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Pipeline Survey

By Adobe Fats
Completed plot revisions 2010 "THANKS."

Dan Thompson worked for an oil company, which just had its contract accepted for building an oil pipeline through the Brazil Jungle. It was his honor to go ahead of the work crews and announce their coming to the natives. Our mutual adventure happened as he drove up the narrow dirt road to the small village of Ojo.

The sound of his hard working truck making the steep climb up the dead end road announced to all of his coming.

Stopping in front of the one large shack of several grouped in a bunch he got out slowly and took a cautious look around the village.

“And who might you be young man,” asked a large black woman, hair graying but pulled back in conservative style that showed little. She was dressed in a loose red dress that was covered in feathers; a chicken bone necklace peaked past the many folds of her dress.

“Dan Thompson of Seeker Oil Pipeline Company!” announced Dan to the woman and others standing nearby.

“Madame Ojo!” said the woman giving Dan an evil eyed look.

Madame Ojo approached the young foreigner, “Pray tell, what be your business here with Madame Ojo and those of her village?” she asked.

Dan announced his well-rehearsed line about the coming of an oil pipeline through where the village presently stood. He asked if Madame and her people owned the property, or were just squatters, just living on the land and in the way of progress.

Instantly Madame Ojo made a face meaning one thing, trouble! It was Dan trying his utmost best to be nice in the face of hostility. As he tried to explain to the woman seemed to get even more angered.

It was at this point I excused myself and returned to the truck for some safety, and our one gun.

Madame seemed to regain her composure seeing Dan’s discomfort in explaining the corporate attitude to a woman and people drowning in ignorance. Try after failed try to get the woman to give a look at the map, he had showing the coming of the pipeline seemed to make her madder yet! It was when she was almost red faced with searing fury at Dan that I saw him jerk, then stand straight up, like he’d been shot. Indeed, a dart was shot and stuck in his neck, right into the Adams apple was a brown, feathered dart.

Instantly he grabbed it from out his neck and shook it in the face of the old woman. “What the Hell is this?” he screamed at her. Dan turned to head back to the truck but got two steps before his knees crumpled and falling forward he laid face down in the dirt.

It was minutes, later when he awoke a scared expression on his face, and mine, but his was looking up into the black round face of some native boy.

"No one just takes what is the homes of my people,” said Madame Ojo. “You and those like you have come before, crooked men, treacherous women, those seeking riches or powers, now you too shall know my answer to them and unto you, Survey man!"

“What, what do you think, I’m……what are you doing to me?” asked Dan, he face down into the dust from the dirty street puffing out and surrounding his face with every spoken word.

There was a native boy and his friend, they rolled Dan over to be face up, his eyes wide with terror, as the poison from the dart had him immobile. The two boys worked feverishly to remove all clothing off from Dan. Once he lay naked for all to see, I could but sit there and had to watch as the boys tossed his clothing into a fire. His shirt and pants complete with the visa papers, his I.D., and everything that told those down here just who he was, poof, now gone!

This done the one boy ran to the shack where Madame Ojo called home. He returned with a stick adorned with by feathers and a clay pot the size of a coffee pot. Madame Ojo took it and began to sift a gray powder over Dan, his face, chest, arms, and legs. At this, Dan who had been silently watching began to scream like bloody murder. He could not move a muscle below his neck, except to breathe but scream he did, and loud too!

The two boys and one very tall and thinly gaunt man took hold of Dan, they dragging him into a crudely fenced pen. Brashly tossing loose of him, leaving him there to toast under the steaming hot South American sun.

I preferred remain in the truck, the thought to go and help Dan, let alone just to touch him, he had that powder spread over him, the scene would ward away even a brave man. Whether it was the dart wearing off or the dark shadows of an afternoon sun, Dan began to yell, calling out as if to me, telling of what it felt like, he unable to move, laid helpless to what Madame Ojo had plans for him

The tears welled up in his eyes as he yelled to all watching, that from the groin he felt like some massive hands were squeezing his balls tight. It was then too he screamed, complaining his penis felt as if it was on fire. Groaning as in in agony, he moved into a fetal position. Unknown to me then from where I sat scared, but his maleness moved back into his abdominal gut; he knowing then of how Madame Ojo wheeled some terrible powers. He said later, that feeling of his skin was like something crawling up and down, thousands of pinpricks sticking him all over telling him he was in for more, much more.

