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“Truly Permanent”

By AdobeFats and Friends

You are a delivery man. As you enter the beauty salon to drop off the specially marked package, all the stylists take notice of you.

"Um... excuse me," you say, "I have a special package here for you, sent express."

"Oh, thank you very much sir, I greatly appreciate you bringing this important package by so quickly," the receptionist of the beauty salon responds.

You felt odd, sitting there in a female beauty salon; however, you know it's your job to deliver such packages. As you look around, you realize that you are the only man in there.

"For your help, sir, the beauty salon would like to offer you some service. What would you like? We provide manicures, pedicures, facials, hair styling, as well as other and slightly more provocative services. Would you like to participate in any of these free services?"

Although these services do not interest you, and you have never had any previous exposure to such services, you decide to indulge and choose...

"Something else?" you ask but as then before you might think again; you’re ushered through a red velvet curtain.

Almost instantly as you pass behind the curtain the lights go black as from behind you a cloth bag is drawn down over your head. You struggle to gain your sight but a loop of some hard plastic tie is tightly bound around your wrists binding them behind the back.

Blind and bound you stand helpless at the mercy of these women. You are terrified when nimble fingers begin to remove your clothing. A moment of male passion brings your penis to a full blown erection as this entire situation is but a delivery man's wildest dream.

Scissors snip away your jockey shorts and the undershirt you just pulled out of the new package that very morning. Now naked you stand at their mercy, you have wild hope of telling the guys back at the warehouse of this neat place.

Leaning close to your bagged head you feel her hot breath on your neck. As if the woman in going over your body like an auctioneer checking the stock before a sale, it is when your maleness is touched that the reality of what is to happen strikes your male fool mind.

"Something else, you wanted to experience what we can do for you as some thing and else than what you walked in here as!" says a cool and soft sounding sexy voice.

Half a chuckle, then you expounds, "I have a busy schedule, can we make this a quickie and I'll be on my way!"

"Idiot, fool, you stupid common male its all for your pleasure and then off you go leaving us damn females to suffer on, no, no way, not today!" she says making you get uneasy and wonder what they there might do to a captured, blinded, hog tied, man.

"Prepare him, cup it, and smear him!" orders the one voice of a woman sounding rather hostile.

A cold clammy feeling hits you as your very erect maleness is plunged into a chilly substance. You struggle a short try or two but they have you at their mercy.

Then hands, several pairs of hands begin to smear this horrid smelling cream or salve being it feels oily on your skin. Hands lift your arms to smear it under and around everywhere. A hand pokes the salve up you butt crack, and you feel something jutted in your hole; a squirt of cold is put in there too.

Your head still covered in the bag it remains as yet untouched by the hands and their oily salve.

Breathing is rapid, your heart pounds from the fear of what is to happen. You remain erect even with your penis jammed into something filled of the chilly cold salve. Uneasy over your situation you step from one foot to the other, nervous and wishing you could call for help.

"Somebody will come looking for me quite soon, my van, it’s double parked and the Police....." you try to make your case for release.

"Stupid, simple male, your truck was moved down the street; we put you coat and hat in the cab and took the keys. Its there for those who own it and they will wonder what happened to you, but they need not worry as we will make good use of one so foolish and bold." says the female voice.

You are ready to say more when in through the bag comes this stick and it enters your mouth making you choke. Squirting something into your mouth the juicy liquid has a foul taste making you couch, choke, and swallow.

"Insert!" says the one woman being of almost demanding to the others.

You jump as something sharp and cold is inserted up you rear and squirts of liquid are jetted into your bowels.

"Some thing else, that's what you asked for and now you will get! A worthless male, you are soon to have a new value, your going to be worth more in physical ways, your body, your gender, and the only reason to keep a male around, sex, I hope you find this to be fun." she chides you.

Insulted and wishing you never delivered the package there, your bound, and coated in some wretched smelling oily salve. It is as you stand there held by these women they all talk to one another as if deciding your fate.

