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Campfire Story
(Revised 2012)
by Vaulthurst

“It is a longer drive than if we rented horses and rode into the forests, but for comfort and safety if it should storm we will drive the car.” Jack told the girls, as Paul stood nearby and said not a word pro or con. Katie was all for their camping the weekend up in the forested foothills to the Wasatch Mountain range.

Shanna was the only one of the four who felt uneasy, even though she wanted to go and trusted Jack to act with respect to her virginity. She had asked her father what he thought about it. Her father spoke sternly and of morals, he was against the idea of two girls and two boys traveling out of town and it showing on her face as a scowl. Jack tried to cheer her spirits with telling her of the beauty she would soon see. The respect she had for her father and his wisdom about so many things came as a reminded warning.

Shanna, the girlfriend to Jack, each was of a different race, he Italian-American and she a black American had vastly different rules and exceptions to the rules. Paul and Katie were the instigators of the weekend vacation, they already as disrespectful to each set of parents, and as much of what worried, concerned parents want for their children.

Worried still, Shanna sat sullen in the passenger front seat as Jack sped along the highway leading to the forest park entrance. The promised hour-long ride became a two-hour excursion, first by paved roads in the park and then to jeep trails until their car could not advance without causing it damage.

Four youthful people then trekked a half mile into the woods, Jack leaving the common trail for one he said would lead to a small lake and a peaceful setting. Upon their arrival at where Jack wished them to be, he and Paul worked feverishly to erect the camping tent for the girls to sleep.

In the mountains sundown comes sooner and quicker as the sun slips behind the peaks. A warm campfire and roasting hot dogs offered some comfort to an already worried daughter as of what her father would say to her when she returned home.

Jack snuggled next to Shanna, while Paul and Katie frolicked; rolling on the ground, he mostly on top of her and acting as if Jack and Shanna were not there at all.

Feeling more than ignored by two overly passionate friends, Shanna got up and asked where she might go to use a rest room.

Paul and Katie laughed a lot hearing Shanna ask a foolish question. As before Jack supplied the logical answer, Paul suggested to Shanna she walk out into the dark and find a friendly tree.

Shanna looked at Jack and the best he could offer her was to give a shrugged shoulder as if to say, find a tree. She then looked at the tent; it nicely set up for to sleep but had nothing where she could relieve an urge.

October nights tend to get chilly cold rather fast after sundown. The damp nighttime chill in the air only made her urge worse. In a short amount of time, she felt it grow to something undeniable, getting up she stood and looked at the others before deciding to trudge into the darkness, and feeling a want of privacy, went a fair distance from camp and the light from the fire.

Meanwhile, Jack and Paul had plans of roughing it a bit, they wanting sleep in there bedrolls, lying under the stars. As Katie went to do the same as Shanna, Paul and Jack looked with wonder at each other as to why Shanna made such sudden stir. Their eyes questioning as a mutually wondering, they laughed, hearing Katie moaning about tree bark scratching her back.

A week yet before Halloween and a half hour since Katie returned from her excursion away from camp, there was no sign of Shanna returning. Jack said she was angry and playing an early trick on them, but Jack was worried.

The dark made worse by a moonless night. The two fellows were thinking about looking for Shanna. Katie sat quiet; se knew the real reason and kept it to herself. When Jack asked why she was so quiet, she gave a shrug to her shoulders, as then winked at Jack for her own reasons.

She walked then jogged, and feeling lost worse, she began running. Very unsure as which direction was right with haste, she soon had wandered a long way from the camp. She had looked hard for a place with two trees close together, a place where she might hold on both to squat and relieve that growing urge. She having found that proper place and the urge in her near bursting, she gave up and just did as had Katie suggested, bracing next to a tree until feeling relieved. Shanna wandered too far; she called out to the darkness for Jack but heard only a stray Owl hooted back.

She was not appreciative of her own scent left there on the roots of that tree, as her thoughts turned to where she was, and of the others, and more so, as of where again was the camp. Hesitant, Shanna began to wander, the darkness not helping her walk a straight line, she had run far and the others were well out of sight.

Wholly undecided her fear began to cloud her better judgment and she began to move deeper into the dark forest. It took not too long a time before she realized the fact that she was lost. She would run with legs as feet moving her as they had in the recent sixteen-kilometer foot race. The faster she ran, the more she bumped into trees and they deflecting her into a changed direction. There were thickets too, brambles, bushes and the like that scratched and made her bleed. When she stopped and felt winded, the distant glow of a campfire lit the upper branches of the tall trees it offered Shanna hope for a reprieve from a horrible situation.

Delighted at the thought of finding her friends again, or at the least of a person or persons to help her find the others, Shanna jogged toward the blazing light of a big bonfire. When she came closer, as walking from out a thicket, she discovered there where she stood as looking at some large rears belonging to horses all tied to a tethering line strung between two trees.
As Shanna moved carefully along behind the horses, she noted that most of those there had no saddle, ridden there by bareback riders. The horses acted as quite nervous. Shanna knew horses, she an equestrian rider since she was ten. The breeds of the horses and their colors did not vary, so many the same, and all she noted being stallions still!
Seeing this Shanna thought those by the fire must be some rich folk. They as having come all that far out into the forest on horseback, some bareback doing what seemed as something very novel. A second as better look at the group of horses standing there, each appeared as if a champion mounts. All of the horses looked to her as if young animals, they exceedingly muscular and those there that saw her became aroused, displaying each his well endowed male member.

She seeing but the rears, rumps, flanks, and hanging male organs of the horses, the large bodies blocked her view, as well her walking easily a direct line to the campfire. Nervous and uneasy horses flick-whipped their tails at Shanna, some flicking with such force it seemed to her the animals were trying to dissuade her from coming closer, or even to her going by the campfire. She walked quickly along as behind the horses, until she passed to the end of the line closet to a large as tall Oak tree.

As Shanna stood boldly looking down from where she stood to the roaring big bonfire and some dozen plus women seated in a circle, the horse all turned there heads to gawk at this young college student. Had she known more about those horses or the people around the large campfire, she would have known an unexpected person was a welcomed fool in a very dangerous place.

Summarily, Shanna began counting the number of mounts, there being nineteen extremely very healthy horses. She liked horses herself, having gone with Jack riding quite often. As she stood looking at the fine horseflesh, from out of the dark walking toward her was a manly black figure.

“Hello,” said Shanna, she turned her back to the fire and talking to the man coming her way likely saved her then from the impending dangers.

“Shush young one, lest you become as fools fodder for the coven!” The man said as he came closer, his manner of walking taking note by Shanna, she staring at him.

