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Made a mistake

by AdobeFats

“So you say you made a mistake, it was a crime, you know that too, as did the girl you wanted to rape! If it were just up to me you would get ten years to consider your act, but two wangling lawyers are setting you free, and your parents are sending you to live with your uncle, now get!”

Two who are parents feel insulted just from being around their only son, they plan to vacation away from home, letting the media and everyone settle back to tending their attentions upon things not dealing with what their fool son did and was judged.

As for that foolish son who humiliated so his parents, he they shall send to spend the summer months working for his eccentric Uncle Jack. He never met John as had the son met the Uncle rarely made mention of by those of the family. John had heard for years of how his one uncle was a bit kooky. The man owned, worked, and lived there at what was a lavish mid-town shop that sold costumes. It is a place as what the parents said, was the biggest shop of its kind in the nation. Now John never was much of a fan for playing fantasy at Halloween, but hey, maybe it will turn out all right, he thinking aloud, admitting it was far better than getting ten years in the slammer.

What a travesty the whole darn episode was stupid, and she claiming he had raped her, it was her who asked of him and willingly he obliged, especially after she came to him first flaunting her wears and poking then when he was riding high, she jabbed him with that syringe.

The taxi pulls up and stops out front of a storefront, the sign on the building reads as, "The Second Skin." A quick look at the front of the building it looks like most inner city buildings with the exception the south and north side alleys are like dark canyons. A grabbing of the overnight bag, flicking the taxi driver his dues, and walking to the front door to the shop it is opened to see him, he who is that Uncle waiting inside.

One relative eying the other, as from what John could see the unshaven old man stands there giving an evil eye gawking at his nephew, the Uncle wearing some sort of strange robe. He is the image of a wizard that pops into the head of John for a moment and somehow fits. Then the realization he is probably just showing off one of the newest costumes for prospective buyers.

"Howdy Uncle Jack," John said as he walking through the front door, did smile at and greeted him as if you knew his uncle forever as setting then down bag holding some random few clothes.

"John, how are you, it is nice to finally meet you," he says in a monotone voice, as if this meeting is something he would have wished as something perpetually forgotten by his relatives.

A wave of his hand and he is ready to begin showing John around the shop. They stand there in the front of the store, it a littered mess with rows of popular costumes, and then the back of the shop with a warehouse full of somewhat more obscure costumes. Upstairs he says are the two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It is looking better than was expected, and maybe with time this uncle might even warm up and begin to like his nephew.

Something is been bugging John though, Uncle Jack is still walking around wearing a worn and ratty black robe. The store is closed by now and yet he is still wearing the thing, it makes him look somewhat strange.

"Hey Uncle, why are you wearing that robe anyway," John asked?

He laughs at the question and replies then saying, "Because John, I am first a wizard and secondarily a business man."

All right then..., someone here is on board the crazy train, but John cannot go home, he needs to stay there it is best then to humor the old fart.

"A wizard, really, when do you do your magic," John asked his uncle, the man acts so nonchalant about his stating he is a wizard, he is making his nephew actually a bit curious.

"You know, when we have a need for this or that, the usual stuff," Uncle says, as he wanders along a row and puts some dropped costumes back onto the hangers.

"Anything more specific...," John dares to ask?

"I like to enchant those who come and really appreciate my costumes, you go over there and fetch one and put it on, then you can know what I do, and does then a customer feels if he is wearing one," he says.

John decides to play along with it, and walking around he started then to wonder what kind of costume would be great fun to wear. Looking about he spied a clothes rack bearing a large number of interesting costumes, and muddled through the lot, some being werewolves as others reminded of a movie character, even one for Mister Ed. There too was a rack with costumes made for men to wear, but when worn the male would become as then a voluptuous female, some rather similar to the street women offering a three hour tour of a cheap hotel bedroom.

Anxious to see what dear uncle had up his sleeve, John saw there a grouping of merman/mermaid costumes. These not the usual green scales covering over the legs, but varied in fish types from Dolphins to sharks.

Keeping a wary eye on his uncle, he sat where he could oversee the most of his collection, as if coming into such a shop a person would dare jail or the wrath of a wizard for stealing a silly costume. Still Uncle Jack seemed as if the many things there some were as more than special costumes, he pointing toward one he had as his prized introduction model.

