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"More than Caught"

By AdobeFats & Vaulthurst


Angelia was that girl what every man seeing her would say she was his absolute dream to love and many who would want to marry. She had a style and grace in her walk, her manners equal to dealing with people, brought out the love and concerning of all in a conversation. She was my dream girl as well!
As for all she was to so many men, she seemed less than allured by men, not that she would not show some her affection for something given her or done as favor to her for her natural beauty. I was one of those she came and kissed as hugged more than once, and each time she did before we parted, I know she felt as knew I was becoming aroused by her touch.
Angelia lived her younger years and unto that fated day on their family farm. It was as a Century farm, and term in this state granted and given a state sign awarding a family for having owned as worked the farm for more than a hundred years. At the county Fair, there was Angelia, she a true horse woman, the top equestrian rider four years in a row. Her father, a man widowed by seemingly not bedraggled in any way by his lost love, he managed the large farm and worked his daughter as hard as he did the hired help.
I imagine the living on a farm tends to some a difficulty in not finding seeing the animals there living as do we all, the then brute way the males come and mate as breed with their females.
I could give more examples of Angelia, but I think you can catch the drift of how wonderful a person she was; was as in past-time.
What began with me to taking notice to why her father seemed a man proud and somewhat recluse when in the company of non-farm owning people, he shunned all others with a cold shoulder attitude, me included! My occasional coming to the farm to visit with Angelia met many a time with her father meeting me first and insisting I leave immediately, as his daughter was busy with her chores. Occasionally, she would be looking for me to come and headed her father in another direction, she liking when I came and would spend a few hours time in conversing or we going for a horseback ride about the farm.
It so happened on a fall cool day, I having called Angelia and told her I was coming to visit that afternoon, when I arrived there was no sign of Angelia, her father, or any of the usual men working there on the farm.
I got out of my car and began wandering about until I heard the heated voice of a man raving angry. It was the voice of her father berating a worker for something done dreadfully wrong. What he said, he made direct mention to others there by name, reminding them that if they did anything the same foolishness, they too would know his wrath. He dismissed all there except for Angelia, he speaking harshly to her, told her to wait until the worker named Frank, felt like he could stand and walk.
I stood to one side, out of sight of those men leaving the barn to go back to their chores, as then Mr. Albright stormed out of the barn, he walking to his big house, slammed the back door as if still in a fit of rage. Seeing he as gone and the others, I entered the barn to see Angelia, she with her back to me, she was looking down at likely a fist-beaten man.
Wishing to see what had happened, I remained in the shadows, moving closer, finally getting to where I could see past Angelia and at the man she was watching as waiting for him to again move.
Gawking, I saw there lying naked from the waist down the man I had only met rarely when at the farm. Frank had not a beaten mark on him, but he had then a where he was naked the disturbing resemblance of his changed body, was as in part physically like that of a farm bred bull. The man laid there with eyes crimped tightly shut as if in pain, his mouth a grimaced set of lips.
I looked at what was then Frank from his shirttails and down, he normally a Caucasian man, but beginning at the belly navel his skin had changed to a deep black of color. As from there began at just above his waistline and down, his black skin grew a furred pelt of black hairs. The hairs covered his differently shaped legs, his feet, stopping at what were his toes, they as but cloven hooves.
Eying a closer look at what was then Frank, seeing where his skin color drastically changed, he had there what looked like the belly sheath of a bull. The protruded angle of the sheath pushed up the tail of his shirt, his sensations from changes coaxed out some six inches of what was his new bovine contoured penis.
Frank smoothed his hands at touching his sheath. He fingered at his wholly uncircumcised a penis, it bovine and as something point, red in color, and quite beast like. He with still eyes tight shut reached his arms and hands to comb through the black fur grown from his thighs. He traced the elongated tube what held then his bull size penis, fingering along it until he touched at his testicles. They the only blackened part not thickly coated with fur was the two much larger than if human testicles, they the size of two Apples in a loosely hung sack.
