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Introduction: Seeking to learn through a great adventure, friend Dan
finds more than he can chew...

Dan thought to travel the countryside for a summer vacation,
vagabonding, walking, hitch hiking, and camping wherever he pleased.
His parents thought this a proper idea, they trusting their son and
his integrity. They gave him some money, a phone card, and sent him
out into the world to discover a life's adventure. He left home one
the first day in June walking the more rural back-roads, seeing the
sights, meeting people, waiting as expecting that by luck, fate, or
his ignorance that something fantastic he would find, or it would find

Likely it was his plain dump Dutch luck that for one night he could
not find a place to camp under a roof of trees that he camped then in
some lonely field. It was on that night after he lay in his bedroll
that Dan heard the sounds. Sounds of cautious footsteps coming toward
him from out in the moonless night, he felt real fright.

Anxious and frightened, Dan sat up, listening and reaching for his
pocketknife in case he needed a weapon to defend his being alive. Then
the sound came closer to where Dan flicked on his flashlight to see
what made the noises, as caused Dan to laugh. As coming closer to him
was just a gray color cow.

Dan sat very still, he letting the cow come and sniff at him, until it
made a muffled sound and then sauntered away into the darkness,
seemingly satisfied that Dan was no threat, and it being disinterested
of meeting a visitor in the pasture that night.

Dan laid back down and went soundly asleep until he awoke surrounded
by early morning haze and a dampness what stirred in him a chilled
feeling. To his surprise, Dan found lying snuggled next to him was
that rather large gray cow. It had came to rest by Dan, lying next to
him but being so close as to lay one of its forelegs across the chest
of one young traveler.

Dan stirring woke his friendly bovine, it moving slowly to inch away
before scrambling on awkward legs to stand upright on all fours, as
then there directly before the young visitor. The coming of daylight
gave new meaning to Dan seeing the cow for being so bold, as from it
being a grayish colored bull. Dan knew of bulls, some being easily
angered and might become violent.

Slowly Dan picked up his strewn belongings, he rolling up his bedroll.
He began to move cautiously away from the seemingly peaceable bull.
The Bull stood there just like a statue, it eyed down along the muzzle
of his face, as if looking at the brass ring that hung from the bridge
of his broad nostrils. The staring bull caught Dan to stand there as
awe struck and watched as the bull slowly stepped toward him, as it
nestled the great blockhead of bone against one empty tummy of Dan.
The bull stood there and nuzzled its face at Dan as if trying to say
something in a manner of body language. It snorted softly as then
lifting his head to look at Dan directly in the eyes. It wiggled the
nostrils a bit, as if to suggest that Dan might or should touch the
brass nose ring.

Dan stood there feeling scared as well numb, he eying the nose ring,
saw it set seemingly snug in the bridge of the bull nose. The ring was
dripping with bovine snot and not something Dan wanted to touch. So
then Dan tried to side step and walk around the bull, but the bull
acted as if it were intent on Dan touching the brass ring.

Anxious minutes passed as Dan took note of many gray cows standing not
far away, they seeing the situation, and had begun wandering closer.
Soon a herd of gray cows encircled Dan and the overly friendly bull.
It seemed the situation might only end if Dan touched the brass nose
ring like to paying homage to the bull. As he reached a shaky hand
toward and touched the brass ring, it felt oddly very loose, so that
with a slight hand twist by Dan the ring snapped free.

Free of the nose ring, the bull sighed, as did several of the cows as

"Thank God for someone so willing to please, as maybe this will all be
over soon," so said there that bull as able to speak and using good
English. Dan stood there in horror, stunned to have heard the bull
speak in a clear and precise sentenced English language.

"Sorry, I imagine my talking now is making you wonder and fearful of
what has transpired. Let me introduce a few good friends and myself
here before you. I was until three years ago a professor of antiquity,
and these five young female cows were my staff. I unearthed an Indian
burial mound, finding many new and different artifacts, one of which
was that cursed nose ring.

