, raven-haired feline released a light moan onto Bull’s cock, as she felt the big brown bull’s naughty tongue move both deeper and faster in between the folds of her wet snatch, causing her to release even more of her cunt juices, as Kitten slowly felt herself getting closer to an orgasm. .oO(Hhhhmmmmm, what’s good for the, oooohhhhh, goose is good for the, aaaaahhhhhhh, gander, you naughty bull!! *Giggle*) the naughty female cat thought to herself, before she began to move her mouth even faster up and down the length of Bull’s cock, soon deepthroating it, while at the same time she was teasing its warm flesh with her hot tongue. She internally smiled as she felt his mouth released a warm gasp between the lips of her sex, before she could feel his tongue moving even deeper and faster inside her cunny. .oO(Oooohhhh, this feels so good. Aaaaaahhhh, make me cum, stud bull!) Kitten mused, as she could feel herself being pushed closer to the edge by Bull and his teasing tongue.

The brown bovine’s tongue continued to move quickly between the folds of Kitten’s sex, as he could feel her getting ready to unleash a shower of her cum over his face. At the same time, Bull was feeling his ballsacs filling up with some more of his hot, white spunk, as the naughty feline’s expert mouth and tongue were slowly bringing him back to the point of no return. Bull then felt a long gasp exit Kitten’s mouth as it covered his hard-on, which told him that she was about to release a flood of her warm juices onto his tongue. This caused him to move his tongue even faster between her pussy lips, which led him to being rewarded with her juices flowing from her sex, as she started to release a very loud moan, which was at the moment being partly covered as her mouth was still covering his hard cock. .oO(That’s it, honey, hhhhmmm, cream for me!!!) mused the excited Bull, as his tongue moved even more quickly between Kitten’s cunt, as he was licking up her much quicker released juices. As he did, he started to feel Kelly’s mouth move at an even faster pace along the length of his hard-on, trying to get him to unload his seed once more, this time into her naughty mouth. .oO(Aaaahhhh, I don’t think I can hold on much longer. By the goddess, she and Tina sure know how to push my buttons.)

While bull’s tongue continued to lick up the juices that were exiting Kelly’s sex, the small feline’s expert mouth kept on deepthroating Bull’s thick meat, trying to make him fire a thick load of his seed into her eagerly waiting mouth. .oO(Hhhhmmm, come on, stud bull, aaaahhhhh, I know you can’t last too, ooooohhhh, much longer,) Kitten told herself, as she continued to work on Bull’s cock with her mouth, before she went back to using her tongue on his erection, soon having it tease the head of his hard-on. That would soon be enough to get Bull to unload, as he released a loud moan against her pussy, before his cock began to unleash a thick torrent of his sperm, as he came for the second time. As she heard the still watching crowd release a very loud aww, Kitten’s mouth slowly started to swallow Bull’s released seed, feeling it easily go down her throat, although she could feel some of it slowly exiting the side of her mouth, as it was coming out of his cock a lot thicker than she had expected. .oO(Hhhmmm, seems I’d hit, oooohhhh, yes, lick it up, stud, the mother load,) the feline mentally giggled, as she continued to lick up the blonde bull’s being released seed, as her own juices began to slow down.

Bull released another gasp into Kitten’s pussy as he felt his cock continue to unleash its hot seed into the swallowing feline’s naughty mouth, although he could feel his ballsacs firing less and less of his seed, telling him that he was almost empty. .o(Let’s see what I can do to give the crowd a thrill?) he asked himself, before he released a low gasp in response to the female cat’s tongue continuing to work on his cock. The blonde bull then smiled as he came up with a naughty idea. He first moved his face closer to Kelly’s sex until he soon had his mouth covering up her pussy. He then proceeded to move his tongue between the lips of her snatch in a circular motion, trying to get her really excited as he did so.

The small feline, as she continued to drink up Bull’s released cum, as if it was milk coming out of a bottle, started gasping as she felt the blonde bovine’s thick tongue quickly moving around her pussy, seeming to move in closer with each move that he made. As she felt a few more licks inside her sex, Kitten began to move her mouth up the length of Bull’s thick hard-on until she finally released his monster rod with a loud pop, which was soon followed by her face being hit by another, although this one being a lot lower, gusher of cum, as his cock fired the last of its spunk. As she felt his cum start to drip down her face, Kelly could feel herself getting closer to a second orgasm, as she could feel her sex getting ready to unleash another river of juice. “Oh, by the goddess, Bull, make me, aahhhhhhh…” the curly raven-haired feline announced, just as her pussy released another torrent of her juices, as she felt her body having another hard orgasm, as the big brown-furred bovine’s tongue continued to work over her pussy, obviously trying to push her through her orgasm. “Yes, ooooohhhh, Bull, hhhhhhmmmm, lick my snatch, you, oooohhh, naughty bull!!!”

The brown-furred male bovine continued to slide his tongue between the juicy folds of Kitten’s pussy as he continued to push the small feline through her orgasm, as he heard her encourage him. .oO(Don’t you worry, Kitten, I’ll lick up your juicy pussy alright,) Bull thought, as he heard another moan exit Kelly’s mouth, as the two of them heard some loud cheers exit the joyously watching crowd, along with several loud claps, while the announcer said to everyone who was listening:

“Once again, please give it up for Bull and Kitten, ladies and gentlefurs!!!”

“Yes, hhhhhhmmm, make me cum, you naughty bovine,” Kitten said to Bull, as she felt more and more of her hot juices exit her pussy, as the blonde bovine’s thick tongue continue to work over her juice spurting sex. The small feline femme then released a lusty meow as she felt his tongue tease her clitoris for several moments, before he went back to licking her sweet pussy. Bull would continue this for a while longer, until she felt the last of her pussy juices exit her cunt, which was soon licked up by him. The bovine continued licking her sex for a few more licks, before he finally stopped. Kitten then looked down at Bull, as she moved her face so that she could get a good look at him, as she saw him move his face away from her sex. She then chuckled, as she saw some of her juices dripping down his face and chin. “You should see yourself, Bull,” Kitten said to him, before she continued with her light chuckles.

Bull, his juice-covered face now looking back at Kitten, noticed that her face was presently covered with some of his cum, as it dripped down her pretty face. The big bull chuckled back, before he said in reply, “I would say the same thing about you, Kell.”

The curly raven-haired feline, once she had remembered that his warm spunk was still dripping down her face, answered, “So, it is.” She then turned her head, placed her paws upon both of his big legs, and proceeded to perform a flip until she had her smaller body positioned perpendicular to his, which created some low awws from the crowd, as the pretty kitty stayed in that position for a while, before she finally did a backflip which soon landed her in front of Bull’s still lying form, which caused the crowd to give Kelly several loud claps, as she began to bow before them.

The brown-furred bull watched Kitten continue to bow in front of the cheering crowd, as he was enjoying the view of her backside. Bull chuckled, before he started to get up. Once he was on his feet, he also started to bow before the audience, as he noted that a few of the females in the audience were looking at him, or rather at his thick member, all of them obviously wanting a chance to feel it sliding between their pussies. He chuckled about that, before first Kelly, and then he stopped taking their bows, before he placed his big hands onto Kitten’s sexy waist and then lifted her up into the air, before finally positioning the sexy, smaller feline, so that he soon had her sitting atop his massive shoulders, with her pussy resting against the back of his neck.

“See you later folks. You all know where you can find us if you want a more, private, audience,” the smiling feline said to the audience, before she released a light giggle as she felt Bull turn his body around until she saw the tent’s exit placed before her pretty eyes. She then felt Bull start to head for it. She then looked down at Bull. “Nice show, eh, Bull?”

Bull, as he continued to walk towards the flaps that led out of the tent, answered her, as he lightly chuckled, “It always is. Although, I think that you might have been enjoying yourself a bit more than usual today.”

Kitten, as the cum that Bull had squirted onto her face earlier continued to slowly slide down her pretty face, simply smiled, before saying to him, in a naughty voice, “Now why would you think that, Bull?”

“The fact that you’d decided to ‘punish me’ after getting some of my cum blasted onto your pretty face by teasing my cock,” replied the brown bull with a chuckle, as he finally stepped out of the tent.

The small feline just chuckled some more, before finally saying, “Guilty as charge, Bull.” Kitten then felt Bull stop moving, before she felt him slowly moving to the side. As she pondered why the big bovine was doing so, Kitten looked ahead of her, whereupon she saw why he had moved to their right. She saw approaching them a big raven-haired female elephant. The elephant cow, whom the pair recognized as being Two-Ton Tina, who was another star of the circus, was presently wearing upon her zaftig, if still sexy looking, grey form a very form-fitting and flattering dark green leotard, while at the same time leaving her big feet unshod. She smiled at Tina, as she said to the big elephant cow, “Hey, Tina, ready to go on?”

Tina, as she heard Kitten’s voice, turned her head until she saw both her and Bull, noticing that part of their bodies were still covered in Bull’s sperm. She chuckled, before she answered the female cat, as she lifted her right arm to start waving at them, “Hi, Kitten, Bull. Always am. I’m guessing that you two have finished giving the audience their monies worth?”

Kelly chuckled, as she saw the big elephant cow stop in front of both her and Bull. “I would have to say that we did, wouldn’t you agree, Bull?” The small feline waited for Bull to agree with her, but for about a minute, she doesn’t hear anything, other than a light chuckle coming from Tina. Curious, she looked back at Tina. “What’s so funny, Tina?”

“I think I’d broke him,” Tina said between chuckles, as she pointed at Bull.

The curly black-haired feline raised one of her eyebrows, before she looked down at Bull. She immediately noticed that the brown-furred male bovine had a very goofy smile on his handsome face, before she saw why it was there: Bull was looking directly at Tina’s two big, yet firm-looking breasts. Kitten chuckled as well, before saying, “I guess you did at that, Tina.” She then waved a paw in front of Bull’s face to see if that would snap him out of the spell that Tina presently had him in. When that didn’t work, Kitten started to snap two of her fingers together, while at the same time saying to him, “Wakey, wakey, Bull!”

Bull continued to look at the big elephant cow who presently stood before him, his eyes looking straight at her breasts, as Tina continued to chuckle, while Kitten kept waving her paws before his glazed over eyes. It took a while before he finally came out of his stupor, but when he did, he shook his head, which caused Kitten, whose pussy still rested against it, to lightly giggle in reaction to what he was now doing. After he had stopped, he looked at Tina’s face, and, with his own face now blushing a deep red, he finally answered the still giggling female feline, “Uhm, yes, we did at that, Kitten. By the way, that’s a nice outfit you’re wearing there, Tina.”

Tina looked at the blushing male bovine, before she looked downwards, whereupon she noticed that his member was almost fully erect. This caused the raven-haired elephant femme to chuckle a little, before she looked once more at Bull’s face, as she said to him, “I can certainly tell that you like it, Bull.”

Kitten, as she once again looked down at Bull’s form, also noticed that he was once more erect. She snickered for a while, before she quipped, “So I’d noticed, Tina. My Bull, have something on your mind? Like, I don’t know, removing Tina’s clothes and rocking her world right here and now?”

“Now, now, Bull, you know that I have to go out and perform my act right now,” Tina quipped, before she joined a still snickering Kitten, causing Bull to blush even more.

“Hey, can I help it if your outfit fill you out in all the right places, Tina?” Bull said to the elephant femme, as he could feel that his cock once again standing fully erect.

Tina smiled, before she said, “Flatterer,” just as all three started to hear her being announced by the ringmaster. She then looked at Bull. “Maybe I can help with that later, Bull. But, I need to get on stage. I wonder how many audience members I can outlast this day. Anyway, don’t forget this weekend, Bull.” With that, Tina headed for the tent flap, just as the ringmaster was about to announce her name to the eagerly waiting audience.

Kitten watched Tina walk through the tent flap, followed by a loud, thunderous applause. She then looked down at Bull. “Care to tell me what she meant by this weekend, stud bull? I’m rather curious.”

Bull looked up at Kitten. A slight smile started to creep across his handsome face, as he started to walk the two towards the area where the showers were located, as he ignored the looks that the two furs were presently getting, as they were both still nude, and he was showing off a massive hard-on, which was being noticed by several passing females. He finally said to her, “Well, if you must know, it happens to do with where the Circus plans to stop next, Kell.”

The female feline raised an eyebrow, before she said, “You mean, Aspen?”

“Yeah. Me and Tina plan to do some skiing on the slopes during our free day,” said the smiling brown-furred bovine.

Kitten, as the pair had reached the entrance to the shower room, chuckled, as she prepared to get off of Bull’s neck and shoulders. “And maybe have a little bit of bedroom fun afterwards?” the female cat femme quipped, before she jumped off of Bull’s shoulders, soon landing upon the ground with ease, her sexy back facing the bull.

Bull chuckled as he looked at the now bowing Kelly, getting a good look at her puss as she did so, “Hhhmmm, maybe. By the way, nice dismount, Kell.”

The female feline stopped with her bowing, before she turned her head, soon looking back at Bull over her left shoulder. With a seductive voice, she quipped, “Well, we cats do land on our feet right?” She then chuckled as she turned her head around, and started to enter the shower room.

“Well, most of them do,” replied Bull, while also chuckling, before he started to enter it as well.

While Bull was joining Kitten inside the shower room, at that same time, in Ohio, Zig Zag was seated in a chair inside Tina’s office, as she watched the dark eyeglass wearing, grey-furred lynxette talk into the phone. As she watched her assistant speak, the sexy white-furred skunkette’s mind was elsewhere, as she was thinking about what she planned on doing once she was in Lake Tahoe that upcoming weekend, if Tina was able to get her the airline tickets, and it certainly wasn’t going down the ski slopes. Rather, she was thinking about going down on something else that would cover her fur in rather thick, white stuff. Or rather, a pair of somebodies.

.oO(Hhhhmmm, I am so going to enjoy feeling both Pollux and his fiancée’s thick dicks sliding themselves inside my tight holes,) Zig lustily daydreamed, as she saw herself inside a hotel room with both Pollux Leoni and his sexy fiancée, Kama, as the lion moved his thirteen-inch cock in and out of her tight ass, while the lioness herm from India lay underneath her, sliding her think nine-incher inside the striped mephit’s tight pussy, causing Zig to moan loudly as she was enjoying what the two tawny-furred felines were doing to her two holes. She was about to release a moan, when she heard someone saying something to her. As she heard the voice again, she snapped out of her lusty reverie, as she quickly realized that it was Tina who was speaking to her. Looking back at Tina, with a noticeable red blush appearing upon the cheeks of her pretty white face, she said, “Uhm, sorry about that, Tina, my mind was elsewhere. Could you please say that again?”

Tina looked at Zig. With a light smirk on her face, she remarked, “Yeah, and it probably involved some thick meat inside your puss. Unless it involved some clam eating.” The lynette then started to chuckle over her comment, as she hung up the phone.

Trying to act nonchalant, the tiger-striped skunkette replied, “It’s a little bit of both, actually, Tina. So, I’m going to assume that you’d finished making your call to the airline? Were you able to get me a ticket for the weekend?”

“Yeah, boss. I got you a round trip ticket for this weekend to Tahoe, first class. So, do you care to tell me why you so suddenly want to go out west? I’m rather curious.” Tina then looked at Zig, giving her a rather naughty smile as she did so. “Discovered a new male star, or are you planning to give a presently leaving one a surprise send-off?”

Now trying to act coy, Zig quipped, “Why, whatever do you mean, Tina?” She then smiled as the zaftig female lynx.

Looking back at Zig, and not being taken in by her acting, Tina answered, “Right. Now look into my eyes, and tell me that you’re not thinking of giving Pollux a send-off that would involve you riding that thick rod of his until he had unloaded his hot cum on you?”

Zig looked back at Tina. “Not fair, Tina. You know I can’t see your eyes while you’re wearing those sunglasses of yours.”

“Don’t skirt the question, Ziggy. I’m lustily waiting for your reply,” responded Tina, with the last sentence being said in a very teasing tone.

The white-haired skunkette rolled her eyes before saying to the zaftig female feline, “Fine,” as she looked at Tina’s sunglass-covered eyes, the lynxette’s face giving her a very neutral look. She looked at the lynxette for a few seconds, before finally saying, “Okay, I was thinking of him. But I was also thinking about that sexy looking fiancée of his.”

Tina raised a curious eyebrow upon hearing that, before she said to her normally lusty boss, as she pondered what Zig was now up to, “His fiancée, huh? You mean the one with the surprise between her legs?”

Zig nodded her head. “The very same.”

“Oh, any particular reason why, boss?”

Trying to act coy once again, Zig answered, “Let’s just say that I’m kind of curious about their relationship.”