The feeling hands continued to trace the mass of his changes, they moving on past the broad thighs, then bovine of form, felt at what were liken to the animalistic hind legs. Frank moaned softly when with reaching his hands felt of what were his heels, they being as then hocks. He hunched up his changed legs to better feel as trace his fingers along what were his feet. Each foot having narrowed, the ending metacarpals had become as fetlocks what ended with a dewclaw hoofs and the cloven hoofs he would need to stand upon and walk.
Slowly the man Frank regained some sense of his being alive and opened his eyes to look up at Angelia. As if in pain or anguish still, Frank mouthed some words, he silent made not a sound.
Angelia said then, "I am sorry for you Frank, but it will sooner feel like the natural part of what will be the new you. My father went to the house to brood there, he dislikes showing to others his powers!
You can get up now, the legs are stronger than when human. Take a deep breath or two, let the blood replenish with oxygen, then you will feel the strength needed to rise up and stand.
As father said, when you able to walk again, you must come with me to where, in a few hours time you will complete the bodily physical realigning to being as one of our sire bulls.
I am sorry for you, but I warned you off many times as not try and touch me, kiss me, and then doing it today with father watching. He had said many times the first man to try a make his daughter swoon would pay a big price. He made use of you to denote his warning, now all the men working here know of father and his powers. He is making you the example, he had to make, and to you the price is by becoming one of our black Angus bulls to pleasure not with me, but lusting then for cows! "
Frank opened his eyes and tried to rise up six times until on the seventh try he stood up if standing there needing to hold onto the stall rails. He said then, "I am not sorry for coming on to you like I did, but seeing you with..., well it got me all hot and turned on, as you can imagine. I think your father is a harsher man than any of us working here ever knew he was or is...like!
Ah ha, I guess this means my weekly pay is from here and now forfeited, you do not pay a bull for doing what to him is as something natural!"
Frank seemed to be jesting with Angelia. His remarks and general attitude had changed. The grimaced face of anguish had gone away and now with a smile he talked about he would become more like unto. Frank stunned me and as well Angelia, as he spoke using a humoristic manner about his being then in part a bull, so nonchalant like it was not something all that horrific a thought?
I was about to speak up and ask him of why he felt so elated for being like he was, when Angelia spoke, what she said made me wish to leave the farm A.S.A.P.
Angelia said to Frank, "I warned you, how many times did I not tell you to quell your hormones about me? You were not my type, you were, but now and in the future there is that maybe if..., if you can remember to act passive and not beastly aggressive..., you and I, we might then have our more friendlier times of snug in a time of true togetherness." That said, she took hold of Frank by his hand, and he walking with long staggering strides, went with her.
I stood there dumbfounded, what I had heard, had seen, seemed a fairytale of the Brothers Grim, but this was real to life black craft magic done to Frank in the then as now.
Army training came in handily then as with remembered manner of moving with stealth, I moved along, following the two as Angelia took Frank to where he needed to remain and stay until something more were to happen to him. They walked to what was a hay bale lift, like a flat platter elevator, but did not go up, they went down, to the basement below the barn, a place I never knew of imagined existed.
I peered over the abrupt edge of the square hole there in the barn floor, watching as waiting for my chance to grab hold the cable rope and slid then down into the dimly lighted lower floor of the barn.
Once down and kneeling, I saw Angelia standing in what seemed another stall, but it having high walls, and a solid made door so what was inside could not see out or be seen while inside. Three bright florescent lights set nestled up into and between the upper floor joists providing an abundance of light inside the stall.
I watched as Angelia unbuttoned the shirt still on Frank, she helped him remove his T-shirt too, he then wholly naked stood there before her.
What happened next changed my mind a lot about Angelia, as she smiling at Frank, she slid down her blue-jeans and panties, and stepped close to Frank.
They hugged and with him helping heft her up, she wrapped her legs about his furred waist. If not horrified at her acting so aggressive toward the poor man, she held tight to him as from his sheath then protruded a foot long, pointy tipped red cock, the kind like a bull would have, it quite that of an animal.
As Frank the bull-man became much aroused, his upward angled cock rose up more until Angelia shivered when it slipped past her tight nether lips and then reached inside her body.