“I was lost in the forest from my friends and I…, oh holy cow, what are you?” Shanna stopped her ranting and seeing the man clearer, she stunned had to ask the natural question.

“Do not be afraid, what you see is an aberration from a spell cast by master mistress, Miss Bella. She uses me for travel as her wild ride here once each month to the coven witches Sabbath meetings. When she gets here she makes of me a black satyr, giving me duties, one is to guard the horses, a second is as security if a victims were to try as escape from their demonic baptism. The third use happens rarely, but it is a good bit of fun for me, the coven witches get drunk and horny, they have need of me and my services! As most of the time I am for her a black goat, what she makes use of as a herd sire on her farm, she has her times when in dire need of a male and I become a satyr for her for as long as she feels horny.” The satyr man said to Shanna, he explaining in generalities what he was and of the whys.

“S…satyrs are things of wild and bestial sex raping of women, nymphs and the like!” Shanna said in pointing out what little she knew of satyrs and the daily lifestyles.

“Not true,” said the satyr, “if I was that bestial I might have rushed at you, tossed you to the ground and while you screamed, I would molest you until the witch coven arrived and made use of you in a more painful manner.”

Shanna went to walk past the satyr goat man, she was about to give a duck-under the rope-line tether, when the satyr grabbed her by the arm. His long and curving Scimitar horns and the light from the fire on his face sent fear into her heart, sure then he would rape her silly.

Instead, Shanna received a hard body slam, falling face down to the ground.

"Owe," said Shanna with a groan, she with her hefty chest and pretty face slammed down, met a small pile of sharp edged pinecones.

"Excuse me dear girl, but where you are thinking of going? I would expect the welcome you might get by the fire would put you as another like to those tied to the tethering rope!" The satyr said, his tone of voice similar to her father, as Shanna felt the need to respect someone of authority.

Shanna lay on the ground and looked up at the satyr man.

“This is all some fool joke!” Shanna said with a smile, and gave a short "Ha," as if to show her personal indignation of humor at such a poor time. She spun around to a seated position, her sweater soiled then, as were her legs by the forest muck and moss. She began to brush herself off in the brilliant glow of the nearby roaring big bonfire.

"I trust you know what they seated around by the fire would do if they knew a virgin girl were close at hand. I fool you not by saying they are a coven of witches, here once a month for enjoying a devilish Sabbath meeting and or sacrifice. They come here for privacy each month, bringing along a victim to join us as beasts, so then, unlucky for you to have wandered here on the one night when the witches arrived without a victim!"

Shanna looked then toward the fire and saw all were seated Indian style about a dozen or so women some young and beautiful as more were elderly, a mass of wrinkled skin. She hedged her view a little further, seeing there two horns protruded skyward. As she sneaked a closer peek, saw there a very large black goat seated on his furry flat rump.

Inching closer to the peak of the hill and the tethering line, the black big goat, sat holding its forelegs out forward into the air. The big animal seemed to be enjoying where as how he sat. He, she noted was quite big at being male. The large goat sported a massive erection, it stood erect, the tip pointing at an angle toward the night sky.

Then she saw a head bobbing up and down as it quite near to where the goat sat. Shanna saw there a young woman lying prostrate flat on her belly before the goat. She would prop up at an angle using her arms as support. She with tongue licked at the goat along the length of its erection. Shanna thought first the woman was paying erotic homage to the beast, but as she did her tricks to his cock, he began spurting cupreous amounts of semen. Some of what all came out the erect penis spat into the air as some of thinner consistency, poured down over his shaft making the thing to glisten in the glow of the campfire.

Disgusted from what she saw, Shanna again turned around look there at the satyr, seeing as taking note, he being a lot alike to the black goat. She felt sickened, and was about to get up and walk to the group anyway, when from the campfire was heard a blood-curdling scream.

The scream stopped Shanna in her tracks. She turning her full attention back to the circle of witches, wondering what happened then. She again knelt down low, peering ever so carefully as not to expose her self, preferring no possible involvement in the worse troubles of some poor soul.

"Careful, what you hear is the maiden witch feeling her devil coven indoctrination. She had to suckle and lick the goat devil at as on his cock, until her blew a load. Once he felt as warmed up, he would then shove his cock down her throat, the cock extending to demonic length; it comes out her anus, gagging her. He with his cock would thrust at her, the sensation as said like having swallowed a Python snake. Her sexual hazing usually lasts for an hour, so get used to her occasional wailing screams.”

“And you are ah…or were…” Shanna asked of the black satyr.

Matthew or you can refer to me as just Matt if you please miss," said the satyr to Shanna, “No family name?” Shanna retorted quickly.

The satyr named Matt sighed, as he replied, “No…, no reason to even try and recall it, She did this to me eons ago, and considering her powers, I expect this is what I shall be for her for quite some years more.

At the first when she changed me I held some hope of her giving me a reprieve, but not so.: Matt shrugging said, “Early on I hated what she did to me, and somewhere along the passing of time I became accustomed to being a stud buck. The being a herd sire buck has its pleasurable side, and when Miss Belle has her occasional desire arise, she makes me a satyr and for two, three days and once for a wild seven days she kept me rigid and able to the duty.”

“That is gross, she did this, made you as part animal and you like it?” Shanna grumbling said, and knelt there looking at him as he as her until she noticed something pointy, pink, and peeking out of his furry sheath.

“Can you keep it in your pants?” Shanna said as she turned her head away, having seen Matt getting a goat-like arousal just starting.

“Maybe if I had pants, but what you see am me, this is all of me. I am comfortable naked, as are they here who are as horses. You noticed some of them gaining their arousals and full erections when noticing you and your rich as musky scent. You are near time to your monthly period are you not?” Matt replying to Shanna and her moralistic outburst, she forgetting the hard truth he was for the most of time living as and being a male goat.

Shanna continued to pout, keeping her back toward the friendly satyr.

Looking toward the line up of horses standing there tethered, waiting for their mounts to return and ride them all home, Shanna seeing those closest to her as sporting their huge maleness for the same reasons as the satyr had asked of her.

Stunned and fascinated for a long moment, Shanna sighed, then said, “Men, males they are all alike, thinking of just one thing and nothing else!”

“Why not, as being animals we have nothing more pleasurable to do. Terry, the stud there closest to you has learned to like what he feels from mating; it is different for him since he was born a human female. The silver bridles sued by the witches makes only male horses, stallions, no matter if the person made to wear them was male first or female, they all become as stallions! Terry is his name as was Trina was her name from birth until transformed!”

“Impossible,” said Shanna.

“Do you see me here…, am I not real enough? If you doubt my satyr form then let me show you what I do best, my seasoned, pleasuring good fun!” Matt said as he challenged the young and tough and a very moralistic girl as to her own deeper desires.