We all partied that night, and in some fool inebriated state I placed
the ring in my nose and made like a bull with his harem, we or I began
fornicating. As came the morning when we awoke, imagine if you could
our surprise and sensed horror to find the girls being then as Murray
gray breed cows and me as a virile sex minded bull.

Since then, I have learned how and mated with my staff members and
during the three years since that fated night, from which my five cows
dropped each, a newborn calf per year. Since and because of me and my
virility, the herd has grown to being twenty three cows and one bull.

Your friendly act of removing the nose ring has demeaned the curse put
on us. A reinstating to my cows of their lost intelligence, they will
be realizing again what they are, and for me, there teacher is gifted
again his ability to talk and communicate.

My memory of that last full day of being as a human is just now coming
back to me. The legend written by the Indians tells of the use of that
nose ring was for those deemed as criminals. Those who were to wear
the ring did change into either cow or bull, but why we all changed is
still a mystery. The real problem lies in the curse as those so
changed and having given into lusting for bestial instincts, shall
never again walk the earth as do men.

As my dear coworkers are cows, I shall always be a bull but graced
again with what was some of more delightful attributes when we were
human. Although we are considered as property of the farmer who owns
this land, I ask of you to help us, lest come this next year my
understudies being as cows are sent to market, slaughtered, and die
the ugly death deemed from being as cattle!" This said by the bull, it
having Dan so amazed he forgot what he held in his hand and began
toying with it.

Dan stood looking at the milling cows, as the coworkers then
remembering their lives when once human, and likely a bit more pretty,
they crowded closer around their bull and the avid new friend. As Dan
looked around him, be began flicking the hinged nose ring with his
fingers. Decidedly nervous, Dan plopped down on his royal butt and
looked with wonder, seeing there at that level the bull and his very
masculine maleness.

A young pondering mind soon reached forth a questioning hand to touch
and truffle the sheath hairs of the bull. His touch then aroused into
his view a quick reacting erection, seeing the bull with his engorged
and elongated red colored sex-sword, the sight of it intrigued Dan.

The bull turned to eye his touching new friend. He giving a half
stride step, he let Dan get a closer look at two huge bovine balls. As
if to add excitement for Dan to seeing something up and close, the
erotic passion overwhelmed Dan, he pulled open the nose ring and then
popped it into the bridge of his own nose.

A hazy morning, as with the sun rising above the trees, and its warmth
beginning to burn away the damp moisture that clung to body hair, a
virile young gray colored bull stood as a statue, he thinking and
planning which of his twenty-three cows he would try and mate with on
that day.

The warmth coming from the sun and its glare held Dan from running to
the herd of cows and choosing one as his first conquest, he having a
singular desire stuck in a sullen mind. The warming day made his body
feel exceptionally good, the gray hair the covered him soaked up the
rays of heat, urging Dan to take part in the bovine way of life. A
blinding glare that came along with the morning sunshine caused Dan to
halt, stopping in his planned trek. This distraction was enough to
change his pattern of want, turning him to face away from something
that caused him some discomfort. He stood looking away from the herd
of cows, to see of stuff, he remembering it as being a bedroll and the
place he had camped, was it so many days and nights before.

Eying this strange stuff strewn out before him he sauntered closer to
it, feeling curious, he sniffed at the bedroll. The scent he found
there suggested of something different from him, it angered him, and
using his head Dan dug into the bedroll and tossed it into the air. He
did this several times, becoming enraged and incensed by the thing. On
his fifth toss of the fluffy thing, came down from his mighty toss,
and draped over his head and face.

Snorting and then becoming infuriated at this thing over his head, Dan
danced in a circle, tossing his head to one side and then whipping it
in another direction until he slammed into something bigger then

Stopping his attack, Dan stood snorting, huffing his breathing,
excited and infuriated at what blanked his sight and sense of smell.
"I thought my own foolishness turned my life into pure folly, but you,
you are more foolish," spoke a voice, some sound Dan remembered as if
friendly and wanting to be helpful.