"Agreed, agreed, good I agree too!" say the one voice of that woman being so intense at you destruction.

Coming to your ear she says, "Your going to find this quite amusing, beast! You, your a real beast on a man aren't you? Sexy, you would have offered us the best of your male organs, well now we shall enhance your male ego and the body you wear."

"Look I think this is gone far enough, just let me out of here and I'll go my merry way!" you offer, asking and as much begging to be released.

"BEAST, YOU, YOU ARE A BEAST!" she screams in your ear.

You struggle to release free your hands but they remain snuggly tied and bound tight.

"It’s agreed, to give you real worth in this world we are going to make some rather permanent enhancements to what you are. You might struggle, most do, but the pattern is chosen and with one injection the die will be cast." she says making you begin to sweat.

"NO please, why me?" you plead and ask.

"Male, we decided to keep you as a male! The rest of what you are shall be quite different; your own mother won't then be able to know her son. Beast, yes you to become a beast, an animal, a creature alive for the use of mankind. Even now we can see the difference; your skin is changing to a brown and pink mottled coloring. I see sprouting on your shoulders, chest, belly, back, arms and legs is short hairs.

The hair will grow, thicken, get longer, and give you a coat to keep out the rain and cold. Your penis is even now changing, the silly circumcision is unraveling, it’s becoming flat ended, deep red in color, and what's more thrilling it grows much, much longer.

Your fingers cramping a little, toes too, oh to be sure in a very short time you will find them a joy to walk upon. Hooves, cloven hooves is what they will be, feet, feet made for walking the barnyard and pastures.

Feel it, your erection getting longer and harder than you ever knew it to be? It’s your one male joy you shall keep, other than this you are to become an animal, the male beast for a herd. Do you want to know it, remembering and realize what you’re becoming?" she asked.

Half crying from the weird sensations you feel and her damning words, you nod your head slowly asking to know the worst.

They all laugh at you, the women laughing brings on tears of terror and fear of being made a fool.

A cramp in both legs sends you to your knees. You scream of the wretched pains, your hands try to massage away the knots.

Then with the touch of your legs you feel them coated in thick hair. Your thoughts flounder, the sensation of thick hair growing on your legs only makes this woman's curse of you seem to be real. As fingers try to move and relieve the pain your heel is felt.

Leaning backwards the arms reach with hands extended as you touch your heel and feet. The heel is not like it was, now boney, the tendons stick out and when you reach for the feet they are now very, very long.

Long, your feet are yet a boney shaft with tendons and little flesh. It is as you reach the women giggle knowing what you will soon touch, your hooves.

"Oh God!" you yell, feeling what were your toes are now cloven hooves.

Cloven hooves, elongated feet, heels that feel like an animal's hocks, shaggy hair growing on thighs, the women laughing now out loud, all of this is too real!

"What, what," you then try to ask a wanting’ question but forcing out the words they come as something you never really expected to hear.

You would speak your mind, but in fit of terror out pours baaing, bleating, as the call turns to screaming out a long and drawn out, as if an anxious animal is pleading for release from its captor.

Laughing, the woman comes close to the bag that cloaks your head as she says, "You’ there dearest, are now a beast, a male beast, our goat, a piss drinking, pussy licking, sex crazed’ buck goat; I know you can still understand me!"

Confused, terrified, speechless, you nod your head in agreement of what would seem to be very true. You feel that they have given you the "Some Thing Else Treatment" as what you asked for.

Some thing else, other than what you were, you are most likely becoming a male goat. The treatment, the salve, your penis plunged into something, the liquid jetted in mouth and up the butt, you can't deny the sensations of feeling like you are becoming a real animal, a beast.

The likelihood of this being real has you trying to plead in bestial short bleats. Then the feeling of nimble fingers touching the crest of your head, in a ripping yank the bag is removed, you strain to eye the women again, but see them in multiple shades of gray.