The sensation of his penetration hit the mark it made Angelia, and Frank shiver. He with his head and then his torso, as she lurched upward, the full length of what Frank had as his bull-male organ shooting out and up, lodged into the vagina and beyond of his beloved.
Angelia did the work, she rising up and slipping down, was the coaxing of him and her to orgasms, many times they twitched, shivered, and moaned. The juices flowed, as from where I stood the squelching sounds of his lengthy maleness was plunging at her. She as he enthralled from the sound and their sensations felt.
As for longer than an hour did Frank copulate with she who I thought of as if my real love!
They spoke of nothing but went at their lusty sexual frolicking as if he were a bull doing a cow. The only sounds being of juicy suction and sensually aroused moans of the two in the act of breeding. My watching had me wishing she was doing her thrills to me, and not to a man changed halfway to being a bovine bull. The sexual play was not without some cost to Frank, as if he did not so notice, or maybe was beyond caring.
I watched as the his skin turned to blacker colored hide and fur grew north, moving to encompass all of his torso, as fur grew up the back of his neck.
Frank gained more than just a black furry outer covering, his torso changed, becoming heftier, more like a bull, he swelled with shoulder muscles, a changed chest, and his arms..., he looked like some body builder ready for the Olympics.
As then Angelia seeing as feeling the advancing of his furred skin, she was ready to dismount him when he with a sweat coated face and dark brown eyes looked at her. He had to struggle to speak, said to her, "No my dear, stay the course, stay with me until what I am is ready for the corral."
She stayed, riding his long cock for a wild and sweaty ride ,while about his head the fur, as muscles changing, his ears, nose, mouth, lips. His head and face became shaped like he were born as a bull. When with some pelvic gyrating done by Frank, his tail stuck up and stood high in the air, he bellowed a triumphant bellow like a bull ending his conquest.
Angelia hearing his cry, she seemed to know it was time for her to let go her legs, she slid down a short way before Frank realized what she was trying to do. He grinned with raised lips showing his block-like front teeth in a bullish sort of grin.
He became instantly aroused to fuller a stiffer an erection. The full length of his hot red rod he held inside her was still so deep.         
She with her toes not touching the barn floor, hung there suspended up, held by his bull erect cock inside her pussy. He stood there using his left foreleg to help hold on to the stall wall and keep him upright. He mooing from the felt thrill, while she beckoned he release her as she with those long piano playing fingers did comb through his chest fur.
"You are ready now Frank!" Angelia said, she saying it so calm as softly and with such sensed manner of love and affection.
Frank stood there, eye staring off into some oblivion as might a male lost in a moment of extreme sensuality. If not from his physical changing from man to being like a bull, his shaft stuck deep inside his lover, it kept him enticed and ignoring her imploring words.
Angelia repeated her wish for him to let her down, but Frank continued to ignore her, he was in some seventh heaven. He tried working his pelvis and then wanting to thrust some more as he must have had such masculine feeling, the like he had not felt between him and her. The want to be pleasuring was the reason that Mr. Albright had used his family powers. He had done the same before to unworthy suitors after his daughter, making of them as assets to the farm, they using their awarded new merits.
Anxious as if experienced, Angelia wrapped her legs about the bull torso and she shinnied up his furry torso. When I saw his red cock slip then out from her body, he taunt erect still, did try to thrust in again, but she had other plans.
When Angelia had raised herself high enough that the last six inches of his bull cock remained in her, she jumped away and off from her lover. She landed soundly on the barn floor, as his last inches of cock literally ripped from inside her, she moaned as did he.
Angelia said then, "You know well how to pleasure a female, now is the time for you to drop down, to take a stance on all fours. You are a bull, and by the demands of father you are to remain a cow mating herd sire bull!"
Letting go his touch to the stall wall and teetering, Frank then fell forward, his arms had changed and fingers being as cloven hooves slammed down to the straw covered concrete floor. He stood there as if stunned by the bulk and a realization of his then being for all his future a beef bull. He stood as would a yearling young bull by his present size, his head at waist height to Angelia.
The elated sexual sensations gone, Frank stood there, mentally struggling to cope with his feelings, fears and the knowledge what he was, he would be until death.