Shanna did not like his prodding her with sexual suggestions. She stood up with the thought to walk away, as along the dark path leading away from the bonfire and the tethered horses.

“Sit down…,” Matt said, as he added, “Dear girl’, you let any… of those witches catch a glimpse of you here and the whole lot of them… will be up here and take you down there to meet the demon. If that is what you wish, and you think he is some sort of gentleman with young ladies, if that would thrill you seeing a demon, then you got some paranoiac death wish! So go then to them, then stand up, and yell your last few human sounds.

Such a headstrong foolish girl, you see me, and believe me not when I can tell you accounts as of feelings when transformed by a witch, her spell, it is something weird, horrifying, and sensually arousing all to once!

My changing was painless as it happened. Those changed into horses and especially the women who became male and felt the pangs of a stallion felt horrid pains. Miss Bella wanted me to remember my past and know what I am in the present. I cried seeing my bodily form changing, and told then by her as how she would force me to live as I do, the lust-passions of a male animal urged me to want, and want for more, more, and more, me as a male goat insatiable in the extreme...!

Indeed, I now like being a goat. My mistress is a powerful witch, given broad abilities that many of the other witches only dream to own. Considering what I am at the farm, she has made it possible for me with a smaller head and brain to think as would a man but know I am a goat."

Shanna sat there and in tree shadowed dimmer glow from the roaring campfire, she looking, and thinking, saw how Matt could control his arousal. She began changing her attitude about Matt, he being a friend to her when as if he gave her to the witches they might reward him.

"Please do not fear me by what you see; there is much of the animal in me, mostly goat, the real me a buck-sire.” Matt the satyr said to Shanna, “We, you and I are alike, both black, you by race and I of breed, a Boer goat, am herd sire.

So many years ago, I arrived here to your country as a visitor. Originally from Ireland, and what happened to me was by the wild draw luck in the cards of life. Everything worked against me, as of my return to a beloved homeland. During my travels, I came upon this lovely Inn and thought to stay there a couple of days to enjoy the surrounding countryside.

Ah, but my being away from home masked the commonly seen the markings of where devils lurk. The atmosphere offering tranquility the likes I had not seen in America until I happened to stop here. It began in earnest the witchery on that third morning of my staying at the Inn. Miss Bella approached me, and together we talked about what I saw, and she asking if I found the Inn a restful place where to relax, would I prefer to stay there with her and live…!

It began on that evening Mistress Bella, as with her black powers she did seduce me. At the first, I found my Bella a wild and wonderful woman of extreme sensuous talents. She entrapped me by arousing my manly self, and when feeling willing of anything she wanted all it took to begin was a friendly toast of wine and she began to transform me.

She took a kindly man and made a lust beast of him in one span of a night until the morning when I awoke to see this, my form. I screamed from horror, she popping into my mouth her breast nipple and massaging my belly she told me to suckle. My beast in me took control and a sexual rutting man-goat lay with her in her bed. She coaxed me to want to love it, and as the day passed, more of me transferred to being animal, goat, and bestial of delights. What you see is when I am at the peak of being human; this is what I am now and cannot ever go home to Ireland."
The roaring fire and screeching cries of the witches as they helped hazing and torment given to a young woman asking to become a witch in their coven, Shanna felt needy of some manly comforting. As she turned and snuggled close to Matt, reaching an arm around his furry waist, as her hand pressed at him front midsection, her index finger happened to poke inside his sheath.

Shanna felt his cock rise up and the oily feel of the bestial cock-head touch her finger. Matt saw her wide eyes, and stunned expression, and why not considering what all she had seen there that night. "Come,” as Matt said to Shanna, “Forget now what by chance you touched. Know that I care, and not just for want of any sexual pleasures or satyr delights. I care for those who are horses, spelled, cursed all to be as know, remembering what they were as of what they are, forced to live as, some made to breed, they like I are of a sad kind. I wish for you in this short while to learn to know me for what I was and am, to appreciate, and think kindly of us, the lost!"
Shanna listened and began in her heart to feel for Matt and the others a sense of compassion.

Compassion not passion, to her there was a distinct difference, as she wanted to show him her friendship while keep her virginity intact. Then they hearing another more guttural scream come from nearer the bonfire; Matt covered her eyes using his furry hand.

Rising higher on her knees, Shanna stood looking Matt directly inn the face, she said, “Thank you for caring about me!” It was at that moment she decided to give in a little to him and his passions, she putting her hand to the lips of him, a black male and satiric goat.

“What now, where can I go and could you escape with me?” Shanna asked in that tender moment.

“Nay-baa…damn, oh my dear friend,” Matt stammered, he wishing to say something from the heart only to trip over his being goatish did give a horny felt bleat as he spoke to her. He continuing to talk said, “But what you see is what I am and being like a satyr in form, I would not be acceptable in a human society. The myths would taint the ideals of people and I like this would be for all a thing and not a man. My having been changed of form, too much of me has learned to like living as do an animal, me a very virile male goat so much of the time. What I am is a body, mind and spirit changed made bestial of desire and being of this as something permanent!

What wild and beastly sensual frolic she derives from those there by the fire. As soon, she shall come up here and my Mistress Bella will make me of what she has needed. I shall stand here like the others, as deemed, me then being in my large male goat form and she shall ride on my back to where she calls home. The meetings bring on her a sadistic zeal, when comes the morning she shall return me to this satyr form and insist I do to her many lustful acts. Inescapable of her want for passion, lusts, and sensations shall I be while we touch.

Ah..., I sigh from longings wishing to die and cease this interminable sense of lust and desire, this was not the real me before I came to this country. When she and I have returned to the Inn, Bella comes, she refreshed, smelling sweat, is as horny. She loves the way I in this form can service her. Though I then was tired from the night run and exhilaration, though weary or no then, she insists from me we get it on several times."

Indeed, as of all what he told Shanna of his past and of the evil danger that sat just a mere couple hundred or so feet away. Shanna sat engrossed and listening then to what she was still questioning as real. As then from near the bonfire, came a short if shrill scream. This scream died off quickly, as the entire group of women jumped up, and began to dance wildly around the raging bonfire.

Scared and inquisitive, Shanna peered out at the bonfire with apprehension and renewed fear.

"By all that is of the unholy it is done, they did it again to another one!" Spoke another voice there, one with a deeper tone. The hearing of some other voice there made Shanna whirl her head around, she looking, was scared for a witch seeing her as there, and she to them as a vulnerable virgin.

"Be calm, take due care lest if they around the campfire were to discover you, you too then would be likened to one of us!”