Something made the thing over his head move and feeling this Dan
charged at it with bovine bull fury. His sudden movement slammed again
into something larger, this time that something pushed back, knocking
Dan off his feet and scaring him into a horrid sense of fright.

When then the hood covering moved off from his head and face, Dan lay
there on his belly, aft legs and forelegs tucked up under his bovine
torso. He looked up, and saw standing before him another of his kind,
he sniffed at it and tried to visualize what this was, as from behind
this other blazed that morning Sun, it blinding him by its brightness.

"You shall discover this day just how lucky you are and shall realize
my compassion of one as foolhardy, you did mimic my own stupidity,"
spoke the larger and more matured big bull that led the herd. He Dan
then recalled as being that professor, his wits having returned after
Dan helped in dislodging the nose ring from his bovine nose.

Scared and intimidated by the bulk of the larger bull standing before
and above Dan, he set there acting respectful giving reverence to
something much bigger.

Dan tilted his head and tried to focus his eyes at the bigger bull. As
he did, the bigger bull brought his head and muzzle very close. So
close that the lips parted on the bigger bull, it reaching at a scared
Dan; having some intention.

The thick muscular lips took a firm grip on the brass nose ring
setting but not completely fastened into the bridge of two hefty
snorting nostrils. Taking hold to the ring, Dan felt the pinching pain
in his nostrils. He jerked and turned his head away from what was
causing him some pain, this aiding and removing the ring from his

That very instant the nose ring was out of his nostrils Dan realized
his changed self. He scrambled with four uncoordinated legs, as one
being as in the form of a bovine would considering his short time in
such a form. Snorting with anxious horror, Dan stood before the larger
image of his new self. He felt foolish and embarrassed for what he
did, he putting the nose ring in his nose and it doing what happened
to him in so short a span of time.

"Can you understand me now," asked the bigger bull, it speaking with
such affluent manner with completely bovine lips.

Dan did understand the bigger bull, he the professor and everything
that transpired from their first meeting became again, crystal clear.
Shaking his hefty big bovine head to signify he understood, Dan stood
in silence, his thinking reasoning frame of mind taking in the many
different and strangely sensual sensations he as a bull just took for

"You freed me, as I have repaid my debt to you a allow you to be the
luckier one. My placing the nose ring on my face did change me to be
like this and without a kindly friend to stop the curse from taking
its course; I engaged in sexual perversions and damned my future. So
for you my friend were just reborn by the powers in that thing, and
from me taking note of your entanglement and fight with the bedroll; I
came to your aid.

As well, you have not partaken in what it is to be as a bull, as so
doing would damn you as it did me, or worse by forcing one to remain
then as a bull permanently.

Rest here, as from what I do know of the ring and its powers, your
humanity shall return to you, embrace it, cherish it, and beware the
allurement of things sensual less terrible things befall your future,"
spoke the big bull to Dan.

Slow motion like Dan let his posterior sag, and he sat down on his
hairy rump and tail, eying the bigger bull, and feeling all of what he
had become being then as one young bull himself.

Saddened and scared for what he saw and felt, Dan tried to speak but
all that came out his mouth were bellowing sounds of a bull. As the
big bull backed away from Dan, he acting surprised that Dan could not
speak. Dan too was acting as he wanted to speak but something held him
as unable to communicate in the same use of the English Language.

"Something is different here with you than what had happened to me,
you should have regained the ability to speak!

I suggest you remain here, sit or lay under the shade trees and out of
the sun until your humanity returns in all its glory." The professor
said, he being as a bull himself still, felt responsible for Dan to
gain back what the professor as a bestial bull could not.

All morning and until the heat of the day Dan lay with his bovine four
legs tucked up close under his bullish body. He felt intimidated,
finding his having a tail as to his liking, it served to rub where
flies bothering he could ease his discomfort. He felt so scared that
even the urge of a full bladder did not budge him to stand and take a
healthy leak, he while lying there let go and set urinating a puddle
he laid in until it soaked into the ground.

