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Erection Fervors

Series 2012
By Vaulthurst

Aaron and Jim were friends from their earliest remembered years. They went everywhere together, so much so that people thought they were of the gay persuasion. As it began, a college friend to Jim, told him about his experiences at an erotic festival. Accordingly, the festival occurred once each month at the new moon phase, when the sky was dark and dark urges roam the glen, bringing women into euphoric libido feelings, hungry for a male, any male whether human or animal.

What the friend reiterated and suggested that Jim should go see for himself, he offering Jim a map showing driving directions. Coming very close, said in a whisper to Jim, his friend said that he had ventured there two times and enjoyed a wild night as part in a wild orgy.

“Beware the wine, as drinking it brings on such an arousal, increased the libido, as after having drank and indulged sexually, come the next morning came a realization of a dire price paid from fornicating.”

Jim eyed his friend with an expression of disbelief, only to have his friend grab him by an arm and steer them into the men’s room, and inside the handicap toilet stall for a revealing show.

Fortune favored that strange moment with several quiet as alone minutes with no other persons there to tend to a personal need.

“Vandalia, you ever met her, well beware of her as she is someone who goes to the festival every time. She lured me to come and join her, and I did, discovering her beauty as weirdly erotic. Trust me when I say this, she is a Satyress, a satyr, but female, very female!

Silly as it sounds and unlikely, what she is…, does, did to me, her touch, her scent, she kissed me, regurgitating some silken slime she had swallowed, tonguing it into my mouth. I felt her spit the slime into my mouth but just from the stuff coating my tongue I could not gain the courage to spit it out, but swallowed it.

Whatever it was, it made me feel such an increased sense of libido, I reached into my pants and began trying to throttle-masturbate there as I stood before her.

She tackled me; sliding with me to the ground where with her amazing smile she sat on my chest, she naked by then, how and when she removed her clothing I could then and still, do not remember. Seated on me her legs straddling me, holding my arms firmly to the ground inched forward, talking all the while about her sense of passion and feeling it best when a fellow tongues her pussy clean before her next conquest.

Her next conquest, I suddenly realized that was me, and with wonderment of why I was so willing, I ceased to struggle and let come what may.

She was as is alluring, her eyes changing from blue to a deep brown as she coaxed closer to where I with my tongue could begin her cleaning. Somewhere in that space of time I noted her legs as hairy, no furry, deep chocolate brown curls of soft fur. Her fur began encircling her navel, thinned out around her mound, and thickened where it covered her rump, buttocks, thighs and legs…, legs, hocks, feet and cloven hooves, as she was part goat from the waist and down.

When my tongue touched her labia lips, they parted, and from inside her vagina extruded a pungent smell, it reminded me of the herb/spice Thyme. I eyed her from a menial view, seeing come from her dark depths the seepage of yellow to white slurry. It slipped out of her vagina in large drips followed by a wave of thin-murky fluids. My tongue being there, the drips, the liquid and an occasional lump of semen rolled into my mouth, me needing to swallow or choke.

We went on that way for what to me felt like an eternity until she made a leg swing turn, spread her legs wide and outstretched beyond my head, wallowing my face in her licked lips. She deep-throated my arousal what by then stood so erect it hurt.

We in the 69 position until another like her arrived and reliving Vandalia, a Janet took over, as I recall her scent reminded me of black licorice. It stimulated me as nothing I ever remember happening when eating licorice. My testicles swelled, penis became as it remains is a bestial cock, my skin turned black as from the underarms and down the length of me, I am shaggy covered with black fur. I have a tail like that of a goat, my buttocks spread wide, giving me a flat butt.

Just look at me,” he said as he undressed, showing what he was, being very much like a buck goat.

As he stood there in the chilly air-conditioned air blown down into the toilet area, it aroused his penis from a furry sheath. Jim watched with strange fascination to see the cock emerge out, grow longer, mottled it coloring of red at the pointy tip, pinkish, and from the sheath to about halfway up it was black like his fur.

“Please,” he moaned, “I am aroused erect, I need release or…, you must suck me, please!”

Jim being straight in his social morality became insulted at the prospect of kneeling, mouthing, and sucking off his changed friend. Angered, Jim swatted his hand and harshly slapped at and away the sixteen inches of sexual flesh. The swatting pained his friend and Jim gave him a shove, as he stumbled, fell, as his head and face went inside the toilet bowl. Blubbering in the water, stunned, his tail and butt high in the air, he struggled at grabbing his cock to throttle it, hearing Jim open the stall door and walk away, leaving his friend to swim or drown.

