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Taken Care Of the Boi's

Lilith could see he was lathered an panting as he fucked into her! She knew
what was going to happen next, so braced herself for it by grabbing double
hands full of his white mane! And curling her calves around his massive
thigh's, she could feel his huge nut's slapping her as he pounded wildly!
Cameron straining to pump harder ,his hairy body out of control with primitive
desire! Bestial lust drove him on, as he buried his equine pleasure scepter
deeper an deeper into her quaking body! Squishing noises filled the air as
the beautiful mare flexed an withered under the onslaught. Cameron's whole
body pulsed and shook as he slammed faster and faster into Lilith's hot
quivering pussy! Throwing back his head the big stallion whinnied in
pleasure like the animal he was! But instead of thick scalding hot cum
poured into her, a thin watery dribble erupted. Lilith shook all over as
spasm's raced through her loins, she babbled helplessly as she licked an
kissed his soft lip's. Then she giggled like a school girl as his weak watery
cum spurted into her salami crammed cunt! Laying back in exquisitely
complete satisfaction, she thought he'd lasted much longer than usual.
Cameron had collapsed onto the blanket beside her, his long oozing equine
fucker still laying across her leg dripping clear watery fluids on to her inner
thigh's. The big equine was not as pleased as his mare, his big organ had
almost not harden enough to penetrate her. And his orgasm had felt strange,
and really should still be pumping out his seed. From a long stiff organ, but
his organ now lay limp. The pitiful watery dribble mocking him, as he lay
sweating and panting. Normally with his mare in heat, his big organ would be
ready to go again by now. Idly he scratched at the under side of his ball's,
feeling dry skin flake off. Wondering if his resent check up had anything to do
with his lack of stamina. His big orb's had remained numbed afterwards, he'd
not noticed it for a few days. But as he was pounding his mare's it had
become apparent, his big orb's swung and battered without feeling against
they're soft bodies. He winced as a burning, prickly sensation flared at the
base of his thick limp cock. As it sank back into it's sheath, reaching down he
rubbed it uncomfortable. Thinking he might just need to go see the Vet again