There in a dedicated scene made for it, as if a dark grotto glade stood a mannequin wearing the epedemy of something John liked to read about and it did hold a right sense of awe, it being a Satyr costume. He standing before the scene and the very realistic costume adorning the statue form of a young man, he having supposedly transformed to look the part, as is a Greek Satyr, the very touching of it seemed to make the statue moan from the of something feeling so sensual. Watching with a keen eye, Uncle sees the reluctant touching of a furry leg of the statue satyr, he gives a verbal warning, “Careful nephew, do not touch those costumes worn by my models, lest then you might here them moan. They are what becomes of those fool enough to come in here and shoplift, stealing, they who be as thieves I make use of as material for molding them into realistic mannequins, that Satyr one is still alive. Note how his eyes still move, he is aware of your touch, although near to being dead, if aroused, he may still have some semen to ejaculate, and it is quite infectious to living flesh.”

The first thought is to grab a Satyr costume from off the rack, but Uncle seemed forceful that his nephew should take the best item. Therefore, to see what would happen, a grab at and holding up above the head a neat costume, one when put on would make for being as a cute Shetland pony. “How about this,” asking of Uncle, only to hear Uncle Jake grumble something quite derogatory.

Placing it back on the rack, with some reluctant concerns then plucked off the rack, one of the many satyr costumes. By holding it, stand there looking at its neat and highly detailed leggings, seeing the way it had draw-straps that would adjust to anyone trying to get it on, no matter if they be thin or fat.

A quick gaze around to look for the changing room, seeing it, there is a rush toward and entering, stepped inside what looked like a barn stall; certainly not something likely found in a swank downtown shop.

Quickly removed goes most of the clothing, only modesty sparks the thinking to leave on underwear, or did until notating a paper tag pinned on the neckline; it stating that a wearer must be fully nude before trying to put on the costume.

A sign posted in the dressing room admonishes the same idea; it boldly requests the customer trying on a costume must strip naked before getting into the costume of their choice. Seeing the sign, it caused a moment of thought as then slowing the hasty plan to dress up and looks like a gay satyr.

"How odd," comes the thought, “and strange that the local health department would allow the reuse of a costume after worn by someone being totally nude, even for a one night fling.”

"John, are you getting ready yet," Uncle asked from where he had taken up a stance on one tall pedestal overlooking the entire shop.

Taking a seat on what really looked and felt like a common bale of hay, a sigh and with looking around the small room, there on a corner shelf set several Mason jars, the label on them had the name of the company that made the stuff, “Lasso, Halter, & Nose Ring Apothecary.”

Standing up to give the labeled jars a reading; it offered a user of their product an increased sensuality factor when applied to the naked body before use of any costume or the cloaking with an animal skin.

If this product would add more to the erotic sensuality of any an animal skin costume, then by trying it along with donning a Satyr costume, the affect might be worth the time to use the stuff.

Cautiously, the application of the first glob of a greasy ointment taken out from an already opened jar begins the coating of it on toes and feet before sinking them into the hard knobby cloven hooves. Eying how there was a slot for each of five toes inserted into the cloven hoof, once the toes were set, begets the applying then of more salve onto shins, and up the legs before hoisting up that silky fur covering what makes human legs become as if the hind like legs of a woolly goat.

The hands are nervous and shaking, as with the stroking of the highly sensual fur, comes a delightful feel when combing the fingers through the thicker shaggy curls that shall soon adorn non-human looking legs and thighs.

Pushing into the legs, and pulling up the tightening material along the length of each leg, brings on the marveling at how it really did fit like a second skin.

"John, I cannot wait all night, are you about ready to see what a wizard can do," Uncle said, his voice sounding as with a sense of urgency, as if by it being late in the day, time had a sense of urgency for donning on a costume.

Leggings smoothed and covering about the lower regions, then begins the tucking of what was to accept the human genitals. The perfection of this one costume seemed as prepared for where it should go, only to discover there was a place for everything, and everything down there belonged put in a proper place. Wiggling up what would become as a fur covered butt, the struggle to hoist it up and slip the costume into covering the groin, adding there an extra glob of the oily slime to adorn then a human penis, smoothing over the testicles and the extra wiped or smeared around on the lower abdominal region. Hand-tucked, poked up the butt-crack and between the legs; the costume fitted well, became wildly sensual by its touch.