Eyes nearly go crossed as you peer down a changed and elongated face. Snorting harshly from fuzzy feeling nostrils, you reach with lips as if wishing to speak, but they are uncoordinated except for the nibbling act of gathering food or grazing.

You shake your head feelings of foggy ideas are just beginning to assert instinctive patterns, future plans and wants fade. The shaking of your head only helps to confirm your degrading, as long furry ears flop and touch the sides of your then shaggy haired head.

A shiver of fear chills you to your very soul, it shakes and rattles the head, neck, back, shivering with a might wiggle of your goat’s tail.

It is from this one sensation you stand and wail a horrid sounding bleat. The one sensation of owning a tail is but the total realization that you as a man no longer exists! In your silent and deep thoughts it is the tail that really separates man from the animal, and now you have a tail!

As a snip of your bonds allows the availability for arms and hands to reach, touch, and feel, but with the release comes understanding. You cringe at the feel as what were fingers and hands touched to discover they are then cloven hoofs, and your arms are as the forelegs of an animal.

The passing thought to plead seems near useless, as these women have no reason or desire to return you to your previous self. Instead, and as much to add to the horror you see forelegs, knees, cannon bones, and cloven hooves, all the likeness of one being an animal, and a Goat.

Staggering about on cloven hooves your new bodily weight is not well balanced, or even comfortable, standing upright like a human. Wavering on your thin but nimble feet and hooves, you fall slowly forward, grabbed by one of the women who with some semblance consideration, eased you to stand on all fours.

A simple nod of your head is as a human manner of saying your thanks for her help in this, your time of need.

The other women all laugh at your body language of polite response to someone helping you along. Although your ability to speak is gone, the rational and understanding mind remains alert, knowing of what they say and rant about what was done to you.

Standing on all fours the sensation is dumfounding to your old way of thinking. You crane your head to look upward, straining to focus and ogle the several women; all smiling with pride at their new piece of property.

A moving of one curtain turns your attention as if seeing her, made you believe!

There standing in all the realm of glory is but a young woman, naked, and eyeing in your direction, her face shows an anxious expression. Her naked form is but the first that arouses your interest. Sniffing the air it is drenched in a musky scent that you never knew even existed.

She steps close to you, and with a seeking and sniffing nose you step closer to her.

Thoughts of passion race in your mind, the sights, smell, and when she touches and cups her hands below your hairy chin, the goat penis slips out into the light of day.

Soft and loving hands cup your chin, scratching fingers in your beard urge you forward as that fuzzy muzzle bears forward, digging into her groin, longingly seeking the source of that very alluring odor.

At last the nostrils can advance no further, as your lusty mind wants and seeks yet for more. The quest turns to your tongue, it is now longer and slips past fuzzy feeling lips, penetrating deeper, slithering, seeking and then finding as you taste the juices of a woman excited.

Your Goat penis is then a raging red rod probe. It stands out longer than what you had as a man, but unseen and away from your touch it stands out announcing to all you are quite willing, and ready.

Cupped hands urge you to slurp and lick to your ultimate delight. The tongue is busy but with you being so erect below the feeling of nimble fingers gracing and toughing your maleness is but icing on the cake!

The sense of horror and wretchedness over becoming as a goat and animal is quickly fading. The mental idea of what is offered to you, being a sex slave to these women suggests of a life of wild lusts and wonder.

Roaming hands and nimble fingers taunt and delight this new you in ways you never enjoyed when as a man. Stout muscles a different body, shaggy and sensual hair, a sheath that jiggles with every step, balls they sway openly, flagging about adding to the sensations and your own delight.

The tail wags and wiggles, and what was and lost is of little concern, for now is the reality of living naked, openly flaunting what you have and are, willing to do whatever thrills this new you.

