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"Tainted the Future"

By AdobeFats & Vaulthurst

According to Joel, and after he had for six years delivered Pizza to make a meager livelihood his number came up, bells tolled, and he felt as the chosen man of all men.

It was a rainy March night when he clocked in at the pizza parlor, his stack of deliveries waiting for him and his aged relic of an American Motors Pacer. An old car of some thirty years since the maker rolled it out of the factory. He had rebuilt the engine twice and had some 410,000 miles on its speedometer. A puff of blue oil smoke from the tailpipe and he was off on a high-speed dash across the town.

Joel said that one apartment building is like any other, there are stairs to climb and everybody tries to screw him with having only a fifty-dollar bill to pay for a nine-dollar pizza. My friend had become quite cynical as of people and their motives. Motives played out for him a strange delivery when he saw his sixth pizza had the address of the Morrison Castle.

The castle was about that, it being the turn of the century mansion of Alton Morrison, a wealthy man born to wealth and became some sordid philanthropist. His daughter bore him a granddaughter, she and the girl never wed, but were renown as if Lesbian their passions. Joel felt uncomfortable when delivering to any said such female who had no appreciation for his male gender.

Well that being his attitude and ideas, the night was young and so was he, as he entered the grounds of the castle, the iron gates guarding the driveway, closed shut behind his car. An ominous sight to Joel, he feeling as one trapped, unable to leave without asking or begging her to allow him leave the premises.

As he drove into the circle driveway closest the front doors, he notice the front big brass door stood partially open.

“Oh great, the young bitch wants to trap me and eat me along with her pizza!” Joel muttered a common gripe he used to show his disdain for a weirdo woman customer.

As he got out of his car the front porch lights flickered and grew bright, he walked up the front steps to stand on the stately porch and pressed the button to ring the doorbell as he announced, “pizza delivery!”

From inside the dimly lighted front foyer, a slinky woman’s voice called to him, she said, "Come, come to me oh thou man among men!"

Joel had told of some wild women and the occasional man who would want him to stay and enjoy more than a piece of their pizza. The men he said no thanks every time, but he had accepted the invite from two very different women. He remarked it was good marketing technique at work, but what I said about his rationalization was, he earned a bigger tip!

Miss Morrison beckoned, and from what Joel said of her, she was a cutie, a bit eccentric her manner clothing, she coming to the door before that night dressed in a furry costume, once as a she-wolf and another time as if a red foxy fox. This last time his customer stepped up to greet and meet her victim, came clad in sheep wool pants, red high heel shoes, and was naked from the waist up.

“Pizza delivery, twelve dollars even Miss Morrison,” Joel stated he said, and waited for her to show her money, she instead slapped the pizza from his hands and grabbed him around the neck, tossing him inside the front foyer to lie on the foyer tile floor.

“Hey bitch,” Joel, reported as saying, that his first and last words he spoke until a week later when he came cautiously up to the back door of my apartment house. What he told me, and when inside and in complete privacy did stand stripped naked to show what she did to him, he, I was sure had a fun filled week.

As the story goes, the pretty woman tossed Joel as if he was a doll and not an ex-football lineman during high school years. When he landed on the black and white checkerboard style floor, he felt ready to jump up and defend his tarnished honor. What happened before he could rise up and return the indignation with a right cross, Joel felt suddenly surrounded, touched by and felt at by many soft and very…, female hands.

In the dim light, Joel looked around him to see a dozen of more women dressed as scantily as was Miss Morrison, but some had on sheep wool vests what allowed their big tits to peek out into his face. He said he knelt there and felt delighted at the prospect of staying for a while. Nimble fingers worked feverishly at removing his shirt, jeans, shoes, socks and underwear. When in a minute they had him naked and quite a masculine muscular a man, one woman popped into his mouth her breast nipple, as another slinked close and her mouth engulfed his erect maleness.

Suckling and he feeling as sucked, the many hands lifted him up and with remarkable strength, the women totted Joel along a hallway and then down into the mansion basement where they were prepared to service his manly needs.

There he saw a king size bed with four posts. In a slow motion, the moment he watched with sensual mesmerized a mind to see women take each his wrists and bind them with ropes to the bedposts. As the one who was suckling him, his maleness helped spread-eagle his legs, they too bound then with ropes to the poles at the foot-end to the big bed.