As if to implore his lover, he with a Muroo... moan, Frank sniffed the air, he sauntering forward, did nestle his muzzle as nostrils into the shaved groin of his lover.
He sniffing and with tender snorts, he breathed in her scent and what was a blend of his own volume of juices spent, he became partially erect, his red cock poked out the black furry sheath.
Angelia knelt down, and she seeing his partial erection, she said, "I need to tend to that!" That said, and she stood up, walked outside the stall and into the dark.
Frank just stood there, his mind boggled by what all had happened since he got out of bed that morning.
Angelia returned with a clay jar, and she wearing a glove, dipped her hand into the jar and came out with the glove coated in a tan colored salve.
She then knelt beside Frank and with her one hand did steady his sheath, she with her gloved hand began coating his extending erect cock with the salve.
"With this salve I thee stain, become now a bull as the real you,
 Correct in body as of this male organ, of self
 a all Black bull of the Angus breed be you now,
content to be a herd sire bull!"
The demeanor of Frank then changed, he stood there as if disinterested with Angelia and he sniffing, began following the scent to where there be cows, grass, and wishing to be someplace elsewhere.
If that were the end to what I saw and learned, my story would have ended here, but there was more to come, much more!
Angelia stood there and watched Frank lose his esteem of self to the animal he had so quickly became. She returned the clay jar with the anointing salve back to the shelf, tossing the greasy and toxic glove into a waste canister for disposal. I watched as she was looking for something else, until she found it and went back to her new bull. She passed her hands in a cycled circling fashion before his face, captivating his attention, seemingly putting him in a dazed trance.
Angelia moved to be between me and her lover, her back to me, blocked my view of what she was doing. I waited and watched, seeing the bull shudder
Its body with some convulsion as if discomforted. When then Angelia stepped away, Frank the bull wore in his nose a brass ring, the symbol of enslavement!
Frank shuddered at the din sound of a metal clip clinking its snap into place onto his nose-ring. I rein tugged on by Angelia, she lead her lover-boy out the barn basement to a corral behind the barn. I snuck up to the door through where she took Frank, seeing as she released the rein clip from the nose-ring, letting the bull to wander where he had worked was then his new home.
She turned her back to the bull and walked toward the still opened barn door. My seeing her coming toward me, I retired to the darker shadowy storage area, there to crouch down and watch as Angelia closed the barn door and went to the hay elevator to ride it up to the main floor of the barn.
I was left there alone and thinking, wondering as to what manner of person was Angelia and of her father, he a recluse person of few words. The miracle of human to animal transformation is something quite unsettling to be actually watching. The having read about in books or when seen on television the sight and sounds of it are instilling of some apprehension, but when being as reality, it strikes fear to a body.
My next real concern was to make my graceful exiting from the barn as if what had happened inside there I had not seen. I decided to walk out the rear door of the barn and climb the corral fence, standing then in a aisle between the holding corrals. I walked out into the feedlot as if by me being there I was out looking for Angelia and not a witness part of the magical dehumanization of a man to being a common farm animal.
When one of the men working there saw me, me dressed too well to be where I was, he came to me, and with his cell phone, called Angelia to meet me at the front of the big barn. I thanked the man who was one of those that had witnessed the degrading done to Frank. He seemed somewhat disgusted by my being there about the feedlot. He told me how easiest to get to where I should be, and warned me not to enter any of the corrals, reminding that the cattle were truly unfriendly beasts.
I felt the man was suspicious of me being where I was, he having seen me before when there and in the company of Angelia. We when talking or together had never once gone walking the turds and manure strewn aisles of the feedlot, a place of renown stench.
A long walk back to the barn had me thinking of the best excuse for having been where I was when discovered of being there on the property. When I saw Angelia coming to meet me her face suggested concerns. She looked worried, but I wondered if she was tired and feeling a good bit stretched from her hours of playtime bewitching Frank into being full of form a bovine.
We greeted in our usual friendly manner, a kiss to my cheek by a dear friend. The obvious question arouse, as why in the world was I wandering the stinking feedlot? My answer was that upon arrival I did not see her or anyone and went looking, ending up wandering the miles of aisles that were like a labyrinth to a visitor.