The grey-furred feline smiled, before saying to the white-furred skunkette, “You mean that you’re curious to find out how big her cock actually is.” Tina then started to lightly chuckle, as she saw Zig blush again.

The buxom skunkette, as she continued to blush, began to chuckle as well, before saying to her assistant, “You know me too well, don’t you, Tina?”

“Considering how long I’d worked for you, I should know you pretty well by now, right?”

“That you should,” answered Zig. She then asked, “By the way, have you called any of the local hotels to see if any of them have a empty room for the weekend?”

Tina looked back at Zig, before she looked down at her phone. As she lifted one of her paws, she answered, “Nope, but I might as well get it done now, yes?”

As she watched Tina pick up the receiver, Zig nodded her head, before she started to get up from the chair, while saying, “Good. Let me know if you are able to find me one. Meanwhile, I’m going to go to the shower room to get clean up.”

The female lynx with the sunglasses smirked, “Are we sure that a shower is all that you are thinking about, boss?” She then laughed as she looked through her rolodex, trying to locate the number for one of the hotels inside Tahoe to see if they have a room available for that weekend.

Zig chuckled, as she headed for the door. “Do I really need to answer that question, Tina?”

“Not really,” Tina quickly answered, as she now started to dial the phone number for the first hotel that she had founded, just as Zig had exited her office.

The tiger-striped mephit, the owner of Double Z Studios, proceeded to walk down the hallway, as she headed for the shower room, planning to finally wash away the dried-up cum off of her white fur, since she had immediately gone to Tina’s office once she was done with the recent porn scene which had involved her, Pollux and the fox noob. As she did so, Zig’s mind went back to the scene, and the rather enthusiastic way that the Grecian-born lion had hammered away at her tight back door during the filming of it. Thinking about the way that the tawny-furred lion’s thirteen-inch cock was joyfully stretching her asshole during the entire scene soon caused her to lick her lips as she continued to not notice the looks that she was getting from the members of the studio’s staff who she was walking past, as she was still in the nude, something that only the newbies should actually be giving more than a second glance at since this wasn’t the first time that one of the studio’s female porn performers have gone from one part of the studio to another in the au natural. As one of the staffers, a male cat who was wearing a brown shirt and grey slack, proceeded to release a loud wolf whistle at her sexy form, before he continued on, Zig mused, .oO(How I would just love to have another chance to ride Pollux’s big cock,) before she turned her head, soon seeing a clock on the wall which showed that it was presently past 4 pm. The white-haired skunkette, as she saw the little hand of the clock move forward, sighed, before she started to think, .oO(Although not while it’s so close to quitting time. He’s probably…) Zig stopped her pondering as a naughty thought came to her mind. As a smile now began to cross her naughty face, the white mephit started to walk again, although she was now headed in the opposite direction, not headed for the shower room, but for the male locker room. .oO(I hope that my present hunch is right.)

A short time later, Zig had reached the male locker room. As she did, she could hear some sexual sounds leaving it. The white skunkette stopped at the entrance, and once she had placed herself against the wall, she moved towards the door, before she finally looked into the room. Zig looked inside, and soon saw what she had expected to see. With a smirk on her pretty face, she mused, .oO(Just as I had thought,) as she saw before her eyes a clean, but still nude Pollux, seated upon a wooden bench that sat in front of his locker, while the equally clean blonde vulpine was presently sucking on his thirteen-inch erection, and from the look on the raven-maned big cat’s handsome face, he was about ready to unload his thick cum into the newbie’s sucking mouth.

“Yes, ooooohhhh, Marcus, make me fill your mouth with my, aahhhhhh…” Pollux said, before he released a low roar as he felt his balls finally release its thick load of hot seed into the fox’s eager mouth, which was soon swallowing his thick flowing hot spunk. “Yes, take it all down that, hhhhmmm, hot mouth of yours.

As she watched them, Zig suppressed a chuckle, as she forgot that the red-furred fox, who was presently gleefully gulping down the tawny-furred feline’s cum, had mentioned to her during his audition that he was bi-sexual, although he was more into females than guys. Looking at the way he was chugging down Pollux’s spunk, she started to wonder about that little piece of information. .oO(Not as much into guys, as girls, eh, Mr. Vulp? I’m starting to doubt that, foxy,) she thought to herself, before she moved her sexy form forward until she soon stood in the room’s doorway, her left shoulder resting against the door jam as she saw the young fox finally release Pollux’s thick cock, but not before giving the head of it a long lick, causing the lion to release a low gasp in reaction to his move.

Pollux, who was now gasping for air as he rested his muscular form against the door of his locker, was looking down at the blonde red fox, who was presently seated on the floor in front of him, presently stroking his thirteen-inch cock. “For someone who claims to be more into females, you certainly know how to suck a cock, Marcus.”

The fox just smiled. “I do try. I’m just surprised that you actually let me do it after we’d both finished getting washed, Pollux.”

Before the lion could respond, he and Marcus heard a familiar female voice say, “I would hazard a guess that it’s because he obviously wants to screw you just as much as you want to ride his big cock, Marcus.”

Pollux and Marcus both blinked, before they began to look for the voice that they had just heard, soon seeing that it belonged to Zig Zag, who presently stood against the locker room’s door. As the fox started to have a look of panic upon his young face, the lion simply smiled before he said to the white, tiger-striped beauty, “Well, you knew I was bi when you borrowed me from my home studio, Ziggy.” He then looked at Marcus. “Calm down, Marcus, she’s not going to fire you for going down on my cock. If that had worried her, I wouldn’t still be here on loan.”

Zig just chuckled as she listened to Pollux calm down the blonde red fox, before she said, “Pollux’s right, kiddo. If I was going to fire you, it would be because you couldn’t get him off, not because you gave his big cock a workout.” Zig then pushed her body off the door, while saying to the two, “Do you mind getting dress and leaving, Marcus? I would like to have a very private chat with Pollux.”

Pollux looked at Zig, quickly noticing that she was still nude, and still covered in the cum that both he and Marcus had earlier unloaded on her. The tawny-furred lion, figuring that she might be in the mood for riding his cock, looked at Marcus. “Go on, and do as she had asked, Marcus. Besides, I’m supposed to be doing a scene with you tomorrow morning, right?”

The fox nodded his head, before he released Pollux’s cum leaking cock. Marcus then got up, and quickly headed for his locker, to put some clothes on, after first cleaning up his face. “Sure.”

Zig watched the blonde tod leave, as did Pollux, before the two saw Marcus turn the corner. Once he was out of sight, she looked back at the still nude lion. She smiled at him, before she started to sexily approach him. As she got closer to him, Zig asked Pollux, “So, Pollux, have you enjoyed your stay here at the studio?” While she spoke to him, her eyes couldn’t keep from looking at the lion’s thick, once again hard, and cum-leaking member.

Pollux, as he stood up straight on the bench, looked back at Zig, quickly noting that she was looking at his thirteen-inch erection as she approached him. “Well, to be honest, Zig, I certainly can’t complain. You and your staff have certainly made me feel right at home while I’d been working here, a few certainly a lot more than others. And that would include you, Ziggy . But the way, Zig, would this private talk in any way involve my cock moving itself inside that tight twat of yours?” The lion then smiled at her as he waited for her response.

The buxom mephit stopped as she now stood before the still smiling male big cat. She looked down at his thirteen-inch cock, watching it throb as it stood outside of its sheaf. Zig smirked, before she started to get onto her knees in front of Pollux. “Eventually, stud, but, for the moment, I want a chance to once more wrap my mouth around your thick member,” she said to him in a naughty voice. Now seated on her knees, she moved her paws forward until she had her right one firmly wrapped around the stalk of his erection, soon moving it slowly up and down the length of his cock, while she had placed the left one upon his balls, rubbing the thick pair. As she listened to the light moans that were now leaving the raven-haired big cat’s mouth as she played with them, she quipped, “So, tell me, stud, did you enjoy the noob’s sucking of your big cock?” As she watched her right paw give his cock a quick squeeze, Zig once again licked her lips, as she couldn’t wait to start giving the lion’s thick cock a very firm cock sucking.

Pollux released a low growl in reaction to what Zig’s paws were presently doing to his thirteen-inch cock and its scrotum, as he heard her question. Looking back at her, he said to the naughty porn goddess, “Well, hhhhmmmm, he sure didn’t take long to get me to leave a load in his nasty mouth, if that’s what you wanted to know. He certainly knows how to use his tongue, although I’m, aaahhhhh, think you already know that. Oooohhhh, do you intend to keep teasing my cock, or are you planning to start sucking it, you tease? Aaaahhh, by the goddess, you’re just as big a cock tease as my normal boss.”

Zig listened to the tawny-furred lion’s response to her question, as her paws kept on stroking his cock and balls, before her mind raced back to the scene that they had finished not too long ago, recalling, near the beginning of the scene, how the young fox’s tongue had moved about her sweet pussy while she was sucking on Pollux’s cock, moving it rather expertly between the folds of her sex, almost making her cum much earlier in the scene than she was suppose to, according to the script, before Pollux whispered to him to pace himself a little bit as that was suppose to be one of the film’s longer sex scenes. She then looked up at the lion. With a naughty smile on her pretty face, she answered him, “Yes, I do, and if you didn’t get him to slow down, I would’ve cum right off the bat in that scene. Thanks, stud.”

“Don’t, aaaahhhh, mention it.”

“As for me being as much of a tease as your boss,” she started to add, as she began to think about Pollux’s sexy boss, Eva McEqqus, one of the other big female performers in the industry, as she recalled the last time that she had seen the naughty redheaded mare and her big hunk of a husband, which was at the last Adult Film Awards that she had gone to, where she was clothed in a deep plunging little black dress with a slit that went halfway up the left side of her sexy body until it reached just under that rather firm ass of hers. Zig then smirked as she recalled how badly she wanted to have sex with the older mare at that moment, before she watched her sexily move around in that dress. She then looked back at Pollux’s thick cock, as a naughty smile came across her pretty face. “Let’s see if you still think so after we’re done here, hmmm?” After saying that with a low snicker, she lowered her head a bit, until she had her mouth placed in front of the head of his hard-on. Zig then opened it up, before she moved her tongue forward, until she felt it start to move around the bulbous head of his cock.

“Ooohhhh, yeah, aaaahhhh, tease my cock with your nasty tongue,” Pollux moaned to Zig, as he felt her tongue circle around his cock, while he continued to feel her firm paws play with both his thirteen-inch erection and his balls. His mouth then released a low growl, before another moan lustfully exited it.

The tiger-striped skunkette just continued to move her expert tongue around the head of Pollux’s thick cock, as she felt his thick shaft throb inside her right paw as it kept on stroking the moaning lion’s thirteen-inch monster. After she had heard him release yet another moan, Zig lowered her paw until she soon had it resting against his scrotum. She then placed the lips of her mouth upon the top of his erection, and then proceeded to slide her mouth down the length of his cock, moving it slowly downwards as she joyfully felt inch after thick inch of his hard-on fill up her mouth. As she heard him release a low moan in response to what she was now doing to him, Zig placed her tongue against the shaft of his cock, soon feeling it rest against its warm flesh. This caused her to internally smile, before she felt her mouth finally reach the end as it hit against her right paw. .oO(Now, time to have some fun,) she told herself, as she began to move her tongue up and down the length of his erection, as she kept the lips of her mouth atop the fingers of her right paw, while those of her left continued to rub his ballsacs.

The raven-maned big cat released another low, but a bit louder, growl as he felt the white-haired female mephit’s naughty tongue slowly move along the length of his hard throbbing cock, while at the same time feeling her left paw play with his balls. As his own paws, which he had only a short while ago placed upon the front of the bench, on either side of his muscular form, got a firmer grip upon the bench, to keep himself from falling off it as Zig went to work on his hard-on, Pollux moaned, “Oooohhhh, yeah, Zig, hhhhmmmm, suck my thick dick with that nasty tongue of yours. Aaaaahhhh, yeah, baby, suck on it real good. By the goddess, I can’t wait to shove it back into your, hhhhmmmm, tight sex, and give you another hard ride on my throne.” He then lightly gasped as he felt a bit of pre exit the piss slit at the very top of his cock, which Zig’s tongue proceeded to lick up before it could roll too far down the length of his hot shaft.

Zig didn’t need to be encouraged as she continued to move her nasty tongue around the lion’s thick member, slowly moving it up and down its length. As she began to move her tongue once more along the shaft of his cock, she started to move her mouth upwards. As she did that, her right paw started to follow it up his cock, as she went back to stroking it, all the while continuing to play with his balls. As she now played with both his cock and balls, the tiger-striped skunkette continued to listen to the low moans and dirty words that were presently coming out of Pollux’s mouth. She internally chuckled in reaction to this, while at the same time thinking, .oO(That’s not the only hole that’ll be riding your thick throne, stud lion,) as her right paw and mouth began to go back down the length of the raven-maned lion’s thick shaft, while at the same time she had her tongue slowly moving around the head of his shaft.

As Zig was giving Pollux a blowjob, as he held onto the bench, a now dressed Marcus emerged from among the lockers. The blonde red fox, who was now wearing upon his lean form a light blue jacket over a grey t-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes, while carrying a duffle bag over his left shoulder, stopped and turned his head, to take a look at the pair, once he had walked past the lockers. He looked at the pair for a while, watching how Zig’s mouth was performing upon the loudly moaning lion’s thick meat, while seeing on her pretty face a look that told him that she was enjoying what she was presently doing to Pollux’s cock. With a chuckle, he said, “Shame, boss. Keeping him all to your naughty self.”

After he had released another moan in response to what Zig’s mouth and paws were presently doing to his erection, the lion looked at Marcus. He smirked, before saying, “Be very careful when you say that, my friend. Aaaahhhh, Zig has this awful habit of wanting you as her special, sexual friend, if she thinks that you look sexy. As for me, oooohhhh, yes, suck my cock good, you naughty skunky, it wouldn’t be the first time that she had wanted me all to herself.” The lion then released a louder moan as he felt her starting to pick up the pace on her sucking of his thirteen-inch hard-on. “I’m just hoping that, aaaahhhhh, she doesn’t drain me before she gets to ride the throne.”

The young tod, as he watched Zig release Pollux’s cock, before she began to lick the side of his thick stalk with her tongue, remarked, “I think that I can be able to handle her if she does that on me.”

Pollux chuckled, “Famous last, aaahhhhh, words, stud,” before he felt her nasty mouth start to go to work on his balls.

Marcus chuckled a little bit more, as he watched the sexy scene that was occurring before his eyes, before he finally turned himself around and headed for the locker room’s door, eventually walking through it.

While Pollux had been conversing with the now leaving Marcus, Zig had continued to suck on the lion’s thirteen-inch stalk, before she moved her mouth off of it, and began to lick the nearest side of his member with her tongue. This would continue for a short time, before she began to lower her face once again, until she had it facing the tawny-furred big cat’s scrotum. After giving his balls a few licks as she moved her left paw away from it, as her right went back to stroking his now fully wet shaft, the buxom tiger-striped mephit placed her mouth over his right ballsac and began to suckle on it, which soon caused Pollux to moan even more loudly, much to her enjoyment. .oO(Yeah, moan for me, stud. I want to get you so horny that you’ll be happy to pound my holes like you did during the filming.)

The raven-haired lion continued to gasp and moan in response to the naughty white mephit’s expert mouth sucking upon his scrotum, as her tongue now teased the flesh of his balls. After he had released yet another lusty growl, he said, “Ok, Zig, enough teasing my, hhhmmmm, cock, you naughty tease. Come on, we both, aaaahhhh, know that you want to ride my throne.” He then released a lustier gasp as he now felt her stroking paw moving itself a little bit more quickly on his hard shaft.

The tiger-striped mephit, as she heard Pollux’s request to ride his cock, at first just kept on sucking his balls. Then, after a while, she stopped moving her tongue before she finally released his balls. As she kept on stroking his thirteen-inch hard-on, soon watching some pre exit its cock slit, and start to roll down the back of its head, the very naughty white-haired porn queen smiled at the lion and quipped, “So, I can go ahead and ride your ‘throne’, is that’s what you’re suggesting Pollux?” Zig then gave him a feral kind of smile, before she started to lick her naughty lips, as she was indeed eager to ride him, but didn’t want him to know that. At least not yet.

As he continued to feel Zig’s right paw stroking his harder throbbing cock, as he at the same time felt more of his pre exit it, while the left one went back to stroking his thick balls, Pollux looked back at the smiling tiger-striped skunkette. After he had released another moan, he said to her, “Yes, yes, aaahhhhh, you naughty twat, ride my fucking throne with your tight cunt!!!” The Grecian-born lion then released a low growl as he felt her start to stroke his thick hard-on even faster.