Doctor Knuttacor smiled politely as he escorted the babbling mare to the
door. Her chatter rolling off him like rain from duck feathers. "Indeed so Miss
O'Malley." He agreed quickly picking up the clip board with the next patients
paper work. "You have a good day now." He said, pleasantly dismissing her
as he quickly looked out into his waiting room and smiled. Seeing that his
remaining patients were all big strong male's. "Next Ahhhh Jesse Palmer."
He called, watching the tall young Clydesdale stallion stand and swagger
over. "Your one of Cameron's boys aren't you?"
"Yes sir." The young stallion answered as he followed the much smaller
stallion down the hallway. The handsome young Vet led him into the
operating room, and ordered him to undress. The young stud shucked off his
baggy clothing easily. And was soon standing before the Vet naked and
unashamed, and indeed the stallion had little to be ashamed of. His young
body was powerfully muscled, years of hard farm work. And football
practices had molded, and sculpted his naturally powerful equine body! And
those well defined muscles were well displayed under his bright bay fur. His
long shaggy white mane and fetlocks contrasting nicely. But it was his big
thick sheath, and massive bulging nut sack that drew Doctor Knuttacor's
attention. Oh yes this lad was very much like his father, his fur color might
differ. But where it counts, he was quite the stud indeed! Just then the back
door banged open. And a coverall clad delivery dog came stomping in.
Pushing a set of hand trucks with three big box's on it.
"Where ya want these Doc?" He asked pausing to look the young Jesse over
leeringly. As he rolled the big box's marked `Neuticle Corp'.
"Just put them in the corner." Doctor Knuttacor grunted looking slightly
"Ya sure go through a lot of'em." The big Shepard grunted, as he placed the
box's where indicated. And handed the paper work to the Vet, who signed it
"It's a disposable world anymore!" He answered, quickly ushering the
delivery dog out. Then turning back to the naked young Jesse he smiled.
"Sorry about that I hope his intrusion didn't embarrass you."
"Nawww." The young stallion drawled. "I'm use to other guy's seein' me
naked." He assured, then as the handsome Vet arched an eyebrow he
quickly added. "In tha locker room I aint no fag or nothin'."
"Oh of course never thought you were!" The Doctor assured, secretly
pressing a button to summons his nurse. "So whats your position on the
football team?" He asked as he took out his light pretending to look into the
young stallion's ear's.
"I'm the quarter back and a team captain." Jesse bragged thrusting his chest
out proudly. When the pretty young nurse came in, and the young jock
jumped in surprise as he saw her. Big three finger's hand's cupping over his
huge organ's. Only covering about three quarters of them, as a bright red
blush spread over his muzzle.
"You called me Doctor?" She asked inquisitively, looking Jesse up and down
"Ahhhh yes ms Buxom." The Vet smirked amused, noting the young jocks
reaction the females presents. "Would you prepare a Hydrocortisone rectal
enema for my young patient here." The pretty young female smiled
mockingly as she heard this.
"Oh course Doctor." She answered favoring Jesse with a amused and
scornful gaze. As she left to get the things ready.
"That's quite impressive it must run in your family." Doctor Knuttacor said
cheerfully delighting in the jocks embarrassment and discomfort.
"Huh?!?" Jesse grunted looking down at his hands which were bulging to
hold back his big organ.
"So are your brother's on the team as well?" The Vet asked seemingly
making small talk as he continued his exam.
"Oh Ahem Carson is" The Jock grunted, his mind at last snapping back to
what was going on. As the nurse closed the exam room door behind her.
"Jerome's on the wrestling team."
"And when will I be seeing them?" Doctor Knuttacor asked as he cupped the
jocks big ball's in his hand. "Turn your head and chough." He ordered rolling
and fondling those huge male orb's in his finger's. His own blunt cock head
peering up out of its sheath, tenting the front of his scrubs. As he pretended
to feel for a hernia, but was really just feeling the young jock up.
"Errr in a day or two Pa told them to come in soon." Jesse confirmed, more
comfortable with the male feeling him up. Than with a female just being in
the room.
"Ahhhhh good good." The Vet purred as he finished his examination, and
moving the young equine over to a big leather harness. Which was
suspended from a ceiling hoist by thick chains.
"Uhum what's this?" Jesse asked a little uneasily as Doctor Knuttacor began
fitting the harness around his body.
"All just part of the treatment." The Vet assured easily wrestles the young
jock's powerful arm's into the suspensions chuffs. "Now just cooperate and
we'll have you ready for treatment in no time."
"Errr ok." The young jock grunts a bit taken aback, as his big arm's are pulled
up. This strangely making his big organ jerk up even faster! As the leather
cuff's pull tight over his wrists, then a wide set of straps are fitted around his
torso. At last the Doctor kneels, placing wide leather cuff's around the
stallion's slender ankles. The standing up, he took the corded controller and
pressed a button.
"And up we go!" He chuckled, watching the big jock panic slightly as he was
lifted into the air. "Easy easy now." Doctor Knuttacor snickered enjoying the
jock's discomfort, as he turns on a winch. Jesse's leg's being spread wide
apart, rump pulled up. His head and upper body hanging lower, so his long
semi hard cock was flopping in his face.

"Is this really necessary?" Jesse asks beginning to feel somewhat
uncomfortable, as his thigh's are spread wide and secured. The Vet stands
between his legs, watching as the handsome jock's rump is bared and made

"Oh my yes!" The Doctor purred moving up between those long sexy equine
legs. Gloved hand's sliding slowly up Jesse's muscular thigh's. Cupping and
squeezing those big round buttock's, a leering smile on his muzzle. As he
fastened another strap to the young jock's tail. Using the ceiling hoist to lift
the tail up out of the way. "We need to flush unhealthy diseases from your

"My My Colon?" Jesse asked alarmed, as he realized what part of his body
that was going to effect.