“I need to help her Joey,” Matt said, he looking at the stallion standing closest to him and Shanna kneeling together.

“See there, this fine stallion was as is Joey, as his witch still uses his real name for him. He talks often of it to me, as likes to reminisce. What he would tell is of that fated night and how he, she the witch captured him. He wanted to see a neat movie, it at some x-rated creeper at a cinema for one night only. Youth stubborn to his own wishes he waited until all at home went to bed. He thought to be cute and sneaky, snuck then out of the house. He walked the road trying to hitchhike, when an elderly woman stopped to offer him a ride.

He thought it perfectly fine, as she being elderly looked to him so trustingly. They talked, and she offered to help him along to where he wanted to get to if he would help her unload what she had in her car. It seemed then a reasonable request for her letting him ride to town and get to see his movie.
His witch drove to an estate farm, he remembers of it. She drove to the stables and before she got out of the car she leaned over to him and he though to give him an affectionate kiss, she slipped over his face and head a silver threaded bridle. He remembered nothing of what all happened until his rude awakening. Joey awoke lying in a barn stall, a halter snug on the head, he of body and future as one changed completely of form, but not then of mind.

He of his new natural state is as a Pinto stallion. She has need of a strong as young male horse to mount and to ride to the Sabbath meetings. Why she has him as a Pinto and when comes the night of the meeting she changes him again, he as you see him an all black stallion like are the horses for the other witches. Teenager that he was, his becoming an animal a horse and stallion, his witch makes use of him as a stud breeder.

As what he would tell you were…,” Matt was saying when the tall stately stallion swung his head to give a stared look at Matt and Shanna. Joey the horse then said, “I will tell her, dear girl what you see of me is a brute animal, I have had to adjust and learn what she my witch wants of me to do. I hesitated at the first, but after several mating sessions with mares, I changed of mind and desire, as realizing for me this being as horse and animal is…the real me."

Shanna sat kneeling by Matt, her arm and hand laid carefully around him and not this time with her finger poking at his sheath. She marveled at seeing the mouth and lips of a horse move so corresponding to his verbalizing of words. She sat tolerant enough to listen as hearing of plights worse than she ever imagined. Joey a teenager stood there the equal to a mature horse, undoubtedly a stallion as he spoke his penis dropped from out its sheath and it swelled into a massive erection. She listening watched, seeing how Joey stiffening his penis it lifted to give a bump at his furred belly. He relaxing it, the meaty cock swung quickly down as flopping back, bumping at his hocks. Joey did his penis flicking several times until he finished speaking, as from his stiffened penis, he them masturbated a stream of ejaculated stench.

Sexuality a definite part of what all there were by design of their witch masters, of what Joey spoke thought it seemed still as not real, he, Matt, the other horses were something Shanna could not deny.

Then Matt began to speak, he said, "Joey got bold and tried to escape once, but was caught and the horror witch, Andorra had him made him senseless for it. He was alert while remembering, forced to act as would a stallion, did breed, she keeping him like that for three years before allowing him his rational mind its return.

See too there down on the end of the tethered line, see the dapple-gray, his name be Ernie. He too tried to escape, but his witch mistress wanted a fully active human mind in her mount, she making use of him as does Mistress Bella does with yours truly. Escaping here is as née to impossible. One or another of the witches assuredly will find the then wandering animal. The witches then either geld the escapee, and or they divine upon them to be as they became for a much longer length of life. They remain, as are animals of form but still quite the human in a rational level of mind. Either outcome assures the witches they get to own a humiliated animal doing what it must.

A few of those standing wear the silver strand bridles on their heads. They though spelled to become as horses, as when comes the light of daytime, the witch returns them to their own homes, their beds. As then they live a life of apprehension waiting for the next month when one night late the witch comes again and claims them to ride to the witches Sabbath," Matt saying tried to explain, looked then a sad, his head drooped, a cloven hoof showed his anxious feelings as he pawed at the forest dirt.

"I would help you all escape! If I were to untie the tether all can run away, they cannot recapture all of you then!" Shanna said, she starting to reach for the knot tying the line tether to a tree trunk.

"No dear girl, we are what we are! Joey and Eric are now horses and shall be whether they ran or stayed. The others who wear the leather bridles with the silver star, the star works like global positioning, it sends our a signal that only devils can use to find an escapee. As caught, and not mattering whether the captive of a witch or human, the removal of the bridle causes the wearer to lose their will to endure. Once having lost of all personal resolve, they the captive animals become as then willing to do as whatever a witch would wish. If they were to run and regain their freedom and then were made captive of some human, sent then to the smithy and shod with iron shoes, they would remain, as is their horse self!

Now look at me here! I was a man, seduced with sexual perversions to be now living as and liking my being a goat. Bella likes her lovers in this way, allowing still the remembrance of fond memories and a working mind. She comes almost daily, is all horny and lusting, we do it in the barn or by night she takes me to her bedroom, and there...well you can imagine.

Dear girl, if you could see your face right now, such a look of innocence, but youth or age means nothing to those witches. They use people as little more than objects of, and/or for their wicked need, and urges."
"That is unbelievable," Said Shanna, "and how can the loss and numbers of missing people go as unnoticed, would such not raise some sort of concern?"

Matt almost made a grin on his goat lips as he said, "Misery or bliss, Ernie there he told me was a government worker as a census taker. He walking went door to door dutifully doing his interviews. He was nearer to fifty as his age when by chance he walked onto the property of his witch, the interview was a short one he said. A glamour hazing of him by the witch, he remembers drinking an elixir. Then the fear filled walk to the stables and once there, he put into a box stall spent four days of his life in horror and agony. Rejuvenated his age and physically transformed, his fears faded by purpose from what he drank, those can do nothing but accept the fact they are then animals owned of a witch. What his mistress witch made of him, he became a spirited mature two-year-old Arabian stallion. The use of an elixir permanently transfixes a body into a different form, changed of age. Those, they remain interminably the same age. Ernie is a young and exceedingly virile a horse stallion, made use of for a mount but kept daily constantly at stud!

We the changed have nowhere to go. The witches do with their changelings as does Bella with me. She keeps me, her sex pet in a pen or pastured. I then when at her farm become a complete male goat, doing as needs required by my beast-driven desires. Such sensations of brute passions a human cannot understand. As then by a scent to my nose, am doomed and forcibly persuaded to react, doing as would any a buck goat enthused for his chance to feel and be at rut.

The others too, those being permanent as horses or other animals have a reasonably good life, all kept healthy after having become they are! The witches take pride of owning beautiful horses. They adorn their mounts with silver ornaments, ride them in parades, and go to their monthly meeting.