Zig smiled when she heard the horny lion’s response, followed by his much lustier sounding growls. As she began to release her grip on his scrotum while continuing to move her other paw upwards as she intended to release his cock, she quipped, “I’d thought you’d never ask, stud!” The nude mephit then released Pollux’s cock, which was now bouncing in the air, fully erect and waiting to be seated upon. As she watched him start to gasp for air, Zig got off of her knees, soon standing before Pollux at her full height. She smiled at him, while saying, as she began to turn around, “I hope your throne is ready to be seated upon, stud, as I plan to be sitting on it for a while.” She then chuckled as she now showed Pollux her sexy back, as her cunt looked poised to ‘swallow’ his erection. As she licked her tongue across her lips, she announced, “Hhhhmmm, I am so going to love sitting atop your throne, big boy.”

Pollux, as he continued to gasp from the cock sucking that Zig had expertly given him earlier, looked before him, soon seeing before his eyes Zig’s sexy back. He then saw her moving herself backwards, as she planned to cover his thirteen-inch meat with her pussy. As he waited to feel her sex start to cover his hard-on, he replied to her earlier comment by saying, “I’m more than ready to give you a hard ride on the ‘royal’ throne, you teasing sex queen.” He heard her start to chuckle in response to his answer, before he released a lusty gasp as he felt the lips of her sex start to cover his hard cock. “Yeah, hhhhhmmm, sit on the throne, you naughty skunkette!”

The tiger-striped skunkette, her sexy body now facing the muscular tawny-furred lion and his erect thirteen-inch cock, began to lower herself until she felt her sex start to cover the male big cat’s thick cock, starting with its head. As Zig slowly felt more and more of her sex covering the now moaning raven-maned lion’s thick erection, she quipped, “Don’t worry, stud, I plan to, and I’m going to enjoy myself while doing so,” before the sexy skunkette released a low gasp in reaction to her feeling her pussy muscles starting to suckle upon the hard meat that it was now covering. After a while, she could feel over half of Pollux’s hard-on inside her cunt. After she had felt a light moan escape her lips, followed by a light growl from her present lover, the tiger-striped mustelid proceeded to pull her cunt back up, enjoying the feel of his erection inside her sex as she did so. “Hhhmmm, your cock feels so good, Pollux,” she said to the Grecian-born lion, before she released a light gasp as she felt his muscular paws start to wrap themselves around her firm 38 inch breasts. As a naughty smile began to creep across her pretty face, she commented, “So, you want to play with my boobs already, stud?”

Pollux, as he felt Zig’s pussy continue to move up his hard-on, replied, “I think you already know the answer to that one, aaaahhhhh, Zig.” He then released a low growl as he now felt only the head of his cock still being trapped inside the white skunkette’s cunt.

“Hhhhmmmm, I guess so,” she quipped, then giggled, as she started to feel Pollux’s firm paws start to squeeze and rub her breasts, right before she lowered her sex back down until she soon felt her ass cheeks firmly hit against his groin, as she felt all thirteen inches of his cock now within her sucking cunt. As she heard the lion released another loud moan, she started to lift her sex back up until she had it only halfway up his cock, before she slid it right back down until she felt her ass once again slam itself against his groin, with this one causing both of them to release a low moan. “Hhhhmmm, yeah, I’m going to ride you good, stud!!” she said to the lion, as she once more lifted up her sex, while feeling Pollux continue to squeeze her breasts.

The male big cat, as his paws continued to play with Zig Zag’s breasts, released a low moan as he continue to feel the tiger-striped skunkette’s pussy move itself up and down the length of his thirteen-inch lionhood. “Oh, is that’s so, slut?” he said in response to the mephit’s last comment. Pollux then smiled as he waited for her to lift her ass once again off of his groin, before he lifted up his hips, which led to his groin hitting against Zig’s ass with a rather loud thwack, causing her to release a light moan, as he started to lower his hips. “Let’s see who is the better rider, eh, Zig?” he said with a snicker, as he felt his ass settle once again upon the wooden bench, seconds before he felt the sex queen’s tight rump slap itself once again against his groin, making him release another light gasp. This just simply made his grin, as he waited for her to raise her butt up once again so that he could give it another hard thwack, all the while he continued to squeeze her boobs. “Yeah, ride me!!!”

As Zig continued to ride the tawny-furred lion’s thirteen-inch erection, while at the same time feeling Pollux’s paws give her boobs another firm squeeze, which soon caused her to release another moan, at about the same time in Chicago, inside Midnight Studios, Pandora was naked in the shower room, taking a shower inside one of the room’s stalls. The buxom panda femme smiled as she felt the warm water from the shower hit her black and white form, as it removed the dirt and spunk that her fur had collected during the just completed filming. As she proceeded to wash her sexy form, she said, “Well, are you going to join me in the shower, or not, honey?”

“Give me a moment, honey, I’m still taking off my briefs,” her husband Benjermain, who at the moment was taking off the last of his clothing so that he could join his wife in the shower, as he had promised her he would while they were inside the studio after the porn scene that Pandora had been involved in earlier had been completed.

“Well, don’t take too long, dear. Unless you don’t mind the taste of wet pussy?” the buxom panda femme said to her ursine partner, before she released a light chuckle, as she moved her sexy form a little bit closer to the shower head, so that it could start washing away the soap suds which she had earlier rubbed into her thick fur.

“Are you suggesting something, honey?” Benjermain immediately asked his wife, before he released a light chuckle as he started to put his clothes into a locker. He then closed the door, after having first memorized its numbers so that he can retrieve his clothes from it later, once he and his wife were done using the shower.

“Maybe,” said the two-tone female panda, before she released another chuckle, as she felt more and more of the warm water hit against her black and white fur. As she continued to chuckle, Pandora could feel some of the water hitting some of her long, blue hair, along with her body, when she began to hear some steps behind her. After a while, she realized that the steps were coming towards her, which caused her to smile as they came even closer. As they got nearer, she asked, in a naughty voice, “Is that you,…” when she stopped, as she felt a pair of familiar feeling paws wrapping themselves around her waist, followed by her feeling something rubbing against her neck. “…honey?”

“Who do you think it is, honey?” Benjermain said to Pandora, as he continued to rub his chin against her sexy neck, as he placed his bigger form against hers, soon feeling her firm ass rubbing itself against his groin. With a smile on his face, he added, “Besides, this was exactly what you wanted, isn’t it?” before releasing a light snicker.

The buxom panda femme, as her hubby’s groin continued to rub itself against her firm ass cheeks, while at the same time continuing to feel his chin rub itself against her neck, replied, “Well, yeah. Still, it took you long enough to get here, baby.” Pandora then released a light moan, as she started to feel his mouth kissing her neck.

“Well, you had me at a disadvantage,” he said to his wife, between kisses. “I still had my clothes on, while you only had on a robe,” Benjermain added, as he began to feel the warm water from the showerhead, feeling it hit against part of his much larger form as the shower continued.

“That’s no excuse,” the black and white-furred femme said with a naughty giggle, as she kept on rubbing her sexy ass against his package, trying to get him horny, as she also felt the water hitting against her sexy body. As she released a light moan in response to his mouth still kissing her neck, she continued, “So, baby, are you ready to have a bit of fun together?”

The brown-furred male bear, as he continued to kiss the neck of his pretty wife, did not answer her for a while, while he continued to rub his groin against her firm ass cheeks. As he felt his cock slowly getting harder with each move that he made, Benjermain finally stopped kissing Pandora’s neck. He then rested his head against her right shoulder, as he said to her with a light snicker, “I’d thought you’d never ask, honey.” Benjermain then asked her, “So, is there any particular way you want us to start this, or would you rather let me decide, hmmmm?”

Pandora giggled. As a naughty smile crossed her pretty face as she began to feel her horny hubby’s hard meat sliding itself inside the gap between her ass cheeks, rubbing itself against both her pussy and her anus, quipped, “Why not, hhhhmmm, surprise me, baby?”

Benjermain smiled as he heard his wife’s answer, as he continued to slide his cock between Pandora’s firm rump. “If that’s what you want, honey,” he said to his panda wife, as he began to push himself from her back. Soon he had his strong paws placed upon both side of her sexy waist, while, at the same time, the brunette-furred male bruin had his hard cock placed right at the entrance to his wife’s sex, ready to enter her. “Well, here’s your hard surprise, baby?” Benjermain said with a low snicker, as he began to press his hard-on into his wife’s wet cunt, as he felt more and more of his meat being covered by her pussy, soon making him moan as he felt her vaginal muscles starting to suck on his invading meat.

“Some surprise, baby. Just you entering my pussy from behind,” Pandora said with a snicker, as she felt more of her hubby’s thick cock entering her snatch, while at the same time she continued to feel the water from the shower hitting against her sexy form. “But, since you’re back there, are you going to fuck me, or what, stud?” she added with a louder snicker, before she felt her vaginal muscles getting a much firmer grip around his thick meat. “Come on, fuck me with your thick meat, honey.”

The male brown bear just smiled, as he heard his wife’s comment before he released a light moan in response to his feeling her vaginal muscles starting to suckle on his hard-on as he started to move it inside her snatch. After a while, he is soon sliding it back and forth as he heard her starting to moan in reaction to his light cock thrusts. “Yeah, take it all, honey, you naughty panda,” he said to Pandora, before planting a kiss on her neck, as he started to slide his cock inside her at an even faster pace, while at the same time he began to feel his sexy wife beginning to match him stroke for hard stroke as his groin began to bang against her bouncing ass cheeks. “Hhhhmmmm, that’s it honey, ooohhhh, take it all!!”

Pandora, as she continued to feel the water hitting against her sexy form, was soon placing her paws against the nearby wall, to keep herself up, as she felt Benjermain’s thick cock constantly slamming itself against her firm rump, while she could feel the muscles of her pussy trying to get a much tighter grip around his erection, to try and force him to slide it even deeper inside her sex. As she felt the water starting to hit against the back of her face, she said to her hubby, “Yeah, give it to me good, ooohhhh, honey, I want to feel all of that thick meat of yours slamming itself against my tight ass. Yeah, fuck me good, baby!!!” She then released a low growl, before she felt his groin slam even harder against her firm rump, causing it to shake hard with each thrust he made.

Benjermain thrusted his hips against his wife’s firm ass, making it bounce against his groin as he felt her slowly starting to match his hard thrusts inside her sex. The brown-furred male ursine then released a low growl as he felt his naughty lover’s pussy muscles start to suckle upon his thrusting members, as it tried to get him to push even more of his hard meat inside her. “Ooohhhh, I’ll fuck you good alright, sweetie,” he said to her, as he heard her release a horny growl of her own, as he felt his cock fire some pre into her sex. He then got a firmer grip around Pandora’s sexy waist, and then proceeded to slam his groin even harder against his wife’s bouncing ass cheeks, soon causing the two of them to make loud squishy noises together. “That’s it, aaahhhhh, take it all, honey!!”

The panda femme released a light moan as she enjoyed the feel of her husband’s thick meat move itself inside her tight snatch. “Hhhmmmm, yes, baby, fuck me with that hard meat of yours. Yes, ooooohhhhh, give it to me good,” Pandora said to her husband, as she kept her paws pressed against the shower room wall, while at the same time feeling the water splash against her sexy form. Pandora then released a low moan as she could feel her pussy release some of its juices, which was soon covering her hubby’s hard-on, as it allowed his cock to slide even faster inside her cunt. “Yes, hhhhhmmmm, fuck me good, baby!!!”

The male ursine released a low gasp as he kept on fucking his sexy-looking panda femme’s tight pussy as her vaginal muscles suckle even harder on his thrusting erection. “Yeah, honey, take it all. Hhhhmmm, yeah, take it all, baby.”

Pandora gasped and moaned in response to each of her hubby’s hard thrusts of his thick cock against her firm ass cheeks as he continued to hump her. The panda femme then released an especially loud moan as she felt Benjermain’s cock filling her wet sex all the way up to the balls, before he left it there for the next few seconds. “Hhhhhmmmm, are we up to something, honey?” she asked the male bruin with a snicker, as she felt her vaginal muscles starting to suckle on his thick invader. Pandora then felt his paws get an even firmer grip around her waist, before she felt him start to move his cock inside her sex in a corkscrew motion, which caught her off-guard. It took a while before she started to move with him as her pussy continued to work over his cock. “You naughty old, aaaahhhh, bear, you’re trying to make me explode, aren’t, oooooohhhhh, you?”

“Maybe, honey,” he said to her, before he released a low growl as he felt her pussy muscles get an even tighter grip around his erection as she continued to move along with him in his corkscrew. A few seconds later, he stopped. He waited a few moments, before he began to pull his cock out once more. As soon as he had over half of his cock pulled out of his wife’s snatch, the male bear stopped. He then pushed it forward, until he felt his groin hitting against her ass cheeks with a rather firm thwack, as he caused her to release a low grunt. He pulled it back again, and then thrusted it forward, creating another gasp to leave his wife’s mouth. Benjermain did that a few more times, as he enjoyed the lusty gasps that resulted each time his groin slapped against his wife’s firm ass.

“Ooooohhhhh, by the goddess, yes, fuck me like that, baby!!!” Pandora said to her hubby in a horny tone as she was enjoying what he was presently doing to her pussy, a few seconds before she felt his erection fire some pre into her snatch. After she had licked her lips, she added, “Yes, give me all you got, Benjy!!!”

As Benjermain continued to thrust his thick erection in and out of his moaning wife’s tight pussy as she felt her sexy body being pressed against the shower’s wall, back in California, inside DoeMare Productions, sexual sounds could be heard exiting the one-time warehouse’s third studio. Looking inside the large room, one could see placed in the center of it a raised platform, upon which was positioned a fake bedroom, which was to be used for a porn scene that was being planned for the next day. Atop the queen-sized bed that was in the center of the ‘room’, could be seen a pair of very scantly clad femmes. One of the femmes on the bed was a white-haired, black and white-furred skunkette, who wore upon her small, sexy, frame a pair of light brown stockings, both of which were being held against her presently raised legs by the straps of a black garterbelt. As she lay atop the bed, the two-tone skunkette, Wani Rei, continuously moan as she felt her companion’s nine-inch black cock move itself in and out of her tight snatch. After she had released another lusty moan, the white-haired mephit looked ahead, soon looking at the large female ursine form of her sexual partner, Gertrude Bär, who was clothed in a white half-cup corset, revealing her big 40DD breasts, and beige stockings, as the buxom German-born herm continuously thrust her cock inside her sucking snatch, while holding onto her legs. Wani smiled as she recalled what they had been doing inside the studio since they had left the lunchroom: first, removing their dresses, her sleeveless blue pleated halter playdress, revealing to the she-bear her black bra and the previously mentioned garterbelt and Gertrude’s strapless deep turquoise embellished ribbed tee dress, revealing to her the corset that she was still wearing, before they placed them both onto the platform, behind the bed, before they got onto the bed; after first spending some time in foreplay, which included the pair being involved in a 69, with her being on top of the ursine she-bear, sucking on each other’s pussies; then her sucking on Gertrude’s cock for a while, getting it hard as she did so, while listening to the loud moans that were leaving the buxom she-bear’s mouth, before she laid atop the bed, after first taking off her bra, revealing to Gertrude her 36C boobs, which she then dropped onto the floor to the pair’s left, before she felt the naughty she-bear’s tongue starting to lick both of her firm breasts, causing her to moan rather lustily; then, after the German-born ursine had taken off their shoes, first the white mephit’s grey pair and then the she-bear’s own white pair, placing them onto the floor, near Wani’s bra, Gertrude finally entered her sex with her thick nine-inch cock, soon happily screwing the smaller jill.

“Yeah, Gertrude, hhhhmmmm, give it to me good. That’s it, you naughty German cunt, aahhhh, hump me good,” Wani said to the buxom blonde sow, before she released a new moan, as she felt Gertrude quickening the pace of her hard thrusts. “Hhhhmmm, fuck me good!!!”

Gertrude released a gasp as she felt Wani’s pussy muscles sucking hard on her nine-inch cock as she continued to pump it against the white-haired mephit’s tight snatch. “Ich vill, aaaahhhh, fuck du real gut, oooohhhh, du zwei-color slut, don’t du vorry,” she said to the horny mephit, as she started to place the black and white-furred skunkette’s sexy legs atop her strong shoulders, as she planned to adjust her present position.

The mephit smiled again. “Show me, slut!!” she said to Gertrude, as she felt her legs being placed against both of the blonde she-bear’s strong shoulders, which told her that Gertrude was soon going to hump her even harder. Wani licked her lips, as she eagerly anticipated the larger fur’s nine-inch cock pounding even harder against her groin. “Yeah, hhhmmm, fuck me good, honey!!! I want to really feel your cock moving inside me!!!”