The costume then tight and covering groin and butt worked at spreading of each buttock making room of the placement then of what felt like a real goat tail. Sensing a minor pinprick from it, the tail found where it belonged, stuck to and as if part then of the human spine.

"Coming, I am still working to getting it on, but having some trouble getting smoothed out the wrinkles," John said, admitting too how he was trying to make a good first impression. The dressing had some trouble, but the relishing of increased extreme sensual feelings made by wearing of the costume, granted a sense of arousal and lust by the touch of it to the naked body.

Next was the fitting into the torso section, it he donned on with remarkable ease, the sheer nylon like material added dark tone color to lighter colored skin, and made him look like a rich sun weathered body, as if making of a true to life satyr from the wilds.

As part of the torso section, was a thick tuft of fur and stretched from and along where it covering up the spine, began by the tail to trailing upward where the costume would fit over the head and face. Working ever so feverishly, as from outside the changing room one could hear of uncle humming what sounded like a nervous and anxious little ditty.

Gobs more of salve as the first sleeve had some of the nylon skin with darker tone coloring, but along the backside of his arm it had fur that covered then the shoulders to the wrists ran a streak of thick fur. A quick slipping of the other arm down its proper sleeve, helped then by the giving of a full body wiggle that shook a shudder from head down to a funny feeling furry rump and a tail.

"So sensual, the costume felt so rich and neat," the fact of it all is mumbled but loud enough to let uncle hear, as this made the old man smile. It all fit and felt so nice, causing one to love the feelings it gives, and would if allowed while needed to reside there for a month or more, might find the being, as is a satyr to be a lot of fun. Then the completing of the costume is with the headpiece, and it being much like a nylon bag, it covered partially with thick fur and having a under the narrowed chin the addition of broad, thick goatee beard. Eying the reflection in a wall-mounted mirror, the beard made the chin look as if chiseled like those picture you often admired drawn of satyr males.

A slipping of the head cover over the head adds then the feeling of having then different ears, as what were human set into small inner sleeves made for them, while the chin covering tucked itself snug; only to feel something swing loosely, it bumping about the cheek and chin.

Fumbling to discover of a feeling, when found as if part of the facial portion of the costume were some odd fittings that went inside a mouth, covering the front teeth, and puffing up lips lightly, as an adaption adding realistic looking teeth like those of a goat. A turn then of the head had offered the feel like the headpiece had gained a considerable amount of new weight. A look to the mirror proves it, what hung there in the changing room offered then the realizing of having horns.

"Wow," is the exclaiming when said with an odd slurring of the word, made by big buckteeth contorting the ability to speak. What is of greater delight comes from seeing the horns, they grant a newer sense of self-admiration. As if part a real addition to the head were a massive pair of curving, black horns protruding from the forehead, as if they were there for personal defense.

Suddenly, there is this sensed awareness of all that surrounded as a costume is anything but, as ears heard the smallest of sounds, and eyes took in everything with much greater in detail. Slowly, standing up on those cloven hooves, seeing the feet set as upright and at a proper angle, gave the sensation as if actually having the hind feet, hocks, and legs of a real goat.

Elated and so thrilled by all of this, such a wondrous costume, it makes good sense why Uncle is a success. Waves of lust rush over the body, sensations never known are so real, and from it, all comes then an arousal of what a male satyr would. To have as his penis stirring within; unbelievably it begins to come forth, moving up and out from the belly mounted sheath. Even taking then a couple long stride steps on cloven hooves, it only added to the thrilling sensations. Increased is the excitement of a building sensual arousal. Laughing at the near to bestial feeling something stirs and looking then down along hearty chest and belly, John watched as from out a perked fur covered sheath, came a hot pink colored goat penis.

Wondering as of how was this part of the costume or had it changed his penis into something so very crude looking, as he then would compare it to what is normal for a human. The penis that came there with him had little in common with what is coming into view. Crude the head, it is brightly pink, somewhat wrinkled and ribbed with muscle, but the touch of it felt silky smooth, and most definitely it lost that religious reason for having a circumcised end.

