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The Story Behind The Forgotten Empire

In 1997 it was not easy to get any serverspace beyond 10 mb. So what to add? I got permission from two friends to use also their server space that the internet company give for free, so I had 3 x 10 mb to start with. What to add? The furry map was not so big but the smallest map was the bestiallity map.
I really liked some drawings from two artist and as they both give permission to add their artwork I started with that. I, of course, also added a misc section and then it was the name...

I didn't want to use my real name, and that is several reasons for that: My real name is little to long to use, I prefer short names. Some letters in my language is not allowed on internet servers, so it shouldn't even be possible to add the name correct. I also decided that my real name, and life, was of no important as it was the artwork and the artist that should be in the spotlight. Then it was also needed to do the site userfriendly with thumbnails, not to heavy graphic and so on.
I have read a story about a evil unicorn that have the name Aradd. In that story, the unicorn was white, but i decided that it should be black. The story was written by R. Keith Peck. I noticed that he is still on internet and you can use this link to read his stories.
I decided to call myself Aradd. A short and easy name to remember, I hope. Then what should I be... Well, in real life, I think and hope, I am not the only one that is nice & kind, and a human... Maybe that you that is reading this is not, but at least, I think you are a human. Well, internet have nothing to do with my real life, so why not change mostly of it?
So a evil black unicorn, that it will be!

As the website was small, the site was started online with the name:

Aradd - The Black Unicorn's Den.

Yes, we are still in 1998 but now at the end of the summer... After some time I got the another server and it used annoying banner. I don't like banners as they often also slows down the webbrowser. Maybe you have notice on some sites that your browser just is waiting and if you check what it is waiting for, you can see that it is the banner for the site that slows it down. I tricked it as I put only the links for download the artwork to that site and all webpages was still at the three 10 mb servers. Everything was linked togheter so mostly visitors didn't know that they was travelling around four servers. Three was in Sweden and one in Italy...

It worked well, and now we are in 1999. One thing that was different was the animal mating movies, but information about that is added in Kondor. It was some problems first with the movies, but it later worked very well. As the site was bigger, it was changed to

Aradd - The Black Unicorn's Stable.

Then the time moves on and I also got a mail from Techwolf that notice that I again, got problems with the movies. The reason was that the company that have the server in Italy, with allowed 100 mb for free, was sold to another company that shot down all servers so I lost my server space there. The new server, with 100 mb, didn't allowed any movies. I also tried to have a server that was not free. But the costs is not low and as you know it is not so easy to ask visitor's to donate month after month. That is not any solution I ever want to get back to.

Then I got a mail Techwolf. He told me that he have serverspace so I linked the movies to his server at wereanimal.net. The site expanded again and the name was changed to:

Aradd - The Black Unicorn's Castle

The character that, maybe some of you, think is a little mr know-all, but it is a reason for that: The Black Unicorn have the power to do what he want. That is not to put him in the spotlight, instead it was needed just to change things. As he can do what he want. So with a story that he killed the king and queen and took over the kingdom. That was, as sometimes before, also including a bigger update and the sites name was changed to:

Aradd - The Black Unicorn's Kingdom.

The time was running on and I have always got the idéa to have the site with different names on, but befor that it was needed to make another work: What today is known as Kandor. That section was released in september 2004 after, as usually, several hours of work. More about that you can read in the Kandor section. In 2005 the new name was added. I also wanted to have the same ground look for all sections but with different colours. The colour should also, easy, tell the traveller in which land he/she was in. The name was changed to:

Another World!

The Empire of Aradd The Black Unicorn.

After some several years I noticed that the site was forgotten by mostly of the artist that is on it. The reason is that today you have many other sites, like SoFurry, FurAffinity & Furnation, for example. I think they can continue with the work, instead of me. So the name was changed to

The Forgotten Empire of Aradd The Black Unicorn.

And that is still the name. The eight of december 2010 The Forgotten Empire was closed. The reason was that it was much work with this. I do the work for free and it takes a lot of time. Some fans for the Forgotten Empire wanted it back and at the end of 2011 the site was put online again.
Maybe some people like the site as others today mostly like each other, it is like many other things today. Otherway the sites have some changes that is not added: For example the artist sections shouldn't just be called: A-C and so on. From the beginning was the idéa that they should have own names. A-C should have a name that started with the letter A. D-F should start with the letter D, and so on. It would look little better that travellers was going true different landscapes. But I have not released that idéa yet, and as it look, I don't think it will ever happend...

Kondor - The land with the animal's themself (Not online)
Kandor - The land with the furry equine's (Not online)
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