The blazing hot sunshine bade Dan then a bull to want for following
the wandering herd of cows, rather than remain as told to stay safe
under the trees and in the shade. The bullish professor looked away
from where he was grazing to walk toward and came closer to Dan, but
kept some distance. He tried again his conversing, asking if any of
Dan if any of his form had reverted to being again human.

Sadly, Dan shook his head side to side and signified it had not

The bigger bull stood quiet as if thinking since his wits had
returned, the one-time human and man of high learning, a professor of
antiquity tried hard to reason why Dan did not conform to what should
be, or properly expected.

"Did you try and graze this morning," asked the bull of Dan, he
knowing better that the simple acts when first and animal can become
as damning, as are doing the things dealing with procreation.

Two horny cows wandered from the milling herd, they felt a need to be
curious about Dan, his scent being bolder after urinating, if
different from their prime bull. The big bull seeing two of his harem
heading for to bother Dan, the big bull snorted at the two cows,
charging at them and herding the two back into the herd lying few
hundred yards away under other shade trees.

Dan seeing this snorted with some sense of dissatisfaction.

The big bull hearing Dan snort turned, and then came to stand near the
changed youth, with the thought of him offering Dan some bovine style

Dan in a scramble of strange legs got to standing on his four legs and
looked downward, he eying at his different feel of what it is to have
hoofs. He walked a short few steps from where he had laid most of that
day away. Once he felt the tall grass caress the flicking long hairs
that adorned the end to his bovine bull sheath, the bladder let loose
a second flood.

As this sensation abated, the hot summer breeze began to tickle Dan
from its flowing past as over every hair that covered his bovine hide.
One feeling of sensation led to another, as Dan began to swing his
boney bovine tail, learning quickly how to swing it, slapping the
ropey thing at his flanks and with a wrong swat of it, he giving a
harsh as foolish stinging swat to his enormous big bullish balls. The
slap did hurt, and made the young bull jump ahead and turn quickly, as
if wanting to see who had slapped his balls with such a harsh and
discomforting manner.

Dan then heard laughter coming from the bigger bull, it knowing all of
what Dan felt and had once accidentally slapped his own big balls with
that snappy tail.

Feeling ever so foolish, Dan sauntered off out into the sunshine, the
glare and heat soon suggesting the shade of any tree was better than
cooking his dark colored hide. He found a shaded area some distance
from the herd and his original place of encampment.

As he laid there the annoying flies buzzed about him some landing and
walking on his hairy hide made a light tickling sensation. This and
the warmth lulled Dan to let sleep return and he closed his eyes. Dan
dreamed of bovine bullish conquests, a wet dream by even bovine
standards, it woke him finally, he seeing then the night, stood up and
walking toward the sleeping herd.

Vivid ideas urged at Dan to walk toward the herd of cows. As he
walked, the tall strands of dry grass stroked his sheath until he had
a partial erection beginning. Those same tall stalks of grass glided
across his low-slung balls, tickling them and causing some added
enticement to wanting to stay as being a bull. Dan walked up behind a
sleeping cow, as she paid him little attention having felt similar
closeness by their herd bull whether dozing or foraging.

Sniffing with his broad nostrils at the hairy rump of the cow, Dan
began feeling a dauntingly irresistible urge, as if from something
down deep in him suggesting he urge the cow to stand up so he could
leap aboard the cow rump and begin his test his male virility. The cow
rose up when urged, as she being a changed student had come to liking
her being a cow. She swung her tail that wafted before Dan her scent,
further enticing him to snort a breath of body heated air at her dark
vulva being so close.