She the Queen of the Witch coven came last year to a July Sabbath. She we know as Berea and coming to the meetings riding the back of a huge boar hog, another lost and doomed man!" Matt told Shanna.
Shanna asked, "But you all are males, stallions, two as geldings, a goat and..., why would they want me as an animal, look I am female!" Shanna announced, saying it rather boldly, flaunting at Matt her generous bosom as part showing her gender.

"Ha, wrong assumption dear girl! Take note of the two golden colored horses near the far end of the tether. These two are sisters, both being by day as young women working at Scotch Inn. They come regularly, having I suspect accepted their lifestyle as maidens and horses. They try never to escape but speak kindly about the witches that hold them here. I suspect they like it when every other two years or so the witch makes them stay a mare and are bred to then bear a foal.

The Inn too is a dangerous place to stay, as for many who sleep there and then go to a free breakfast find them changed into donkeys. No matter as if they are male or female. The witch spell binds them to liking what they became, as then they do with you as their needs dictate." Matt explaining of what it is like to be living of life with a witch.

Shanna scooted herself closer to the large tree that held the tethered line, it holding each mount standing at ready as willing to serve their witch.

Her lower lip was shivering, showing just how scared she was, feeling the danger and coming to realize the reality of withes, devils, and of God in Heaven. With legs tucked tightly against her well-endowed chest, she wrapped her arms around her knees, and sat gawking a stare at first the face of a black satyr-goat, her gaze trailing off to eying a look at Joey and his sheath backed up to his large balls.

"I feel sickened!" Shanna said, as tears welled in her eyes and a fear that she might be doomed into some animal form.

Then the sound of laughter and a groaning of something likely now less than human, as came from near the bonfire. Matt picked his shaggy head up to try to see, as well did all the entire line of horses, and took a sudden interest. "Oh dung heap, they did it; she is as damned as are we!" a horse groaned, he seemingly knew of who the witches had near the fire.

"Quiet or they will be up here showing off their victim and likely claim this young girl here for the next to be damned!" Matt chided a friend horse, it speaking as from the middle of the horses. Excited too, Ernie began to stomp his fore hoofs, flick his tail, and became rigidly erect where it counted.

Matt lets out a begrudged sigh, "Dumb bust it, poor Tina Wilkes, she was such a nice young woman too, and our Veterinarian!"

The scene of all the witches surrounding the one they had done their devilish desires upon had them step to the outer ring of the circle. All stood quietly by as near to the fire was a sleek and sassy looking, red roan horse. She was a marked duplicate of Ernie, they were as Arabians, but for Tina she was a mare.
Shanna peered over the knoll of where she sat next to the large tree, and close to Matt.

"Tina Wilkes, I know her, she sings at church from time to time, has a nice voice too! Is that her now, did they make of her to be a horse?” Shanna asking said, as Joey chimed in to her knowing Tina, as he muttering said, “And not anymore!”

“Not any more means what?” Shanna asked Joey.

Joey looked more at Shanna as he said to explain, “She sang in the church choir, but not anymore, I imagine they do not let horses into church!”

"Yes, I overheard some talk about Tina discovering Auntie Mayer doing her worst to some salesperson, as she made him to lick out..., ah pay homage to her. She then changed him of form to a bull Mastiff dog to service her when she felt a need.

Tina had come to that stables on her monthly appointment but unannounced. She saw there Auntie Mayer of who otherwise could have cared less might dare to come and be a witness. Her stable is quite large and the breeding to horses there makes her rich. She comes often to the meetings bringing naive travelers, men, women, couples, even elderly people, and none ever leave the Sabbath in an upright stance!" Said Matt, he looking at one of the horses sporting an erection too, said then, "See there the black stud, he is Kyle and has had quite the love crush for Tina. He then is quite able being as a stallion to show her a good time."

The new mare stood pawing the ground and obviously nervous, as she had her full faculties, knowing and realizing, understanding what everyone said. She then too, knowing of the sensations after becoming a young mare. She was realizing what it felt to be as one of those she so lovingly cared for, she a Veterinarian the past years since graduated and having come to the mountain town.

"Damn it, you are all lusting for her! From where I sit I can see a lot of elongated erections, some swinging as libido dictates, you are acting just like animals!" Exclaimed Shanna, aggravated by a broadening situation she could not begin to fathom, her voice grated and showing her fears, she spoke a bit too loud for her own good.

"Shut up girl, if they hear you, Tina will have another stable-mate, do understand me?" Matt nearly exploded at Shanna, his gravelly satyr-goat voice telling of both concerns and of anger.

"She is right Matt; as I would not mind having another nice neat and sleek mare for to fill my paddock." Ernie spoke up, he giving Shanna a wink of his large brown and liquid eye.

"I can see your big erection from here, you are damn little more than some rank and bestial animal! You act and lust like one, getting all thrilled at the sight of some poor female made to live her life in some hollow beastly body." Shanna showing her feelings for Tina, being upset, she returned the insult to Ernie.

"Quiet you two, the witches hear us chattering and our ability to speak will up and vanish. Shanna for pity sake, do remain quiet. Ernie, you too, cool your raging passion, remember we did not ask or want to be, as are, neither did Tina!" Matt chided all, trying to keep what they had and let Shanna have the fortune to return to her home and family as something other than a pet.

Ernie snorted, he whinnied loudly, as if wanting, he gave a call at trumpeting his desire to mate and own yet another mare in his growing herd. Hearing Ernie sounding off as excited, the witches all turned round, pointing and laugh. One of the witches got up and took leave from the Sabbath meeting, she coming to fetch Ernie. She had a plan for seeing him mate there by the fire with Tina the new mare. Her plan, to impress the goat devil there with for her master, he as had before would bestow on her great honors, while make the transformation of Tina to being a mare as something permanent.

Seen then was the witch named Mabel, a young witch of the coven who came walking up the knoll to fetch down Ernie. The entire coven was hooting and carrying on like a pack of sex fiends, making lurid comments about Ernie and his long Arabian shaft and the like.

Ernie did look eager, he having remained for such a long time as horse and stallion. He had accepted his horse self along with the way of life, and made use of constantly by the witch who owned him, he a stallion at stud too! The other horses became nervous and excited when Mabel loosed the rein to Ernie, she led him prancing down the rocky knoll, to meet and then mate Tina.

"This is disgusting," said Shanna rather loudly, "Everything they do and you all here hinges on sex and things sensual!"

Matt waited a moment until Mabel was a bit further away before he spoke.

"Dear girl, do prey tell what else is there for an animal to do? We can graze only so long before we get our fill! Then what, we do not play golf, go swimming, bowling, out hiking with our friends, or sit around a campfire telling jokes. We are now as animals, those of us who are permanently such, other than eating, we have sensual naked bodies that feel and do things in rather instinctive ways.