Shaken, wet, and exceptionally horny, a furred young man stood up, looking around the room, he was not alone. His moments of thrashing to rise up and stand as duly noted by other students, they stood peering, having a look over the privacy barrier.

“Hey look at furry Benny; he is all dressed up for Halloween, just four months early.” That said by one student and the others, several of them rushed at the handicap toilet stall, grabbing one scared and still aroused, furry student. The excitement caused Benny to ejaculate, as globs of his semen flew into the air, everybody there caught a little, somewhere.

The semen spitting session sent all but two students running out from the room, leaving Ben with two suddenly devoted two students, each with an overpowering sense of libido for tasting more of that spicy semen.

News of the incident spread across campus, as one told another about the furry kook and his huge cock.

Ben had time to give his two follows another tasting, and as they knelt enjoying the silky flavor, a furred student dressed and left the room to drive home and contemplate what to do next.

Jim, he with his map/note tucked into a shirt pocket, finished his last class and drove to his shared apartment with Aaron. Once he arrived to the apartment, his first thought was to take a hot shower and wash away anything Ben might have dribbled. While showering, mister neat, Aaron walked into their apartment and seeing strewn clothes on the floor, naturally he began to pick up the mess. As naturally, Aaron found and read the note he discovered in the shirt pocket, and thought his friend could use some R. & R.

“Hey how’s hanging,” Aaron said to Jim when his roommate exited the shower stall and with a towel wrapped about his waist he hearing the comment said, he reacted with anger and said, “F.O!”

Such a definitive a remark from the normally quiet friend, suggested to Aaron his best friend really needed some manner of distraction.

Later as they ate a sub sandwich together, Aaron suggested they should take a drive on Friday afternoon to a place where he heard was wine, women, and music. He had something in mind but wanted to keep it a secret, knowing Jim loved a mystery.

Friday afternoon and Aaron drove his shiny new sports car with Jim riding as a passenger, they talked, and Jim acting as nervous, broke the new to Aaron about what Benny showed, said, and tried to do to Jim. They talked about what Jim witnessed, Aaron not sure he could believe such a tale. The conversing slowed after that, and Jim sat quiet and trusting, until the car turned into the driveway of the Bacchanal Festival Grounds.

As soon as Jim saw and read the road sign posted at the driveway entrance, he about leaped out from the car to the road as if to run back to the apartment.

“No…, no, no, no, no-way; am I going with you down that road, into a satiric festival!” Jim said to friend Aaron, as one talked to the other, what should happen, but Benny turned off the main road and into the festival driveway, beeped and waved at his two friends.

Jim looked away from Aaron and leaped into the car seat, as he yelled, “Follow that car, I want to have a few choice words with Benny!”

Aaron was ready as well, and he leaped into the car, starting the engine and jamming the transmission into a gear, they sped off in a cloud of dust and flying stones. The Festival drive was more than a mile long and away from the paved road. Aaron drove fast, and followed the dust cloud left by Benny roaring ahead of the two friends. The road curved around and between some large trees, and as they roared past a clump of Birch trees, a form walked, strode casually into the roadway.

Aaron blew the car horn and swerved hard a left turn to miss the person, his new car sliding on the gravel road, he lost control and it skidded off into the brush, weeds, and bushes. In the mayhem, the unbuckled passenger thrown from his seat in the car, only to land hard to the ground, knocked unconscious.

Aaron stayed with his car and as it halted, he regained his senses only to find a strange female and animalistic a creature sitting on top his dashboard, her legs spread wide, and she trying to coax his head and face dangerously close to where he awakening, want not as there to go!

“Hello, is this a Greek storybook character festival?” Aaron asked the woman, as she slid her butt past the steering wheel and slid to straddle the lap on Aaron. She pinned him snug between the back of the car seat and her ample size breasts. As she stared at Aaron in the face, she said, “Some wild driving along the curvy Aeaea Lane, your leaving the road as you did was providential, it saved the lives of many, maybe even you!

Now please, you know why we all so enjoy coming here, as cuming here, that t’was a little joke, did you not get it?”

Aaron rather liked the snug fit of them in his car. He had his convertible top down most times when driving rural roads and his catching her there seemed an erotic delight.