His head ached something awful until nighttime when a tall, thin, black man came with a torch and opened the pen gate, he placed two burning torches, they flooded light around Dan, showing to those still watching of what next Dan would learn of his next problem.

His skin had been covered in gray powder, was then colored a deep black color and sprouting from it was a gray and some black hairs. Even more disturbing was a lump on his lower belly. He being absent of mind felt of the bump that quickly became larger, and more pronounced. The lump was inflating pushing up, as from it jutted out also black as the night, it was his male shaft; his penis now part of his lower abdominal region.

Dan had fingers all deformed and turning a dark gray color. His hands looked rough and thick with hair. What he saw scared him, I even more, as the long blackened penis, stood up, and out from what could only be said a sheath. Flat ended, the shaft, his penis, jutting out of that rolls of black skin, made Dan look bestial.

Until then the real shock was of being imprisoned had kept from making anything beyond a strained few words or a whimper, but at this point he could not take anymore. As I yelled out my surprised horror from seeing what was becoming of Dan, he screaming from his pain, the sound of it coming out as rough, beastly cry.

From behind the large man was then Madame Ojo her white teeth gleaming in sharp contrast to her very black complexion. Turning I looked directly at her, then toward where Dan laid, his face was part human and part animal, he looked just plain ugly. In the glow of the torch, seeing Dan made me jump and allowed me to fall through the truck door window and end up sitting on my butt there in the dusty street.

“He’s a monster!” I screamed.

“He is getting what those who anger me usually become! Here, in our village we raise goats for food mostly. You partner is to become more than the others, he soon shall become as if born to being a prized breeder horse. At first most fight the urges but given the right tempering, they all come around!” announced Madame.

“Dan, Dan?” I as much wished him to respond to his name.

Dan rolled his jaw a couple of times as if he wanted to respond to my calls. It was then a harsh snap occurred seemingly locking his jaw and mouth into smaller movements, like chewing and limiting how he could open it and show forth his then block squared teeth.

Madame Ojo started to laugh at Dan, she seemingly quite amused at his predicament, it easy to imagine his becoming as her animal, he to be for her a horse meant for sale to the highest bidder.

Dan moaned as his arm bones snapped into new joints making his arm a leg. He shook each now hind leg with such vigorous shaking the bones seemed to slide into place, as he changed, his stance in time would be properly on four new legs. His body still long was bloating, but the hair coating made him look just plain huge. His blackened skin and that massive stallion size horse penis stuck up and arched out like a flagpole.

Lying still in the pen dust, Dan kicked his hind legs, struggling to learn how he could then stand, having to stand on all fours. In a scramble of gained strength, Dan rouse up, stood as might a horse, he stomped his feet feeling the no doubt odd sensation of standing then on hoofs. An occasional shake of the head made his longer ears sway, as his mane flew wildly about his long neck. He turned, cocking his head; he looked over to me as I sat there wide eyed, and struck of terror.

It was the tall black man, who reached into the pen and snapping a rein to the head halter already place by the boys on the head of Dan, he began giving the new horse a slow walking around in his pen. He snorted at the sensation of his halter tightened about his nose, and continued to whinny softly, he telling of his anxiety to Madame and me.

The small native boy took hold of the rein, walking Dan a horse from the pen and leading him around the small village, letting all there touch him, pet Dan, and let him feel as learn to know what it is to be an animal among human kinds. I was amazed to see that he walked out of the dank darkness of that pen, Dan my boss changed fully of form into a dappled colored, medium size horse.

Dan walked with him holding his tail as high set, swishing it, he seemed to be playing with it, toying with his new self. He walked and had still his very male horse size of an erection, it swaying as he walked, slapping at his thighs.