Miss Morrison then got into his face with hers, leaning over the young woman sucking his erection and keeping his mind drunk by sensation.

“I have seen you before but tonight you shall see me, see us, and as the sacrifice to our coven master, the honor is yours to enjoy a few hours being a man. Come the morning and for six days and seven nights we shall use you as you have never imagined a man could as would be made use of, as!

Our coven has need of a strong male, and you are our male for this week. Drink the wine of greatness, take, drink, swallow and let it do for you what it has done for us.”

A soft hand became a tight fist grabbing his nose and in order to breathe, he had to open his mouth, did accept, as drink and from a side-hand chop to the neck, he swallowed the vile tasting wine.

The wine swallowed and Joel watched as women began to dance, sashaying in lurid manners, suggestive of him to come and maw, as lick, and wallow his face in wool surrounded pussies. A leap aboard the big bed by one beauty and she straddled his neck, put her slick pussy to his lips. Joel said he tried to hold back, but sensations felt and the wine he drank caused his will to fight melt like hailstones in August.

Inebriated, Joel felt the urge to consent, and he admitted he did do whatever those women requested of him. Bound with fetters, they raped him and when he saw his penis standing taller than anytime he remembered it, one or another of the woolen women would straddle and ease their groins down the length.

Repeatedly, the women took turns and set down the length of his erection, pressing him in as they then rode him until he began to plead them to stop. He remembered beginning his begging them to cease by the morning of the second day. Yet, they continued to molest him, while Miss Morrison poured in his open mouth varied sweet and sour tasting wines.

He with his mind pickled, and feeling minor discomforts, remembers the women remarking and cooing, as Miss Morrison told him what he felt was real, very real.

Somewhere near to the forth day of continuous molestation of his body, Joel had a moment to take note, to see his male erection standing upward at a forty-five degree angle toward his face, it huge the girth as length, was black at the base and pinker toward the head. He flexed his penis, making it move, stunned at his heightened libido, as how he could drum the flared as flattened end, his circumcision worn away, had a cock-head reminding him of a brass colored trumpet bell.

Joel saw a woman toy with his balls, remembering they were as big before then like golf balls, had swelled, looking like large Kiwi fruits hung snug in a all black leather bag.

Wild the orgy, as along about the sixth day of continued pleasuring, Joel watched as one helpless saw the bonds loosened. They stood him up, as behind a round and hairy rump, eyed with amazement at seeing his huge cock slid deep inside the black winking folds of a mare vulva. Moaning from the sensations, Joel cried, begged and pleaded the women to hold him back and away.

He said how he with some helpful guidance did thrust harshly at as in and pull back his sensual trumpet to tickle the mare vagina and his erection. The thrusting action happened some ten times before he exploded, spewing in the mare every last drop of his semen.

Having sexually mated with an animal, his penis came out and went inside the mouth of a woman, she licking as sucked, cleaning him for his next return adventure inside the horny mare. Hour by continuous hours more they forced Joel to mate, breed with the brown mare, only to exchange then him with another mare, doing the exchanged every few hours until her sunk to his sore knees.

When after he remembered some ten mares, Joel said he fainted and awoke in the basement room, was alone, bound to the bed, but feeling as looking quite different.

As what he stood and did show to me, his lower half had changed, becoming that of a stud male donkey. Joel stood and did give a good show as to his new manner of libido, able then when erect to slap his big penis at his gut and chest.

I rather admired his much larger testicles; they he said as Miss Morrison told him were similar to the balls on a stallion Zebra. They were huge, as black, the skin soft to the touch with a hint of leathery feel.

Joel sported a bony donkey tail, a rather morbid tail, coarse the hair, looked scrawny, as depraved as did he a friend standing and modeling his changed self.

I sat and watched, seeing Joel close his eyes and after a few moments, he would shiver-and-shake his head, torso, and rump. The strange motion made him change, as everywhere he was human seemed to sprout dark donkey fur, only to see it retract and disappear until he shivered again. If he shivered more than once his ears grew longer, they seemed to move to the peak of his head. As he snorted, his lips and nose merged to form a mealy looking donkey muzzle, only to return to being human, after the shiver faded.