Feeling something this close to her rump, the cow stopped grazing. She
turned to look back along her flanks, seeing then who was near her
rear. A flicking of her tail only excited Dan, his bovine bullish
inclinations urging him to take his conquest and satisfy the urge to

Leaping upward and in a forward thrust, Dan stood flatly against the
cow rump, pinning her tail in the way of his wanton advances. He tried
to wiggle his belly as to push the tail out of his way. By then having
his first six inches of stiffening cock peeking out his belly sheath,
Dan made use of his bull cock to doing its part in trying to open a
pathway to permanent perdition.

"No, I say stop there, do not give in to the desire!" The mature bull
seeing Dan rise up and begin the ritual of mounting a cow and then
mating, he wished better for wanting of Dan to remain with his
humanity and virginity retained.

Dan looked toward where in the black night he heard the bull speak.
Yet his thoughts and desires were for getting the best sensation from
being as he was a bull in his endeavor.

The cow tail remained his biggest foe and with the urge to mate
nearing a climax without his shaft inserted, Dan reached a hand down
as pull back the tail, allowing then his erect shaft to its intended
mark. "Hand, my hand, I have hands," thought Dan, he suddenly taking
note of his clearness of thoughts and the returning ability to touch,
grab, as grip using a hand as do humans.

The big bull came into view, as Dan held up a still foreleg, but in
place of what was a cloven hoof, he had then one black colored and
hairy human hand.

Dan dropped from off the cow rump, falling with a heavy thud to the
ground. He might not have paid his harsh fall from off that cow if
when falling he still had in place of his hands, cloven hooves. Wrists
both snapped from the force and weight above them, Dan having become a
young bull, he by weight was four hundred pounds of tough muscle and
solid bone.

If anything, the then aching pains from strained wrists helped him to
think and focus his mind on things dealing with living life again as
if he could become a manly form.

The bigger bull saw the youth acting as if he were feeling some amount
of pain, the matured bull sauntered closer, coming to stand next to,
and above Dan.

"It is too late for me and those who by my own foolish error I led
into being as I, we being now but cattle. Had you mated with that cow,
ejaculating inside her, then your virginity and link with humanity
would drag you into being as are we. Can you understand me, the change
to being again human shall continue as long as you abstain from
bestial sexual play. It is not the plan of higher powers that you as a
man have relations with animals. However, the nose ring has some
devilish curse, something spawned by the darker side of life. As if
there be devils and curses that do this to people, then also there is
a God in Heaven that has a plan for all he created," so ministered the
bull to Dan.

Dan tried his best to answer the bull, but his efforts met with thick
rubber like lips and a tongue lacking the learned coordination it had
when he was then human.

"Be calm, your human abilities shall return, even as your human form
becomes again the reality in which you shall live. Yet, I shall tell
you of what I learned and of things, a sum of knowledge I can now
remember, thankful of you for having removed the ring from my

Curses never completely fade away back into the place from where they
came, but often leave more than the memories of what it did to those
cursed, or having come near to being doomed. Myself, I lost all
control of my moral lifestyle on that fated night and acting like a
beast, the curse sought a defining of my becoming sensual and lusting,
and made of me and those who fornicated, we changed into cattle. I
mated with those pretty coeds who became cows and as well their
birthed heifers, we as cattle. Since that first day of my being like
this bovine form, I have mounted and mated dare say hundreds of times
since, needing to doing each at least three times in a session.

This business of mating is the purpose of those devils who borne the
curse, their demonic plan had in mind to degrade the heart and mind of
those people it touched. Once the desire for some beastly endeavor
severs the divine bonds, and when apart from thing human, losing touch
with all of what is being human tends to damn the soul.

Degraded then of form, demeaned of morality, nothing stands against
one lending us to want for more than to living life as would a cow or
bull. Once I began to change, I added to my damnation by actively
enjoying sensual pleasures with those female students, my staff. That
of what I spewed inside them broadened the realm of my own cursed
self, drawing them into this, allowing me to hear them scream in
anguish from what I did, gave of, and caused their complete physical
and later, mental degradation.