Inching outward from the perked sheath, the cock of an animal was longer, very stout at the base, tapered and soon stood up with such stunning manifestation, a partially furred hand took hold of it and started to give it loving strokes.

"Holy crap," then yelled when showing the surprise, as with it came the try to throttle the penis down, it a goat cock sure enough. Any touch of it notated the intense and complete realization of its own sensations, as if it were not a costume but personal flesh.

In haste, charging out from the changing room John did stand below where Uncle stood on that pedestal, he waiting for his nephew to come and stand, bubbling over with many expected questions.

"This should not feel so very real, how, how can this be happening," John pleaded to Uncle, as how a changed face then held a surprised and somewhat horrified expression; Uncle saw this all and then began to laugh.

"What the...," and began to say something, but stopped as Uncle spoke a short rhyme and pointed down to what was as then his satiric young nephew.

As if a dusting felt gave then a tingling sensation around and through a sensually befuddled head, a freaky body, arms, legs and a goat cock that looking at it made a person drool.

"I, I feel so..., and that salve does make the costume feel as if it were my real skin," John began to say of how he felt, but Uncle stopped him.

As Uncle said then to his surprised nephew, "Whoa, you used some of the Apothecary remedy when getting into and on your Satyr costume?” An answer of yes was the given reply; as the use of the salve did help smooth out any wrinkles. It made the furry hide feel more as if it became a second skin covering a peaked human skin of skin sores, freckles, and some scares.

Uncle spoke again,” You were to remain here for a month of more, but now your stay shall be more of the unspecified limit of time. Being as what you are and staying to live here at the shop as an employee earning his keep. The use then of the salve changes more than what you might suspect. Having used it to put on the costume, your residing here will require a separate room to sleep and tend to your new needs. Your parents thought of disowning their wicked son to someone they consider as his equal; so then how much then better for you that by coming you should enjoy some wild and lusty times.

Being as you are now, and from the use of the remedy, plan that you could remain here permanently, working as an associate satyr salesclerk. That what you think of presently as but some costume shall in a few days to come from today become then the real you as your true body. When as what appealed to you to look like and enjoy while by the touching of customers that come here, they seeing you shall see their wildest or worst dream having become true. They shall wish to stroke your fur, and or tussle with your beard, playful are most as some will boldly take hold of that sheath or your cock, they fondling what might rise to make them an occasion.

You are to become then as an actual male satyr, part a man but mostly like a male big buck goat. Your testis will govern your passions, when there is free time and to this, we need speak, as now comes to you as if a parental warning. The wanton pleasuring of your new self as would a male satyr, when in the company of men or other satyr types is allowed, and for you now, quite proper is buck-fucking and cock sucking.

However, if you begin to assault women, or find the affections of some nanny goat as your preferred thrill, then look out!

Per say you would fornicate with a female goat, your new body shall react to her, it growing as adding of more fur and in due time, even before a month of such play. Know then that come the end of summer I would send you home to those disliking parents. When they see their once son being a mature male goat worthy of his stature to be a fine sire entry at the county fair, the disowning will commence in earnest.

Further, I warn you, the playmate delight of messing with women has its bad side for the likes of a true satyr male. If you are foolish enough to do this, then be warned and as well ready for what shall become of you. Withered shall your male member and testicles be, they as dried like aged prunes, and what is male of you shall become female. A Satyr female creature form is then what you shall become, and live there permanently damned by a nymphomaniac desire for all sorts of continued and extreme sensual pleasuring. You would feel as born to live as one wild and insatiable lusting a creature, in love with your own body, but wanting for things sensual, doing anything to get what you have this need, and never returning to home.

Once you have gone too far, becoming either a buck goat or as a sensual Satyress your bodily form will be your own infection, a curse on you and to others who would taste your seed, or let a goat cock poke inside their bodies."

John stood there looking up at what he thought was his uncle, but felt oddly like the apprentice to some lurid minded wizard. “Some speech, too bad such things are but a fantasy, because if it were real, if changed then to permanently be like a satyr, this would become as a very personal part of living as in Hell!

I appreciate you taking an almost jailbird under your wing, acting as a mentor to a nephew. The coming here and living here for a time is as authorized, but to remain here, and have to be as is this in reality, the answer to that is no way, no deal!