Sensual pleasures are but a way to work off the pangs and anxieties we get from the weather, or horny beasts, and even some perverts that come to us by night to thrill their zoo pleasures.

Sexual sensation is a healthy part of living life, and I cannot damn Ernie for wanting to enjoy a neatly made mare. Tina there, or any other mare they might wish him to mate." Matt scolded Shanna, he wanted to keep her safe from harm, but as nice as she being as black too looked to him, he wished her to keep her humanly beauty.

The noise from Tina Wilkes meeting a stallion she doctored; not having any inkling he was once a man, she began to kick up her hind legs at his courting advances. Bella approached Tina, putting a black leather and silver studded bridle over the mare' head. She tightened the straps and once seemingly set, Bella called upon some power to quell the mare to know only equine passion.

This did the trick as a very calm and willing Tina Wilkes, then an Arabian mare, stood hind legs spread, tail held high and to the side of her rump, vulva winking, she pissed a trickle to entice her stallion, was then ready as willing to accept her mate.

Every one of the witches stood and cooed as the vibrant stallion climbed aboard his new mare. Ernie had a lot of experience, just two jabs and his eyes lighted up like light bulbs. Snorting he squiggled himself into a comfortable position, then doing what came natural.

A wild eyed and spellbound mare stood mentally horrified over what she felt. Her education and skills were no longer of much or any use to her then with her being a mare.

"Matt, you see that, you see what Ernie is now doing to Tina, Matt, oh Matt!" Shanna said she seemingly enthused at watching two beautiful horses doing what was natural since time began.

Matt laughed softly, and said to Shanna, "Now who is the pervert?"

Shanna slumped down to her seated position again, she began to pout, and reaching into her pocket, she took something out.

Matt cocking his black and shaggy head to give a look at Shanna; he sniffing the air made his yellow square eyes widen, he said, “What do you have there?”

Munch, munch, "Dark Chocolate," Shanna slurred out the words, her mouth filled with a gooey slime of some candy.

"Are...you...eating...something...made...of...chocolate...and dark chocolate...too?" Matt speaking ever so slowly, and with stealth and caution he did ask of Shanna.

Shanna swallowed the lump of candy, licked her lips, and then responded, "Yup, its some pieces of Halloween candy my parents were giving out this year, why?"

Matt shook his shaggy head, "Chocolate, and the dark kind at that, what luck, what damn good luck; how many more of those have you been holding out?" Matt asked his voice sound somewhat irritated by what Shanna was eating.

"Behold, my dear girl, you hold in your pocket the one talisman that can give protection to someone spelled into being an animal; or cursed to live as one the rest of their natural life. I say Chocolate, and it dark with more cocoa powder makes the very best for what ails someone such as we here.

How many do you have in your pockets?" Matt asked Shanna, the urgency in his voice told of just how important this revelation might become.

Shanna began to search her fall jacket, it having several pockets stitched in different places.

"1...4...6...10...eleven, eleven in total, but now what, can these be of some good to you?" Shanna asked Matt, she looking wide-eyed and willing to help, if she could!

Matt gave a sigh, then lifting his head to give a check on the equine orgy and Sabbath goers just below the knoll.

"Please, dear girl, can you remove the wrap on the chocolates separately, giving one each to everyone tied to the tether line?" Matt asked of Shanna, his voice then calm, but showing some urgency.

"Yes, sure, but what good are my treats for these here?" Shanna asked, she beginning to sit up, as she peered out at Tina and Ernie in the midst of their second round of fun and frolic.

"Chocolate, I have learned works as a talisman on those spellbound, be they anything, but in our situation as animals. If you give a spellbound animal a piece of chocolate, and the best of them is Hershey, the spell is broken. However, what is better than best, they cannot ever or never be bound by such a spell again. It is a “REDEMPTION,” from our bestial existence!" Matt spoke of his plan as being excited his goat voice carried some, alerting those as horses of something to stop their insane, spellbound, situations.

"Oh, wait," Matt, said he turning and with setting his fore hoofs on the crest of the knoll, he began to verbally count.

"Eleven candies..., and...many more needy souls," he sighed, looking down along the tether line, wondering who should be saved from a life of bestial existence.

"I'm sorry I ate the other two, never could have thought they would...!" Shanna said, her voice picking up the sadness of the moment.

"Matt?" said Joey with a slurring manner, "I will stay behind, let another take mine, my balls are on fire to live this life, I could never enjoy being human again, disgraced, and it has been what... fourteen years since I became a Pinto; why everything I knew or had is gone, deemed worthless, now!"

"Ernie, he is busy with Tina, begin the giving with they who were sisters, then to Richard is number three, Kyle four, Joey five, Martin six, Stan seven, Beverly eight... she too became a stallion, Frank nine, and me..., as number ten; and we have all along the tether given your soul saving body reprieving chocolates!" Matt counting, took a tally of all there, who unknowing of what they would eat as given would save them from living on in their equine doom.

Luckier for some that the witches led away a few of their mounts, it gave most then some there a chance at a better life. Those horses led to stand by the bonfire, added cause and affect to Tina, urging her to a fuller submission as would a mare to her stallion.

They who be standing aroused by their witches, need be deemed as left as they are, lusty, beastly, and living on as a tortured humans in animal form.

Matt moved his hind-like goatish legs slip in the dusty dirt until he sat seated on his flat butt.

"That settles that, I gave them all a piece of chocolate..., except Joey, he abstained, kept his lips tightly closed." Shanna said, she nearly exploding with her excitement, her voice loud enough for all the tether horses to hear, and as more than the horses heard her shrill voice.

"No thanks,” said Matt, “My life too is as well gone a long time hence! I am what Bella wanted, a sex machine animal for some thirty-two years. My dear do give my piece of the chocolate to Ernie, or whoever, the witches return to the tethering line first.

"I am willing to remain here." Matt layback letting his legs spread and his big goat balls lie on the cold ground. He looked very sad, but seemed as resolute to stay a sex toy for Bella. He gave but a hand waving motion, as if telling Shanna to give another horse there, his assigned piece of her chocolate candies.

As offered to each horse took and lip gobbled up the sweet and tasty treat, some of less alert state did not know it was going to work on them as a talisman. One by one, the horses all shrank in size until ten naked people lay or set next to the others, all thanking Shanna, caring little about them being naked.

The rounds of thanks became a bit too noisy, alerting the orgy and witches below the knoll turning to look at seeing what up there was happening.