I had talked with him often about his wild fantasies over alternative lifestyles. He, I knew had often toyed with writing on the Choose your own Change, a transformation lover web page, writing chapter upon story, as of men or women turned into animals. Dan was fascinated with this idea of someday becoming an animal in place of being human, and now, here, he seemed to inadvertently gotten his wish.

The boy stood by petting Dan, his horse body and muscular form solidifying, making of what he was into what I saw as an Appaloosa colored stallion horse. He looked even to me as a striking, healthy looking male animal. Maybe coming as part of his personal fantasy and delight, Dan continued to mouth his fears with shrill whinnies and much nasal snorting. As what were his own thoughts about it all, he walked turning in circles seeing his new body, yet I would say his gaining of mass and bulk weight adjusted easily to make of him a striking animal, worthy of a great sum when sold.

Dan walked and lip nibbled at people who stepped close and dared to pet or stroke their hands over his haired body. He seemed to admire his situation, still walking with his male stallion shaft hung down, flaccidly erect, it swung like a black snake as he stepped along in the streets. Dan, the horse was feeling all the wild desired sensations of being a naked hoofed animal, he, I was sure would be feeling personally elated standing on all fours and, thrilled as speaking about if such could happen to him, he as a horse so sexually well endowed.

“What now Witch?” I asked boldly, forgetting my manners for the moment, as I saw my boss man and friend become for the Madame as a prized horse and stallion.

“You would take care not to offend me, less you join your friend as a brood mare! If not wanting that, then be quiet and listen to me now! Return to your company and tell them this is not their best direction to come, unless the rest of your men wish to join Daniel there, or worse as some ran from here to be as wild boars in the jungle,” she said, as told and warned me.

“I can’t just leave him there as a horse, he has a family, parents who care for him back home!” I pleaded for Dan, knowing that if he heard me he might well decline his reformation and release.

“Hmm, you say! No, he is what he is, as you would say security for now and will remain here as my horse, or until I see your pipeline route is changed,” replied the Madame Ojo to me and my question.

“But, but what will you do with him?” Me asking a foolish question like the city boy I was once.

“Gandhi, bring us Tina and show this man what his friend will be doing!” said the Madame. Mona as she informed me was an evil woman who dared break a deal and then threatening Madame, she changed her permanently, for the better and worse, she became a horse too, a mare. Mona walked to stand before Madame and acting with still ideas of anger for what she became, she lifted her tail and gave Madame something to help her garden flower.

I stood there feeling anxious to leave and seeing the mare standing her ground in defiance to Madame. The mare did act somewhat nervous pawing with a fore hoof at the dusty street.

Seated and looking up, the Madame bent over slightly and with a smirk on her fat face she told Tina, “Dan is new here, I made him for you and your pleasure, now go to him and teach him everything a stallion needs to know about his duties and the delights.”

Tina turned her head to look toward Dan, then without a grump or whinny, she strode sauntering his direction, her tail and rump swaying as might a seductive woman to a man. One could easily see this was some type of woman who knew seduction of men quite well. Stepping to Dan, she spun around making a small cloud of dust as her entry, and then flashed her rounded rump at his face. She whinnied softly twice, and looking back with longing eyes, Tina the brood mare seemed to be beckoning Dan to mate.

Dan began to sniff her direction, the beast in and around him making human passion into that lust known to male animals. Soft snorts as his reply; and I watched my friend sniff her sex, then lick it, and wait for the scent and taste to drive him mad. He then bounded on top of her rump, his forelegs snuggly tightening over her flanks. He with his very erect erection began probing, searching with it for that one, warm, mostly wet spot, as touching it, he jerked his pelvis, thrusting full length into her body.

Several strong pelvic thrusts I saw him do, he suddenly stiffened, as his semen roared out of him and into Tina, she whinnied her sensations of delight.

Thrusting began again, Dan rutting in her like some salvage animal. Dan rammed in his stiffened shaft, it reaching deep inside Tina making her groan, and those watching groaned too. His heavy breathing was just part of the passion play going on before us all. As he gripped her flanks, she began to press herself back, helping in her way to jamming in his penis in her and all the deeper.

