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An artwork collectors nightmare! Side 1 of 4

When I last year was working with the Furry Equine section, I got some requests, all from artists, how I was doing when I collected and found artists on the internet. So I decided that is maybe is time to add some comment here... Notice now that the comments here is my own, not from any artists, also that some of you that is reading this, maybe think some information is not needed, but this is also written for the visitors that have not being so long time on internet. I have collect drawings many years and to collect drawings is easy, mostly it is enough to right click on the drawing, or thumbnail, and choose 'save as' and download it to your hard disk. But then...
If you have following my homepage's for the time they have being online, so maybe you know the reason for them: To have the same kind of artwork in the same place. The rules is also easy: Artist that don't want to be on my homepage, should not be there. The site shall be easy to navigate on and also not have to heavy graphic so people with slow internet connections also have a chance to see something. When I started on internet is was often only ftp servers to access. So it was no thumbnails and the download speed was not high either. When I then start to checked the drawings, I found out that several of them was the same, with different file names. Another thing that was annoying was the fact that it was no information about the artist, and the signature on the drawing was not easy to read. Today we are soon back to the problems. Many people is posting drawings in forum and some of the forums rename the attachmented files to just numbers. Another problem is also when they use rapidshare, for example: People pack files in rar or zip files and upload them. The good point is that the forum visitors can see something new, but after a few weeks some problems accour: New visitors post packed files and when you download them, you can see that mostly is drawings posted a months earlier. For many comics album, mostly from Japan, many have no idéas about the real name, so it not easy for others to avoid to post the comics, or part of it, again. After a short while it is a mess on your hard disk and to sort it out, is not easy and take very much time. That is my case and the problems today is that many post drawings everywhere on internet and as I mentioned earlier: to collect is easy, but to sort them, well now we have a work to do. Also artists sometimes change the name on the drawings, but that not happens so often.

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