"Indeed so my boy!" The Vet purred, his latex covered finger tip sliding
smoothly around the rim of the young stud's anus. Those thick finger's cold
with lube, as he inserted first one then another. Forcing the young stallion to
exhale loudly, from the sensation. "Only the sheath has more chances for
infection, if not cleaned well and regularly." At that moment, the young nurse
came trotting back into the room. Making the young jock's blush brighten
even more. Struggling for a moment to try and cover himself. But suspended
in the air as he was, there was simple no way to do it. So he hung there
head lowered to hide his embarrassment. Even as his long thick stallion
hood slapped against his chest in full erection. "Ahhhh Nurse Buxom won't
you please do the honors." The Doctor chuckled, knowing that would be
even more degrading for the jock. Quickly the Vet moved around in front of
the suspended Jesse. Then reached back over the young stud's body, to cup
and spread Jesse's ass cheeks. His crotch now pressing against the young
stud's muzzle. With a giggle the pretty young nurse moved up behind him.
Spearing the long tip of the huge enema bag into the young stallion's well
lubed anus. Drawing a loud excited gasp from Jesse, as he's penetrated.
Making the jock inhale the thick male musk of the Vet's loins. The big wet
pre-cum spot on the Doc's scrubs rubbing against the jock's muzzle. He
struggles and moans softly as the hot medicated solution fills his bowels.
"Yes that's it." The Vet encourages as the pretty young nurse squeezes the
bag. "Lets see how much we can get in there." He leered excitedly, as he
feels Jesse's soft mobile equine lip's mouth at the pre-cum stain. Contrary to
his earlier statements, the young jock's mouth was becoming quite fawning.
His hot tongue tip rubbing over that spot, even as his lip's close around it
suckling softly. If his nurse hadn't been there, he'd have taken out his equine
cock. And let the young stallion suckle on it proper, however as it was. He
had to be satisfied with just grinding his crotch against Jesse's muzzle. The
young stud wiggled and moaned uncomfortably as his bowels filled. But was
to embarrassed to protest, his tormenter the pretty young nurse seemed
intent on getting it all within him! At last she looked up at the Doctor, triumph
on her muzzle as she said.

"It's all in Doctor."

"Very good Ms Buxom!" The Doctor congratulated, with a lewd smile.

"Nothing I wasn't trained to handle in Nursing school." She assured

"Of course" The Vet answered his mind already planning a new humiliation
for the jock. "Have you ever handled one of those?" He asked gesturing to
Jesse's raging dripping hard on.

"No well not professionally." She answered, gazing down at the huge organ
with a mixture of awe; and denigrating amusement.

"I fear young Mr. Palmer here has gotten a bit to excited for the rest of his
examination." The Vet lied. "Perhaps you could alleviate that for him." He
smirked laying a tube of lubricant into her gloved hand's.

"I will do my best Doctor." She answered, opening the tube. To fill her latex
covered palms with the clear cool jelly. Kneeling down under the suspended
and helpless stud. She pulled his long organ down and spread the lube over
his length.

"Ohoooo!" Jesse moaned in a high pitched voice as her slick hand's
caressed his long rock hold cock. His mouth slobbering and licking at the
growing wet spot even more eagerly. As the nurse's well lubed hand's
stroked down his length, one after the other. Clutching tightly as his smooth
hard throbbing flesh. One stroking down it from base to tip, while the second
is reaching back up to the base. "Uhuuuu uhu!" The young jock moaned in
pleasure his strong body reacting to the stimuli. Back arching thrusting and
humping, frothy sweat forming on his sleek coat. So embarrassed he buries
his muzzle in the Vet's crotch, as the pretty female paw's him off! Leaning
across his body once again, the Vet grasps the enema bag. Using the hard
plastic nozzle like a probing finger, he found the young jock's prostate.
Grinding the nozzle against that hard knot savagely, making the jocks hot
breath pant over his genitals. "Oho lordy I'm cummin'!" The young jock
squealed. Jesse's powerful body went into wild contortions, as his big blunt
cock head flared. Mighty testicles drawing up inside their sac, long organ
tensing rock hard in the nurses grip. Then he was bucking and whinnying
loudly, as big spurts of gooey stud milk splattering onto the tile floor! Watery
green dribbles escaping his over filled anus, as his cock tensed and released.
Spurting four huge gobs of thick white spunk onto the floor.