I could see the mare finding this to be as a great thrill, she attentive to what her stallion might ask, want, or need, paid close attention to helping of Dan to wish he was never again a man.

I spotted a silver tongue stud sparkling from within her mouth. I pointing at her open mouth showed my tongue as witness to Madame, she smiled, telling of Tina and her tried treachery once more. The woman who was Hell bent on making money had found in being a nymphomaniac mare the thrills of brutal sex and sensual freedom she wanted as a human, but never found. As she had become her mare self, then used for milking men changing of their wits and wills, this was to her the life she could adore.

Now Dan was for Madame’ to use as a beast, and even in this remote jungle village she had use and or plans to breed animals set for sale, sold to farms and or the Leprosy encampment. Whether being a pig, Billy goat or horse, donkey, and whatever, they all would feel the want to breed, male with females and they tickled by the males.

Grunting like some beast in rut, Dan was making me believe he had accepted his change, like to his fantasies, he found the form and lifestyle of a horse as appealing, and rather enjoyed it too!

“Go now and leave us!” demanded Madame of me.

I ran to the truck and fumbled with the glove box getting out the pistol. My plan was as stupid as those who tried it before me. Returning and facing at her I pointing the pistol at Madame I demanded she release Dan from her spellbinding.

She smiled and with the wave of her hand, yet another dart flew. Struck in the middle of my back I slumped to my knees. Stunned, as thoughts of being a pig, goat or worse yet might happen then to me, I had not the fantasy delights as had Dan.

It was again that small black boy coming on the run with a clay pot filled to the top of some other powder. Taking hold of the pot Madame came closer to me; as I tried to point my gun at her.

Coming close to me the boy reached his hands out and unsnapped my jeans, he stretched them open.

A smile on face of Madame, evil intent she feathered the pot, then sifting its powder over my maleness. Need less to say I screamed, feeling the powder sink into my flesh as she tilted the pot.

“What are you doing?” I panted out my words.

“To be assured you do as I say and make your company move around Madame Ojo. You have five days before you must return with good news or find yourself becoming different, more like to a hearty big bull. Your change will be then slower and it might give you time to remain here and learn your new life well before being sold to a farm as a herd sire, or it will let you return home. Both ways you shall become a bull, and learn to like humping your female friends feeling only the passion of an animal, lust, and agony it is to be of new form.

Then too, you might get back to your beloved country and there over the space of six months will see the same happen but you will be someone else’s prize winner bull!” told Madame of my possible curse.

“Now go and return with good news, and I will release you to what you were, but no matter what Daniel, there remains here now as a horse!” she made her demands of me, and I struggling to stand, did my best to waddle back to the truck. A clumsy jump, I leaped into the truck leaving a trail of white powder along the ground. A fearful look toward Madame Ojo, and while hearing and seeing Dan starting a second time to remount Tina. He acting more brutal this time, screaming whinnies as his loins and what was in them commanded the animal to obey.

Tina screaming her whinnies, they building a sort of rhythmic exchange, he grunting as he thrust, she whinnied feeling her own sensations, they making all who were watching to smile, all except for yours truly.

I turned the key, started the company truck and swinging it around drove off hastily away along a dusty, bumpy, jungle road. Normally I might have had a thought to come back with a case of dynamite and explode all in the village of Ojo to Hell, instead I drove onward knowing my own future was then at risk.

The old dirt road filled with tight turns and low hung trees all making me drive slower than slow, my mind a blaze with thoughts of Dan. The memory of him seeing his own self become that of an animal was a thing any man would be scared there of! I was troubled thinking as driving, wondering if those wild and weird fantasies he told about were what helped him accept his becoming a horse, and seemingly, liking it.


Screaming as I drove, the truck a hulk of loose bolts and bald tires, what most anybody would cal a piece of junk, this is what I had to depend upon to get from the village to the work site. Nobody can imagine the sense of dread from coming face to face with a woman as powerful as Madame Ojo.