Matt lying there and Shanna kneeling beside him, she looking at him began to pet. Her hands wandered to what she wanted to feel of Jack and know pleasuring too, knowing what her father would say, but willing to do it anyway. She saw the protruded furry sheath on Matt and worked her petting to pet at it. His eyes looked at where she touched him, he shaking his head as if to suggest “No, be careful!” As carefully, Shanna coaxed the sheath to give forth its inner red shaft, the thing as bestial as that of any male goat, but bigger, longer, the perked head a nut shape that she felt duty-bound to finger, trace, and pluck at the rounded opening.

Noises and harsh words said by those nearer the bonfire, some having noted their horse as gone, let loose from the tethering line.

Aroused and liking what Shanna was doing to him, Matt jumped to his hoofs, looked toward the bonfire and yelled, calling to Tina. He told her to run, to come and gain her deliverance from a life of sex, grass, hay, and oats.

Hearing Matt, Tina hunched and lurched forward, jerking off and loose one Ernie the Arabian stud. All there by the bonfire and up the hillside heard his shaft pop out of the mare, sounding like a large cork coming out a bottle of old wine. A wild scramble of four new horse legs and huffing in big equine breaths, Tina crested the peak of the knoll just ahead of the witches.

Shanna removed the wrap from the eleventh piece of dark chocolate, and shoved it in the gasping mouth of one veterinary mare horse. Tina chewed it up, munching with some sense of promise and delight.

The coven of witches nearly flew to encircle those lying together in a huddle of fear. They took hold of Shanna, and placed then a magical controlling noose about the neck of Matt.

Bella was the most disgusted of all there that be as witches.

Pointing her arthritic index finger at Matt, she damned him for being the crux in this coo. She then turned and stepped to look Shanna in the face, eying the young woman, she took a grip on her arm, Bella announced, "This one shall take the place of our loving Tina; you my dear will become the foremost brood mare in this county!"

At that moment, an aroused Ernie topped the knoll, his giant male shaft flagging, slapping the outside of each broad thigh upon every stride step he took.

"Now get, get, and get the hell out of my sight!" Bella looked over her shoulder and screamed, as all who were again as humans, they naked stood up and then ran off into the black night.

Then Matt, Shanna, and a re-morphing Tina were there along with Ernie the Arabian stallion, and three other horses still doomed to remain as horses.

Turning then very slowly, Bella looked over the three who together had ruined her night of wild plans.

She first gave an evil eye at the stallion Ernie. "Yer thar' stud, yer as I shall leave Ye are; nothing more be needed now, I can see yer' aroused and affrighted," Bella grumped, and then gave the horse a slap on his strong muscular neck. Hearing that, Ernie strode a slow few strides to stand and face the group, wondering as watching of what would come next.

Bella then cast her eye down upon Matt.

Matt tried his very best to look and act as if he were lacking any knowledge as to how the coo became ratified. Bleating twice, and then with his red shaft still out to where Shanna had coaxed it, being highly nervous he began to urinate. He stood stiffly for a moment, until with a great amount of satyr-goat like agility he twisted his head down to let the hot stream of urine douse his head and horns.

Bella laughed seeing this very normal male goat action.

"Yer not that stupid yet, thar Matthew, I know yer can speaketh, and yer wits are still thar and alive," Bella said, eying at the big black satyr Matt as he raised his head from out the stinking shower.

Then Bella with her dark orb eyes fell upon Shanna, "Yer a cute beauty, different than the normal folk we see come into these are woods. African decent ye are most likely, such skin has sheen to its blackness! Ye are the culprit; ye gave them all the blessed candy. It be the goat who knew enough to inform about the trick. So it is for ye to bare my anger, and yer not going to like what I have planned." Bella said as she stood speaking and eying Shanna, as from the bonfire came then all the other witches, they all grumbling over the loss of each one's favorite mount.

Witch women, some young, and many old, all angry some held an aura of broad power. Bella waved her arm for the other witches to come and see the reason they all were afoot there, them deep into the dark recesses of the forest.

"Bella, what do we have here?' Said one witch, she standing above all the others, near to seven feet tall and dressed in a sheer, tight form fitted gown with a cape made of the same see-through material.

Scared of the witches from he had seen them do with their abilities and pleasure taking of the unwitting and unsuspecting. Matt held his erection flared stiff, bolstering itself to an even harder state.

Nervous as well, for what trouble she helped caused upon the Witchery Sabbath meeting, she, Shanna stood there rubbing her hands along the thigh-tight blue jeans. Wide-eyed and her fearful young eyes were a sharp contrast to her normally warm as smiling complexion, Shanna stood there fearful of what might befall her.

"These two are mine to do with as I do please!" Bella announced to her counterparts there, they group coming to stand close, surrounding the girl with her satyr-goat.

"Bella be reasonable...," said the tall witch, she eying Shanna as one might visually inspect an animal at auction.

"No, hold up there, that satyr goat is mine, I rode him here and he is what will take me home!" A witch yelled, she pushing her way past the taller witch and came to stand by Matt, she beginning to pet his head as if feeling some sordid style of affection for him.

"Shush Celina, my buck goat has his full and working human faculties, he knows what he is, what he was, and foremost, he has his plans to make as much trouble for us as what I made for him." Remarked Bella, her dull farmer like drawled, a mid-western manner of speech, she could if desired change to him back to being a college educated person.

"Hey, I lost my cute American stud tonight, reared as broke and trained him since he came selling his carpet sweepers, and he, we enjoyed our night-time romps here. Now he is gone, his charm removed and I shall never have him again, damned shall you soon be there girl!" So then grumbled the taller witch, as she reached her bony hand to try to grasp at, and take personal hold of Shanna.

As that power wheeling and bony-fingered hand took a grasp at the tight T-shirt covering the ample breasts belonging to Shanna, Bella took a swipe at and broke the hold.

"Penelope, this one is not yours to do with as ye please. She belongs to all of us to make sure she knows our dissention of her blatant act of making our lives a good bit more un-blessed." Bella rebutted her tall witch friend, and with her hand grasping the bony hand holding on Shanna, she broke that hold.

Together the coven standing around then cried out in unison, "They are ours to do with as we please!"

"Not so fast!" a booming voice said, it turned heads, as the words seemed to come from off in the dark. "I demand a say now too, the goat I know to being more a kindred friend, but the girl, she I would wish to know as a lover!" The coven parted as a dark form sauntered through their midst; Shanna gasped when she saw him, he coming to stand there beside Penelope, both the same height were tall and imposing.

"Yes our Master and Ye the high councilor to the devil council," said Bella, she bowing to and as well all there bowing of falling prostate before this dark form.

Tall Penelope fell to her knees, as kneeling she still stood as tall as was Shanna still standing there by Matt that big satyr-goat.