“Would you please mouth my aroused nipple and with a squeeze suckle out of me, my more horny feelings for want of getting molested. You new here, not me, this was my ninth time, and to be quite truthful, the more you come as cum, the more you change.

As for me, I let this sadistic big fellow molest me for not a night. I got drunk from his wine not just allowing him to violate me a dozen times, I asked him to do it to me. As what you see me here as I am today, this is the real me now, a Satyress, like permanent!”

Aaron knew better than to do something erotic to a strange woman, but to do it a woman being partial of body like a goat made bells ring, but his smelling her and that hourglass figure got him excited, aroused, and stupid. As his and hers eyes stared each at the others, he opened his mouth and engulfed a black puckered nipple, that even as he did it, he thought it resembled more like a goat teat.

Meanwhile and some distance away, Jim awoke, sat up, felt his forehead and found he was bleeding. He quickly decided to tend to his own health and safety, leaving Aaron to tend himself, Jim walked back to the gravel road, then on down hill of where he heard there the festival.

As Jim walked the road, several cars and two trucks passed him, leaving him in a cloud of red clay road dust. When he arrived to the entrance to the festival, he was met there by two pretty women, one dressed to look like a satyr and the other he thought wore a costume having her be a girl minotaur.

Jim had seen enough of goats during the previous two days, and he put out a hand for the Minotaur girl to take hold of, as she walked him to where he could wash before attending the festival. Lynn was the name she told Jim to use when asking for her. He went with her not expecting anything improper, until she walked him to a large old tree and pressed her hand to a knothole.

A door opened as if being part of the tree trunk, as Lynn took the lead and Jim followed her, she strode down the wooden steps, a spiral staircase going down, down, down deep into the ground.

“You said I could wash up, where are these stairs taking us?” Jim asked Lynn, she turning to look up at him as she continued to walk further downward, following the continuing stairs.

The lower they went the warmer the temperature in the stairway. Jim was sweating profusely, he stopping to catch his breath, heard then the sounds of people screaming as if in great pain. “What do I hear?” Jim asked, as Lynn shrugged her beefy shoulders, smiled but said nothing in reply. They went down further and Jim stopped again, he listening, hearing not screaming but wild laughter, as seemingly on the opposite side of the wooden tree root wall.

“It is not much farther, you will find it enlightening if not a fun thrill, and it is what tickled me to ask to look like I do. Your coming here will be reason enough for me to have my third molestation, gaining me a lifetime of ease, sensuality, and enjoyment of big cocks rutting me silly.” Lynn said as she came to the end of the stairs and thrust open a door, she stepping outside the tree root, as several arms and hands reached at, grabbed Jim, and took control of a scared young man.

“Hey, no, oh crap what the hell is this place…,” Jim yelled, as he seeing the arms and hands reaching for him expected they belonged to four or five people, but they all were from one being, and he being a demon type.

“Excellent, we thank you Lynn, he looks to be a healthy specimen. You may go and enter the den, tell Maxton I sent you for your third fun time, and when they have taken you sufficiently, I shall come and help finish your full transformation into becoming a cow.” So said the crab creature what held Jim, was removing his clothing, and all at the same time, more hands began taunting various sensual places on Jim.

Lim as held, he looking around him saw there ornate and carved doors, several sets, each made from black marble. The marble gray walls on all sides had splattered blood, dried semen and mucus hackers, as well the occasional shadowy reminder of someone suddenly toasted.

"Wow some joint,” said Phil, he another student from the college. He was seemingly leaving, walked on either side of him by Satyress females. “Lovely aren’t they,” Phil said as he walked past Jim held and hanging naked.

One Satyress came close to Jim as he hung there helpless, she smiled and said, "We are to service those like your friend Phil or you, let them have you for some fun and get your own pair of pretty females.

Jim groaned at seeing Phil walking away, as Jim was just about to enter some place horrid. The sight of the Satyress was too much for Jim, gawking at those two slender at the waist, big bosomed as shapely female Satyress creatures. He had the chance to see their short, as white horns, of pointed ears, and covered in a soft gray colored fur. As they strode past Jim, he watched the bouncy tails and sashaying hind legs, feet walking on cloven hooves as if belonging on a large breed goat.