“I have a sense of need,” said Joel, and I knew why he came to me, I owned two mares, both were feeling their need from estrus.

“What about Miss Morrison, she owns a stable, has mares, why not return to her and gain your passions there?” I asked, and saw Joel look as strained to speak.

“No, she is dead, I killed her!” Joel said, “As on the sixth night he devil-demon familiar arrived and insisted she let me mate with her, I with my massive tool ripped her in half, she bled to death and the demon took her body to Hell. Before I could muster the stamina to leave the mansion, the demon returned. It offered me its appreciation for dealing with Miss Morrison an early demise.

It came close and offered me a choice, as my reward, it would return me to being the real born me, and make me a rich man, or if I were to mate with a mare of choice, I would become her equal as a stallion of that breed. That is why I came to mate with either of your mares, one a Haflinger, the other just a pretty being a Morgan her breed. I ask you to help choose!”

We walked out to my van, as Joel slid his furry butt into the bucket seat, he stopped and jumped back out, tried to excuse what he did, as sliding over my leather seat his bulbous anus pressed out a few turds of donkey poop.

As I cleaned the seat, Joel made use of a car-drying towel to wipe clean his anus. I opened the van door and before letting Joel slid in again, I set down a car towel in case of any added urges smeared the seat.

I drove and asked Joel how it felt; he seemingly enjoyed still his long cock. I asked him because as I drove he began masturbating with it, toying until he had to point the flat end of his cock-head out the window and let fly three long squirts of semen go flying.

The masturbating was something to watch, but when he felt the rush, the sensation, and turned the head to shoot out the van window, the mass of what he spurt, struck a man in the face as he stood street side waiting for a city bus. The moan coming from Joel and the scream from the man as we passed his location, I had to laugh.

Joel did not laugh; as instead he turned and tried to look behind the van, making use of the rearview mirror.

I laughed, and saw Joel look as if worried, so I said to him, “I hope he likes your flavor!”

Joel turned to look at me with a stern face, as he replied, “That poor man, he has no thought as of my taste, but the semen in his eyes, up his nostrils, and in his open stunned mouth will do to him what Miss Morrison and her devil-women did to me. I poisoned him, he might clean it off but what he swallowed will make an ass of him and anyone he sexually comes into contact as with for the next few days. You would ask how I know this, and I cannot say as to how, but down deep in me I was touched by a devil, and it knows, it knows!”

When we arrived at my rented stalls where I stabled my two horses, the mood had changed from Joel feeling elation to a somber sense of dreaded doom he had done to some unknown man.

“Forget him,” I said to Joel, knowing he by then had got on his bus and gone home.

As I swung the stable door open, Joel was first to peer into the dark room and stalls beyond.

“She is here,” Joel said, to me. “Who,” I replied, leaning forward and looking past the shoulder of Joel saw inside two golden yellow pupils.

"Damn, what honey colored eyes you have there darling," said Joel.

"Come in and pleasure me as I you, I'm in dire need," she did beckon to Joel, as she seeing me, said, “And who is this Armenian soul?”

Joel stepped inside the room and closed the door with one hand, as he held me away by using his other, lest I wished to walk in and see who was there waiting.

As the latch clicked shut to the Dutch door, I listened from outside, as the only sound heard was of Joel and some woman moaning. Their moaning faded as if having walked away from the stable door. I opened it a crack, did listen and heard heavy breathing, a rustling sound of Joel, his furry lower half harshly shoving at some other equally furred rump.

The stable interior was as black as the sin in Joel to breed and become a stallion. I slid in past the doorway, walked slowly through the darkness, listening for the sounds of two mating. As I approached what felt like a stall doorway, soft hands began to caress me my maleness.

"Whoever you are, you have the touch of a demon and a sensuous woman all in one!" I said, feeling as a captive and one captivated by a passionate loving of the touching.

"I know you type, and you are of a nice size, but with my help and after a long night of fun frolicking, it and/or all of what is you could be so much larger!" The voice of a she said, a very good likelihood she was as a She-Devil, and I, I was in trouble because I did like the way she made me feel.