I have plans, plans to continue in schooling, gaining a degree in electronics and living the good life, some sex, and traveling, but not doing it as if a goat like monster from the brass age.” So stated John, he a bit angered by how his uncle would say to him he had doomed and damned his future by simply using an oily salve to help put on a horny costume.

All this he would remember so vividly, and when came that first night, then after duped by his Uncle into trying on of the satyr costume, it changed him, making he who was easily aroused before, as twenty times more sexually excited for being with either a female or a male partner.

What a night and not a teenager any more, am happily elated to remain continuously the absolute horniest of any satyr known makes this really neat and could help make previous situations as becoming worse. Remembered well was of seeing Uncle lean forward, he groaned when he first felt the touch from the a satyr hairy hand upon his shoulder. He tried not to show why he did what he did, but the tenting of his pants by his zipper told much. It became as an aura over anyone lusting to touch what looked like a real satyr, as if the costume was not then the real skin on John. Any a person would swoon from the touch of a satyr, becoming then willing to do any a suggestion. Willingly are some to do what John would request and once they were not their human selves, Uncle stepped in, took control and he sold them at auction, some as cattle, sheep, goats, or very intelligent equine mounts for others to rent and ride in the many local Parks.

The shop upstairs was without any cooling air conditioning that made John sweaty and his horniness much worse. He sprawled spread eagle over his bed, could not clear his mind of want to see vulvas and vaginas up close. Drooling with the thought of sniffing of females kept him aroused, excited, and ready if some unwitting female should dare venture within his fuzzy reach.

Being furry begets of desire for others to touch the fur, stroking it caused something pink and beastly to come out to play. Uncle wheeling his magical rhymes made this of what arrived as his nephew, lies nightly on his bed toying with his sensual body. He knows that what he sees is the newest of the new, and being horny seems as unending no matter how many times John shivers as he works his goat cock into a frenzy, to climax it multiple times in a night.

Maybe when he slept, but with his waking the body feels more alive than in anytime in previous, he standing by the bed, does his usual stretching exercises. Strange how two even furry hands can coax an oily goat penis out from the sheath and constantly stimulate it with ever-greater excitement and long spurts of infecting satyr semen. It took but that one queer girl coming into the shop, she saw John and fell on her knees, grabbing his sheath she coaxed out his penis and then mouthing it, she sucked him to climax, swallowed his entire load.

Daily there are many sessions of tally whacking until from another super climax your squirt, and spewing of a massive load, there already beginning a disgust by John of John, he who once prized his human maleness, having taken pills and used vacuum tubes to make it larger and a little longer.

John felt sure the donning his satyr costume made his penis grow longer, if but thinner. He learned to do more than like how it felt when used. Appreciation of his goat penis came from the crude manner of it, the cockhead reshaped when highly aroused; the thing reminded him of a walnut still in its shell. Grinning John would when he should see the volume of his loads, some smooth and silky a stream, but a mix of pearly globs. His semen reminded of enjoying the Tapioca pearls in a vanilla desert pudding made by a favorite Aunt. All of this was so becoming as part of the new John, but what he fashioned more his delight of being as and of what was John, he so enjoyed seeing how his semen spewed out his cockhead, likened to the bathroom showerhead.

Male showroom foreplay or otherwise, if John looked away from his newest friend for the day, he seeing Uncle Jake watching, felt the blessings given as the testicles swelled on him and their volume output became a ensuing flood. None not one of they who enjoyed a playtime with John could dare say as something either man, woman, or a nanny goat would argue they broke off the coupling when gained that a full feeling.

Uncle called John to come for breakfast every morning, and noted the mental changes as how John would forget to get dressed at all. Naked as a furry satyr he was, he came to sit at the kitchen table, he eating his meal had to push aside the constantly erect goat cock as if fight with his cock for enjoying a meal. Uncle smiled seeing this and other rather more animalistic of vises John would do, doing them without giving a bare thought.

Uncle announcing one morning after some weeks of continued satyr frolic, he said to John, “You need to do more for the customers, they came for costumes and not you’re many a day orgies. You need pay attention to what they want here, as some women are complaining of sexual harassment. Naturally this is a great part of what you became and are to this happier a day, but tending to orders for what the shop provides to special customers, those who order in quantity, these we need to pay a closer attention.