”Greetings to a foolish and young man, you as were the others taken captive as easily aroused and thinking with your gonads. Phil there, he has longed for having a sexual experience with bondage, molested by horny women, he on his way to getting all of what he wished could come true. We here help those who ask and come here of their free will, and except pleasures made to bear pleasurable fruit.” The demon thing said to Jim, and it gaining a sneered smile, seemed about ready to begin his tortures, Jim drew on his courage, and asked in reply, "If you are to service me than let us get it started!”

The thing began walking, it holding Jim mid-air and kept him as helpless. When from the out of the darkness walked two endowed male satyrs coming toward Jim, they took hold of Jim. The crab creature thing released Jim into the caring custody of the satyrs. As Jim felt relieved, he sighed, and the creature heard Jim, it said, “Your seeing me is not the worst but the least, rely on me to be truthful.”

Two black marble doors swung open of their own volition, allowing the two satyr men to tote Jim out from the entrance, and entering then the torture pit, he there for his first all male molestation treatment.

Seemingly, all happening in such a rush, Jim found he was trussed snug with leather straps, binding him to a eighty degree upright hard surface. As he stood there naked, nervous, and aroused, one of the satyr males knelt down, and eying the erection, he began fingering it, taunting it stiffer, and then engulfed it with his mouth.

Jim let out a war whoop from the feeling of the satyr mouthing Jim, his very erect penis.
“Damn you all, this place is another Hell!” Jim yelled, and squirmed, but the straps held him bound and helpless to fight.

As then satyr knelt there suckling on Jim his penis, the other satyr held his furry hands on the testicles of Jim, fondling them as one might a set of golf balls before a big game.

“Is he ready my brother,” asked one satyr to the other, as the kneeling satyr slid off from his mouthing on Jim, he replied, said, "He is really in need of release, do you want me to have the honors, or leave him to lament a while longer, to sweat, and/or suckle me, drink my semen?"

Jim looked down as the satyr creature slapped the furry hands of the other satyr from cuddling the testicles on Jim. Then there gathered a number of satyr and Minotaur creatures standing around Jim, they beginning to caress and bring Jim sensual delights. He began shivering, feeling the sensual hairy palms smooth at him all over his back, chest, thighs, legs.

A Satyress knelt in front of Jim, as she began painting something chilly-cold all over his testicles and penis. She then used the tip of her tongue to probe open the end of his stiff penis. Jim stood as bound in place, he wanted to tilt his head back as he swooned from his molestation feelings knew a sense of absolute delight, and he closed his eyes. A moist mouth wrapped around his maleness, as did a trained tongue caress the skin on his shaft.

”What is this place,” Jim muttering said to the lovely Satyress creature so nicely assaulting his maleness.

“Purgatory is the name of this place, or rather more a regional primer of the real thing for collecting those who die during the corporeal molestation or physical transforming. We learned to use such festivals, orgies bring people to enjoy and become drunk on satyr wine until they remember nothing about morality, family, or fear of their creator.

Sensuality is the root to the beginning of a more permanent changing of attitude in humans. When offered and having time to think and consider their physical dehumanization, whether sensual to the eye or touch, they tend to wavier and most become brave. The liberal use of wine and even satyr wine people accept willingly, one drink calms their intuition, a second dulls their memory, and a third makes any as lascivious for want of being like their favorite animal.

Most of those we have tried this new manner of indulgence, see the form of someone become as a satyr, especially the female forms act to allure many, they give up all they were or own to become bestial. This seems to be a human trait and we exploit their traits.” A demonic looking black fellow standing nearby watching, as if a manager of those tempting Jim and others, some screaming, crying, and beggars pleading to let them become as satyrs, Minotaur beasts, or ordinary animals, if just to cease their torments.

“Humph, why, humph me, what humph do I HAVE, have…, have why me what makes me so special, oh lord but that was a painfully delightful climax! Ah, you, she taunting me, but what as why I, for what reason am I given this talk, this information, what makes me special?” Jim asked the dark form of a man and animal thing looking down at him, the creature with his red eyes, claw-like hands, and bird feet.

The sucking and fondling of his maleness continued after he had just blasted such a massive load, the Satyress choked, coughed, and began a second assault to his dignity.

“Is Aaron here too,” Jim thought to ask, as the dark demon there then smiled.

“I due time, he is as we speak feeling his dire desires messaged, as urges surface and he with a lusty Satyress forgot all he was taught of sexual dangers. He has and is indulging big-time; she has him stripped of his clothing and acting, as would a beast in rut. Aaron has suckled her breasts, drank her milk, and at present…, let her crouch of his chin as he with his tongue is tickling her fancies.