My reasoned excuse seemed quite plausible to her and she taking her cell phone from her jeans pocket, connected with her father, recanting to him my reason for being where I was found wandering. My situation seemed put to rest and with Angelia walking with me, we went to the main house and there I was served some refreshments.
The conversation seemed quite muddled with feeling of anxiety about something drastic, something we both knew had happened but had our own reasons as not to speak openly of what was the big secret. That feeling of an unsaid secret had Angelia distracted and tripping over her words. She became nervous, and suggested she was feeling ill with a severe headache, asking me to leave and come back another day.
Being cordial to my good friend I of course agreed with her wish and asked if we might get together later the same week, of a Friday for a private lunching picnic. She smiled and agreed, as we walked out the house front door and to my car, I saw her father staring at us from an upstairs bedroom window.
As I hugged and kissed Angelia a good bye, I looked up at the scowling man standing at the window. Normally I might have from seeing the man would have noted we were being watched and then waved at him to let him know I saw his surveillance. This time I felt it in my best interests to make an exiting from the situation at hand. I left the farm driving away with my usual slowness, dodging the ruts and dips along the driveway.
Once away and back to the paved road, I drove hastily to where I felt safe from the evil I had seen. The situation bothered me, and why not, what I had seen was not the common humiliating of a man doing something considered wrong. I did wonder though why Frank when seeing he was as had so changed partially, seemed so unconcerned as to what it meant for him and his life and future. It was as though he had expected what happened would happen. Maybe he wanted it to happen, that thought popping into my mind from having seen as heard him coax Angelia to help the curse finish his changing sooner.
That instilled in me a thought that from Frank working with and near the farm animals he had gained a sense of affection for their manner of living so free even while captive by the fences.
He did like to play and even seen on a rare occasion try to fondle or suggest he would like to touch those perky breasts on the chest of sweet Angelia.
As it happens, my life became busied by work and family, an ailing father and a worried mother kept me from my date with Angelia. It was two weeks later when I remembered that agreed date for a picnic lunch together and alone on a high hill overlooking the farm.
So on a storm threatening day I decided to take a vacation day and just drop in on Angelia and make my apologies in person.
When I arrived to the farm the place looked its usual busy self, men doing their work, driving tractors with machinery attached as if their working there was not under the wary eye of a man with magical powers.
A greeting to one man, I asked if he had seen Angelia. The man stopped and his face looked like he wanted to tell me as where she was, but felt uncomfortable divulging the information. He suggested I check with her father at the main house.
So I walked that way but when the man had walked far enough away, I turned round and walked to the barn. I often saw Angelia in the barn, she took exceptional care of her horses, and they seemed delighted when she was nearby. A Shetland pony liked Angelia well enough to sprout a blazing erection when she came near him or was upwind where he could smell her scent. The pony was her first to ride, that being some twenty years hence.
The why she kept the pony after graduating to riding her horses, seemed like he was her personal pet. She liked to take Mike the pony for a walk and even to picnic, letting him graze while we talked and did more...
When I entered the barn I felt a sensed static in the air, a feeling I had when watching Angelia sexualize with Frank, forcing his changing, and helping him to accept what would be his new reality. The same was there then, and as I walked the barn, going to the stable end and seeing the stalls as empty, I wondered what horrible thing had happened again.
The stall with Mike the pony had inside it one dead pony, he lying on his back, legs in the air as if rigor-mortis had sent in leaving him stiff in death.
Stunned at the morbid sight, I noted the stall floor, the straw seemed toasted, singed by heat, almost to alighting with a fire. I felt a sense of worry and personal forbidding, wondering if what I might see would have me joining Frank?
There was in one stall to the far end of the stable a golden glow, the like I never had seen. I walked toward it, and coming closer heard the moaning sounds of a seductive Angelia. My hearing her moaning had me expecting to find her fornicating with one of her animals as she had done so well with Frank her new Angus bull.
Inching cautiously toward the stall, being very quiet, I came to the Dutch door to the blazingly brightly lighted stall and peered around the corner of the door sash.