Joel heard her talking to me and mid-stride in his thrusting, he ceased and in the blackness turned toward where I stood and said, “Careful, she no doubt means what she says…, and has, as knows the means of making your body to something you were not as born to become.

Myself, as by trusting and the laws of chance my direction they gave me, to where I stand here sheath-deep, thrusting as well near to climax my future.

Please leave now the way you came, as if you stay to see me come the morning, there is a good probability you shall stay here and never return home, or want to be anywhere but here!” Joel said as his wish for me, giving me a taunting of me, meanwhile continued the soft caresses happening to my maleness.

I thought for a moment, almost too long as the caressing hands, one such lowered my pant zipper and a long tongue wrapped around my very erect, a penis, urging me to change my mind and soon too much more. Slick and wet my penis became, the tongue doing to it a plan to taint part of me enough that I would request all of me feel equally a sense of wild delight.

The soft touch and smooth caressing had me a man cooing as if I were a Morning Dove in heat. That tongue wound about my penis, slithered to wrap itself taking hold my balls, and coaxed at me harshly to accept a terrifying offer.

”Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping,” the stable time clock told the time and slowly the ceiling lights in the stable began to come on. A minute or two and the light there where was Joel and I, we saw what the choice as chosen for him and who had me wishing to want of me to stay near to my friend.

I smiled while looking toward Joel, seeing he stood indeed sheath deep in the vulva of Mabel, she my black Morgan mare, and to me the prettier of the two horses I owned.

A turn of my head I then looked down to the one working her tongue, it having slithered about my penis making it and me wish it were the cock of an animal. I saw she had here hands at work messaging my belly, as there I had a furred sheath and a much longer penis.

I at that point in time had not said or spoke of what was my chosen wish as to accept what the mentor of sin had so kindly offered. As with seeing the she, and how her tongue thrusting did lick at me, brought out of my mind and mouth two words what caused her to cease her assault.

"OH GOD!" I said with a sigh, the name of God said caused the she-devil to cease her touching and cover her face with furry hands.

I yelled those two words again and louder, as if pleading for heavenly powers to intervene and save me from accepting what I knew to be a wrong for me.

She stood up and backed away from me, allowing then in the dim stable light for me to see her. The sight seen was enough if not for having pleaded for my saving; I might well have willingly let her make of me her thriller.

She, certainly a devil but a blend of beings, had two long floppy goat ears, goat horns grown from the upper sides of a Beagle dog head. She from the neck down to her groin had red scales like said those on a dragon. As I peered down to see her legs, they were those of an equine, strong and able to run fast.

The sensation of me leaking some pre made me look down at what she had done to me.

When she had removed my pants, slit and cut away my under-shorts, I was naked, with a shaggy furred groin to a belly sheath. I swooned a sigh seeing my testicles then the size of yams held in a lightly fur covered sack. The insides of each thigh, my groin, crotch, and spread across my buttocks she had coaxed to grow what I did not speak of wanting.

“Oh but my dear, whatever you be, what have you done to me, you made my manhood that of a buck goat, and placed in me a desire to become a goat. I know this is wrong, but you have done your work well, making me, leaving me with a terrible want I dare not ask you to satisfy.”

As with a fierce hoof-kick from behind me by non-other than my friend Joel, I toppled forward, falling at as then atop the Beagle-faced, she-devil. The wind knocked out of me for just a short moment was all she had a need to straddle her legs around my waist. A little help from those petite, as hairy hands to my already a stout erection, and she slid-slipped it in past her wool surrounded nether lips. If not enough of a thrill in me then, I felt her fingers give a pinch to my buttock, urging me, sending me lunging forward, penetrating her deep, as then satisfying my wild ambitions.

A forlornly short struggle by me to get away from her, helped only embedded the cock deeper into the lovely pussy. “She-devil,” I said with a sorrowing moan. Why me, why this, it was Joel you wanted, take him.”

She laughed, as giving the base of my stout stiff cock a few squeezes; she replying said to me, “No sir, you were the quarry! Your friend was the leader, a Judas of sort to help us win the doom of a grandson and nephew born in the lineages of a ministerial family. As beginning over a hundred years hence, your great grandfather too was a minister, because of him your family gained the attention of our Master.

Of Joel, he can be a fine Morgan stallion, a healthy long life, and the memories of his past with those of the dooming his friend.”