Scared, heart pounding the poisonous dust sifted onto, and covering my male organs continued to burn in my crotch. Mixed up in the head, having seen my boss and friend changed of species, and then once he stood of a while being wholly like he was born an animal; a horse and a stallion, he acted as if it where the best thing that ever happened to him.

That scared me, because I had plans for my future and being a bull and finding cow rumps as a thrill was not in those plans. I came down to this miserable backward country to get top money working and building a pipeline. It would be a sorry state of affairs if the darn truck failed and the company never changed their routing, because Madame would most assuredly have me feeling foolish every day of my life, if it happened that way.

Bounced hard, the truck went airborne, and slamming down, it flew off into the jungle, hitting a massive old tree. My worst worries suddenly became reality. I needed no map to know I was stuck there in the jungle and had still thirty sum miles to go before getting to where I could use a phone and call for help.

In the jungle, thirty miles from being nowhere good and the fire in my crotch getting hotter the more I sweat and the more I have to worry thinking about. Walking that road, I use the word road about it as it carried vehicles but was mostly overgrown with weeds, grass, and bushes. It was a general trail to follow, and so I began to walk it.

South America, the closeness to the equator makes the sun extra direct, intense, even walking under the umbrella of greenery growing above. The humidity, insects, and the jungle itself had enough in it to make it a deadly place to be, let alone having to walk in it for miles. All this was bad, but what adds to the sense of danger is the sensation there in my pants.

Walking, jogging, the miles were fewer but the sun was beginning to set in the west, soon to duck down behind the western mountains and leave me in utter blackness. Seeing this happening the tension only made the sensations boiling in my groin to fire up. Finally as the sun slipped behind the mountain peaks I tripped, falling headlong to the hard ground.

Dazed, I sat up, waited until I felt able to try and get up to a standing position, only to discover the reason I had tripped was not due to the lousy trail, but my leg and feet had felt the building curse burning in me. A struggle to stand up, I fell back to the ground three times before feeling of the thighs and legs to discover they were in a fit of change.

So hot a place to work and yet we all wear blue jeans, mine were at the thigh about tight enough to soon split at the seams. Contour of what were my thighs had changed, broadening width, as narrow girth, making the groin a deep cavern. The forth try to stand before the jungle went black dark met with a ripping sound as the seam burst, and my pants fell to the ground useless.

Oh was I sick, if I had anything in my stomach it would have come up and out, I dry heaved several times, so scared by seeing not my human legs, but bovine thighs, leg, hocks not heels, and narrowed feet with the beginning of cloven hoofs replacing human toes. Screaming to the black heavens, cursing the woman named Ojo, the rage and what infected me burst the growth levels. Anger, distraught hatred of that woman for what she did to Dan and made him like it, as what she did to me, was so unjust!

Reeling like someone so mad they could bust open and die, I staggered along on legs and hoofs, my body racked with change. Then when so angry and feeling like might a bull at rut, there in the dark, ahead of me were two small lights bobbing along the jungle trail.

Elated at seeing other life-forms there and coming toward me, I began to yell, hollering at the top of my lungs. Not once during the elated few minutes did I think about what other ways I might have changed. The lights coming were on a horse drawn cart. As it approached they on it heard my whaling cries, the cart stopped it movement, and they on it braced for an attack. Coming closer, and then trying to use the sum of my Brazilian lingo to communicate my problem, Imagine their and my surprise as a partially bovine man-monster stood asking for help from two infected residents belonging to the Leprosy colony.

Thrill, heat, exhaustion and the lack of any drinking water for more than five hours, it all came together, as feeling dizzy, I fainted.

Cool refreshing water tainted to my lips and quenched a dry mouth. My eye opened to see looking down at me the deformed faced and selves of the two Lepers. They scared me, not wishing to get a horrible disease like inflicted them, I tried to get up and away from them.

"English," the man said, speaking with a very British sounding, rather more Irish manner of speech.

Wishing to reply properly, but what issued out my mouth was something closer to a grunted "Ugg."