What I saw was Angelia floating in the air. The entire stall was a glowing ember of warmth and a smell of animal sex having happened recently. The stench tickled my nose and I sneezed!
My sneeze alerted Angelia to her being looked at, she rolling her head to gaze a look at me.
"Angelia, what...!" I remember saying, she smiled her alluring little grin that often bedeviled me with an arousal. What she said stunned me to hear her openly admit to liking of the bestiality she had enjoyed with Frank as he became a bull. She told of a more recent suitor coming to the farm and he being a past lover too like me, she lead him into a stall and they had sex.
Her father caught his daughter in the act of sex, thinking she had lost then her virginity to the man, he removed her from their coupling and seeing the fellow there in a compromising manner, he laid a curse on him. Her fun friend became a large reddish brown buck goat in a matter of a few minutes. The spell as placed upon him had with it an mental acclimating, as he knew what had happened, but felt content as happy to be then a male goat.
She said that her seeing friend Chad as a goat, his love for her had not lessened, they met often and he with she, they enjoyed his new sensuality. It happened that morning her father caught her with the buck goat, and he became infuriated beyond anytime she had seen him get angry. He cast a darker acclimation spell over Chad, making him forget his humanity and think only of mating goats.
He was still enraged and looking at her, he cast a spell, she to become a goat whore, the essence of a sexual young woman and a female goat, blended and left floating in a horny realm as her punishment.
I gawking at her she was looking very horny, horny to her thoughts and arousing to me in my want to sexualize with her provocative looking form.
I thought to enter the golden stall, and float to her, wishing to touch and embrace her. She looked so much more alluring to me, a factual part of the punishment spell cat on her by Daddy!
To me she was always beautiful, but seeing her as what an angered father made of her, she became a true idyllic passion to me.
She moaning was bemoaning what he father thought of her. She floated there bathed in the golden haze, relaxed in a way was with her cloven  fingers tweaking at one of her goat udder teats.
Those sad eyes, looked back at me, said then, "No, no you must not enter this stall it is like entering into the anger my father has for me. You come inside and the farm has then another new buck goat, so please stay out in the barn aisle!"
I stood there in the doorway to the stall, I wanted, longed to enter and wished so to fondle her furred skin, seeing her fluffed long hair, those perky womanly breasts, her goat body allured me so, the likelihood of after entering the hazed stall and becoming a male goat seemed worth the thrill.
"Stay there,' Angelia warned a second time, "Please..., dear friend do not come to me! I love you more than you know, and wish to marry you in due time, of that father would agree I am sure. Yet, if you enter now and try to mate me, you doom us both to being as goats, permanently as goats!
I felt so horny after Frank was gone, father sold him to another farm. When Chad arrived today, I nearly threw myself at him and he reacted as do all my male friends, he felt his lust to be his guide.
Now go away and do it quickly, if father comes and sees you with me, no telling what he might do to you!"
Aroused and with a tenting erection I backed away from looking inside that curses stall. I turned and looking down the barn aisle saw Mr. Albright. He stood talking on his phone, his back toward me, it gave me time to find a place to hide.
Hurriedly I ran from stall door to the next stall finding them locked with a padlock, or the last tried stall had inside a large brown male goat, once known to me a Chad Chadwick. He seeing me there bleated his welcome, I had second thoughts about entering a stall with him, be being usually horny, and from becoming a buck goat might be hornier yet!
Hearing Mr. Albright say a good bye to who he had called on the phone, there was no place other to go than to enter the stall with Chad. I knelt down as just then Mr. Albright walked past the stall door, he walking toward where he had Angelia held captive.
When he then stood outside her stall doorway and looked inside, what he saw her doing seemed to infuriate him all the more.
"My daughter, what kind of woman would you be? To look at you, your present state does not humiliate you, you float there in spelled space, fingering at nipples and teats, thumb fucking your red snatch; I have a thought to leave you as this for a good while longer" He said, Mr. Albright said to Angelia, he waiting for her to say something as if to beg or plead.
Instead, what she said in reply stunned him the wrong way, she said boldly, "Humiliate me, why after all the men, friends some of them you blatantly transformed because they dared want to touch me, you caught a friend playmate wrestling with me and for that you made of him a Shetland pony.