Thrill seeking takes away all thoughts of what you were and lost, as now is a time of desire. You have this sense of belonging, feeling as familiar with these women comes an understanding. This is a coven and you are now their chosen familiar, the animal blessed as part demon and thing of pleasure. It is you and your slavery to their sexual perversions that keeps the coven web tight and all within it willing.

Dancing on all fours you look the part of a buck goat enthralled in the idea of mating. Aroused you stand offering to them what they have endowed to their familiar.

You have fond memories from many hours of wild orgies, feeling and finding women eager to avail themselves of your ability, as you give and quell.

Fleeting memories of your human life are but as dreams with only one of them leaving a lasting impression. It is after long hours of sexual fancying that what then comes is a thought of writing stories on the C.Y.O.C. It is of this you would smile with blackened lips born to a goat, thinking of what you read and wrote was not wasted, it is but an aid and inspiration to living life as a horny male goat.

Your women each have their own ideas of how you as a big black buck of a goat can service their lusty desires.

One with long black flowing hair takes you and leads her horny goat to a small room with one low standing bed. She strips, and lies with her legs dangling off the end of the bed, her pussy is open and ready for your muzzle to examine.

The sight of this is enough to make the manly mind go blind, but the goat drives come with a passion for things sexual like nothing you ever felt before.

Licking at her gives both goat and witch the pleasure each seems to seek.

She moans with delight from the long slithering tongue dancing about her privates.

You feel your penis extending, becoming so rigid, very erect, the bulbous end at near bursting, as the drive to ram, thrust, and stroke comes with your own rendition of what a goat sounds like when in the fit and heat of his rut.

Your will to think and be moral and proper is gone, torn from your mind is all the teachings known to men of enjoying such pleasures while using caution.

Caution is thrown to the winds, as with her guiding hand your hot and oily red shaft is led to its point of entry.

The split second, a moment in time when what you became as a male goat tells you that this is your proper form. As the swelled head of your shaft peeks past her soaking lips, the walls of her lusty vagina grip and suck your shaft ever deeper into a new kind of hell.

Hot bodies are then locked together, both finding sensual sensation beyond their previous wildest dream.

You use your fore legs and pointed hooves to hang each aside her shoulders.

You move to lay atop her, as goat lips nibble at succulent nipples, coaxing them to stiffen, extend, and reminding the goat part of you as if they were the tips of a nanny's udder.

Wild desire, bestial passions, and the loathing wish to rut this female to her death is but your own thoughts. Thrusting turns to ramming; jamming your hot and well oiled shaft so deep the woman has feeling of you bursting past the walls of her womb.

Her moans and screams drive you on, your only thought is to sink that massive shaft deeper, and let build your own sense of lust.

Then as if some relief from your wild thrusting urges the rush a spewing like a ruptured fire hose, your goat penis sends into the witch woman a virtual flood of cum and globs of yellow goat semen.

She moans with hope that this encounter is over.

Your thoughts about this meeting is not of it being over, but instead, you want more, and plan to remount her, doing her six more times.

Her screams soon bring the other witches to see and witness her debauchery.

Peering in on the two whoring lovers, the others see their beloved friend looking like her tummy is in its ninth month of pregnancy.

The rutting from a sex wild goat has her vagina and womb near bursting with the instantly renewed semen that rushes out from those big goat balls, they rejuvenated by the witchery spell that made a man into a sex wild male goat.

Your every waking moment is with wild thoughts of pleasuring a male organ and rod. The next witch you had in rut blessed you shaft, giving it new girth, and added length, making it seem the same size as if it were part and owned by some large pony.

This new change only instilled within you the desire to hump and rut anything in site, even thinking of those who might come over the fence of your pasture, those seeking a quick thrill, but likely leaving with a belly full of poisoned semen.

True, it was the wish of one such witch, she cursing your semen to be infectious to all humans. Dare a normal human get the grace of what lurks within your goat buck balls, they soon find their own sexual ideals being as if yours, wishing, wanting, and changing, they too shall join your growing herd.


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