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A interview with a Black Unicorn

Jim Clinch was nervous. The location of the chosen meeting point could have been in a scary B-movie: Out of town, on the border of the large wood. He parked the car and, as he didn't smoke,
he took a chewing gum. He got a request from The Travellers that they wanted a interview done. To get some answers to some questions.
"Nice choice."
He looked around and what he saw was not what he expected to see:
"What...? Who are you...? Is this a joke?"
Death laughed:
"No, this is not the production of Scary movie, but maybe it would have been better for you..."
"What is happening here, is this for real, or..."
"Yes, of course it is, leave your car here and follow me..."
Death turned around as Jim got out of his car and locked it. He had a feeling that this interview should be something completely different...
His thoughts were interrupted as a kind of teleporter appeared a few meters before him.
"So," said Death. "Time to travel the real business class..."
"Where does this goes to?"
"It will take us to Another World."
"Another World?" said Jim. "What is that?"
"It is Another World."
With these words, Death walked into the teleporter and disapeared.
After a few seconds, Jim followed him. 'Okay,' he thought. 'Maybe this is crazy, but if I didn't try that, I would  have been thinking about it for the rest of my life.' The feeling of being teleported was nothing. He had the idea that it could be like the fantasy books or movies, but the travel was that he just stepped into it and out of it and he could see that he was on a completely different place. Behind him the teleporter disappeared.
"Well," said Death. "Here we are. Behind us is one of the frontier stations to Ellgar."
Jim turned around. The frontier station didn't look very special. A ordinary wood building in only one floor. Also it was no guards there, at least what he could see.
"That doesn't look much, what if you get attacked by an army or so," he said and to his surprise Death laughed:
"Well, I would like see the army which is brave enough to attack this land... Or should I say Emperior. Take a look at the large mountain there."
Death pointed to the large mountain which were northwest, a few kilometers from them.
They were in the south end of the country and Death explain:
"Near the top you can see the entrance of a cave. There you have Garnath, one of the eight dragons protecting The Forgotten Empire."
"The Forgotten Empire...? Dragons?"
Yes, Ellgar, Kondor and Kandor have the same emperor, The Black Unicorn." Death explained.
"Okay, I understand," said Jim. 'Dragons,' he thought. 'What will it be next? Unicorns?'
"Hm, seems that you have very good protections. So where is this Aradd I am sent to interview? I got a request from several people that call themself 'The Travellers'.
"Well, the easiest way is telling you the background story, so you don't need to ask about it."
"Oh, if you want, go ahead!" Jim took up his tablet. He started the record function and then looked at Death as he was chuckling at him.
"What so fun?"
"If you are trying to record this, you will be disapointed when you will try to listen to it later."
"What do you mean?"
"You will only hear your voice on it...."
Jim sighed and turned the record function off, and started the notepad program instead.
"I am ready."
"This is a old story, and it started like usual when any kind of humans is involved."
"And that is...?"
"War, of course, what else? Here in Another World, there were three wizards who
were the most powerful of them all. Should we be more correct, one was the most
powerful and his name was Alkazair. The other two were Bergenth and Kizah. Alkazair started
the war against Kizah. After only one month Bergenth joined Kizah in the war. Together the two wizards were more powerful than Alkazair alone. This was something that Alkazair also supposed could happend, even as he hoped it would not. But he had a plan for it. He made a pact with the devil and together they created a demon. The demon looked like a big black unicorn. And the name they gave it was Aradd.
"What!" interrupted Jim. "Is this Aradd a unicorn?"
"Yes, didn't you know that?"
"No, I was just sent to interview Aradd, no one told me that he was not a human. Only that he was dangerous."
Death laughed: "Well after this story you will understand how dangerous... So, to go on with the story, the devil and the wizard Alkazair sent this evil unicorn to kill the other two magicians. I shall not tell you the complete story here, as it is not so short, but the unicorn killed both magicians and also both humans and creatures on his way. That was how I was involved and meet the Black Unicorn."
"Eh, you? Why?"
"Well, if you think more than once; death is my work and with this evil creature running around I had to work overtime.
Also after he killed the two wizards he returned to Alkaziar and the devil. He also killed the magician. The devil fled back to Hell. Aradd didn't follow him down there, even if that would have been a good end for all of this. Instead he was still in this world and one of the most powerful and dangerous beings who have ever being here. Then I arrived to the game..."
"But, if I were you, I would have gotten out of here, faster than hell..." said Jim.
"You forgot that I am already dead... and that saved my life as I am one of the few that Aradd can't kill. It was not easy to get in contact with him first, but I know that he has a sense of humor so I know that I only could have a chance to talk to him, it could be possible for a solution."
"What kind of solution, do you mean?"
"Well, that he must stop killing everything he meet... Well, lucky for me,
he listen to me. We have joined together since that time, and I can promise you that it was a long time ago...
But Aradd did not have this Empire for so long time. The Empire have three lands:
Ellgar that you are in now, here you can find that the animals mostly use
the humans as sex object, but also vice versa."
Jim didn't said anything as he didn't know what to say... Instead he tried to make some notes.
Death continued: "Then we have Kondor, there the animals themselves live. And then we have Kandor. No one of these lands have being his from the beginning and in Kandor it was a king, a queen and their princess that ruled there..."
"I have a bad feeling that I should not ask what happen to them...?"
"That is okay... Both the king and the queen are dead, as Aradd killed them.
The princess is still alive but he have changed her from human to a furry horse."
"A what?"
"Eh, well, a furry horse is a horse that walks on two legs, has hands, or sometimes hooves, but the princess has hands, I know as I met her, and she can still talk."
"A talking horse? Well what's next." Jim sat down on a log. "This is nearly too much."
"Well, Kandor is for furry horses... So the princess is not alone... Well now you know the background."
"Hm," said Jim. "What you told me now, it seems that it would be a bad idea to meet this Aradd."
The voice came right behind Jim, and he nearly fell off the log. When he turned around, he could see a large black unicorn looking at him. The horse was very large, 2.20 meters (7.21820 Feet) tall (at withers), and looked like a draft horse as it was heavily built. He must weight around 1400 kg (3085 pounds), his thinking was interupted as the unicorns eyes shifted from red to yellow:
"You wanted to meet me, what do you want to know?"
Jim, when he put his questions together, thought that it was a human he was going to interview, not a kind of evil unicorn But otherway, the questions was still the same. About the countrys. But when he got that information he never understand that it was countrys in Another World... His thoughts was interuppted by Death:
"Give him a break, Aradd. He didn't know you were a unicorn, so I think you
must give him a few minutes to think.He also arrived to this world for a few minutes ago. I think the most exiting thing have happen to people like him, is, for example when their car run out of gas, or something like it..."
"Hm... That is okay, human thinking is slow..." said the Black Unicorn.
Lucky for Jim, he played several role playing games and also read some fantasy books,
so after he pulled himself together he said:
"Hi, nice to meet you. Death here already gave me some background information.
But there is still a few question that I want to be answered."
The unicorn looked at him, then he said:
"Okay, I shall answer your questions human."

What you now have read, is the same information that is added in all three castles. Now you need to choose what information you want to read about:

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The Forgotten Empire - Kondor - The land with the animal's themself (not online)

The Forgotten Empire - Kandor - The land with the furry equine's (not online)

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