Together, those well on their way to some form of doom, find it comforting to allure others along to find joy and solace for gaining a tough hide, fur, enlarged genitals on men and enlarged breasts to women. Each of their own passions likes to degrade another, bringing into our grasp many, and helping to demoralize the world above…, you asked why I would tell you this, what makes you or Aaron so special? Legacies, both past and futuristic, as our interest to make or break you, as in your family were a grandfather and uncle who by education became exceptionally good ministers of the great faith.

Those two men served to take from us hundreds, maybe more, and their offspring become for us as trophies to flaunt in the face of the Holy. This of what you see is for your benefit to see and feel, as from the past higher power allowed us a more direct method of contesting people of their faith and loyalties.

Darla, cease your present efforts and offer this thirsty young man a drink of our special vintage of wine.”

Jim watched as the Satyress sucking withdrew from off his much larger as elongated penis, she stood up, and from somewhere in the dim light and darkness, she produced a long and narrow spouted chalice. She put the tip to the spout to the lips of Jim, but he was defiant of her intentions.

Darla, the Satyress looked then with a meek expression to the Demon, she shrugging her shoulders as if to say, “I tried to comply.”

The Demon felt no sense of kindness, he motioned for Darla to try again, and to help Jim accept the wine, the clawed hand reached forward and dug his talon claws into the erect flesh of Jim and his penis.

Nasty pain and Jim screamed, his mouth opened, the chalice slipped inside, was tipped forward and wine flowed. Jim choked and coughed, but the Demon then laughed, he said, “So easy, we have ways to force you to do about anything we wish, or from your dark desires…, oh wow, I am impressed, your friend Aaron, has accepting drained his Satyress friend of the satyr wine she had with her. He is in a state of elation for her and wishing for more and new ways of molestation, by females of his sensual body.

Did you know your friend and his over-indulgence with horses? I bet you never knew, well we knew, and used it today to exploit his sins to ask and gain his greatest wish, while become a willing partner in a new and sensuous plan of our Master to damn, women.

Darla, keep pouring, Jim is still thirsting for more sensualities, he likes what you did to his penis, help him along.

If given then to remain with your friend, the two of you as partners, I would offer some tolerance, granting him and you a lifetime of extreme sensuality.”

Jim was gulping down the deep burgundy flavored wine, it taking some effect to his ability to think straight and logical thoughts. When the second chalice emptied, and Darla turned to reach for a third, Jim had time to ask the Demon, as said, “What do you offer, considering either way you have me and I appear to be on my way to a certain doom?”

The Demon smiled again, his cat-like teeth so white compared to his black outer self.

If you accept my offer now, entrusting me with your future, then I shall guide your new reality to being something so very sensual, even our own lower devils would crawl and beg to let them have and enjoy such an existence.

I take you head nodding as a reply in the affirmative to our plan. Then you shall know of the plan, and as for Aaron and you, within the span of a week worth of painful changes, you both shall become as Equines. Barb breed stallions, stocky, significant form of a horse standing 13 to 15hands high, Aaron a Roan and you as a Dun colored body. Medium your horse self of physical size as to the lesser number of lumbar vertebrae and having just seventeen ribs.

Trained, you primary purpose is of sexual copulation, at regular intervals with mares in season, but daily pleasuring of women enjoying belly riding. I see that the idea of belly riding requires further explanation.

Example as when you become a horse, your human mentality governing the animal form, no wild beast in control. Women have a wish for feeling their vaginal regions stretched and seek their mate to have such length as seek depth, they seeing a horse have an erection, and they swoon. Your duty is to help make women prefer you and your cock to that of their husband. We make this possible by medical ability to keep your cock in a state of erection for more than an hour while copulating.

The woman lies naked in a hammock sling under your belly; her head behind your forelegs, her legs spread wide apart, and tied so to bind her from getting away. The liberal use of some oily substance to her vulva, allows the eased entering of your cock-head, and the girth of the male shaft. She needs then only to do some minor pelvic movement to cause your cock to sink deeper, and as you then walk, the stride steps cause a piston action that drives the women to love their new found form of sensual distraction.

