Fluffy Pony
Big Fluffy
Fluffy Pony is no new writer for me, I have already read some of the stories before. Fluffy Pony writes several different kind of stories and if you want to read all of them, just go to his section on Yiffstar. /Aradd
Sasha Lepaw

Got a mail from Sasha that he wanted his mail address added. I think it is better to add the stories here with correct mail address in html format. If you want to get in contact with Sasha, use the mail address below. /Aradd

I got a mail from AdobeFats that he have some stories that could fit here in Ellgar. As you can read yourself, they fit very well here. /Aradd

I got a mail from AdobeFats that he have done a new storie with Vaulthurst. So it was better to add a new index for the writers that work togheter.  /Aradd

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