As she felt Wani’s legs moving themselves atop her shoulders, Gertrude looked at her dirty talking lover, soon seeing the raven-haired skunkette’s 36C boobs bouncing against her chest in reaction to each of her hard cock thrusts. The buxom blonde she-bear herm chuckled, before saying, “Du are such un slut. Of course, aaahhhh, du vouldn’t be vorkink here iff du veren’t, ja?” The German-born sow then felt her cock release some pre into the moaning skunkette’s cunt, before she started to position herself, as she planned to slam her nine-inch erection even harder inside the skunkette’s snatch.

Wani chuckled, then moaned, before saying, “You are one to talk, hhhmmmm, you slutty she-bear,” in a naughty tone. The skunkette then released a loud moan as she started to feel the herm, who had first pushed Wani’s legs backwards with her shoulders until both of her knees were soon pointed directly at her breasts, begin to slam her groin even harder against her sex. As she felt her sex trying to catch up to Gertrude’s now faster pace, Wani started to move her head from side to side atop the bed’s pillow. “Yes, hhhhmmm, fuck me, slut!!!”

The she-bear released a low grunt, as she continued to hammer Wani’s once more tightening sex with her nine-inch cock. “Ja, take it all, slut!!!”

As Gertrude continued to hump Wani, inside the dressing room that belongs to the buxom Grecian-born ewe, Helena Sheepadopolous, and her black ram hubby, Philip de Ram, a pair of rather lusty baas could be heard exiting that room. Looking inside the well-furnished room, on its floor were three sheep, a muscular ram and a pair of ewes, one with white wool, whose lower arms and legs were colored black, while the second had completely white wool. The three sheep were presently involved in a sexual sandwich, with the black ram, Philip, lying atop the floor, in the nude, as he thrusted his eight-inch erection in and out of the white femme’s sucking pussy, the German-born ewe, Catherina Schaf, while atop the moaning ewe, wearing a dildo with a ten-inch plastic black cock, which was moving quickly in and out of the first ewe’s tight anus, was Philip’s Grecian-born wife, Helena. The lustily baaing blonde ewe, who was enjoying the feel of the two cocks inside her holes, the ram’s inside her pussy and the black-haired ewe’s fake one in her back door, was presently wearing upon her sexy form a dark grey cupless corset, exposing to full view her big 40DD breasts, as its straps held up her mauve stockings, while she wore upon her feet her black shoes. The second ewe, Helena, as she continued to pump her faux penis within Catherina’s tight back door, wore upon her mostly white wooly sexy form a cupless black bra, which exposed to the air the taut nipples of her very firm 40D tits, and a matching color g-string panties, with her ‘black’ legs still sporting a couple of low heeled black boots.

After she had heard another lusty moan exit the German-born ewe’s mouth, Helena looked down at both her and her black hubby, soon seeing his mouth sucking on the right nipple of the white ewe’s two breasts, as he continued to pump his eight-inch hard-on in and out of the moaning ewe’s cunt. “Yeah, baby, fuck the German tramp with that thick cock of yours,” she said in a naughty voice, before she released a light snicker. She then said to the blonde ewe, “As for you, honey, remember who’s the number one ewe around here. Otherwise…” The Grecian ewe then started to thrusts her hips at a much faster pace, soon hearing the strap of her dildo bouncing harder off of Catherina’s bouncing ass cheeks. “…I’m going to keep doing to you this until you finally understand the pecking order around here.” Helena then started to laugh, as she and the all white ewe were just fooling around with each other.

“Hhhmmmm, for now du are, aaaahhhhh, slut. But, someday ich’ll be usink dat dick cock, ooohhhh, in ihr tight holes, und du’ll like it,” Catherina answered Helena in a horny tone, as she felt Philip’s mouth starting to suck on the nipple of her left breast, while he continued to pump his cock against her pussy, doing it in time to his wife’s own hard thrusts inside Catherina’s tight asshole. She then started to feel her anal and pussy muscles starting to tighten their already firm grips around the other two sheep’s cocks, before she said, “Ja, fuck me gut!!!”

The black ram released a low moan onto the breast he was presently sucking on, as he kept on thrusting his hard eight incher in and out of the moaning white ewe’s tightening snatch. As he did so, his eyes looked to his left, as he saw lying on the floor his wife’s urban blue eyelet drop-waist ruffle dress, Catherina’s jungle green light tee dress and dark grey panties and his own light blue shirt, dark brown pants, white t-shirt and low-cut white briefs, blue socks, and black shoes, each piece of which they had slowly removed from their bodies after they had first entered the dressing room. Philip then recalled the two ladies involving themselves in a 69, with the all-white one lying on top of his lusty Grecian wife, their tongues going to work on each other’s sex, as Helena’s panties were actually of the crotchless variety, before the two of them together went to work on his cock, sucking on it one after the other until it was finally at its full length. He then placed Catherina on his cock, fucking her with it as his naughty wife went to her dresser to retrieve her fake cock, so that the trio would turn the twosome between him and the German-born ewe into their present sexual sandwich, with him acting as the bottom slice, and his wife as the top one, while Catherina acted as the meat in the middle. He smiled as he had finished recalling what had happened earlier, before he heard another naughty comment exit his naughty wife’s mouth, as she said…

“Come on, honey, yeah, take it all slut!! Hhhhmmm, should’ve known that Eva wasn’t the only horny femme living inside Germany. Yeah, fuck her harder, Philip!! Make her moan for it!!”

After he had heard a giggle exit his wife’s mouth, followed by a moan from the buxom blonde ewe, Philip released Catherina’s left teat, as he increased the speed of his own cock thrusts. The black ram then answered Helena by announcing, “You seem to have forgotten about, ooooohhhh, yes, take it all, you horny Frau, Gertrude, honey.” After he had released a light baa in reaction to his feeling the white ewe’s pussy muscles tightening their firm grip upon his thrusting member, Philip looked once more at Catherina’s firm breasts. He then moved his head until he had it placed underneath the blonde ewe’s right breast, and then opened it. The black ram then placed his tongue upon her nipple and was soon starting to lick it. As he felt it move back and forth against his tongue, he heard her moaning even harder, as Helena continued to match him stroke for hard stroke, as his real cock moved inside Catherina’s pussy, while her fake one hammered against the white ewe’s tight asshole, their ‘cocks’ moving inside her holes one after the other. .oO(Yeah, fuck her good, baby!!!)

As she moaned in response to having her two holes filled by Philip’s real erection and his wife’s fake one, Catherina added, “Ja, ooohhhhh, du forgot about der horny she-bear, bbbbbaaaaaaaa, du naughty Greek slut!!!” After she had made her comment, the buxom German-born ewe felt Philip’s tongue start to move beneath the nipple of her right breast, teasing the fleshy nob as he did so, before she began to feel Helena’s plastic dick move itself even harder against her bouncing ass cheeks, while at the same time she began to feel the sexy porn goddess’ hands wrap themselves around her waist, soon getting a strong grip around it. After she had felt a few hard thrusts, she added, “Speaking off vhich, oooohhhh, ich vished dat she vas here so dat ich could, aaaahhhh, suck on her dick dark meat.” She followed her horny remark with a very lusty baa, as the two married sheep continued to fuck her two tight holes.

“Well, she’s probably at the moment stuffing one of Wani’s holes with her tight cock, hhhhmmm, honey,” answered Helena with a snicker, as she continued to thrust the strap-on dildo’s ten-inch plastic hard-on inside the moaning German ewe’s anus. “But don’t worry, slut, we’ll make sure you’ll cum real hard once we’re done!!”

Philip simply continued to slide his cock within the blonde ewe’s tight snatch, as he released a light baa in reaction to his feeling her vaginal muscles tightening themselves even more around his hard-on, before he started to wrap his mouth around her nipple. He then started to suckle on her right breast, which soon caused her to moan even louder inside his and his wife’s well-furnished dressing room. .oO(Helena so have that right, slut, so enjoy, hhhhmmmm, yourself!!!” he thought to himself, as he felt his hard cock fire some pre into the buxom white ewe’s snatch.

As Philip and Helena continued to fuck both holes of a loudly moaning Catherina inside the married sheep shared dressing room, and Gertrude, who was now lying atop the bed inside Studio Three, felt Wani’s tight ass lustily move itself up and down the length of her nine-inch erection, in another part of the building, a door was starting to open inside a darken room. A few seconds later, a hand entered the room, and placed itself upon a light switch, which it then pushed up, quickly turning on the room’s light, instantly revealing the room to be the well-furnished office of Eva McEqqus, and that the hand that had turned on the room’s light belongs to Eva. As the mare began to enter her office, she said behind her, “Please close der door behind du after du haff come in, Wildy, ja?” as she began to walk towards her desk. “Und, please, take un seat.”

“Uhm, sure thing, Eva, the white mouse said as he entered the buxom mare’s office, before he stopped in front of her door, as he watched her pink robe covered form sexily head towards her desk. He looked at her for a whole, before finally closing the door. Once he had completed that, he headed for the chair that he saw was placed before the sexy mare’s desk, as he saw her start to walk around her desk.

Eva just simply nodded her head as she walked around her desk, until she had reached its chair. She pulled the chair back, before walking in front of it. The redheaded buxom Rhenish mare then sat in the chair. Eva, after she had repositioned her robe, which, whether accidentally or on purpose, was showing part of her upper cleavage, pulled her chair forward until she was now seated behind her desk. The German-born sex queen then looked forward, whereupon she saw that Wildwind was now sitting down in the chair that was positioned directly in front of her. She soon noticed that he was not looking at her, as would most people, but was instead looking at the picture that was placed at the upper left hand side of her desk, a picture which showed her with her husband, James, who stood to her left, and her daughter, Brunne, who was standing to her right. The three equines were all clad in Halloween costumes, with her dressed up as a queen, whose white dress had a rather low U-shape neckline, revealing her cleavage, James as a king, and young Brunne as a princess, whose outfit revealed a lot less cleavage than did her mother’s, and looking a bit embarrassed. As she suppressed a snicker, she queried, “So, likink vat du see in der photo, Wildy?”

The white rodent, who had been looking at the picture almost as soon as he had sat down in the chair, especially looking at James’ outfit, around the stallion’s crotch, released a light squeak of surprise as soon as he had heard Eva’s question. He now looked at the sexy redhead, noticing her cleavage as he did so, which caused her to show him a sexy smile. Wildwind blushed a little, before saying, “Uhm, yeah. Nice family picture, Eva. Halloween party?”

“Ja. Der last eine before mein daughter vent off to college. Ich still haff ne idea vhy she felt so embarrassed.”

“Maybe because you were showing off that big rack of yours. Or maybe, that she didn’t like being seen dressed up as a princess?”

The mare chuckled upon hearing Wildwind’s answer. “Maybe more der later, as it vasn’t der erste time dat ich haff shown off mein boobs like dat. After all, ich’d dressed up as Vonder Mare several times. Besides, vhy shouldn’t ich show dem off? Ich am rather proud off mein rack.”

Wildwind smirked. “I wouldn’t know. You tended to only show them big knockers of yours off when you were in the ring, or getting fucked. Those outfits you would normally wear were a bit more on the conservative side, you naughty big kraut you.”

Eva chuckled. “Ne all off mein outfits vere dat conservative, du naughty mouse.”

“Okay. If that’s the case, then enough of them kept your big hush puppies under cover,” the white mouse said in reply, which caused Eva to release a rather lusty laugh, while his eyes went back to looking at the picture.

“Okay, okay, du vin. Now dat ve haff gotten dat out off der vay, vould du now mind tellink me vhy du haff vanted to speak mit me, Wildy?” The redheaded mare than waited for Wildwind’s response, as she saw him looking once again at the picture. “Und mein king ist still off-limit, Wildly.”

Wildwind, as soon as he had heard Eva’s comments, looked up from the picture, with a kind of embarrassed smile on his face. “Hey, can I help it if your hubby is a cutie, even if he isn’t into guys. Besides, I can’t help teasing him, after all he has such a…”

“Wildy, mein stallion ist off limit,” the buxom redhead said, even if it was in a kind of teasing voice. “Besides, du are here to ask me somethink, ja?”

“Ok, ok. I’ll get my dirty mind off of your hunky hubby and his big dick and get to why I’m here. The reason I’m here is that I was wondering if your porn studio have any openings for another guy who’s willing to act as a bottom in your company’s either gay or bisexual films?” The white mouse waited for Eva’s response.

The porn queen’s raised an eyebrow upon hearing Wildwind’s query. “You want to work here, Wildy? Aren’t they keeping your naughty ass busy at that other porn studio?” the buxom redheaded mare asked him, as she planned to listen carefully to the white mouse’s reply.

Wild looked at Eva. He was silence for a few seconds, before he finally gave the German-born redhead a very sheepish grin. “Well, yeah, I’m getting enough work. Doesn’t mean that I can’t go out looking for more to do, now does it, cutie?”

Looking back at the smiling rodent, she replied, “Ne, ich guess it doesn’t.”

“Besides, it’ll give me a chance to tease your hubby,” the white mouse added with a light chuckle and a naughty gleam in his eyes.

Upon hearing that, Eva lightly chuckled. This would last a while before she finally said, “Ich should’ve known it vould come back to mein Jamie at some point.”

“I’m that obvious, huh?” quipped a still smiling Wild.

“Like un romance novel,” quickly replied the buxom porn star, before she started to laugh even louder. “Und un very cheap eine at dat.”

The white mouse, with a light chuckle, answered, “Ouch, now you’d just cut me to the quick, madame.”

“Like un paper cut, hmmm?” said Eva, before she started to laugh even louder.

“Ok, ok, you win, you naughty mare. So, does your studio have openings for a guy who’s willing to be a bottom?” The white rodent waited patiently for her answer.

The redheaded sex queen, after she had heard Wildy’s query once again, stopped laughing. She then leaned her sexy body against the back of her chair and started to think over his query. It would be a while before she looked back at the rodent. “Und dis vould ne cause du any problem at der studio dat du’re presently vorkink at?”

“Nope, it wouldn’t?”

Eva nodded and went back to thinking over Wildwind question, as the white mouse waited very patiently. The buxom brunette-furred draft/sports mare mix then looked back at Wild. “Ok, ich dink ich can use du.”

The rodent smiled. But, before he could start giving off a happy cheer, he heard the mare add…

“Ne so fast Wildy. Du need to pass der audition, erste.”

Wildwind blinked. “Audition? Uhm, what kind of audition?” he asked her, curious.

Eva simply smiled, as she moved forward, reaching for the intercom button on her office phone. “Do du really need to ask vat kind off audition, Wildy?” she asked the white mouse, as she pressed the button.

“Yes, boss mare?” went Cathy’s voice on the other end.

“Hello, Cathy, do du dink du can arrange an impromptu audition for Wildwind?”

As the mouse watched, he heard the blonde chippette cooed, “Sure, boss. Male or female partner for the cute mousie?”

“Hold on,” the brunette-furred mare said into the intercom, before she looked over at Wild. “Any preference, Wildy?” she asked him.

Wildwind thought things over for a while, before he looked back at the smiling mare. He said to her, with a naughty tone to his voice, “Why not surprise me, Eva?” he answered.

Eva chuckled, before she said into the intercom. “Du heard him, ja?”

“Yeah, I heard him. Okay, boss mare, one surprise partner coming right up. So, the usual studio for the auditions, right?”

“Ja, der usual eine, Cath. Auf Wiedershoren und see du soon.”

“Right boss, see you soon,” answered Cathy with a naughty giggle, as Eva released the intercom button. She then looked at Wild. “Vell, ich hope dat du’re ready to show me vat du got, Wildy,” she told the white mouse, as she started to show him a very naughty smile.

Wild looked back at Eva, soon noticing the naughty look presently on her pretty female equine face. He said to her, “Are you up to something, Eva?”

The buxom redhead smiled, before saying to him, as she tried to act innocent, “Me, up to somethink? Now vat make du dink dat, Wildy? Hhhmmmm?”

“Well, you’re giving me the same sort of mischievous look that you would usually show when you were up to some mischief back at the old wrestling group.”

“Mischief, moi, parish der dought?” she commented, before she started to chuckle.

“Right, act innocent. Besides, truth be told, I’d prefer you like that then when you were miss pissed off mare. You were rather scary looking when you had that angry look on that pretty face of yours, and I don’t mean inside the ring either.”

Eva listened, and said, “Vell, considerink some of der silly stuff dat vent on dere, du vould get rather grumpy face ihrself.”

The white mouse nodded, before saying, “Okay, you have a point. But, I rather like to see miss naughty mare than miss pissed off any old day.” He then gave her a smile.

The pretty redhead lightly chuckled, before saying, “Alright, du vin, du naughty mousie.”