"Nicely done Ms. Buxom for neophyte you did very well!" The Doctor

"Why thank you Doctor Knuttacor." She chimed happily at the praise.
Standing up she stripped off her latex gloves.

"Only as much as you deserve." The Vet purred, thinking she was proving to
be an even better assistant than he'd expected. "Now if you'd please see Mr.
Cobb into the Operating room." "And get him settled in."

"Of course Doctor." She agreed at once, slipping the enema nozzle from
Jesse's taut anus. And leaving the room at once, as soon as the door had
closed. Jesse let out and explosive breath, his big round donut shaped anus

"Can I let it go?" He demanded, the strain of holding all that medicated water
inside of his rump clear in his voice.

"In a moment we must give the medication time to work." The Vet
commanded. "Here this will give you something else to concentrate on." He
grunted lifting the spent stud's head, and sliding down his scrubs. Then
rubbing his pre-cum slickened head over Jesse's lip's. Those hot drool
covered lip's parted at once, letting the vet's big blunt cock slip in. It was
instantly obvious from the young jock's suckling lip's, and lapping tongue.
That he had some experience at sucking cock. "Hahaha!" The Vet chuckled
irreverently, so the super jock was a secret cock sucker. Reaching down his
gloved hand's caressed the young stallion's cheeks. "You've done this
before!" The Vet moaned softly as he humped Jesse's muzzle. "Be honest
now" He breathed gently rubbing Jesse's neck tenderly.

"Ummmm Hummmm." The young jock moaned around the thick stallion
hood within his mouth. The Vet moved in until his big blunt cock head
pressed against the back of Jesse's throat.

"Swallow." The Vet grunted, waiting until he felt the jock's throat work. Then
thrust his long organ down Jesse's throat. The young stallion choked and
gagged at first, but in minutes was taking it like a pro! Grasping the jock's
ear's, he muzzle fucked him lustfully. Sooner than he wanted he was
exploding down the big jock's throat. "Alright you can let it go." He panted as
his cum filled Jesse's stomach. Releasing his straining muscles, the young
stallion moaned and gasped. A torrent of greenish water blasting out,
followed by small lumps of equine dung. The fragrant smell of it thick in the
air, as the Vet pulled his long organ from the jocks mouth. Leaving Jesse
hanging head down, the slowing flow from his anus. Dribbling down his big
sagging ball's, snaking down his long slowly softening cock. "Messy boy."
The Vet snickers moving around to Jesse's rump. First using anti bacterial
cleanser and clothes to clean the area up. Noting as he did that the
medication had done its work. The jock's anus and taint was numbed from
sheath to anus. Carefully he pinched the flesh his fingers finding the tiny
nerve cluster. Taking a disposal scalpel from his jacket pocket, he swiftly
plunged it in. In one quick move, severing all the nerves going into the young
stallion's penis. Smirking as he watched the big organ retract quickly into its
hiding place. Deciding not to take the horny young stud's testicles, even
though he would undoubtedly take that big cock the next time he saw him.
Stanching the blood with a bit of glue, he lowered the young stud. "Well
that's it." He smirked as he unstrapped Jesse, then slapped him on the back.
"You did well now get dressed and head on home." He ordered as he left the
room, going to see about Mr. Cobb.


As the night wore on Cameron's big organ became more and more soft and
useless. Though he'd managed to breed both his mare's. It was a mighty
struggle for him, something he was unaccustomed to. And over the next few
days, his mighty organ did not recover. He was able to jack himself off at
first, but soon it stopped getting hard enough for even that! And as he
worked in the fields, the burning within his sheath only got worse. Perhaps
the two were related, it was the fourth day. When his oldest came home from
his visit to the Doctor. That the stallion decided to go see the Vet himself.

"Ya see the Doc Jesse?"

"Yes sir." The handsome young stud answered, his muzzle reddening with

"He fix ya up did he?" Cameron asked, totally missing his son's
embarrassment and discomfort.