Beginning now, today, as part of your manner in showing the product, keep a wary eye for those you think might like to be as are you, being as well a satyr. I received an order for ten satyr types, all males, and when having them, would ship the lot to an Arizona hunt club.

Seeing into their mind, then show them around the store, help them to put on a satyr costume, show them the betterment of sensuality by the use of the Apothecary salve. Let the costume do its thing until they come to you of their own vocation, begging to let the suckle you. Those like that one yesterday, he who begging, beckoned of you to enter inside the changing room, then giving such customers a good buck ramming, do you understand?”

Eating still and fighting with his erection from bumping the spoon filled with cereal headed toward the mouth, keeping the cock in its place, John gave a respectful nod of his head as if he would agree.

Required only the lightest of touching or stroke of the cockhead during a meal and many a plate became a slurry mess, when an erupting shiver sent forth a spurting squirt, striking his beard and soaking what lay on his plate. Arching squirts often as not fell in and sunk to the bottom of a glass usually filled with milk. Given time and the more constant the occurrences, the spewing fails to trouble John; nor does amount of semen pearls floating as then a mix with cereal, mashed potatoes, or chicken noodle soup.

One of those vises mentioned by Uncle that he noticed often, was of the scooping out, or the licking of semen from the bottom of a bowl, or worse, would stand teetering as in the store tongue cleaning the dried semen from between cloven hooves.

Almost ignored but noted to John was of him seeing how Uncle would on occasion scowl an expression with his face, especially after having seen his nephew ingesting a load of semen ejaculated into his breakfast bowl, and then swallowed. Infectious is satyr semen, and so Uncle knew the slime had its properties, but the semen pearls were the worst of it, urging even one already a satyr to want for becoming fully of form as an animal.

The daytime activity is something Uncle sat high up on his pedestal and would admire. So many people like dressing up in costumes, a few ask of the satyr dressed salesperson to help them get into what they choose. Delighted to be of help, John gave aid to them while both are in close quarters in the changing stalls. A few ask John about his so sweet and neat a costume, it looking so very real, a little coaxing gives much to their remembering that day and their coming back again to visit the shop. One fine fellow, his name as Paulo, liked it when he stood naked and John walked up behind him, did insert his long pencil-then goat shaft and rammed it rutting it in most of its length. He sure did moan a lot, loving his time with his first ever true to life satyr. Delighted, Paulo purchased his costume, as Uncle gave it his blessings as well, assured he said after Paulo left, that he would be back there in a couple of days, asking for something more. As to what Uncle Jake meant by this then, he failed to explain when asked.

To see Paulo try on his gender specific female cat suit costume, he did take on many feminine characteristics, like not paying proper attention to the rest room signs, as he in his cat pussy costume went into the rest room for women.

The first of any a morning had its busy times, but the late afternoon was busier yet. A couple of dozen people came into the shop, some who were women saw you in your satyr outfit and tried hard to be as alluring as they could, one being bold walked up to John while he stood in a corner throttling down another one of his extra-super erections. She touched the end to that goat cock, making it burn and tighten, she, John thought was thinking of sucking on it, but bent over and lightly she gave it a kiss. Her most loving reward for this was a violent squirt of satyr semen up her nose. She choked, couching, decided John was too much a stud for her taste and left the store.

She did return to the shop a week later, angry and crying, complained to Uncle of her kissing and what happened, the satyr semen infecting her. Explaining with a vivid episode of Show and Tell, she let Uncle see her private places and the goat fur sprouting. She lifting a leg pointed to her gaining an udder in place where her vagina should be still. Having a tail was not to her the same thrill as it was for John; he was busy with another interested customer while off in the office of uncle she told of her new woes.

The first month done and a quick and uneventful supper, a tired John strode off to lie on his bed. No television on that night, John laid there reflecting on his past thirty days and nights. Aroused from the vivid memories of fun times during most any a day, John moaning, would begin a rash of climaxing episodes until weary he did fall asleep. The next morning when Uncle came to awaken his satyr nephew he chuckled as seeing the bed sheet had literally puddles ejaculated juices. Uncle stood there and his laughter helped to awaken his worn and weary nephew.