Wildwind smiled back at the mare, as he watched her chuckle, seeing how her 38C boobs bounced inside her robe as she did so. .oO(Besides, it gives me a chance to see those big babies of yours move around when you laugh like that.)

As Eva and Wildwind begin to talk to each other, inside the cafeteria, a now clothed Bell, ShowBiz and Lisa were seated at a table, eating their lunch. The trio, as they ate their meal, all looked around the cafeteria, noticing that they were presently the only ones eating inside it, while the cafeteria staff were busy cleaning up the other tables. Bell was presently eating some corn with a fork, while on her plate, beside what was left of the corn, was some rice and a partly eaten hamburger, which was made from soybeans, and fries, as well as a large glass of orange juice, while Sky was eating a steak sandwich, loaded with onion and covered with ketchup, along with fries and a glass of grape soda, and Lisa was using a fork to cut a piece of the cherry pie that she was eating, after having eaten a pasta lunch, while next to her now empty plate was placed a glass that was halfway filled with apple juice.

As the grey-haired, white-tailed deer doe started to lift up her pie-covered fork, Lisa looked at the redheaded heifer and the brunette-haired female canid bitch, seeing that the pair were still eating. She said to Bell, “Don’t take too much longer, Bell. We still need to finish that scene with James and Eva in Studio One.” After she had said that, Lisa began to put the fork into her mouth so that she could continue eating her pie.

Bell looked over at Lisa as she chewed the corn kernels that she had just place into her mouth, as she started to pick up some rice with the fork. After swallowing the corn, the buxom redheaded heifer said, “Don’t worry. I won’t take long. After all, I want to ride the stallion’s cock again.” After she had said that, Bell lifted up the fork, and then placed the rice that was on it into her mouth, while SnowBiz chuckled lustfully as the doe just started to shake her head.

“Bell and her one track mind. Always thinking of sex,” barked ShowBiz, before she took a bite out of her sandwich, which she then proceeded to chew, as Bell looked over at her a friend, a pout now showing on her pretty face.

“But Bell can’t help that she likes having sex,” pouted the brunette-furred female bovine, after having first swallowed the rice on her fork.

Lisa looked at the heifer. She then looked at ShowBiz, giving the brunette-haired female canid an unhappy look of her own as she lifted up another piece of pie with her fork.

Show looked at Lisa, as she continued to chew her sandwich. As she kept on chewing, and continued to look at the angry doe, her ears slowly drooped as a sad look came over her pretty face. She then looked back at Bell. After swallowing, she barked, “Sorry, Bell. I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling.”

Bell looked back at ShowBiz. Her frown, after she had heard the grey-furred bitch’s apology, turned into a smile, before she happily said, “Apology accepted,” before she went back to eating her lunch, soon joined by ShowBiz, as she took another bite from her steak sandwich.

The grey-haired doe lightly chuckled, before she picked up her glass and said, as she lifted it into the air, “Now that that is settled, let finished with our lunch, okay?” Lisa then started to drink her apple juice, as the heifer and the female canid ate their food.

As the trio in the cafeteria continued to eat their meal, back in Ohio, at the Double Z Studios, inside the male locker room, Pollux was still pushing his thirteen-inch erection in and out of the tiger-striped skunkette’s tight pussy, as she lay underneath the tawny-furred lion on the locker room’s floor. Zig Zag released a loud moan as she felt the tip of the lion’s thick cock constantly pound against her cervix, trying to push its way through.

“Ooohhhh, yeah, Pollux, hhhhhmmm, pound my pussy with that hard cock of yours. Aaaahhh, by the goddess, give it to me good,” she said hornily to the lion, as she enjoyed the way that Pollux’s thick monster was moving itself inside her sex. “Hhhhmmmmm, I so love it when you are feeling so horny, stud, even if I’m the one who have gotten you there in the first place,” the naughty skunkette said, before releasing a giggle, as she felt his cock once again fire some of its pre into her cunt.

Pollux gasped and moaned as he continued to pump his cock in and out of the sexy white-haired skunkette’s tight snatch, before he released a light growl as he felt her pussy muscles start to once again suckle on his erection. “You are incorrigible, you, aaaahhhh, do know that, Zig?” the tawny-furred lion said between hard thrusts, as he felt the head of his cock bounce once again off of the entrance to her womb.

“Hhhhmmmm, can I help it if I want to, oooohhhh, feel this wonderfully thick cock of yours inside my pussy, stud?” she asked Pollux, before she released a light growl of her own. “Aaaaahhhh, and it feels so good.” Zig then felt her pussy muscles get an even tighter grip around the lion’s hard-on, forcing him to slide it inside her sex even faster. “I can’t, ooooohhhhh, wait to feel your thick spunk filling up my cunt, stud kitty!!! Come on, baby, really fuck me with your hard, hhhhhmmmm, meat!!”

The big lion released a loud snort as he started to thrust his thirteen-inch cock even faster inside the horny tiger-striped skunkette’s pussy, before he lowered his face until he had it placed above her firm 38-inch breasts and their very perky nipples. He looked at the pair for a while, before he placed his mouth atop her right one, which he started to suck on. As he did so, he caused Zig to moan even louder, as she was starting to enjoy what Pollux was doing to it, especially after he had started to use his tongue upon her nipple, moving it back and forth on its taut flesh.

“Yes, suck my tit, big boy,” she said to the raven-maned big cat, before she let go with a louder moan, as she felt her sex start to release some of its fluid, which soon made it easier for the lion to pound her tight sex. “Hhhhmmm, yes, fuck me, stud!!!”

Pollux’s mouth and tongue continued to work over Zig’s right tit, as his cock kept on sliding inside the tiger-striped skunkette’s sucking snatch, all the while he could feel his balls slowly filling up with his spunk, telling him that it was only a matter of time before he started to release his hot cum into the porn goddess’ sucking cunt. “Oooohhhh, I’m going to soon fill you up, you naughty skunkette!!!” he said to her, after he had first released the skunkette’s right tit.

Zig smiled. “Hhhhmmmm, I can hardly wait, stud kitty,” she said to the big lion in a very lusty voice, before she licked her lips in anticipation of him blowing his load inside her.

The tawny-furry lion released a very lusty moan as he felt Zig’s pussy muscles start to suckle upon his thrusting erection even harder after he had heard her naughty response to his last comment. This caused Pollux to start pumping his thirteen-inch lionhood even harder inside her sex, as he felt his balls begin to fill up with his hot seed, before he went back to sucking on her teats, this time working on the lusty white-furred skunkette’s left nipple, hoping to bring her off at the same time that his cock finally exploded inside her cunt. As he felt the white-furred sex goddess’ vaginal muscles suckle harder on his thirteen-inch hard-on, his mouth went to town on her 38-inch left tit, his very rough tongue moving back and forth across Zig’s taut nipple. .oO(Yeah, hhhmmmm, take it all, slut. Every last thick, aahhhhhh, inch of it,) thought the raven-maned big cat, as he felt his erection fired some more pre into the tiger-striped skunkette’s cunt, as he could feel the head of his cock bang itself harder and harder against the entrance to her womb, almost ready to burst into it.

“Yes, fuck me, Pollux, hhhhmmmm, pump me with your thick cock,” Zig Zag said to the lion, as she was enjoying what he was presently doing to her sex with his thirteen-inch monster, lustily waiting for it to unload its hot seed into her body, loving the fact that her earlier cock teasing was the cause for his present frenzy. “Yes, fill me with you thick cum, stud!!!”

After a few more thrusts, Pollux released a loud gasp as he felt the head of his cock finally punch it way through her womb and start to enter the horny skunkette’s cervix, in the process causing her to release a loud moan of her own, just as he could feel his seed starting to exit his cock. “Yes, here it cum, slut!!!” the lion said, as his thick cock started to unleash a torrent of its hot cum into Zig’s waiting sex. As it did so, Pollux continued to pump his cock inside her pussy. “Yes, aaahhhhh, take it all, you lusty slut!!!”

The white-haired skunkette released a loud growl as she felt more and more of the lion’s seed exit his cock and flow through her cunt, with some of it actually entering her womb. As she was enjoying every second of the lion’s hard-on cum inside her tight sex, Zig reminded herself that she was on the pill, as she wasn’t yet ready to have a kid of her own, although she was certain that she could take care of one if she ever decided to. For now, though, she was going to just enjoy herself, and at the moment, that meant enjoying the wonderfully hard fuck she had been being given by the lion with her. .oO(Hhhhmmm, that herm must be one happy, oooohhh, ‘girl’ to have this stud screwing her. Aaaaahhhh, I so want to meet her now,) she thought to herself, as she started to feel her vaginal muscles squeeze itself even harder around Pollux’s now cum squirting cock, while her own pussy started to release its own juices around his thrusting erection. “Yes, aaahhhhh, cum for me, stud lion. Fill me up with your hot seed!!!”

Pollux continued to pump his cock back and forth inside Zig’s tight snatch as he felt his cock fire more and more of his wet seed inside it, while at the same time he felt the sexy skunkette’s pussy juice starting to cover his thrusting hard-on. As he felt the tiger-striped porn queen matching his hard cock thrusts, he commented, “Yeah, you naughty skunky, aaahhhhh, take it all inside that tight cunt of yours!!!” After a few more thrusts, Pollux leaned his back back a bit and released a loud growl as he felt his cock fire a rather thick rope of its seed into the now loudly moaning Zig’s tight sex. “Yeah, slut, take it all!!!”

“Yes, cum for me!!!” Zig said in response to Pollux’s yell, as she was enjoying the feel of his hot seed entering her sex, before she released a loud moan of her own as she began to feel the start of her own orgasm. The tiger-striped skunkette then closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sexual high that the lion had just put her through, while at the same time she felt even more of her juices slowly exiting her sex, as they continued to cover the lion’s still thrusting cock.

The tawny-furred lion pumped his thick cock inside Zig’s tight cunt a few more times before he finally felt himself being spent. After one especially hard thrust against her sex, Pollux finally stopped. As he breathed hard, he looked down at the pretty skunkette. After several loud gasps, he asked, “So, ‘huff puff’, was that fun for you, ‘huff puff’, too?” while he felt the sweat that had been created by their sex slowly roll down his big, muscular form.

Zig looked up at the lion’s handsome face, a naughty smile now on her own pretty face. She was silent for a few seconds, before finally saying, “You’d done better!!!”

“What!?!” he yelled. “What do you…” Pollux started to protest, when he heard Zig start to laugh. “Oh, being a tease, huh?” he said to her, before he started to move his cock inside her sex in a corkscrew motion, which soon caused her to giggle.

“Stop that, you naughty kitty, unless you’re planning to continue fucking me with that hard cock of yours,” the tiger-striped mephit said to him in a teasing voice, trying to coax him into continuing. She didn’t have long to wait as she felt him starting to slide his cock once again inside her pussy. “Hhhmmm, yes, fuck me, stud!!!” Zig said, before she released a light snicker, as she knew that this won’t be the last time that he’ll be doing this inside her tight snatch.

 As Pollux was once again pounding the happily moaning tiger-striped mephit’s tight cunt in Ohio, back in Chicago, Pandora was releasing another moan in response to her hubby’s hard cock continuously pounding her pussy as he was trying to bring her off, as his cock was slowly getting closer to orgasm. “Yes, Benjermain, ooooohhhhh, fuck me good, honey. Aaaahhhh, I’m almost there, baby!!!” she said to him, as the male bear’s hard body continued to press his wife’s sexy form against the shower’s wall. After releasing another lusty moan, Pandora licked her lips, as she could feel her vaginal muscles releasing some of its warm juices, which soon caused the male ursine’s cock to move even faster inside her snatch. “Yes, hhhhhmmm, fuck me!!!”

Benjermain released another moan as he felt his cock released some more pre into his panda wife’s wet snatch, before he released a moan as he felt her vaginal muscles once again get a firm grip upon his thrusting member, trying to get him to shoot his load into her, as he at the same time felt her pussy juices cover his erection, allowing his cock to be able to move inside her snatch at a even quicker pace. With each hard thrust he made, he could feel himself getting closer to orgasm, although trying to hold this one up as long as he could so that the two of them could erupt at the same time. “Hhhmmm, I’m going to bring you off real hard, baby!!! Like Mount St. Helen hard!!!”

The panda femme released a very lusty moan as she continued to feel her husband’s thick cock move itself in and out of her snatch. She then released a light growl as she began to feel Benjermain’s erection start to move itself even faster inside her snatch. Pandora, as she kept her paws pressed against the wall of the shower, announced to her hubby, “Yes, baby, hhhhmmmm, give it too me good with that thick dick of yours. Oooohhh, yes, give it to me good. Yes, fuck me, baby!!!” She then began to lick her lips with her tongue as she continued to enjoy what her hubby’s thick meat was presently doing to her sucking snatch. “Yeah, baby, fuck me, good!!!”

As he keep on pumping his hard-on between the muscles of Pandora’s pussy, the brown-furred male bruin’s tighten his grip around his naughty wife’s sexy waist, as he slowly increased the speed of his hard thrusts. Benjermain soon felt his cock being sucked on by his wife’s tight snatch. “Yeah, honey, hhhhhhhmmmm, take my cock up that tight sex of yours,” he told his wife, as he kept on slamming his groin against his wife’s bouncing ass cheeks. “Yes, hhhhmmm, ride me, you slut!!”

Pandora released a lusty moan as she felt her hubby’s thick cock continue to move in and out of her pussy as she continued to feel his groin pound against her ass cheeks as she kept her paws pressed against the shower stall’s wall. The naughty panda babe licked her lusty lips, before she said in a naughty voice, “Hhhhmmmm, yeah, give it to me good, honey!!! Pound me with that thick cock of yours. Yeah, aaahhhhh, fuck me good.” The blue-haired beauty then released a lusty growl as she felt her brown-furred husband’s erection pump itself even faster inside her snatch, a few moments before she felt it fired some more pre. The porn queen then cooed, “Hhhhmmm, are you trying to bring me off, baby? If so, oooohhh, kindly try harder?” She then started to feel her vaginal muscles start to suck on the male ursine’s hard erection, which caused her to start snickering. “Come on, pound me, baby!!!”

The brown-furred male ursine just kept on thrusting his cock inside his naughty wife’s sex, on occasions releasing a loud growl in response to his feeling her vaginal muscles sucking on his thick cock. As he continued to fuck Pandora, Benjermain could feel his balls starting to get itchy, telling him that he was about to release a loud of his thick spunk. After a few more thrusts, he announced, “I’m about to, aaaahhhh, cum, baby. Do you want to feel my cum dripping down that sexy little ass of your or to just go ahead and fill up your tight pussy?” the male bear asked her, before he released a growl as he felt his erection fire even more pre into her sex.

The black and white-furred panda femme was enjoying the way her hubby’s cock was presently pounding her ass as she continued to feel her body lying against the wall as he continued to fuck her from behind inside the shower. As she felt some of the water hit against her naked fur, as it did her husband, she heard Benjermain’s naughty query. The buxom panda femme pondered about his question, as she released a low moan in response to his cock sliding itself even deeper inside her snatch. After a while, a naughty look crossed her face, before she finally said to him, “Hhhhmmm, cum on my ass, stud. Ooohhhh, if you can get your friend out of my cunt, that is?” as she felt her vaginal muscles start to tighten their grip upon her hubby’s cock. Pandora then released a low giggle, as she braced herself for his hopefully horny response.

Benjermain released a light growl almost the very moment that he felt his naughty blue-haired wife’s vaginal muscles tighten themselves even more around his thrusting hard-on, which was quickly followed by her comment, then her low giggle. As he started to pull his body back, so that he could pull his cock out of her present trap, Benjermain got a rather firm grip around her sexy waist. “Oh, is that how you want it, my little tease?”

“Yes,” she said to him in a naughty, but expecting tone.

The male ursine released a low growl, before saying, “Alright, but remember that you’d wanted this,” before he began to push his groin forward until it slammed very hard against the panda femme’s still bouncing ass cheeks, which caused her to release a low gasp of joy. Benjermain does this a few more times, each time causing her to release a joyous gasp, until his hard cock was banging hard against her bouncing anus, trying to get her pussy muscles to let go of his cock. “Come on, my slut, aaaaaahhhh, let go of my, oooohhh, cock.”

“Hhhhhmmmm, never, my horny, oooohhhhh, husband!!!” Pandora replied, before she released another giggle, that was quickly followed by a lusty moan, as she was enjoying how hard Benjermain was presently fucking her. “Or at least not until, hhhhhmm, you hit my g-spot in that certain, aaaahhhhh, way!!!”

