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"Beleaguered Anniversary"

By Vaulthurst

Life became for the most of the year as calm while being diligent to what were
my duties. As a caretaker of others like myself, I stood as the manager, someone the younger looked up to with satisfaction of me governing their safe existence. Life in general was for me and those I helped a good experience.

There were those occasions when from devotion came passion, and my masculinity acted, outranking my usual mental calm and things got out of hand. I became asone insane with jealousy and raged at friend or those neighborly, driven by an inner ideal of domination.
Fortunately, this sense of rage was short-lived, and after some brashness, I would settle again into that placid calm demeanor. At the worst, my lifestyle was that of a manic depressant, either then as bold and aggressive or gentle melancholy.

Always though in the far recesses of my mind were thoughts of fears, memories of a terror, it bothered me most when during times of calm when such would float to the forefront of my thoughts. If I had just eaten and felt full these worried memories remained tucked away, but let there be then a reason to govern the continued tranquility and my challenging dissatisfaction made me think of my life with odd ideas of dismay.

Such I went along dealing with life and living, not keeping good account as to whom all stayed and of they who for some reason left the community. Until one morning when the weather was hot and humidly annoying, I looked and saw coming toward me a friendly face of a kind acquaintance.

My elation and manner of walking away from my usual duties made others there look up and have cause to wonder.

"A good morning to you Simon, you are looking well, fit as a fiddle. I was working and not paying attention to my promises until given a harsh reminder by my familiar. Tessa, you may remember is as a pet, but she is so much more. As you might think then and have in your memories the day you came to visit, having almost driven off the road out front of my house, your vehicle getting two flat tires all at ounce." She said, she who I did recognize but for the life of me I could not think of or say her name.

"I am sorry dear friend, as I came here and forgetting all that has transpired, you being busy with your diligence to all these and so many others. You knew me a Darla, and we kept with using first names only, as then in my mannered thoughts I felt no need to become better acquainted. We were, and you would too admit it, as from our one time meeting we were casual strangers.

Tessa reminded me of what I said and you being there felt obliged from my manner of friendliness to offer your help to my problem then. When then you adjusted your schedule, and stood smiling, willing, I accepted from a greed-orientated sense of satisfaction.

You have come far and done so well, I forgot about you, to this I need apologize. Your coming here to work and keep my property safe has by my lack perseverance to promises, made a confusion of your life. I can see by your continued silence that what I am talking about is as complete jumbled words of little or no meanings. So my friend let me now adjust your manner of thinking to what it was when you arrived here being so willing."

Filled with wonderment about this woman coming to me I stood there acting as if
dumb as a brick, my silent act as much the full essence of someone baffled.

Eyes forward, I watched with calm discard and lacking the understanding of what she, this woman was about to do, I blatantly let her do her thing. I saw there in her hand a short stick, she using some wrist motions as pointing it in my direction caused me to brace slightly not sure what she planned to do.

"Simon Moore, I command you, your memories and abilities of reasoning rationale thinking to commence!" She said as touching her stick to between my eyes I felt an unexpected tingling feeling begin and trickled back and along my spine. I closed my eyes, something what came from her touch made the need as something necessary.

Slowly, thoughts and a flood of vast memories reinvigorated my otherwise dull-calm mind. I stood there and taking an inhaled breath, did sigh it out, formulating a foolish sound for which I wanted to give an apology.

The hearing of me my voice and the lax coordination of tongue, and lips worked together to further my embarrassing the situation.

"Ack haden, for give me my friend, I have failed to do this for so long a time I forget that the taunting of old memories is not enough, physical coordination is required here." She said as with a tap to my jaw and two at each my upper and lower lips came a feeling of new ability.

"Huh, who are you, and what, where am I?" I said a sudden blathering of profound questions at the forefront of my massive wonderment.

"Sadly it has been a while since you and I talked, no wonder your first questions should boil out of you, no need to apologize. Firstly, we have not met for eight years, a far too long of a passing time to make this meeting as easily cordial.

As to your questions, I shall give you the answers. As to saying "Huh," that was from the rush of information flooding into your thinking processes. Who is am I,I was the reason for and the one who used the powers to make your life atravesty. As of what is all of this is the real crux to your wonderment and my problem.

Look around you at the others and let logic give you the where as well, of what you are doing by being here. As you pan your view see here the herd of cattle,cows by the hundreds thanks wholly to you and your continued eight years of diligence to duty.

My herd was dying away, their lives made dull by the lack of a hearty bull to sperm them and their bodies into activity. My use of the word sperm was a correct usage, as I made of you to be their herd bull, and you of your sperm/semen replenished my herd of cattle.

Your continued silence tends to leave me thinking I am a liar, well if you would not believe me then let me foster something as a reminded.

I shall walk slowly toward this lovely cow, you see here, but you do not know her by name but through that thick mentality born to bovines. It is her scent what is her name to you. A touch of my wand to her rump and the wish she should become aroused and feeling the need to mate, see how with you nearby causes her tail to rise.

Walk closer, drink in her sweet aroma, letting it instill your mind and loins.

Aroused, the saliva begins to froth about the mouth and lips. Sniffing begins, and a greater appreciation of her comes after you give her leathery vulva/vagina a long tongue licking.