Since they never knew the nose ring and all became as part of the
curse set upon me, they lost all touch with their previous existence.
In every essence, each of those pretty and young women became fully
bovine, more so then just body, and they lost all touch with having a

I alone, stand here able to speak now, to tell of what happened to
all, as my sadness of heart burned for having led others into a
certain type of perdition.

You are for the moment saved from what we became, you have in your
possession the cursed nose ring, and I think it likely that not all of
the bovine form shall fade and return you to being a hundred percent
human. I wish to remind you that curses work on what we as humans feel
pleasure, that what is sensual, and using our own lusty imaginations
the Devils play tricks. They lay snares, keeping those once a captive
and enslaved as part of some dark and evil plan," spoke the bull,
reminding Dan that that he the animal was once a professor in some
college, feeling gratified for his regaining the ability and use of
learned knowledge.

Dan listened, understanding the words spoken to him, and began
pondering how with his returning to be again human, what of all he had
come to feel, some would remain as a reminder of being a bovine bull.

The mature bull led Dan away and upwind from the herd of cows. The two
of them remained together from the rest of that night and into the
next day. All the time Dan found his humanity returning. Hands and
then arms became human like, as the rolling wave of change caused much
of the bovine form to fade like a bad dream. As his humanity returned
so did his sense of morality, even as he sat in the presence of
someone changed into being as a bull. Dan donned back on him what
remained of his torn clothing. He especially enjoyed the feel from
pulling on his socks, and how wearing a shirt offered protection to
the torso from elements of the weather, but not a warm as having body

Dan discovered a renewed joy for wants of living life to its fullest.
He felt alive, feeling as if cleaned from everything not of virtue. A
friendly hug about the neck of a bull once a man and someone of higher
learning, he wanted to thank this friend for giving and being of help.

On the third day Dan since again realizing he had become bovine of
body and a bull filled with desires, Dan the human walked briskly to
stand aside the pasture fence. He waved to them his almost family
before he climbed over the pasture fence, and stopped to give a
friendly bull a thankful wave.

Walking on to his plan to see America, Dan would discover again the
allurement brought on by the nose ring, once more becoming a yearling
bull to a Black Angus herd, he remained there enjoying cows only after
removing the nose ring by varied ways and means. When traversing South
Dakota he tried his cock at mating with bison cows, staying with that
herd for two years of wondrous male pleasures. He regained much of his
being human and traveling onward, ultimately met a rodeo, and nearly
came to being a bucking bull on a permanent basis.

Sneaking away by night in the rain and storm, Dan had by then tried
his luck with living in five herd situations, gifting him on a
permanence the hind quarters, leg, hocks, feet and cloven hoofs of a
mixed breed bovine beef bull, bison, bull, and that of a rodeo bull.
He had on him the wild style bison fur and the curly brisket fur
adorning his shoulders, chest, neck, and upper arms.

Dan was to the common person he looked like some scientific experiment
gone wrong.

Somewhere in him still were the fond memories of a home and parents he
had left some nine years hence. Dan was a monster, mostly animal, he
was able to gain his daily sustenance from grazing, that he began his
thousand mile trek toward where he felt more to home.

No clothing would fit his body and he being furry felt no desire for
wearing clothes. Walking on cloven hoofs had no need for shoes, his
only item of clothing being a stolen purse where he kept his most
prized possession, a brass life cursing nose ring.

Time and the passing by and mingling with cow herds along his heading
toward home, Dan spent the next twenty years living of life fostering
herds, being a bull before moving on. After each occasion of using the
nose ring, a little more of Dan ceased to be human. When what
wandering did arrive within a mere mile from his parents and home, Dan
stood aside a fence looking at passing cars. He by then had excepted
the inevitable, and wore then the nose ring slip-slapped as snug
fitted into the bridge of his nostrils, he deciding to become and
remain a bull, felt at home being bovine!

Occasionally when Dan would hear distant church bells peeling to
remind the people to come did he know again as how well can evil
powers use foolish people to give in to being demeaned.

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