Berjermain released a low growl as he continued to pump his groin against his two tone wife’s sex as he listened to her lusty moans in response to each of his hard thrusts, as his thick cock started to pound against her cervix. The brown-furred male bear remarked, “Like this, aaaaahhhhh, honey? By the goddess, ooooohhhhh, you are really being a tease today!!!” As he made his comment, his moved his cock even faster inside Pandora’s still tight snatch, while trying to keep himself from not only releasing his load inside her pussy, but to prevent his cock from entering her cervix, as he knew that if he let that happened, he wouldn’t be able to pull his cock out of her sex until he had first released his thick load inside her. “Aaaaahhh, yeah, ride me, my slutty wife!!!”

The buxom panda femme, a naughty smile on her sexy face, gasped and moaned in lusty joy as she felt her hubby’s groin continuously bounce against her firm ass check, as he tried to force her to relax the grip that her vaginal muscles were presently having upon his hard-on. As she was enjoying the hard pounding that her rump was presently receiving, Pandora could feel the interior of her sexy body starting to heat up, telling her that she was getting closer to having an orgasm. Pandora licked her naughty lips once more, before she moaned, “Yes, hump me, hhhhhmmm, good, baby, make me feel that hard cock of yours give my pussy a good, ooooohhhh, ride!! Yeah, fuck me, honey!!” She then released a light growl as she began to feel the head of his erection banging against the entrance to her cervix, while at the same time she could feel him doing what he could to keep that from happening. Feeling like being the tease, she moved her vaginal muscles until she had made it so that Benjermain was now having an even harder time trying to keep his hard-on from entering her womb. As she did this, she said, “So, are you certain you don’t want to leave a thick load, hhhhhhmmmmm, inside me, baby, or are you going to be a great big tease and cum on my ass, as you’d said earlier?” Pandora then released a light giggle, as she could feel her sucking sex getting an even firmer grip around her hubby’s cock, as she felt herself coming closer to orgasm with each hard thrust he made. “Yeah, fuck me, honey!!!”

Benjermain proceeded to do just that, now slamming his cock even harder against her firm ass, hoping that by making her cum it’ll cause her to finally relax her pussy’s tight grip around his cock, so that he could pull it out and unload his cream upon her firm, sexy ass, as he could feel himself getting closer to his own orgasm. “Yeah, hhhhhmmm, take my cock my naughty panda slut. I’m going to make you cum so, aahhhhh, hard, you won’t be able to kept your grip, oooohhhhh, around my dick!!!” he said to her between thrusts, as he felt his erection release even more of its pre into her pussy, as he felt his balls getting itchier, thus making it only a matter of time before one of them came first. “Yes, fuck me, baby!!!”

Pandora smiled, as she felt the pre from her hubby’s dick once more enter her sex, as she listened to his comments. “We’ll see, baby!!!” she said to him in a very teasing tone, although she could tell that she couldn’t last too much longer. Then, after she had felt his cock slam itself once again against her ass, Pandora released a lusty growl as she finally came, as she felt her vagina muscles start to release its cream, which, after a while, caused her pussy to start relaxing its grip around Benjermain’s thick meat. “Yeah, make me cum all over that hard meat of yours, hhhhmmm, baby!!!” the panda femme said to her brown-furred hubby, as she could feel his cock starting to pull itself out of her sex, causing her to release a much lustier moan as she felt each inch of his thick dick leave her no longer tight feeling snatch.

The brown-furred male ursine continued to pump his groin against the bouncing cheeks of his wife’s firm ass, as he heard his wife announce that she was starting to cum, just as he felt her pussy cream starting to cover his thrusting erection. As he kept on pumping his cock between the lips of her sex, he could feel her grip upon it starting to slip as he was able to pull more and more of his thick meat out of her snatch. As Benjermain started to move his body so that he was ready to slip his cock out of Pandora’s no longer tight sex, he could feel the balls of his erection getting ready to release its seed, telling him that he didn’t have much time left to withdraw and cover her firm ass with his spunk. Instead, the male bear decided to pull his cock back a little bit more, and after getting a firmer grip around his wife sexy’s waist, he pushed his cock forward, and doing it with enough strength that the head of his cock punched through the entrance into her cervix, which soon caused Pandora to release a light gasp of joy, seconds before his cock started to unleash its thick spunk inside her womb. “Yeah, take it all, you naughty slut. Hhhhmmmm, yeah, take it all, slut. Just remember you wanted this!!!” he said to her, as he felt more and more of his hot seed exit his hard-on and enter his wife’s womb.

The sexy panda femme released a lusty moan as she felt her hubby cock punch its way into her womb. With a naughty snicker, she quipped, “Awwwww, you couldn’t get it out, could you, dear?” before she felt the first drop of his seed enter her body, as it at the same time released even more of her vaginal juices. The sexy black and white-furred femme then released a louder moan, as she kept on moving her ass so that she could keep on matching Benjermain stroke for hard stroke, as she was feeling his spunk fill up her womb. “Yeah, fill me with your, hhhhhmmm, warm seed, baby!!!” Pandora then said to him, as even more of the brown bear’s cum filled up her pussy, some of which was soon going back out of her sex and going down her legs.

Benjermain’s hard-on kept on moving in and out of his sexy wife’s womb, filling it up with his warm seed, as he at the same time felt her own love juices covering his erection. “Yeah, hhhhhhmmmm, make me cum, my sexy little slut. Aaaahhhh, yes, take it all, baby,” he said to Pandora between hard thrusts, as he sexily moved his hips against her firm ass cheeks at a faster pace. The brown-furred male bear, after a few more thrusts, pushed his body forward, causing his wife to released a loud moan of lusty joy as he felt the last of his cum exit his cock. He stayed behind his panda wife’s sexy back for a few moments, as he enjoyed how it felt against his, as he listened to her giggle in reaction to what they had just done, as he began to feel more of his cum roll down his cock and exit her tight ass, along with her pussy juice. After releasing a low gasp, he leaned forward and kissed Pandora on her neck, which caused her to giggle. “So, was it fun for you too, honey?” he asked her, as he slowly started to pull his cock out of his wife’s sex.

Pandora giggle naughtily as she felt her hubby’s erection fire more of its hot cum into her pussy, as she felt him kiss her neck, while at the same time feeling some of his hot seed start to exit her pussy, along with some of her pussy juice. Upon hearing his question, she lustily smiled, then answered, “Do you really need to ask me, honey,” before she released a light gasp as she felt his cock exiting her snatch. As she felt more and more of his erection slowly leave her pussy, she added, “I’m guessing that this means that we’re done, hmmmm?” The black and white-furred panda femme then snickered, before she released a loud moan as she felt his cock finally exit her sex, followed by her feeling some more of his hot seed exit her sex, as well as more of her love juice, some of which was soon dripping down her sexy legs. The blue-haired sex goddess then said to her big ursine hubby, “So, do you want to concentrate on getting wash, or are you interested in going another round?”

The male brown bear blinked as he heard his wife’s comment, especially as he can recall that it was her who had wanted him to drill her, after having first convinced him to come into the shower with her. “Wait, wasn’t this your idea…” he started to ask her, before he began to feel her ass teasingly rubbing itself against his crotch. “Now cut that out!!!” he said to her, before he heard her start to giggle, as it was obvious to him that she, at least, wanted to keep at it, as the water from the shower continued to roll down their forms.

As Benjermain felt his wife’s firm ass continue to rub itself against his groin, trying to get him to reenter her, as the water of the shower stall continued to hit against both of their sexy forms, back at DoeMare Productions, inside the dressing room that belonged to both Philip and his sexy wife, Helena, the black-wooled ram still laid on the floor, releasing a new lusty moan, as he felt his horny black and white-wooled wife move her tight snatch up and down the length of his eight-inch hard-on, trying to get him to unleash his hot load. At the same time, she was feeling her asshole being fucked hard by Catherina Schaf, as the German-born ewe was now the one wearing her strap-on with the ten-inch black dildo.

The raven-haired Grecian-born sex goddess, who continued to wear upon her sexy black and white form the cupless black bra that was holding up her firm 40D boobs and the black boots which were covering the lower half of her black feet, released a very lusty baa, as she felt first a hard thrust into her pussy by her hubby Phillip, followed by his hands giving her firm boobs a very firm squeeze, followed swiftly by a thrust into her tight rear door by the fully white ewe in the dark grey cupless corset, which held up her 40DD boobs, mauve stockings and black shoes. “Ooohhhh, yes, hhhhmmm, fuck me, you two. Aaaahhh, yes, fuck me good,” Helena said between hard thrusts, as she felt her pussy muscles suckle upon the black ram’s thrusting erection while her anal muscles were doing the same to the plastic cock that was presently invading her rear entrance. After she had released another lusty baa as she felt her hubby’s strong hands give her firm boobs another squeeze, she announced, “Yes, play with my, oooohhhhh, boobs good, honey. Hhhhmmmm, yeah, fuck me!!!”

The German-born blonde ewe continued to slide the black dildo in and out of the black and white-wooled porn goddess’ tight snatch as she slid it in time to the thrusts of the Grecian-born black-haired ewe’s black hubby’s eight-inch cock. As she listened to the lusty moans of her fellow ewe, Catherina announced, “Ooohhh, ja, du naughty little Greek slut, hhhhhmmmm, ich’m goink to make du cum, mit der help off dat hunky hubby off ihrs. Ja, take it all, du naughty slut!!!” She then began to feel Philip’s thick hard-on start to move itself even faster inside the moaning ewe’s tight cunt, which caused her to start doing the same thing with the dildo that she had earlier been given to her by Helena once she was done using it on her own tight ass. As she began to match the black ram move for move, the white ewe looked at Helena, watching her ride both of their cocks, her fake one inside the lusty female sheep’s anus, and Philip’s real one inside the black and white ewe’s tight pussy. After she had released a lusty baa, Catherina proceeded to thrusts the strap-on dildo even harder against Helena’s bouncing ass cheeks. “Ja, take it all, hhhhmmm, slut!!”

Philip released a lusty baa as he felt his wife’s tight snatch continue to slide itself up and down the length of his hard-on, while he watched her firm 40D boobs bounce inside his wooly hands in reaction to the hard thrusts being made against her firm ass cheeks by her own black dildo as it was being worn against the white-wooled German beauty’s sexy waist. As he gave his wife breasts a firm squeeze, causing her to release another lusty baa, Philip could feel his cock release some of its pre into Helena’s pussy, while at the same time he was feeling his ballsacs slowly filling up with his spunk, as his wife’s present riding of his eight inch hard-on, added to Catherina’s earlier riding of his cock, was moving him closer to an orgasm. As that occurred, he started to move his erection inside his wife’s snatch at a even faster pace, as he wanted to try to bring his naughty wife off at the same time his cock exploded inside her presently sucking snatch. “Hhhhhmmm, yes, baby, ride my big dick!!! Oooohhhhhh, yes, my naughty little slut, aaaaahhhhhhh, ride me good and hard!!” He then looked at the white-wooled ewe, as he saw her hammering away at his wife’s back door with the black and white-wooled female ovine’s own strap-on, which she had used earlier on the German-born ewe. The black ram, after releasing a light baa, said, “Yeah, you naughty little German slut Frau, help me, ooooohhhhhh, yes, ride me, honey, bring off my naughty wife. By the goddess, I, ooohhhhh, have often wonder where Eva have found both you and that naughty she-bear herm. Yes, aaahhhh, fuck her ass good, slut!!!” The ram then released another lusty moan as he felt Helena’s move her sex even faster against his groin. “Yes, hhhhhmmmm, ride me good, Helena!!!” he said, before he started to move his erection even faster in response to what Helena was now doing atop his eight-inch cock.

Helena released several lusty baas in quick succession in reaction to her feeling her hubby’s thick cock and her own dildo moving themselves in and out of her two tight holes one after the other. After she had felt Philip’s firm hands give her big boobs yet another hard squeeze, the black and white-wooled female ovine looked down at her hubby. For the next several seconds she watched her black-wooled significant other continuously thrust his eight-inch cock back and forth inside her tight snatch, as she enjoyed every hard move that he was presently making. “Hhhhmmm, yes, baby, pound your sexy little ewe with that thick, aaaahhhh, cock of yours. Oooooohhhh, yes, Philip, honey, fuck me good, you horny ram,” the Grecian-born ewe said to him, before she released a low gasp in response to Catherina’s groin bouncing itself several times against her firm ass cheeks with her strap-on. After a few more thrusts, the lusty ewe began to feel her anal and vaginal muscles starting to tighten themselves around the two invaders inside her two holes, which soon caused both Philip and Catherina to move their erections, both real and fake, even faster inside her pussy and anus respectively. The pair’s hard thrusts soon caused her to release a louder moan, as she felt first her pussy and then her anal muscles release some of its hot juices, which soon caused the two cocks inside her to move even faster inside her sexy form. “Hhhhmmmm, yes, by the goddess, fuck me with your two hard cocks. Aaaahhhhhh, yes, fuck me!!!!”

Catherina continued to push the black dildo forward as she joyously listened to the black and white ewe’s lusty moans, as she kept on fucking Helena from behind, moving her hips in time to the hard thrusts that the ewe’s hubby was doing from underneath her. The blonde ewe in the dark grey cupless corset, inside of which were bouncing her firm 40DD boobs, mauve stockings and black shoes, kept her grip upon Helena’s sexy waist, as she pulled the raven-haired Grecian sex goddess’ strap-on back, while the other ewe’s husband thrusted his real eight-inch cock back into her pussy. “Ja, du naughty Greek Frau, take ihr fake cock up dat sexy, hhhhmmm, ass of ihrs. Dat’s it, honey, ich vant to hear du baa for me. Oooohhhh, ja, Helena, cum for me, du slut!!!” Catherina said, as she began to push the ten-inch dildo at an even faster pace, forced to by her fellow ewe’s anal muscles. Catherina then released a light baa of her own, before announcing, “Ja, Herr Ram, make ihr slutty Frau cum, stud!!”

The black ram kept on thrusting his eight-inch erection into his lusty wife’s tight cunt, as he felt her vaginal muscles sucking on his hard-on, while he could feel the black fake one that the white German-born ewe was using continue to thrust into Helena’s rectum. As he gave his wife’s 40D boobs yet another squeeze with his hands, causing his Grecian-born ewe to let loose with a lusty baa inside their dressing room, Philip looked up at Helena. He smiled at her, before he released another low moan, as he began to feel her vaginal muscles starting to suckle his erection, obviously trying to bring him off, which shouldn’t be hard with the way that first Catherina and then his wife had been riding his cock, as his balls slowly began to fill up with his hot seed. After giving his wife’s firm breasts another squeeze, he said, “Ooohhh, yes honey, hhhhhmmmm, ride my dick with that nasty cunt of yours. Aaaahhhh, yes, make me fill that tight cunt of yours with my hot seed. Oooohhh, yes, ride me, my naughty slut!!” The raven-wooled ram then released a loud baa of his own, as he increased the speed of his cock thrusts, as he could feel that he was only seconds away from finally unleashing his hot seed into his wife’s presently tight sex. A few moments later, he felt his cock finally start to fire its seed into Helena’s greedy snatch, as she continued to ride him, a few moments before he started to feel her pussy juices starting to cover his still unloading erection. “Yes, help me bring my naughty wife, aaaaahhhh, off, slut!!!” he said to Catherina, as he felt her strap-on continue to hump his wife’s tight back door.

The raven-haired sex goddess released a loud moan as she felt her hubby once more give her boobs a hard squeeze as she felt more and more of his warm seed enter her tight snatch, as it mingled with the pussy juices that she was releasing at the same time, as she was also feeling the ten-inch dildo of her strap-on continue to be pushed in and out of her tight back door by the other porn ewe. “Hhhhmmmm, yes, make me cum, honey, ooohhhh, yes, fill my cunt with that hot seed of, aaaaaahhhhhhh, yours,” said Helena to her hubby, as she kept on pumping her tight sex along the length of Philip’s thick cock. She then added, as she started to feel her anal muscles tighten itself around the fake dildo that Catherina was presently wearing around her sexy waist, “Come on, your German twat, Eva would be hammering my tight ass by now. Hhhhhmmmmm, come on, oooohhhhh yeah, fuck my ass, slut!!!” Helena then released a lusty moan as she began to feel the strap-on being pushed in faster and harder inside her anus. “Yes, fuck me ass, you naughty German twat!!!” Helena said, as she felt even more of her hubby’s cum enter her snatch, while she felt her back door start to release its own juice. “Yes, fuck me, hhhhmmm, Philip!!!!”