The two people talked together in their more local dialect, then the man there spoke, "Met Madame did we, you with the pipeline men?" He asking, and she continued looking at me and then to him, she as nervous about our meeting as was I.

Again wishing to be in the affirmative mode, but what I said still sounded like a dull "Ugg."

He smiled, a smile of someone knowing of pain and other people in pain, he wanted me to calm down and what was infecting me would calm with it too!

"Men came to the colony today, met with the elders there, they agreed to the pipeline coming through their lands, bypassing the colony, but warned about Madame and her voodoo village, they signed a contract, changing the route. Sorry though about you, you having met Madame must have angered her, she did this to you." The man said, he bearing news that the trip by Dan to meet Madame Ojo was all a waste of time and for Dan an eternity of bestial living.

She gave my dry thick lips another slow drink of the refreshing water. I tried to again show my thanks and say a thank you. The words never came out then the way i thought they should, but from changed lips, a thicker tongue, and a mouth mostly not human, came a bellowing muddled mooing sound.

"Moo-rau...oooo," I remember then saying, as the change raking my groin and legs had surged upward, dehumanizing me from the waist up.

"Bull or Ox," the man then asked of me, an obvious thing to ask then, as what lay with its head cradled in the lap of his wife looked more like a Greek Minotaur in central Brazil.

Wishing to be polite and answer the man, but fearing my hearing that voice and the mooing sound coming from it, I with changing hands scratched into the trail the letter "B" as meaning I was to become a bull.

The man sighed, a sad sound and saddening more to the one lying there and beginning to realize by week end he might be sniffing cow butts and mounting, trying to learn how to hump cows to stay alive.

"We can help you, you come with us, ride in the cart, come to the colony!" The man said, his offer was one of friendly act, but done by a person with a dreaded disease.

Shaking of my head to say a definite confirming "No," the man smiled again, showing me his hands and arms, they infected and deformed. "You are becoming a bull, cattle do not get Leprosy, you can live with us, maybe we ask Madame to change you back to the real you." The man said, he willing to help a man like himself, somebody infected and beyond all medical help.

Reluctantly, I agreed, and sitting in the rear of their cart, bovine legs hanging down, cloven hooves marking a trail in the roadway, we went a different way. Hours of sitting calm and quiet in the dark, feeling the cart rock over and along the bumpy trail, the tension of the day made it easy for sleep and a mind to give in to the inevitable. It was near morning when the cart jolted to a stop and I in the back of it awoke, groggy, did stand up and out from the cart, yawned and mooed loudly.

Surprised and as much stunned by my mooed response, the man followed by his wife walked around the cart to greet and talk about what they thought would work for me being as a part of their colony.

Walking with a striding waddle, upright human gaited walking is not so easy when having bovine hind like legs to walk upon. Not an easy thing the feeling of wanting to let go, of falling forward and finding it easier then to walk about on all fours, being, looking, and acting so much like I were a bovine bull.

As I stood hanging onto a tree truck the man went into a hut and there spoke with one of the colony elders. Early morning hours but the commotion made by me and others was enough to awaken many people, gawking at me, they talked with each the other, pointing, but one of them coming and with his bony hands he did lift, fondle, and speak about the size of my then bullish testicles.

Embarrassed as a man but unable to show the reddening face and or ears because of fur growth having by then coated my entire head, neck, chest, back, and body in a furred skin turned to a tougher, thicker hide.

Exiting the hut walked out first the man and then his wife, along with another man, he quite fat, but just as infected.

"English, yes in English, sir you are welcome to live with us here. Mansard will show you where to rest and give you some duties we know you can handle still. He has volunteered to seek Madame Ojo and request her to change you back to being partially human." The elderly elder man so said, his words meaning I had a place to stay and friends in a cruel time of my so changed life.


Everything became so different, my bodily form had changed, I was bovine, very much as to being a bull and I began to do things, as would an ignorant and uncaring animal. Body language became that of an animal primarily, but as well with very bullish lack of manners. Common to all animals is the basic disconcert of where they empty the bladder or void the bowels.