Laughing still, the old man dressed that day in a burgundy color fur shaggy robe, he wanted his nephew to remain out back, behind the building that day; as city inspectors were to arrive and if seeing, a satyr might give him a poorer review. A rush through breakfast and shoved out the back door, John ended up standing there in what was a parking lot of previously owned vehicles by those who came and purchased some realistic animal costumes.

The sound of barking dogs draws all attention, and with goat ears to capture the sound, John soon come upon a large kennel, it having two Doberman dogs, a sire and his bitch.

They see John and begin to bark as stud dog seemed angry, while his mate acted as if aroused or near to being wild. The female rears up and leans at the high fence, she presses her two rows of teats through the wires, as if she would like them as touched, rubbed, or sucked.

The bigger male Doberman goes wild, barking furiously, he ogles his eyes in a wild if cold stare and he too seems as easily to arouse. You crouch by his fence and looking at him, watch as he became erect, his tool like that of a big dog, with the immediately noticed exception, he had, had his big pecker at some time in the past, was given circumcision. A red mushroom shaped head on his cock was almost too pretty, as not for John trying to touch it, or if he pushed it at John near the fence, he would love to get it sucked. Sadly, nothing went the way John had hoped, and returning to appreciate the many old cars setting there, parked and waiting a new owner, he sat in some, finding that goat legs and a furry tail cannot get comfortable inside such vehicles.

The day alone passes slowly, but come late in the afternoon the voice of uncle calling, beckoning of John to return to the shop back door, he wanted back inside the shop did run likened to a Gazelle.

Days, weeks, and they became as months of sensual fun and weird fornicating male frolicking, the result of these many encounters is maturing the satyr nephew to become as if more the goat and less of being human. Allowed to venture out at night, seeking, he would find equally horny individuals, women mostly, ladies of the evening, street whores and their like, leading them into his bedroom lair would seduce them, massaging of their bodies he would make use of the Apothecary salve. Once doused and given a choice of some wildly sensual costume to don and for play, the morning when awakened would be as their revelation. As from his romps the store gained, getting one blonde Satyress clerk, and a couple dozen various animals, all sold at auction to the highest bidder of fine animal flesh.

Whatever caused the question to arise, but one slow afternoon some many months since having arrived and became a satyr, the question posed was as how much longer must need he, John remain there at the shop.

Wholly unexpected, the answer given by your elderly uncle is that if he were to stay on, remaining there yet another full year, he could, if finding it as desirable, his kindly uncle would sell his akin nephew to a farmer friend. Once sold and delivered, John would then work and earn his keep by living and doing what would a herd sire buck goat, he keeping a herd of horny nanny goats satisfied.

The suggestion falls onto deaf ears to this horrendous idea. John had hopes of someday earning of great worth and given again to be human, if to leave the shop and return to what was once his home.

A secretive phone call from they who were as once your parents asked of Uncle and he replied, and told of how their son was quite happy being a sexy salesperson working in his shop. They failed to understand how literally this was the facts, their son had become more an animal and a goat then he was anymore resembling being a human male. They told Uncle to keep John, letting him find what was right for him in his life.

John did not wish to hear of this, and stood there angry and fuming. The only other course open was of letting uncle give his nephew to having some wild sexy times with several lurid young women. Together in passion, they would begin their trek into a mythical realm. Wondering, that after just a single encountering, then from it changing of him further in species and gender, he if then fanciful of becoming one alluring creature, would be then as a Satyress nymph, with passions for women or men.

The what if, as from either he would never to return home, that was the original wish of his unhappy parents! A wizardly Uncle was willing to help his relatives, giving their foolish son some unexpected choices. Either direction as chosen by a wayward satyr would for his uncle become as profitable. The decision was up to John, and he being like then as might you be now, but after two years of being a satyr store clerk, he chose to remain male, sold into exile, liking the being a stud buck goat.

Had John felt the delight in life bettered by his changing of species and gender, becoming a Satyress, his uncle would sell a rare breed of sensual beast to a collector. Then when living in a pit, and having varied men or women tossed in with such a lustful creature, her owner would place bets, he earning profit from allowing friends to wager as whom, or what would ultimately win out, all watching what would happen down in the pit!

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