As Philip continued to feel his spunk enter his wife’s riding pussy, and Helena was feeling the hot juices leaving both of her holes, while she released another lusty baa, the blonde German ewe continued to slam the strap-on that she had tied around her sexy waist against the Grecian ewe’s bouncing ass cheeks. After she listened to the comments that had exited the other two sheep’s mouths, especially the ones that Helena had said to her, the white ewe answered, “Oh, ich’ll hump du real gut, du Grecian cunt, don’t du vorry,” as she proceeded to move her hips even faster, which soon rewarded Catherina with even lustier moans from Helena. She then looked at Philip, as the black ram continued to fuck Helena’s pussy, as his cock kept on unloading its hot seed into his wife’s snatch. “Ja, brink ihr horny, hhhhmmmm, Frau off, Herr Ram. Make ihr, ja, take ihr dick cock up her tight ass, slut ewe, cum, stud. Und speakink off cummink Fraus, don’t forget about bringink me off. Ich am so, ooohhh, horny ich can cum right now!” The busty German ewe, as she felt her 40DD boobs bounce against her chest as they lay atop her cupless dark grey corset, could feel her pussy releasing some of its warm juices against the straps of the strap-on that was presently placed over it. Catherina released a short baa, before she started to slide the dildo even harder against Helena’s cock sucking back door.

As he felt his cock fire even more of his white spunk into his naughty wife’s tight sex, Philip looked at Catherina, seeing her continue to fuck his wife’s anus with Helena’s own strap-on. The black ram smiled at her, and after squeezing the taut nipples of his moaning wife’s 40D boobs, causing her to moan rather lustily, said to the white German-born ewe, “I bet that you’re very eager to cum, aren’t you, you German slut?” He then released a light moan, as he felt Helena’s pussy muscles tighten once again around his cock, trying to get her hubby to fire the last of his thick cum into her snatch. “Yes, fuck me, baby!!!”

Catherina looked over at Philip as she continued to thrust the fake dick in and out of the raven-haired ewe’s tight back door, while the black ram’s cock continued cumming inside his wife’s sex. The blonde, white ewe smiled, before she replied, “Need du ask, du naughty ram. Ich’m so horny, ich could cum right now vhile ich’m fuckink ihr naughty vife’s tight ass mit her own dildo.” She then look at Helena. With a naughty smile, she said, “Ja, take ihr cock up ihr ass, slut ewe.” She then released a naughty baa, before she lifted her paw, and gave Helena’s right tush several hard smacks, causing her to release a loud baa in the process. “Ja, ride it, slut!!!”

Helena, as she continued to feel her cum exploding hubby’s eight-inch dick and the dildo of her strap-on continue to move themselves in and out of her tight holes, released a lusty baa as she felt more of Philip’s cum enter her pussy, while at the same time feeling her right ass being slapped by Catherina’s right hand. As she heard the conversation that was going on between Philip and the German-born ewe, Helena interjected, “Yeah, baby. I want to see you bring the, aaahhhhh, German bitch off with your, oooohhhh, cock.” After she had released another lusty moan in response to her feeling Catherina’s hand smacking against her presently bouncing rump, Helena added, “Yes, Philip, baby, fill me with your, oooohhhhh, hot cum,” before she released a moan as she felt her pussy release even more of its hot juices onto the black ram’s thick cock.

The black ram, as he continued to look at Catherina, while at the same time feeling his wife’s cunt continue to move itself up and down the length of his erection, said to the horny white ewe, “In that case, aaahhhhh, yes, honey, ride my cock, take that fake cock out of my naughty wife’s back door, and I’ll, oooohhhh, bring you off, you German slut, and, hhhhmmmm, since I’ll soon be drained, you won’t have to worry about me cumming inside you, aaaahhhh, unless you want me to, slut!!!” Philip then released a loud bleat, as he felt his cock released a particularly hot load of cum into Helena’s cunt, telling him that he was at the moment drained of cum. “By the goddess, I feel so drained right now,” the big black-haired ram said to his wife, while he waited to hear a response from the German-born ewe.

The blonde ewe continued to slide the fake cock inside Helena’s tight back door, as she heard the comments from both Helena and Philip, especially the black ram’s response to her own earlier response to his query. She smiled, before she slammed the fake cock a few more times against the moaning raven-haired ewe’s bouncing ass cheeks, as she said, “Vell, let see iff ich can help du mit dat, mein herr?” Catherina answered Philip, before the buxom white-wooled ovine stopped moving her groin. Then with a naughty smile, she began to pull the ten-inch fake cock out of Helena’s asshole, causing the buxom black and white-wooled ewe to moan lustfully in response to her feeling the dildo of the strap-on slowly being pulled out of her tight back door. “Ja, moan for me, slut!!!”

Helena released a gasp as she felt the dildo of her strap-on exiting her tight back door as she continued to ride her hubby’s no longer cumming eight-inch hard-on. As she felt her pussy release more of its juices over Philip’s cock, she said, as she felt the strap-on finally exit her anus, “Hhhhmmmm, yeah, Philip, bring the German twat off.” She then released a lusty moan as she felt Philip’s hands give her 40D boobs another firm squeeze.

As Philip was releasing his grip upon Helena’s 40D boobs, as she started to move her cum-filled sex off of his cock, and Catherina was anxiously waiting to be brought off by him, as she was removing the strap-on from around her sexy waist, back inside Studio 3, the studio’s other German-born sex queen, the blonde she-bear herm, Gertrude Bär, was at that moment lying atop the queen-sized bed placed in the middle of the room, as she felt Wani Rei’s pussy continue to ride her nine-inch cock, causing her to release yet another lusty growl.

“Ja, ride mein grosse cock, du naughty skunky. Hhhhmmm, du always did like to fuck mit me, du vhore. Ja, ride me gut, slut,” said Gertrude, as her paws held a firm grip upon the white-haired skunkette’s sexy waist, as she felt Wani’s sucking snatch move itself up and down the length of her nine-inch erection. The blonde she-bear, who continued to wear upon her sexy black form both her white half-cup corset, as it continued to hold in her firm 40DD boobs, and her beige stockings, released yet another lusty growl, before she felt her cock fire some of its pre into the black and white-furred skunkette’s riding snatch. After she had released a moan, the Germanic she-bear said, “Ja, make me cum inside ihr hot cunt, mein horny little skunky!!!”

Wani released another moan as her pussy continued to move itself up and down the length of the she-bear herm’s thick cock, as she felt Gertrude move her own hips upwards to match her stroke for hard stroke. As she felt her 36C breasts bounce against her chest, the black and white-furred mephit looked downwards, soon seeing upon her sexy frame the black garterbelt that was placed against her sliding hips as they held upon both of her sexy legs her light brown stockings, before she looked at her pussy as she saw it continuously pound against the blonde she-bear’s groin. “Hhhmmmm, don’t you worry you, aaaahhhhh, yes, fuck me, Gertrude, I’ll make you cum if it takes me all afternoon. Oooohhhhhh, by the goddess, give it to me good you, hhhhhhmmmm, German whore,” the white-haired mephit naughtily announced, as she felt her pussy release some of its juices onto Gertrude’s cock several seconds after she had felt the German female ursine’s hard-on fire some pre into her sucking snatch. “Yes, fuck me hard, slut. Really give it to me good!” Wani said in a lusty voice, as the horny skunkette pondered how much longer the two of them could last before they finally brought each other off. After she had released another moan, the two-tone mephit started to move her hips from side to side as she began to perform a corkscrew motion, which, after a while, started to cause Gertrude to release a very lusty growl. “Yeah, moan for me, honey. And, hhhhhmmm, as for your earlier question, I just like, aaahhhh, riding your thick cock, you naughty German sow!!! Yeah, fuck me, slut!!!”

The German she-bear released a low grunt as she started to feel Wani’s tight pussy move itself around her cock in a corkscrew motion, while she was thrusting her cock inside it. Gertrude looked up at Wani, watching her sexy from move itself from side to side atop her own form, while she was sliding her nine-inch erection in and out of the white-haired mephit’s tight snatch. “Ich’ll fuck du alright, du naughty, ooohhhhh, skunky,” she said to Wani, as she proceeded to get a much stronger grip upon her waist, soon causing the two-tone porn queen to stop her corkscrew. Once she had Wani placed stationary upon her hard cock, she started to thrust it upwards, before pulling it back downwards, doing it faster with each hard thrust she made, while causing the black and white-furred skunkette to release some very loud moans. “Ja, slut, hhhhmmm, ride mein cock. Cum on, ooooohhhh, du can do better den dat, du tease,” Gertrude said to Wani as she slowly released her grip upon the skunkette’s sexy waist. The big she-bear then watched her start to ride her nine-inch cock once more, watching her firm boobs bounce against her sexy form, before she released a gasp, as she felt her cock fire more of its pre into Wani’s now sucking snatch, as she could feel her cock slowly starting to build up, so that it can finally release its thick load into the riding skunkette. “Hhhhmmmm, ja, brink me off, du naughty skuny!!! Ich vant to feel mein thick cum once again fillink up ihr tight snatch, slut!!!”

The black and white-furred skunkette simply moaned as she continue to ride the German she-bear’s erection, as she heard Gertrude announce that she was getting closer to cumming inside her. After releasing a light snicker, Wani commented, “If that’s what you want, big girl,” as she positioned her body. Once she was ready, Wani started to pump her cunt quick and hard against the buxom blonde female ursine’s groin, causing both her and Gertrude to moan lustily in reaction to each of her hard smacks that was made. As she pumped away, Wani felt some more pre enter her sex, before she began to feel the blonde she-bear’s groin moving up to match her present riding of Gertrude’s nine-inch erection. “Yes, aaaahhhhh, slut, fuck me with your, ooohhhhh, big dick. I want to, hhhhhmmm, feel its cum slushing inside me,” the naughty skunkette said to Gertrude, as she felt her pussy release some of its juices onto the she-bear herm’s thick cock, allowing it to move even faster and deeper inside her sex. The white-haired skunkette then proceeded to lick her lips, as she listened to the loud sexually sounds being caused by her ass cheeks bouncing against Gertrude’s thrusting groin, as she pondered how much longer before the bear sow’s thick meat finally exploded inside her cunt. “Come on, hhhhhhmmmm, slut, fill me up, already!!! I know you want to!!!” she said to Gertrude, all the while wondering if she would have her orgasm at the same time, all the while feeling her firm 36C boobs bouncing hard against her chest.

Gertrude released a lusty moan as she continued to bump her cock against Wani’s ass cheeks, as she felt the two-tone mephit’s tight sex continue to suckle upon her nine-inch member. With each thrust she made, in response to Wani’s pussy pounding against her groin, the horny German she-bear could feel herself getting ever closer to orgasm, as she continued to see if she could get the white-haired skunkette to join her. “Ja, slut, aaahhh, make me, hhhhmmm, cum inside ihr tight, aahhhhhhhhhh…” she said to the black and white-furred skunkette before she felt her cock finally unleash its thick load into the riding two-tone mephit’s pussy. As Gertrude felt more and more of her cream exit her cock and start to fill up Wani’s tight sex, she got a tighter grip around the younger jill’s sexy waist, before starting to slam her own groin against the white-haired mephit’s bouncing ass cheeks, determined to bring her present sexual partner off. “Ja, cum for me, slut!!!” she announced, before she released another lusty growl, as she felt even more of her hot spunk leave her cock, just as she felt Wani’s pussy release some of its own juices over her hard thrusting member, telling her that she was about ready to cum. This caused her to thrust her exploding cock even harder. “Ja, cum for me, slut!!!”

Wani lustily moan the very moment that she felt Gertrude’s cock fire its thick load into her sex, as she continued to pump her body up and down the length of the blonde she-bear’s snatch. As she felt more and more of Gertrude’s spunk enter her cunt, she felt the German-born she-bear starting to slide her cock even faster inside her sex, trying to get her to explode as well. “Yes, fuck me, slut, hhhhhhmmm, really give it to me good, you German whore!!!” the sexy white-haired jill said to the blonde sow, as she felt her juices exiting her sex, telling her that it was just a matter of time before she came as well. The small two-tone mephit then released a low lusty moan, as she tried to match the big she-bear herm’s hard thrusts with her nine-inch erection. After a few more thursts, Wani could no longer hold it as she released a very lusty moan as she started to have her own orgasm, as she felt more of her juices exit her sex, while at the same time feeling more of Gertrude’s cum entering her cunt as the two continued to mate. “Yes, oooohhhh, make me cum, slut!!!”

As she continued to feel her nine-inch hard-on fire its thick cum into Wani’s pussy, Gertrude kept on thrusting her hard cock into the white-haired mephit’s cunt, as she began to push her through her own orgasm, while she countered the moaning skunkette’s pussy constantly sliding itself up and down the length of her presently exploding cock. After she had felt even more of Wani’s pussy juice cover her cock, she said, “Ja, du naughty skunky, hhhhhmmmm, cum for me. Dat’s it, aaaahhhhhh, slut, take mein hot cum inside ihr tight twat. Ja, take it all, slut,” before she released a lusty growl, which was quickly followed by one that came from Wani. The sexy blonde she-bear herm at this point decided to get an even firmer grip around the skunkette’s sexy waist, before she really started to pound her sex, to make sure that she had an orgasm that she would never forget. The German sow smiled as she listened to the moans that were now leaving Wani’s mouth, as the black and white-furred mephit femme’s orgasm got even stronger, as did hers, as her cock released some more of its warm spunk, which was meet by more of the jill’s juices. “Ja, Wani, ride mein dick, hhhhhmmm, cock, mein slutty freund!!!”

The black and white-furred skunkette released another moan as she felt more of the blonde she-bear herm’s cum enter her snatch, as she continued to ride her hard thrusting hard-on. “Oooohhhhh, yes, Gertrude, hhhhhhmmm, fill me with your hot seed, you trampy German she-bear,” she said to the blonde herm between hard thrusts, as she felt her own pussy juices exit her sex and start to drip down the sides of her legs, while at the same time flowing down the German-born black bear’s nine-inch cock, as she continued to have her own orgasm. The white-haired jill then released a lusty growl, after feeling a particularly hard thrust inside her sex by Gertrude. “Hhhhmmm, yes, fuck me, aaahhhhh, slut, give it to me good!!!” she said to the hard pumping she-bear as she tried to match her stroke for hard stroke.

Gertrude continued to release a lusty growl as she kept on pounding her exploding cock in and out of Wani’s pussy, as the two horny femmes’ share orgasm started to come down. As she could feel her nine-inch cock stating to fire less and less of its cum, while she felt less of the white skunkette’s pussy juices covering her thrusting hard-on, she looked at the sexy back of the black and white-furred mephit, before she moved her head slightly to the right to look at Wani’s bouncing 36C boobs. “Ja, slut, ride me, hhhhmmmm, make me cum in ihr tight…” she started to say, when she heard a loud ahem, which sounded like it was coming from the door leading into Studio Three. Before she could say anything, she and Wani heard a familiar voice quip…

“Are you two naughty girls finished with the bed, yet?”

The blonde she-bear, and after a while, Wani, turned her head to look towards the studio’s door, whereupon she saw standing between the entrance a now dressed Cathy, a paper-loaded clipboard in one paw, and a cell phone in the other. Gertrude gave the small eyeglass-wearing blonde chippette a very weak smile, before she answered, “Uhm, ich dink dat, ooohhhhhh, ve should be done soon. Vhy do du ask?”

Wani, who released a lusty moan, as she started to feel her orgasm fading, added, “Yeah, Cath, hhhhmmm, what’s the rush? The studio isn’t suppose to be, aaaahhhh, yes, I just love to ride your, oooohhhh, cock, Gertrude, used until tomorrow morning.”

Cathy, with a smirk on her face, answered, “That is true, but the boss mare needs it now to use it for an impromptu audition.”

Hearing this caused both femmes to raise an eyebrow, as Wani began to slow down her thrusts upon Gertrude nine-inch monster, feeling sexually satisfied. “Really, anyone dat either off us might, oooohhhhh, know?” queried the blonde she-bear, as she felt Wani slowing down, telling her that the white skunkette was probably done, as she felt the last of her spunk exit her cock, and enter Wani’s pussy, while she continued to feel the pair’s previously released cum and pussy juice slide down both her cock and her muscular legs.

“Maybe. Do either of you know of a mouse by the name of Wildwind?”

As Gertrude shook her head no upon hearing the white mouse’s name, Wani said, as she finally stopped riding the she-bear’s erection, “I have. Or I should say that I have heard of him from my sister, Fatalis. He used to be a member of the same wrestling group that the boss mare was once in back in Vegas. According to her, he was a nice, if a bit of a flake. I know one thing, though, James isn’t going to like hearing that he might be joining our little group.”

Cathy looked at the now snickering skunkette, as did Gertrude, who was using her strength to pull Wani’s sex off of her cock, which she soon did, creating a loud pop. “Und vhy vould dat bother Eva’s husband?” the she-bear asked, as she placed Wani onto the bed, to her right.