Expect our full cooperation with keeping you healthy and horny. If you help us succeed in our endeavors, added benefits we offer, as by decade the rejuvenation of your body to being younger. This added benefit means for you and your existence here, as living beyond the biblical offer of three score and ten years, imagine, you in a highly sensual, sexual lifestyle and continually young for some seventy years, think of it!

You rise early each morning, no worries about work or the job, no need for money or having to pay bills, of want for things you really then have no use for or a need. Life then is being satisfied with being associated with herd mares and lurid lusty women, as affection for others comes best when someone scratches where you cannot.”

Jim was attentive, listening, considering, as having heard his duties and the Demon informing of what Jim would need not have as his worries, Jim taunting said, “Consider what style of life you would have me exist as live. My life then with no manner of human fun relaxation, video, gaming, sports, driving a car, vacations away from the barn, stables, foreign travel, hobbies, or the eats of other than hay, grass, oats, or fodder.

Sex and sensuality is the prime reason for me to live, as if too much of anything does not tend to bore a mind and constrict enjoyments. What you offer in place of human lifestyle is a lifetime of corrupting people to wish they were like me! Some offer, I bet you that Aaron would, if given the chance to think, would think the same as do I now, and turn your offer down flat!”

“A wager, did I hear you tend to wager me as to the action of your friend?” The Demon asked Jim, he smiling at the thought to taunt a human, while knowing the predestined futures of both Aaron and Jim. “What would you pay if I could prove you as wrong about you ideals as to Aaron?”

“Master,” said Darla rather sheepishly, “If I might suggest, have then this fellow become a were-boar, I have socked his penis to be stout enough for him to become as such!”

The Demon drew back one arm as if he were ready to swat-strike-slap Darla for her voicing a suggestion, only to slowly lower his arm as he gave the idea some further thought.

“Not too bad there Darla, you are getting into the swing of things, I might just grant to you your return to being male and regain your human name of Darren for this suggestion.

Agree, a bet there Jim, that Aaron accepts willingly being a stallion horse to allow women to belly ride under him, and if so, you accept then becoming a…, Tamworth breed of boar pig, of skin, ears, nose, tail testicles, sheath and penis, with the hind legs, feet and cloven hooves, to wander the forests, glens, and moors. Your pig balls being your guide to enjoyment, finding men and women kind as highly pleasurable, if you lose the bet!”

Jim stood there bound of body and his mind equally in bondage to thinking, he seeing the sly grin on the face of the Demon, and the sheepish grin on Darla.

“No, no deal, all bets off, you know too much!” Jim said, as the Demon sighed and walked away, a satyr male coming to replace Darla.

“Darla dear,” said the satyr there, “Maxton wishes you to follow him, he has some new duties for you to perform.”

The satyr then eyed Jim, he fondling the erection, looked up at Jim and with a smile, he said, “You fool to turn down the Demon and not accept being a beautiful Barb breed of a stallion! Imagine if you can the life of soft sweet grass smelled as laid to rest on, and of sensuality, cleanliness, pampered.

His call for me to come and replace sweet Darla means I find a place for you where you can do him and the Master some useful good.

Penises, cocks are the ideal item to allure people to think as want for living a sinful life. Since you have such high morals, as not to lure women with sexuality, then you shall by personal need, lure the same or similar desires in men, women, and children coming to see as being near you.

Your predestined future had you coming here and becoming of equine in species, the course to a changed future broadened, allowing a switched plan, as you shall become a horse, but a gelded Irish draught breed, and work pulling wagonloads of people at an amusement park.

Ah, you think as so what, even accepting the idea of being gelded, you would need to urinate, and sniff then of mare, urine would as well arouse you to have a penis erection. Think then as I do, of you in harness, standing along some street awaiting people to climb aboard the carriage, and you sniff the pee of a mare. Your equine size brain knows instinctive patterns, actions and reactions, as having an erection you flaunt before the eyes of old or young what you today thought to deny the Demon, his plans for a fun as practical use of your male organ.

No, you cannot change your mind now, the deals are as done and you lost, big-time!”

Jim felt horrible, what had he done, could he have agreed with doing what the Demon first had planned for him, and found a way to thwart the demonic plan. His denial has him going on and become then a horse, a huge draft animal, with a cock as long as a fence post is tall. He then feeling little, having no way to release his ambitions, he working to an early death, he wondered. His life, his body, was there reason to look forward to celebrate Thanksgiving when he stood on all fours.

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