"Uhu huh." Jesse grunted in between mouthful's of food, still tasting the Vet's
cum within his mouth. And his anus still sore from the enema nozzle, and
massive overflow. After dinner Cameron made a quick call, and was happy
to hear the Vet agree to see him after hours. He decided not to tell his family
about it, to embarrassed by the nature of the problem. Sneaking off into the
evening's twilight, he hurried into town. Glad to find the Vet's outer office
empty of that nosey Roanna. Quickly he hurried back down the hallway,
finding the Vet in the operating room. Like he had on his first visit, the
handsome young Vet smiled when he saw him.

"Ahhhhh good evening Cameron." He greeted. "What can I do for you?" He
asked, knowing full well the bacteria growing within the stallion's sheath.
Was probably unbearable by now, and noting the way Cameron was walking

"I I got this powerful burning and prickly in my inside my sheath." He
complained, rubbing and pinching at his groin. "And and I've been having
trouble getting' keeping it it up!"

"Oh dear!" The Vet said in faked concern. "Undress and hop up on the table,
so we can have a look at it." The big Clydesdale stallion quickly done as
instructed. Placing the stallion's big hooves in the stirrup's, the Doctor spread
his leg's wide. Carefully he slipped a spreader into Cameron's sheath mouth.
Then cranked it open peering down into the opening. Using one gloved hand
to tugged the stallion's long thick organ out. Pretending to look the red
irritated shaft over carefully, all the while shaking his head. And muttering
darkly under his breath, the farther toward the base he went.

"Errr what is it Doc?" Cameron asked fear and anxiousness in his voice.
"What's wrong."

"And infection Cameron." The Vet explained, his voice full of false sympathy
and faked compassion.

"Uhem oh?" The big stallion questioned. "How bad is it?" Watching in
distress as the Vet's muzzle took on a serious look.

"I can save you!" Doctor Knuttacor answered slowly. "But it will take a
radical penectomy right now!" The Doctor explained shoving a note board in
front of the big horse. It had only a single form on it. "This is a release
saying you want me to use this treatment on you." The Vet explained.

"Penectoe huh?" Cameron asked clearly not understanding.

"It's the only way I can stop the spread!" Doctor Knuttacor said urgently.
Watching with delight as the big farmer scrawled his name onto the form.
Instantly he strapped the big stallion down, and gave him a quick injection.
"A lot of males would have died rather than have their penis's cut out!" The
Vet chuckled. "Glad to see your smarter than that!" He smiled down as the
huge stallion, watch his eyes widen in shock and horror. As he realized what
was about to happen to him!

"Penis cut out!" Cameron repeated his big equine eye's wide, glancing down
at his organ. Which lay thick and limp stretched across his belly. Watching
as the Vet begins to paint it with iodine, cleaning and stretching the big organ
out to its maximum length. Then begins feeding a long steel tube down the
horse's urethra. Making the big former stud squirm and grunt uncomfortably.
Once the catheter was fully in, the Vet smiled down again lifting the scalpel.

"Last chance." He said grinning down at the big farmer.

"NNNNUUUU." Cameron grunted the powerful drug making him slur

"As you wish!" The Doctor smirked and bending over, and going back to
business. The scalpel is carefully placed into position. Cameron's big body
jerks, as he feels the blade slowly slice into his mighty filly fucker. The razor
edge biting deeply as it circles the root of that huge shaft. The Vet reaches in
and begins rearranging things pulling the muscles apart. Reforming them as
he adjusts Cameron's urinary tract. A speculum peeling down to the root of
the former stallion's cock, carving the tendons away gently; one at a time.
Until his huge cock hangs loosely in his sheath. He tugs it, lightly, shifting it
back and forth. Something scrapes and tingles deep within his groin.
Another snip and some manipulating, then his big dick goes dead. Suddenly
the cock could be anyone's a huge, thick, meaty shaft laying lifeless. And
then it's lifted away slid up the metal catheter.

"Oooooooo!" Cameron moaned as he watched his huge organ slipping
away. The Vet carefully pulling the shaft up, then tossing it away.

"You know" The Vet mused. "With your sheath empty I could turn it into a
pussy really easy." He smiled down at Cameron, who's muzzle had a new
look of terror on it. "But you'd have to sign another form for that!" "Maybe
next time huh."

FIN of Chap 2
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