You were so angry with me for letting Chad quell my pangs, you flashed your lightning and killed my friend, my pet pony. You think you can do no wrong, your ideals stand supreme. Well, I plan to get married one day and then move away, leaving you to this your farm of anger, debauchery, and the girls you bring home on the weekends."
Seeing him hear his daughter berate her father, I turned and sunk to my knees fearful of what he would do to me when I might get married to his dear daughter. As I slipped down to kneel there in the stall with horny Chad, as I lifted my head to look at him, he stood there, leaning against the stall wall. My eyes gawked at a fully erect goat cock pointing at my face, being wiggled closer toward my mouth.
Chadmoved quickly and his cock-tip perked past my lips and the oily length of his male tool slid into my mouth, striking the back of my throat and then arching down as he ejaculated his load.
Couching, and choking from the flesh rod rammed down my gullet, the noise I made was heard by all there who were alive.
Chadkept on thrusting his cock into me, and it spurting out stinking slime the like and kind I never wish to ingest again. Hilted, as he thrust his big goat balls slammed at my chin, the filthy soiled fur of his goat belly near to smothering me.
Mr. Albright came then to where there was all the choking noises, and he opening the stall door, pointed an index finger at Chad. A bolt of blue shot from the fingertip and blasted Chad away from me and his goat self flew to the far side of the box stall.
He looked then at me, as I said, "Thank you sir, that damn goat was trying to mate in my mouth, he had his cock in my gullet and was thrusting.
I came looking for Angelia, I had broken a date with her some weeks back and decided to come here and make up, take her to lunch, show her I truly cared about her.
I saw what you did to Frank that fearful day, and kept it to myself. I see your anger is at your daughter, please understand she has deep feelings, she loves many, and they love her, as do I.
You could be angry at me like you were to Frank and or Chad, but it is my one hope to marry your daughter and we live in town, near where I work."
The dark scowling anger seemed to leave his face and he for the first time ever, smiled. He turned and began walking along the barn aisle, as I then had a thought, said, "Sir, Mr. Albright!"
I got up and licking my oily lips clean of the goat semen, I walked to meet the man, the father, as I said, "Sir, I know of your great powers, but in the case of Chad, he does not truly deserve to remain a goat. Now do not get angry but hear me out. Chad came here to see Angelia, she is a popular person with many fellows, and why not, she is beautiful.
I ask humbly if you would consider what you did to Chad and let him go home human as then drunk and thinking what he was or became was but a stupor nightmare. He is normally a fine fellow, has manners and when having met Angelia today she said how she went after him and not the other way around."
Without a word but a head nod he agreed and a flash of golden light announced Chad as back to being himself, though then naked and driving home in his sports car.
"Thank you again," I said, and standing there the man figured I had another thought, I did, so I said, "It strikes me that Angelia being such a outgoing and forceful an individualist, it might bear witness your present cast spell, per-say she were to marry me and look at another man, it would be a good reminder if then she became again as you have her now, remaining that way for a full day."
Mr. Albright smiled again, he saying to me, "Son you would make a good wizard! Your manner of speech is ever so politically correct and polite. I think your idea about leaving the satyr-goat spell on my daughter is an excellent idea, and I shall make it as so...., however, the B.S. about her looking at another man, that was a ploy. You like her as a satyr-goat woman, and she is arousing as alluring. It will be a wedding gift from me to you both. I say both because what a married couple need do best is to share, she when either of you look lustfully at another person, your next day will be one of wild as sexual apologizing each to the other. I think you will do well as a son-in-law, no go to her, enter the stall, and for a week or two I will let you get to know her better."
The man seemed trustworthy of his promises, I turned and hastened along the barn aisle to the golden haze filled stall. Standing as looking at my soon to be betrothed floating there in her extreme sensual form, I turned to give Mr. Albright a questioning look. He smiled and waved his hand, the force from it giving me that needed shove and into the haze I went.
Wild, simply wild, two weeks of the horniest sex we either ever enjoyed, we were married the day after we became human again. To say we lived happily ever after is not enough credit given to my father-in law for knowing what is best as fun.
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