Feelings aroused the loins invigorated and the need to mate is something no bull would wish to deny. Now leap up, rise and step forward, take what you feel is yours. Excellent, and now some minor blind feeling around for that warmth, the steaming hot as aroused vulva and…, there you are inside her, as thrust, let your bull penis spear out of you and into her.

Now think about what you are doing, look down at me and around from your sexual lofty perch, as tell me what you are feeling.

"Humph, humph, oh ah oh damn this, what am I doing, ah humph, I am humping this cow, this is bestiality, and as what did you do to me?" I stated, as the morality and lack of it was apparent to me, but my doing bestiality, that enraged my dislike of what she did…, to me!

I dropped off from the lofty stance and felt my erection as ripped out of that hot tunnel of bovine sex.

Standing there, the cow turned and she sauntered close to me, lowered her head and as if to pay me homage, she began licking my erection.

"Please stop that, it is indecent!" I said as to rebuke the cow; she an ignorant animal knew not the meanings of my words.

Turning as I needed to step toward her, she the reason for my disfigurement.

"You understand the real reason I am here, as due to you being for me a bull these eight years, I made a promise that has by the length of time you were a bull, makes me chose for you what you might not fully appreciate.

I guess my embarrassment is clouding the issue, as Tessa reminded me so forcibly, the need to realign futures requires I need to doom you to remaining, as is a bull. My one choice is that I can and do wish you to realize your situation fully. As by reinvigorating your mind with memories of your past, I hope to grant you some coming years of sensual elation.

I captured the fullness of your bodily form in a photograph of the present you, let me show you now so you might fully realize what all is of your body.

This Simon is what you are and look like to anyone looking at you!

The greater enjoyment of your much increased of size maleness was reason enough for some who sought me out and by varied means had me change them into being swine, cows, ponies, goats dogs, and one man asked to become female and part goat, living as a whore for the rest of his/her lifetime.

My devil has mandated your doom and due to my forgetfulness, I should have returned you to being human again after one mating season, not eight!

Now that you know and can speak of it, say then what ugly thoughts you have for me." She said, she who for one reasoning or another I stood there knowing what she made of me, I could not find reason to condemn her actions.

"I should be furiously angered, but I am not! Something in me says for such you did I should charge at you with want to kill, but I shall not! Why and of what you did to me was for my family and their lives a tragedy. Oddly, my form and the occasional rage of mating with the cows have offered me a placid lifestyle, something when human I never attained.

Logically, I feel that you have done for me personally anything but an injustice. I am free within the confines of the fences to do what I feel like doing and or staidly enjoy. True, my lack of good hygiene has its drawbacks to my sense of comfort. My eating of everything in the pasture that grows becomes as diarrhea slime that burbles out my anus, rolls down my flat butt, as then my
tail smears the residue for the flies to come and enjoy.

I tend to ignore the urge to urinate and might stand in the puddle of my own urination mixed with defecation. The pasture is the place I learned to appreciate more than the warm confines of the barn. Inside the scents of other cows and their calves becomes a social bother, as I stand with half an erection, trailing my… cock threw the tracked on slime.

My manner of stance is one of defined comfort. Generally, I am happy with what you made of me, satisfied with my sexuality, as being an animal I cannot defile my convictions and say this is bestiality, it is nature and I am the beast.

What leaves me unsure a sense of longing come by happenstance to what you did!
To explain in short, I was a man with religion and faith, you have proved by changing me to be a bull that the devils live. As if there are devils then thereis a god, of whom the devils fight, and you proved this to me, I feel still saved by grace if doomed by the devil to live, as must a bull.

Agree we then copacetic that of me, or I should for the betterment need remain as I am, a bull. If so in that and by my becoming alert to life and living, I would ask of how long, the duration still of time, my lifetime, how long shall I continue being alive, when then shall you sell me to slaughter?"
I said and asked, implored, as wondered.

She sighed at hearing me expound of my general satisfaction at being bovine, a bull, and a herd sire. As to my greater worry, death and disembowelment, she smiled, her hand reaching to pet at my forehead and around an ear, she said, "Dear friend, I do not plan ever to send you through that beastly experience of slaughter. You knowing as realizing it happening, the devils feed on emotions, and such horrid an experience would make some stronger from me, and what I did
to you, that could hurt me as well!

You matured to being what you are in the time of one year. Your spell and I retaining my power means you shall endeavor to live and be a healthy bull while I live, and according to Tessa, I have a few hundred more years left in me of life.

I shall then do for you what I would for a true friend. A spell binding now of your lifetime directly to mine and therefore, as I on occasion physically rejuvenate to appear as younger, you will lose your bulky form for a sleek and sassy bullish form. I shall grant you, as much length as girth your maleness as you feel is desirable. Your testicles, I shall deem them of the semen production
becoming as voracious, increasing then too, your physical stamina."

We agreed, and with dull wits and feelings of satisfaction, I turned and wandered back, rejoining the herd, my herd!


She walked away, as did her bull, unbeknown but to her cat and the witch was the satisfaction the man made bull would live on, producing new calves, forgetting his human past and learning to live on the raw moment as would an animal. This they sneered happily about, returning to the farmhouse and its comforts.
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