Mansard walked his bullish new friend to where he said he, it should remain for some time, and waiting until the spellbinding did what it Madame forged it to do. The thought of it finishing the changing did not bother anymore, as with having friends, and they, he, Mansard said he would go to visit Madame and win some freedom from the spell.

It seemed easy and as one day moved along to the next, what was expected became more of a daily ritual. Mansard did not return with news and not thinking about it, the want and thought of it tends to vanish into the doings of the day. All went well with what they there asked and sent this their bullish friend off to do. As with not saying bluntly now as before, now and since then the spell has weakened for some reason, allowing change. Changes that returned the ability to speak and remember more of learned schooling.

There was a time, a rather long duration when the spell and its host became so much like a bull, he failed to realize just how beastly he was becoming. Grazing is a near mindless action, and worse is the chewing of cud, regurgitating the chewed and swallowed grasses, like eating your own puke. So dull becomes the mind and wits, that given the acts of being wholly animalistic, the thought of being human just slips away into some dark oblivion.

Standing mounted and humped over the backside of a big old cow, the men tending the herd were watching, they laughing at the awkward way it is to try to mate when doing it as do cows. The lack of thinking what felt needed to do was anything but humorous in the mind of a man changed into being a bull. Enraged, the anger helped the mind to focus, and thinking about what became the beastly situation, felt revolting. The mating ceased then and given days of continued refusal to do as expected a bull should, first the elder came and then at last, Mansard arrived to try talking or convincing the lifestyle of a bull was the better way to live.

Slowly, over difficult weeks and then a month more of restraint from messing with horny cows, the wits and full reasoning abilities began returning. It felt nice to sit and think about what is of life, and how one lives it. More too, the body has changed, leaving the reforming of what was human to stop at resemblance of being a not so muscular a Minotaur.

At ease with self now, the plans for what might have been a nice future are not possible. Yet the sniffing and licking at cow rumps for the scent of a cow or heifer feeling the urge to mate is not what seems an involuntary urge either. True enough, the legs and feet are those of a strong bull animal. The body has little need for clothing, as skin, the black hide still coated with fur, and the tail is there to keep bugs from crawling around a puckered anus.

Write letters now, wrote one to mom, it has been more than a years since speaking to her, the time spent being a bull was enough to break the bonds between us. There was no way of telling her what actually happened, not that she would believe it. Dad has died, mom wrote it was from a broken heart, it was he who suggested and sent his son to apply at and hired by the pipeline company. Inform them in a letter, said this was the place for their son to live, and without asking them to agree, left it as out of the question of ever returning.

Imagine then, if wanting to return, Minotaur types do not get to ride the airplane, cannot take a train, or could, if allowed the privacy of shipped homeward in stock handling car. Then what at home could you do when being like this, they would talk about you, not likely being like this one could go to church come Sunday! It is silly, as from what became all too real, and what happened to Dan, he Madame sold, and has made quite the life for himself, he a Appaloosa stallion. I suspect the reason for being like this breed of bull Minotaur and why Dan became as an Appaloosa horse and not something from down here, is due to our own human heritage. Born in Arizona, Dan owned horses, had an Appaloosa mare, his final form and coloring were very much similar to what his mare had the same coloration.

This body comes from family heritage, living in the Midwest, all around where we called home the farms had large herds of Black Angus cattle, so its makes some sense that if Madame spellbound a man to be a bull, then he would be a bull he was use to seeing.

Anyway, that is the story of us who worked for the pipeline, and of those who came to Brazil and cannot ever return home. Dan makes a good stud horse; he likes horses and became a fine stallion. Some others went to talk with Madame, she head how the colony received payment for their land use and not her, and she became angry. Anger a voodoo witch and anybody she meets that has anything to do with whom she dislikes, and they too end up serving her in strange ways.

Well, as a suggestion, it would be suicide to travel up the jungle mountain road and ask to meet, talk with, and or visit Madame Ojo. Foolish is any thought then to expect any ability of returning home still human. More than likely, like for you as had for so many others, Madame would insist you stay, remaining there in the village or the fields, certainly not being as anything human!

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