My ears burned with hatred for her and her kind as down low my balls surged, pumping out of me the link to being human.

Hearing how Joel could only moan as the pleasure surges took him all the way, becoming as if born a Morgan horse, he a duplicate to the coloring of Mabel. When the last of his human face had succumbed to looking equine, he turned as cocked his great head and winked at me. As with that wink I sensed his thoughts, he had through his perverse wish to doom me as the price of his gains.

Joel slipped his long and massive cock from the vagina of Mabel, as he fell to stand upon all fours, I watched him then stroll a slow walking to see if what he was part of the greater plan had done their deed to me.

"What are you?" Joel asked me, “How, how can you feel that wild sensation… and hold still to your faith. Until she came I was but a lonely person, her kind tainted my body and cleared my mind, helping me to decide what was right for me.

I had a need for passion! I wanted for sex! I am mad for the touch of my cock to the depths of a mare. My soul burns for mating, breeding of mares every-where; being a stallion has made me a happy man!”

My goat cock buried deep and she the she-devil her pussy stirring me on, I felt the fire from her pussy wishing to consume me. The goat fur in my groin then spread to cover my thighs, as grew north to blanket my chest, back, and shoulders. I felt two sharp pains begin, and knew they were my goat horns growing.

A snuggled pussy squeezing of my cock in her, and she said, “Let go your bonds of faith, come, let me, let us, stir in you a sense of desire! Feel your balls churn as the goat semen works our magic and make of your body a animal filled with passion.

Push in hard and press it in deeper and deeper! You feel the growth of strength, new agility, love being male and want to dominate all else."

I felt a sense of growing euphoria, pleasured as pleased, but in the far recesses of my mind lay thoughts, memories of a close-knit family.

“Damn it why hold back,” said Joel, as his mind and thoughts touched, did mingle with mine in ahead feeling of change. “Take her and know how your wondrous it is the ways of a male animal to live for love!"

What happened then as for maybe an hour until the Sun rose over the eastern horizon, I laid there molested dimwitted, allowing her to do to me as she and her kind, wished.

Yellow bright beams of light entered the barn through broad cracks between barn-board siding. A ray of sunlight peeked past a barn board and struck, engulfed the she-devil. I heard her little peep of a scream, seeing she was instantly gone and only a faint plume of purple smoke floated away out the open barn door.

Stiff feeling hornier than those dead in Hell, I laid there sporting a slowly withering an erection. Bathed in perfect yellow light, the thought of morning would cure or destroy. The vivid memories of wild sexual play rolled over in my mind. The thought to look at what became of Joel; with a turn of the head, I did see him.

“Joel,” I said as calling his name but the mature stallion stood with his head low, he sniffing a fresh heap left by Mabel. “Joel, I am still me!” I said, as just then felt a worried wonder if what I said were indeed true.

Sitting up, I held my arms out to the sides of my furry torso. I gawked at still very goatish my genitals. My legs, the thighs had goat fur, as did my flat butt. My hands still human and not furry, pursed about, feeling and combing through the thick fur that grew out of me. Bad as it seemed, what remained of that accursed night I thought I could keep it as covered using, clothing.

If that were true then we would not be talking of what you noticed and I let you see.


Joel sold his link to humanity, his mentality vanishing as well. The she-devil never returned, why I do not know and prefer it we should never again meet.

Luckily, my horn buds never matured and I have no horns to file daily to keep them as unseen. I am what my momentary lack of faith allowed to happen; this seems never to change back to me being fully human.

The wiggle of my tail notice by you when I saw and held a lurid dream of what, if I were a goat I would do to such a female. Those vivid bestial thoughts plague me often, and make my tail to stand up, sometimes past my underwear, to protrude into the light, as seen.

”What is wrong with you, you appear dark faced and...” As then seeing you turn, said, “Again, we must do it again, to complete you to our convictions!"

My fears reinstated, I said to you, to her who was as if a friend, "No…, I...ah..., Baa, oh no did I baa, I…ah, baa!"

“Oh God, what now,” I think as pray, living for the hour as hours become days, and weeks then years, the devils using me for their convictions and I, foolishly let them use me while I feel joy…

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