"S" curve-shaped horns stood high from where they joined the skull of a huge, as well muscular form of one big and black colored male goat. Seeing him there so close, Shanna realized this as being, the goat the witches sat around at there Sabbath orgy.

He, this master of the coven held such a place of honor, even the hag witches bowed to him as if they were nothing and he were royalty.

Scared for being that close to the grand master, a soft "Baa...," Matt bleated, from his many visits to the various Sabbath meetings, he had witness what this goat did to people and taken of some away as burnt offerings to his master.

"Holy shit, what in God's great name are you?" Shanna remarked, she eying the creature, as from the large cloven hoofs, up his legs to see the huge two dangling goat testicles and his groin; it sporting a sheath the size common to a draft stallion. She eyed him as she cocked her head back to look along his torso and seeing how shaggy his black goat wooly self was.

Eying down to give a good look at this his prize, the grand master of the coven did shy away at hearing Shanna use the name of his worst enemy used in his presence.

As the echo of that young female voice faded out into the forest, the devil goat turned back to look at his prize. He smiling, he too reached out a foreleg with a bony cloven hoof that transitioned instantly becoming a human hand, and did pointing the index finger. The creature pointed at Shanna, he reaching closer until touching her, poked harshly at the nipple to one of her shapely breasts.

“You have beauty more than just skin deep to some, and you my dear girl are one of those rarer females with an untarnished soul. Although clean in spirit even a pure soul can become as soiled. It is time you begin to feel then a want to become soiled, and by me!" The grand master witch said to Shanna, and by the touch at her one nipple, it swelled and stood puckered, causing her T-shirt to tent, a definitive note as how turned on this pure girl became.

Shrieking at the touch and trying to turn away from the goat creature touching her again, Shanna felt some sordid sense of power engulf her breast. All there close to Shanna heard a burbling sound as if the breast were filling with milk. The same strange sensation flowed through her chest to a moment later caused a similar affecting feeling in the other breast.

"No baa...ck off," Shanna said as her one nipple puckered, protruding outward, looking then to her, and of all watching as if her breast had on it a full teat likened to those usually seen on a nanny goat udder. Shanna saw as felt it pucker. The happening as seen and felt, she swooned when feeling the other breast do the same. Looking then up into the face of that devil goat as her sensations hit, and opening her mouth she said aloud, "Baa...no way...baa!"
She hearing what she said as how she said it, sweaty-nervous girlish hands then clamped over her mouth, she astonished of what had issued from. Shanna looked toward Matt, and began to wonder if she too might join Matt in his being as a goat.

The tall goat creature then smiled, he tilting his great goat shaped head to look closer as down at Shanna, he winking one of his rectangle shaped yellow eyes at her. He saying to her then, "Ah but Shanna is a fine name! As finer, still for what I would wish for you, as I on occasion like to have some sensually pleasured times. Being as I am needs for one to keep me groomed and in fine form. You dear Shanna, it shall be for you who shall comb me, brush as fluff my wool, and when I feel the urge, you shall come willingly, readily giving your beauty and body to me for me to pleasure use in bestial as lusty sordid manner of lovemaking." Spoke the tall goat creature and Demon, as he expected taking ownership of Shanna.

Matt looked up and over at Shanna. He stoutly bearing a monster of his own had that male goat erection. The red shaft wagged as it pulsed from his wild sensual gyrations. The bestiality put there into his soul by Bella helped well to capture his soul in a tightened grasp by the devil there. Highly aroused, being as if born a goat, Matt strained against thinking domineering ideas about Shanna, as if she were properly a nanny for breeding and impregnation.

Bella crawled on her knees to one side as the tall goat creature stepped a half stride closer to Shanna. He stood then with his fur covered belly touching her chest and breasts. He with his head cocked and with one eye looking down at his probable prey, he took his hand and index finger again, and touched it to the forehead of Shanna.

"Verflucht und gesegnet, nehme ich thee Shanna, um einer von meinen, die Königin meiner Herde zu sein!" The goat creature said, his words translated called to that his Master, asking as if of Shanna to be as such a part of his growing herd of females and male goats alike.

The rush of temporal thoughts about what mat be for her future scared her. She shuddered at the want placed in her mind by the goat devil. She was righteously scared at the building delight in her, gaining an understanding of his delight becoming as her desires. She strong in her religious faith knew in her heart if she bowed to the will of this devil, her life as form would change to be as his consort and a sex slave. Shanna thought hard to fight against the sense of want, she worried her future was turning black.

In the distance were the friends of Shanna. The three were looking for their lost friend, as well calling her name. They came with each an unanticipated knowledge of fear. They were nearing where the witches had their wild Sabbath, it an orgy, and there that devil goat.

The Master as well Bella looked as pleased, he making the motion to the others there that they go and seek as find replacement mounts for those who ran away.
Beating the bushes with a hefty stick, Paul in the lead made his way through the forest undergrowth, he continually calling loudly, "Shanna, Shanna!"

A football field distance away from Paul and Jack walked along a trampled path through the forest. He too called out the name of Shanna, as he walked onward. He moved with apprehension, seeing along the path dark had landmines, he stepped on as in many piles of rounded road-apples, the common leavings left by running horses.

Friend Katie like her good friend Shanna was a tough cookie! She walked along another pathway, but stayed to the outside of it, she having forlornly stepped once into a heap of something smelling awful. The threesome walked along in the forest, they calling out for their lost friend; each knowing where was the others. Little did they know or would they think it possible that as they walked they came closer to their meeting perdition.

Matt turned and gave a cocked head goat look to Shanna, as if asking her not to cry out to her friends. Shanna noted the odd expression of Matt. She had an idea as of what. He had gained more empathy with her, a similarity coming from who owned him and how his owner used him.

Bella stood there looking off into the dark forest; she licked her lips with anxious delight, expecting soon those who came searching to give rides to some witches heading back to their homes.

"Bella..., please, do not spoil this exceptionally emotional moment for my sweet new protégé. Ah, but I see she longs to express her fears, her building sensations, her pouted nipples; she is feeling the urges common to a nanny goat coming into her yearning time.

Come closer to me; press your body to mine." The coven Grande Master devil said, he the familiar sent monthly to bring evil focus to women as willing to pleasure pleasured.

Shanna tried to hold herself back, pondering still her delight for Matt and liking him more than she thought of Jack. Fearful, she stepped back from the goat monster rather than to come closer to his darker regions. Wanting her freedom, Shanna took steps backing away far enough out of reach of the goat creature. She wanted to cry out, to call to her three good friends and warn them of the horrible impending danger.

He had his own ideas for her.

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