“I want to know that myself,” added Cathy, as she watched Gertrude start to get off of the bed.

“Well, according to my sister, the little mousie constantly hit on him, driving James nut. Isn’t that hilarious?” responded Wani, as she started to giggle while she also got off the bed as well.

Gertrude, as she stood on the floor, looked back at Wani. “Seriously?”

“Oh yeah,” answered the skunkette, as she also stood on the floor, in front of the cum and pussy juice-covered queen-size bed, next to the tall she-bear. “Very seriously,” she added with a snicker.

Cathy smirked, before she said, as she started to lift up her cell phone. “Well, I don’t know if it’s hilarious, but I do know that I need to get this place cleaned up, before I get together the camera crew that I will be needing to record the audition.” As she began to dial the number for Gunner’s office, she looked once again at the black she-bear. “Care to have a little bit more fun, Gertrude?”

The she-bear herm, who, along with Wani, had been picking up her clothes, as she planned to take a shower in the female locker room to clean herself off, looked back at Cathy. “Maybe. Vat kind off fun?”

The blonde rodent, a naughty smile showing on her pretty face, answered Gertrude in a rather mischievous tone, “Participating in the audition, maybe?”

As she raised an eyebrow, the blonde, black-furred bear sow queried, “Any reason vhy du vant me to participate, Cathy?” as Wani picked up the last of her own clothing.

“Well, the boss said to surprise him during her earlier call to me about setting up the audition for her old friend, and considering the fact that you’re a herm…”

“Dat vould be un really big surprise, ja?” a presently smiling she-bear answered as she looked over at Cathy, who was presently talking on her cell phone to Gunner, the head of the studio’s cleaning staff, as well as the fur in charge of its special effects department, telling him to send a crew over to Studio Three to prepare it for the rather late audition. “Ich’ll be happy to participate, iff only to see der look on his face vhen he sees vat ich got hidden between mein loins.” Gertrude then turned around, and started to head for the Studio’s door, just as she saw Wani starting to leave the room, carrying her clothes, as she also planned to take a shower to clean her cum caked body off. “Ich’ll see du, once ich’d clean meinself off, und haff change into somethink un bit more, sexy.”

Cathy, who had just finished talking with Gunner, was at the moment dialing a new number on her cell, as she heard Gertrude’s voice. The blonde rodent looked quickly in the she-bear’s direction, just to time to see the sexy sow walk through the door. The eyeglass-wearing blonde chippette just smiled, as she heard a voice on the other end of her phone. “Hello, Peter, this is Cathy. Get your crew over to Studio Three when you get the chance. Why? The boss mare had scheduled a late audition for an old friend of hers from her old wrestling league. One who doesn’t mind being humped by guys. That’s right. He doesn’t. Anyway, be here in about half an hour. The crew that Gunner is sending to clean up the studio should be done by then. Ok, I’ll see you and your guys then. Later, Pete!” With that, Cathy ended her conversation with Peter Stripes, who was the company’s director for the majority of their gay films, who also participated in them. The blonde chippette then began to tap the buttons on her cell phone once again. .oO(Okay, I need to make two more calls, and then I’ll call the boss mare to tell her that everything should be ready in about an hour from now,) she thought to herself, as she looked up at the clock on the wall. .oO(Speaking of Eva, I wonder what she’s doing right now. Hopefully not tiring out the mouse. I’d rather do that myself. If he lets me, that is.) Cathy started to chuckle as she thought that, just as she heard a new, but familiar voice, answer her on her cell. The eyeglass-wearing brunette-furred naughty rodent then started to speak into her phone, while at the same time she could hear some voices approaching the studio’s door, telling her that Gunner’s cleaning crew was starting to arrive.

As Cathy was once more conversing on her cell phone, while she watched the crew that Gunner had sent to Studio Three start to clean up the studio of all of the cum and pussy juice that had been left behind by Gertrude and Wani, back in Eva’s office, the buxom sex goddess was still seated in her chair. But, it would appear that Wildwind was missing, as he was presently not seated in the chair that was placed before the redheaded mare’s desk. Also, the porn queen was presently moaning, her pink robe, the one that she had been wearing since the end of the porn scene for her latest Gertrude 0069 porn film that she had been doing inside Studio One with her husband, James, and Belle, was opened, revealing the half-cup black corset that she had been wearing beneath it, along with the hard nipples of her firm 38C boobs, as well as the upper part of her black fishnet stockings, which were being held up by the corset’s garters. As her head laid back against her chair, the redheaded porn mare moaned, “Oooohhhh, ja, Wildly, hhhhhmmm, lick mein pussy mit dat nasty tongue off ihrs. Aaaaahhhh, by der goddess, bring me off, du slutty mousie.” After releasing another moan, Eva looked downwards, whereupon she saw in front of her opened robe Wildwind’s head, as the white mouse was moving his tongue back and forth between the folds of her pussy, sliding it rather expertly between the lips of her sex. As her back proceeded to arch itself against the back of her chair, the redheaded Rhenish mare loudly moaned, “Ja, hhhmmm, make me cum, Wildly!!”

The white mouse moved his tongue around the brown-furred mare’s juicy snatch as he listened to the moans that she was presently making in reaction to his tongue working over her sex. The white mouse, who was in the nude and sitting upon his knees in front of the moaning sex queen, remembered what had led up to their present situation: The pair were simply talking to each other, before Eva decided to tease him by opening up her robes, showing him the half-cup black corset that she had been wearing underneath it, before she started to talk about their porn matches back in Las Vegas, as well as the times he simply couldn’t resist fucking her, even though everyone in the league knew that he was more into guys, as Eva, when she wasn’t being a pissed off mare, was one of those females who could charm anyone into fucking her, whether they were male or female. And her teasing had certainly charmed him into taking off his suit, and the tee-shirt and briefs that he had been wearing under it, and to go to work on her exposed sex, even though the two of them both knew that he would soon be involved in an audition. As his tongue now moved around the hard fleshy knob at the top of her pussy, causing her to release a lusty whinny, Wildwind reminded himself that he was as much responsible for this as the porn mare was, since he had teased her sex with his prehensile tail several times during the tour of the studio that she had given him before she brought him to her office, as well as his constant looking at her robes, trying to get a peak at the outfit that she was wearing under it, to find out what it was, before he watched her teasingly open it to finally reveal to his eyes the black half-cup corset and the upper half of her still firm 38C boobs and their taut nipples that had been hiding beneath her robes. While he was happy to know that his pussy licking was driving the sex mare crazy, Wildly would rather that he was doing this to Eva’s handsome husband and the thirteen-inch hard-on that he hid under his pants, although he knew that would never happen, as he knew that the hunky Scottish stallion was not into fucking guys. Still, it didn’t stop him from enjoying himself teasing the male Clydesdale, while hoping that the fact the he worked at a place where most of his fellow male performers actually swung both ways might have soften him up enough to make James at least be a little bit bi-curious. Thinking about himself actually feeling the stallion’s big cock pounding his tight mousy ass caused Wildwind to start moving his tongue even faster between the folds of the big Clydesdale’s sexy wife’s sex.

The brunette-furred Rhenish/Hanoverian mare released a lusty whinny as she felt the mouse’s naughty tongue move itself even faster along the length of her snatch, as it at the same time started to push itself even deeper inside her sex. As she arched her back once more against her chair, Eva said, “Oooooohhhhh, ja, lick mein pussy, you naughty mousie. Hhhhmmmm, make me cum on ihr, aaaahhhh, face, Wildy. Ja, oooohhhh, lick mein cunt gut, du horny mouse.” After releasing another gasp, the naughty sex goddess looked down at Wildwind, and looked at the way his head was moving as he moved his tongue between her cunt. The redheaded mare smiled for a few seconds, before she moved her arms until she soon had them placed on either side of Wildwind’s head. Before the white mouse knew what she was doing, she pushed his head forward until his mouth was pressed against her sex. “Hhhmmmm, really lick mein snatch, Wildy! Ve both know dat du vant to, du horny little mousie,” she said to him with a lusty giggle, before she released a much louder moan as the nude white mouse started to do what she wanted, his tongue moving deeply inside her snatch. As she kept his mouth pressed against her cunt, she moaned, “Dat’s it, nasty mousie, hhhhhhmmmm, lick mein pussy. Make me cum!!!” as she felt his tongue moving at a faster pace within her cunt.

Wildwind continued to move his tongue quickly between the folds of the moaning sex goddess’ juicy snatch, as he felt his lips being pressed against them by Eva’s strong hands. As his tongue moved deeper and deeper inside the mare’s sex, he mused, .oO(This is the, hhhhhmmmm, horny mare that I remember. She certainly haven’t mellow with age, that’s for sure. Eva is still a slut. And I don’t, hhhhmmm, think she wants it any other way. *Snicker* Naughty mare!!) The white mouse then moved his tongue at a faster pace inside Eva’s cunt, wondering if he could bring her off with it alone, or if he would need to use his cock as well, although he knew that he would shortly be needing to keep it ready for the audition that she was arranging for him, as he was tempted to find out if her pussy was as tight as he remembered it. To keep himself from being tempted to fuck the mare, Wildly proceeded to move his tongue even faster inside Eva’s snatch, hoping that it’ll cause the horny mare to have her orgasm. ,oO(Hhhmmmm, cum for me, you naughty mare!!!)

Eva released yet another whinny as she felt Wildwind’s tongue move even deeper inside her sex, sliding it at a much faster pace, telling her that he was trying to bring her off. The redheaded sex queen looked down at the white mouse, seeing that her hands were still pressed against both sides of his face, his mouth presently pressed against the lips of her sex, as his tongue kept on moving inside her pussy, making her hornier with each lick that he took. “Ooooohhhh, ja, lick mein pussy gut mit dat tongue off ihrs, du naughty mousie!!!” she said to Wildly, before she looked down again, as she saw his cock. She looked at it for a while, as she recalled the numbers of time he slid it inside her sex, her tight pussy muscles teasing it as he moved it in and out of her, although they both knew that he preferred feeling a thick cock pounding his anus. A few seconds later, as she felt some of her pussy juice start to exit her sex, before it was licked up by Wildwind’s tongue, she closed her eyes, while she once again lean her back against her chair, before saying to him, “Hhhhmmmm, feel like, ooohhhhhh, fuckink me, Wildy? Ja, aaaahhhhh, lick mein pussy!!”

The white mouse raised an eyebrow as he heard Eva’s question. After several more licks between her pussy, he tried to answer her, but, because of how tight his mouth was presently being pressed against her cunt, he mumbled his response, which caused the mare to release another whinny. Wildwind decided to continued doing that until Eva finally let go of his head so that he could answer her, while at the same time wondering if he really had the time to fuck her with his cock, which he knew was so eager to fuck something.

The big draft mare continued to gasp and moan in response to her feeling Wild’s mouth mumbling against her sex. After a few seconds of feeling that, she said, “Ohhhh, ja, ich forgot.” Eva then released a light snicker, which was followed by a moan, before she took her hands away from both sides of his head. She then looked down, watching the little white mouse move his face away from her snatch, before saying to him, with yet another light snicker. “Du vere sayink, Wildy?”

Wildwind, after he had pulled his mouth away from Eva’s sex, took in some air, as he heard her comment. He looked up at the seated porn goddess, looking at her sexy form inside the black half-cup corset and the open robe. The white mouse smiled, before he said, “Are you sure we really have time for me to start humping that tight pussy of yours? After all, we are waiting for that chippy friend of yours to call you back.” He then added, with a naughty smile, “Although, I am up for it, as I want to see if it is still a tight cunt.”

Eva listened, before she released a light snicker as she heard the mouse’s answer. “Du mean, feel it, don’t du, ja?” she replied with a smile. The buxom mare then heard the phone on her desk beeping. “Hold dat naughty thought, Wildy,” she said to Wildwind, before she moved her chair slightly forward, forcing the mouse to move himself until he was now under her desk, as she touched her phone’s intercom button. “Ja, Eva here. Ja, Cathy? Der studio should be ready im un couple of, oooohhhh, minutes? Dat’s, hhhhhmm, wonderbar. Ja, Wildy und ich vill be, aaaahhhhh, der shortly. Vat? Hhhhmmm, let’s just say dat Wildy und ich are rememberink old times. Hhhmmm, don’t vorry, ich’ll make sure dat he’ll be ready. See du soon, Cathy. Auf Widerhören!” Eva released the intercom button on her phone, before she released another lusty moan. She looked down, and saw that Wild was once again licking her sex. The porn queen hornily chuckled, before she said, “Der drei studio ist almost ready. Ich guess ve von’t haff time for du to, ooohhhhh, ja, suck mein sex, Wild!! Ich’m almost, ooohhhhhhh!!!!!!” The Rhenish mare then released a loud moan as she felt herself having her first orgasm since that morning’s filming. As she felt her pussy juices start to flow inside her snatch, Eva screamed, “Ja, bring me off, Wild, du naughty mouse!!!”

The naughty white mouse continued to move his tongue in and out of the big mare’s snatch, licking up her presently flowing pussy juices, as he was helping to push her through her orgasm. As he did so, he was disappointed that he won’t have the time to slip his cock between the folds of her sex and hump her for a while. .oO(Hhhhmmmm, maybe ich can do it after my audition is over,) Wildwind thought, as his tongue slipped even more of the lusty mare’s warm cream into his mouth, as he continued to bring Eva off.

The German-born sex queen continued to moan loudly in response to Wildly’s nasty tongue going back and forth inside her juice releasing sex, as he continued to bring her off. Eva, as she felt more and more of her juices exit her sex, which was then licked up by the white rodent’s tongue as he kept on pushing her through her orgasm, could feel that it was just a matter of time before her orgasm would finally end. “Ja, du naughty mouse, give it all du, oooohhhhhhhh….” the buxom redhead said to the mouse, as she felt herself going once again, something that she knew rarely happened with her, but she was feeling it now. “JA, make me cum hard, Wild!!!”

Wild’s tongue was moving faster than normal as he could feel Eva going through a second, harder, orgasm. As he did, the white mouse thought, .oO(Hhhhmmm, I must’ve hit her g-spot at the right moment for this to happen,) as he continued to lick the porn mare’s snatch. The mouse, as his tongue kept on moving between the folds of Eva’s pussy, could feel that her orgasm was finally starting to subside. .oO(It’s about time you started to come back down, you naughty mare. Not that I’m complaining about this little reminder of the past. *Hee hee*)

Eva began to feel her orgasm starting to calm down, while she could also feel her pussy juice beginning to slow down, as Wild continued to lick her snatch. After she had felt his tongue move across her sex a few more times, she said to him, “Ok, aaaahhhhh, dat’s enough Wildly. Hhhhmmmm, der studio should be ready by, oooohhhhh, now ja?” She then released a loud moan in reaction to his tongue now teasing her clit. “Okay, enough already, oooohhhhhh, du naughty mouse!!” she said with a loud naughty snicker.

The white mouse kept on moving his tongue between the buxom redheaded mare’s pussy, licking up whatever pussy juices was still flowing, in spite of Eva telling him to stop. This would continue for a few more seconds before Wild finally decided to stop. He then slowly lifted up his head until he was looking up at the mare’s well-formed body, especially her 38C boobs. With a naughty smile, he quipped, “Did you say something, beautiful?”

The redheaded porn queen, after allowing herself to first recover from Wild’s nasty tongue, she looked back down at the white mouse, noticing the pussy juice that was at the moment covering his mouth, as he smiled at her. She shook her head, before saying, “Ha ha, very funny, you naughty mouse. Ich vould highly suggest that you clean ihr face off before you put your clothes back on. Ich gather dat der studio should be ready by now.”

“Whatever you say, you naughty mare,” Wildwind said with a naughty grin, before he moved away from the mare’s sexy form. After first getting onto his feet, the white mouse then went over to a box of Kleenex that was placed on Eva’s desk, and quickly pulled a few of the white sheets out of it. He then began to use them to clean off his face.

As Wildwind was cleaning her juices off of his face, Eva looked down at her pussy, noting that it was covered in her just released juices. She snickered, as her right hand went to a drawer placed at the top of her desk, and, upon reaching it, pulled it open. She looked into the open drawer, and saw inside it several items, including several large pre-moisten towelettes. She took a few of the towelettes out of the drawer, planning to use them to clean her pussy. As she started to open up one, after having first placed the rest atop her desk, the buxom porn star looked over at Wildwind, who she saw was starting to put his clothes back on, starting first with his underwear. She smiled, while thinking, .oO(Ich hope dat du are just as enthusiastic durink ihr audition, Wildly?) as she continued to clean off her sex, while hearing him starting to once again hum “Macho Man,” which, after a while, caused her to start chuckling.

To Be Continued

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